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Patrick and Daniel, I hope you’re ready for your ninja training


As most of you are well aware, UK big men Patrick Patterson and Daniel Orton will be spending a portion of their summer in San Francisco working out for the man dubbed “Hell’s Trainer”, Frank Matrisciano.  Matrisciano has trained tons of basketball players ranging all the way from high school to the NBA and, as this video from yesterday’s Sportscenter highlights, he’s currently prepping Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin for his certain Clipper fate. Behold the training regimen of the masked man, Frank Matrisciano:

An interesting note about these trainings (outside of the ninja get-up of Matrisciano) is that, according to this USA Today piece, Hell’s Trainer does them all for free.  Matrisciano does not charge amateur athletes a dime to take part in his workouts – as long as they cover their living expenses.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

16 responses to “Patrick and Daniel, I hope you’re ready for your ninja training”

  1. CalipariSafari

    Watching those clips of training make my testes hurt.

  2. ukwildcatwildfan

    Money says Patrick and Daniel come back to Lexington as straight up beasts.

  3. Cobb

    Given what Orton and Patterson are already capable of, add this training to it and they’re going to be freakish. I can’t wait.

  4. wildcat_99

    PP and Blake have the same type of body build, game play, mentality, worh ethic etc. I expect to see PPats level of dominance this year to compare to what Blake showcased last year.

  5. asdfasdf

    thats awesome. if people can’t find this guy and everyone knows he is in San Fran and what his name is, then he must really keep a low profile.

  6. veeper

    Mickleson is making a run at the open.

  7. Tim

    I hope Cousins is working, because Orton is already putting in overtime! I’m liking our options here a lot better than the old Sheray/Woo/Shag or the Coury/Stevenson ones. We are going to unleash a Big Blue Blitzkrieg on some teams this year!

  8. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    That guy really knows how to motivize, pulverize, and realize!

  9. KYStout

    I hope that Patterson dunks so hard next year on UL, that a UL player standing under the rim is actually knocked unconscious by the basketball hitting him in the face.

  10. Bobmorrison

    Anybody know what the TCP article about Peters is about? Is he really switching to TE and playing both ways? Thats how the teaser read

  11. middlesboro

    Wonder why Cousins didnt go with them? Maybe Blake Griffin is helping them too..

  12. themoo

    8) – LOL…I was thinking the same

  13. themoo


  14. CalipariSafari

    I just hope Patterson and Orton can make it through this grueling boot camp because the trainer said that some people don’t last long at all.

  15. themoo

    Sounds great for them…as long as they don’t consume the wrong *sports drink*.

  16. drmarc

    I hope our guys have the stones to stay the course with that training. Be interesting to see the results.