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One Night of Crazy Movement


Well that was something wasnt it? On a day that started slowly and had me thinking that the only thing worth talking about all evening would be the McDonalds All American Game, the afternoon hit and Kentucky news flew left and right. From about 5 pm to 9 pm, all I did was work the phones and chase down stories that on their surface seemed to be longshots, or simply false. But then as the night went on and more information was gathered, the truth was at times stranger than fiction. Within 20 minutes this afternoon, I was told four “rumors” about the program and by the end of the night, we learned a lot about each. Here they are:


The first and most important story came about Daniel Orton, who I was told would be leaving Lexington this week to go train for the NBA Draft, which he was going to enter. Further, I was told that if Orton left, it could have an effect on the team’s scholarship situation and might even cause UK to lose a scholarship. Thus the staff was trying to get him to finish the semester. That is what I was told. Then the news sort of took off on its own. First, Jerry Tipton interviewed Orton’s father, who told him that he was leaving for the Draft. Orton then released a statement in which he said he was not leaving and had not made a decision. Very soon after, Larry Vaught published a story with quotes from Orton’s dad in which he said he was not only leaving, but would be leaving Lexington this weekend, thus seemingly verifying the original story I was told. And then the evening ended with a tweet from Daniel Orton himself that said this:

I would like for anyone to disregard anything that you might have heard my father say he was taken the wrong way in his interview.

So there you go. Confused yet? I dont really understand what Orton is referring to when he says his father was taken the wrong way. If he is talking about Orton’s comments that he was entering the draft, dropping out of school and moving to California, that would appear to me to be pretty cut and dry. My assumption is that Daniel believes his father was taken the wrong way on the Cousins quote and my guess is that is true. Larry Orton is a good guy and I dont believe he meant to insinuate that his son was better than Cousins or to demean Demarcus in promoting his son. So I think people should give the Ortons a break on that quote and move on.

As for the real issue of whether Daniel will be at UK next year, regardless of his comments, all signs point to him heading into the Draft. Orton’s dad mentioned that the decision was made two days ago and that he would be dropping classes and moving to California. At no time has UK or Daniel said that those two facts arent true. If he drops classes and leaves, it is hard to imagine he could stay eligible and play at Kentucky next year. So either Mr. Orton doesnt know Daniel’s plans or they have changed or who the heck knows. Bottom line…if we see Daniel in Lexington next week, then he may genuinely still be deciding. If he isnt and is training in California, it is hard to see how he could be here next year.


The second tidbit told to me was that Darnell Dodson would not be on the team next season. I looked into this for some time and cant get total confirmation, but all signs seemed to point to this being accurate. Then tonight, said that Demarcus Cousins told people in Columbus that Dodson was going to the NBA as well and that only four returning players would be on the UK roster. Now I have no idea if Cousins said any of this and my guess is that he probably didnt and if he did, he CERTAINLY didnt mean to be quoted. But the national media ran with it and now it is out.

Bottom line…I would be surprised to see Darnell Dodson on the team next season. I dont have total confirmation on it, but all signs point to a parting of ways taking place. I do not believe the actual reason is due to a decision to declare for the NBA Draft, regardless of what is said. I think it is more likely an internal team issue and if Dodson is not on the team next season (and at this point it is still an “if”), that is the reason why.


The third one was easy. I was told that Hood was “50-50” on transferring after the semester ended. Whether that was true or not, WKYT called Hood’s parents today and his father says Jon is staying at Kentucky. So that seems to take care of that.


Ok so that was a lot of negative news. How about some positive news. From a source that I trust, I am told that UK will recruit Shelby Valley’s Elisha Justice as a walk-on and are even strongly considering offering him a scholarship for next season due to the strong likelihood that all 13 roster spots will be filled. The source tells me that the staff was impressed with his performance this Spring and like the idea of having a kid who can play hard in practice and can be a PG for practice, something they didnt really have on the second team this year. Dustin tried to contact Elisha tonight and was unsuccessful, so we have gotten no word from the kid whether UK has actually contacted him or what his interest might be. But I do believe UK either already has or will soon reach out to him to try to make the Eastern Kentuckian a Cat.

So there you go….there was also the McDonalds Game and some updates on recruits, but we will deal with that tomorrow. For now, it was one of the craziest nights of story chasing not just for me, but for all the Kentucky mainstream media types as everyone tried to process one of the crazier roster situations ever. Stay tuned, its not over yet…..

Article written by Matt Jones

249 responses to “One Night of Crazy Movement”

  1. Tim Floyd

    According to the Freshmen Scholarship “8 & 5 Rule” —->>> with Poole and Kanter already committed does that mean we can only sign 2 more players????

  2. wth

    Is Selby really not visiting now..?

  3. KYStout

    This just isn’t worth it anymore. What an effing mess.

  4. Blasphemy

    No mention of Knight hitting the game winning 3 in the Mickey Dee’s All American Game?

  5. boogieman Unless it has been reenacted, this article makes it sound like there is no 8 and 5 rule…

  6. flysoup

    Hey Tim Floyd, the 8 & 5 rule went away a few seasons ago, so we’re not under that restriction. Also, how in the hell did you get another coaching job after eye witnesses saw you give money to O.J. Mayo’s boy Guillory?

  7. The Commonwealth Realist

    Shelby Justice? Hahahahahahahaha…. Give that kid a scholly!

  8. 8 & 5 rule?

    What in the hell is this?

  9. KYStout

    I wonder if we make the Elite Eight next year…of the NIT.

  10. .

    well there goes next season

  11. HBK

    Wow. I think Orton is making a huge mistake. Oh well. Dodson is not a big loss in my opinion, if not for the fact that Kentucky is losing so many players all at once. He proved to be fairly inconsistent from the 3 point line, which I believe is the reason he was brought here in the first place.

  12. HoboKat

    There are some ridicules stories in NBA draft history… but this Orton situation is seriously moving into a new stratosphere.

    I know the kid has game, everyone does. But has more been made out of someone who is averaging 3.5 points and 3.5 rebounds a game? More power to him if thats what he wants. I just wish he wouldn’t disrespect the University and his teammates, because thats the appearance.

  13. SaveUK

    rumors, rumors, rumors

  14. Tiger's Trojan Headcover

    So Dodson’s deal is internal to the team? I heard he just wanted to make some cash? Didn’t care if it was in the NBA or overseas?

  15. besdamn

    Hope Rob Locke stays.

  16. Addigity

    Cal is going to be scouring China to fill the roster.

  17. Tiger's Trojan Headcover

    BTW…Stevie and I have a nickname for Dodson…Regardless…Anytime the kid touches the ball, he shoots..REGARDLESS….

  18. UK-NBDL

    Is continuity not important for a team? Will we hear every year how we were just too young to make the final four?

  19. Jon Blondell

    Gosh this really has me worried . There will be no senior leadership on the team except Miller . But hell the way its going within the next week he might be gone . Hey , I think we are setting a new record for the least amount of returning players hahahaha does that go in the books ? lolol

  20. KYStout Dude

    Calm down. Don’t be ‘that guy’. We are fine. We have signed two studs already for next year. We will add 2-4 more with one being the #1 player in the country. Sit back and breathe. Don’t be the wacko fan that gives us a bad name. I promise the sky is not falling. 🙂

  21. Costanza

    19) Let’s not get ahead of ourselves – Miller’s a soph. He’ll be a junior.

  22. Jorts

    Golly, If Darnell can go to the NBA, I’m going too. Sincerely, Jorts

  23. CAL is my homie

    Joe B. Hall entering the draft

  24. elen degeneres' man pants

    honestly if 9 players leave we need to AT LEAST bring in 6 players. and since lamb, knight, and selby all wanna be PGs they wont go to the same school. i know cal did it with wall and bledsoe but that was one star and one kid under the radar and lamb, knight, and selby are all highly rated and highly recruited. so we get one point guard. maybe a couple forwards along with kanter (leslie, jones) i think if we dont get a good shooting guard were in trouble. but im not going to doubt Cal.

  25. KentuckyHouse

    IIRC, the 8-and-5 rule was rescinded a couple of years ago. It was a stupid rule to begin with and punished coaches like Cal (and I believe it was the NCAA’s way of taking a swipe directly at him).

    This IS a mess, to be sure, but as was stated earlier, it’s all rumors until some facts come out. Plus, I trust that Cal will reload the roster year after year. I would just suggest that we all take a deep breath, reflect on the wonderful season we just watched, and give it a few days or weeks. It’ll all come out in the wash and everything’s gonna be just fine.

    BTW, I love the (speculative) news about Elija Justice (yeah, Matt…it’s Elija, not Elisha…)!!! I saw that kid play in the state tournament last year (’09) and he was dazzling and a ton of fun. He’d be a great addition in the mold of Krebs, only with potentially more upside (and I love Mark Krebs).

  26. Jeff

    I’m amazed that Daniel Orton is going pro/could be going pro. There is so much that he could work on to become a better player, but if he is told that he can go first round, then he should go. Someone who averages single digits in points and rebounds as a backup center, and then goes pro baffles me.

  27. CAL is my homie

    25- its actually Elisha……jokes on you buddy!!!

  28. WeNeedPlayers

    Quick, somebody call Cal. I hear Alex Legion is available. Comes with his own Prophetess !

  29. CAL is my homie

    *24- sorry

  30. billy g's therapist

    we’ll be fine. we were panicking at this time last year too remember?

  31. Martin Van Buren

    Orton is leaving because he’s scared he will get hurt. That’s understandable since it’s happened before. But that still doesn’t make it a good decision.

  32. Homer

    Hope the reason for all this isn’t that Cal is leaving.

  33. r0yalewithcheez

    I’m not going to go on and on but regardless of what DO decides to do next year, the right thing to do would be to finish the semester. I’m not saying that making the jump and using uk for exposure to better himself is wrong, but not finishing the semester and costing us a scholly is absolutely wrong…’d be wrong on multiple levels. I’m not even gonna get started on how much easier college is when u have access to tutors as these guys do. Surely he’ll do what’s right…..I’m not asking him to not go…. Just wait 2 months. How selfish can a person be?

  34. Drake

    I’d love to have a podcast telling us what has happened, what it means, what will happen and why. Like a State Of The Union.

  35. Ky poo stain

    Our reign is over. Calipari will send us to the death penalty. He will finish what sutton started over twenty years ago. Word is bledsoe didn’t attend a class ALL YEAR and wall had the best gpa because of a shady teachers assistant. Find a new team. The cats r screwed. Sources tell me miller is transferring and porter will be taking his schollie. Also, samantha Ryan predicted this in February. Go cats!!!!!!

  36. BourbonBredCat81

    19 – I’m generally not a “sky is falling” person, but this is one heck of a situation. If everything plays out the way it seems to be going, I really do wonder if any other team has ever had such a mass exodus in one season. Wild.

  37. ChickenLittle

    37. Careful, somebody will believe that crap…

  38. UK-NBDL

    Indiana did after Kelvin Sampson. That turned out lovely…

  39. BourbonBredCat81

    Okay that wasn’t the original 19. Either way, I was talking to Jon Blondell.

  40. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    34 – I’m sure they’ll get right on that. They just need to see when God is available.

  41. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    I mean 35.

  42. catfan10

    i wish they all would just come out and say they were leaving like we know they all are so we can all be depressed for a day and move on and get our 2010 recruiting class finsished and have something to positive to look forward too. it would be nice if one or two of them would stay but with the possible lockout, we cant really blame them because i doubt any of us could turn down millions of dollars. but i am not worried if everyone leaves the team because at the end of the day we have one of the best recruiters and nba ready coaches out there and he will do what is necessary and have a team by the summer that is ready to compete for a 1-4 seed next year somehow! so sit back and just enjoy the next couple of weeks because after one year we are about to make 5 cats very rich and we already have almost half of the mcdonalds all americans wanting to come to uk! cal will never let us dip down and be mediocre like we were in the past!

  43. Mack

    I knew Wildcat basketball would be boring when the season was finished.

  44. KYStout

    #20 lol…I’m trying really hard not to lose it …

  45. mashburnfan1

    This is the reason the George Masons, North Iowa and Butlers can ake runs in the tourney. They get a good group and end up with 5 to 7 quality senior players and they can handle the so called elite programs that rely on freshman or soph. I think it will be very hard to win a NC without getting some senior leadership. It may look great to bring in 3 of top 10 freshman eacjh year but we won’t win a NC that way as every year they will go pro and we will rely on new guys each yar.

  46. VoiceOfReason

    People, This isn’t a mass exodus. 3 of these (plus the seniors) were expected all season. Only Bledsoe and Orton are unexpected (if it happens). Be happy for most of these Kids. They are going to get rich really fast and I for one wouldn’t take a chance on getting hurt when I can get it now. Dodson.. Well every year someone leaves, remember Coury, Bradley, etc. This kind of reminds me of something that happened a long time ago. Oh wait, that was just last year that we lost(or cut) how many players?

  47. Grifter

    Jon Kreft and Terrence Boyd — 2 names Cats’ fans should get to know. Coach Cal always has a backup plan. Not sure I like the baggage either brings along but my understanding is that these are done deals. Only hold-up at this point is Kreft’s entanglements with FSU. Big Blue Nation should take a deep breath – Coach Cal is always 2 steps ahead.

  48. blitzedanddazed

    This whole situation is crazy. If the whole team wants to leave so be it. That is one thing that I thought
    Rick Pitino was correct concerning his philosophy on players. If a player does not want to be a Kentucky player
    or remain a Kentucky player then Kentucky has no interest in that player. This nonsense of hanging Dodsen’s,
    Orton’s or that any other player is crazy. I say let them go. If I was Coach Calipari I would give each recruit
    a time limit on rather they either accept or decline a scholarship offer. I would rather watch a team of walk ons
    rather to put ur with this BS. Come on BBN get a spine.

  49. GregJ

    Dodson to the NBA? WTF am I missing something?

  50. UK-NBDL

    I agree mashburnfan1. I think we can win 25-30 games per year with 1 and done players, but during the tournament, you need some experience to get a team through a clunker game like we had against WVU. During that game, our inexperience caused the cats to look clueless in the second half.

  51. Ky poo stain

    The sky is falling actually. Our only Ray of hope is that nc is killing it in the nit. With 96 teams in next year can we do the same?????

  52. WLcatfan

    Sure is awful having all of this NBA talent! I remember a lot of worried fans wondering if this program would ever be in the national spotlight again. The sun will rise in the morning and Cal will bring in talent. Get used to these conversations because this will become an annual spring event in Lexington, and enjoy it while it lasts.

  53. Grifter

    Cal doesn’t want a roster with 9 freshmen on it. Adding Boyd and Kreft solves this problem. Boyd would come in as a sophomore and Kreft a junior. Problem solved.

  54. catsfan21

    on catspause, it says that cal told doron lamb that all 5 freshman will be gone and that there will be a total of 9 open spots on the team…

  55. Why am i still reading this at 1230

    I just want to think logically here for a second. Why doesnt everyone step back and think about the NBA and what is going on there with the potential lockout and/or the decreasing drastically of the rookie pay scale. From what ive read on ESPN, rookie pay scales AFTER this draft will be cut at least in half. This is the perfect storm here for the Cats team with a lot of NBA talent. It is more beneficial for them to go now and be picked 25th then to stay for a year and be picked 13th. The money works in there favor. This will not be a yearly occurance, just a freak coincidence. Yea we can freak out about what our team will look like next year, but dont blame Cal, this is not his doing. Certain players (Bledsoe, Orton, and possibly Boogie) in any other year might come back to gain some spots in the draft, not this year folks. As Jonesy has always said, year 2 will be our rough year, then we will be back on the right path. . . . . .

  56. Grifter

    And their will still be room for Knight, Lamb, Poole, Jones, Kanter, Justice, and maybe one more newcomer.

  57. UK-NBDL

    51 – I wouldn’t count on JUCOs or transfers. The last one that worked out was Derek Anderson. The rest have been mediocre at best.

  58. UK-NBDL

    I was commenting on Grifter’s comment…

  59. Adam

    I feel like this is an April fools thing.

  60. charlee08

    Hopefully UK does recruit Elisha… would much rather see him a Cat than a Card.

  61. Grifter

    58-I’m not saying Kreft or Boyd will be studs. In fact, considering their spotty histories, they might not make it in the program. But they are talented, and it would solve the 9-player freshman class issue. Kreft has a ton of talent, and Boyd is a bull.

  62. J Hood

    Mark it down, no way in hell can Justice play high major basketball. Biggest joke ever. This is the worst I have ever seen Kentucky high school basketball talent across the board. He’s average on the national landscape and wouldn’t start at Georgetown College. Like me on the team, this should appease the tighty whities. Heck, with Harrelson, Hood, and Justice on the sideline its starting to look like BCG is back in town. The bar is open!

  63. TokyoLovesUK

    I was thinking Jon Hood should transfer to get more playing time, but the way things are looking now…I still think IF Cal stays he will bring in a monster recruiting class this year and have a top 5-10 team.

  64. Grifter

    If (when) Boyd signs on, I expect the Hood transfer rumors to really heat up. They play the same position, and Boyd is a beast (and would be in the same class).

  65. TokyoLovesUK

    Despite what Cal or anyone else says, Cal leaving for the Nets job is still a very real possibility. I think he ultimately stays, but you never know when when the NBA throws such big money at a coach…

  66. Ky poo stain

    After calipari leaves, which is all but certain at this point, who will coach this team with count em four returning starters: travis ford???? What a joke. We’ve scoured the big 12 before and look where it got us… We have been hanging our hopes on a shady head coach who recruits but can’t coach. Have fun coaching the lebronless nets loser. At least tubby could win with the best recruits, even if they were pitinos… Michael porter is not walking thru those doors people!!!!!

  67. UK-NBDL

    Will we ever have jersey hung in the rafters in Rupp from a Calipari recruit? Will any of them be here long enough to earn that honor?

  68. J Hood

    Charlee08 your over on Rupp Rafters hyping the kid too….tsk tsk tsk. Folks see this as the ol’ Jared Carter switcharoo where UNC baited UK in to wasting a scholarship. Justice may be a fine young man, but he’s the same size as the lollipop kids in the Wiz of Oz.

  69. TokyoLovesUK

    If Cal were to leave (again I think he will choose to stay), I say we offer the job to Pat Riley as he is part of the UK family and will bring stability at least long enough to right the ship.

  70. Catsincebirth

    I was told last summer after Cal was hired,(by a popular UK insider), that it would take a couple of
    years for Cal to get his players in and then we would see how good his
    system would be…He had to put together a team quickly after he was hired. Although it was
    a good team, it was probably not the style he wanted to play…
    Our fans need to relax and let Coach work his magic.

  71. Grifter

    I don’t see what the problem is with giving Justice a one-year scholarship. If, in fact, 9 spots need to be filled, we could get Knight, Lamb, Jones, Leslie, Kanter, Poole, Kreft, Boyd, and Justice. I think it would be a harmless move, and it would give Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball a chance to show he belongs. If it doesn’t workout, he’d be a nice walk-on for his soph year and beyond.

  72. blitzedanddazed

    I meant to include this comment in my last entry (#49) but forgot. In my opinion I hope UK has nothing to do
    with the Justice kid. If he wants to go to U of L be a part of that program, I don’t want to
    see him at UK. I am a believer that you are who you associate with. Justice has already embraced himself into the S___ pool that is UofL. Let him go—don’t soil a UK uniform on this kid.

  73. HighOnUK

    Wow, I haven’t seen such pessimism since Billy G. Yeah, we’re losing some players, but it’s not like many teams can boast starting lineups of all 4 and 5 star recruits, and we can do that now without any more players. Knight, Poole, Miller, Hood, and Kanter would be one of the better teams in the SEC, and that’s not counting the few more recruits we’ll bring in.

    I keep hearing people say we need to recruit more 25-50 rated players: well look at Bledsoe, Orton, Miller, Hood and Poole! That’s 5 in 3 years. We’ll be fine and we have lots of talent. Smoke a bowl and calm down fellas.

  74. lexslamman

    Calipari builds programs and gets 4 year players. You guys are freaking out over nothing, we have the best program and the best coach. Chill.

  75. J Hood

    Justice is not even an afterthought with UL. They wouldn’t care one way or the other. Is not going to change either program. He’s over-hyped in a pitiful high school state.

  76. UK

    It sounds like there is an upset UofL Troll on here that is mad about Cal taking away the Cards walk-on. Get used to it Troll. Marquis Teague and Wayne Blackshear are fair game as well. MUAHAHAHA!

  77. Grifter

    73-You can’t be serious. You think Justice is a bad kid because he was going to be a walk-on at UofL? That’s crazy.

  78. andrew

    Orton is gone. His dad, Larry, lives the next street over from me…my friend that lives down the street told me he seen a moving truck out front. I drove by and there was a car packed full of stuff, and a bedframe in the drive way. Daniel is gone for sure.

  79. TokyoLovesUK

    I agree that some people are overreacting, but as long as we have Cal and his snake oil and ability to literally hyptnotize recruits, our beloved program will be fine.

  80. J Hood

    He’s not a bad kid for walking on at UL. He had ZERO other offers in state and took the walk-on spot.

  81. seth

    Should’ve redshirted stevenson and krebs

  82. Billy's Bartender

    We get what we ask for…karma is a bitch. We hire Cal, kick-out half the squad, sit WWW behind the bench, allow the absence of in-game coaching,and…now it’s payback. Folks this is bad. Real bad. As long as Cal is here, we will be dealing with this every single year. Keep in mind tha Kantor may not be elligible. Wonder if Cal is thinking that the Nets look pretty good…

  83. BPsycho


    My friend once saw a random guy moving as well.


  84. UK

    I doesn’t matter how many kids leave, UK will still have a better roster than the Cards have next year.

  85. TokyoLovesUK

    The offseason will not be near as interesting as last year when we had Billy G’s firing, Cal’s hiring, the top recruiting class signed, Pitino’s indiscretion…

  86. GoCats2

    Reading through these comments I sincerely hope that these are all April Fools jokes. Jesus. What a bunch of chicken Littles. WE ALL WANTED THE TOP RECRUITS TO COME TO KENTUCKY. It will be like this every year I guarantee it. There is a price to pay for getting the top recruits every year. This is it. You either recruit like Tubby and get 4 year players that work hard or you go for the best and hope they bring a Title in the one year they are around. We have made our choice UK fans and I am happy with it. I had a lot of fun this year and even if it makes the offseason tough, I like that too. UK basketball is an all year round passion. Recruiting the one and dones and wondering who is staying and who is going is the hard part you get after a fun season.

  87. Grifter

    83-I really do understand the frustration with all of the crazy news out of the program today. But I would say that all of our fears will be gone in about 2 weeks. We will add Knight to our Poole-Kanter class. We will also get 2 of the following 3 – Jones, Leslie, Lamb. I think we give Justice a 1-year scholarship, which may not be a popular move but does give us a backup point guard. And it sounds like Jon Kreft and Terrence Boyd will be announced as transfers shortly. Throw in Miller, Liggins, Harrelson, and Hood and you have a pretty nice team in my opinion.

  88. andrew

    #84 lol Take it with a grain of salt, but it is his house…i see daniel out front of it all the time.

  89. J Hood

    Give the white kid a year scholly then send him on his arse. Justice cannot play at this level. Why use him like toilet paper!!!!!!!!!!!! Its funny. UK short on recruits and Hood contemplating transferring. Could need up to nine players before its all over. UK is a train wreck and it looks like a 2nd rate program or an AAU team for the NBA scouts.

  90. Camadeyeahaa!!!

    Just relax people

  91. TokyoLovesUK

    A great amount of anxiety could be eliminated if Cal will get behind a microphone for 5 minutes and say definitively say no thank you to the NJ Nets job and that is 100% sure he will stay at UK. The fact that he has not done that even when he has 5 star recruits waiting in the wings naturally makes us all very nervous.

  92. papaw

    Wouldn’t Boyd and Kreft have to sit out a year? Any word on Lucas?

  93. el hombre juan

    stop the madness

  94. Grifter

    93-I’m a huge fan of Lucas. Good kid, no baggage (especially compared with the other 2). But he’s already done the whole transfer thing. My understanding is that Boyd would be eligible immediately. Would have been a freshman last year at Western Kentucky, but never suited up and ended up leaving/getting kicked out. Kreft bounced around JUCO and was supposed to suit up at Fla State next year. Kreft’s eligibility confuses me a bit. I mean he’s been sitting out so he can start at FSU, but word is he’s headed to UK now. I’m not sure how that one works.

  95. UK

    92.) I was just gonna ignore you but you just won’t Shut The F*ck Up! You post the same SH*T on every thread. Cal said UK Fans would have to get used to the NBA rumors because they will pop up every year. He then said that he would not consider the Nets and went as far as calling that job an “out-post”.

  96. papaw

    Does Kige have any eligibility left?

  97. papaw


    Thanks on the Lucas update. We are all glad to hear it.

    Didn’t Boyd get kicked out for being Lazy?

  98. J Hood

    We are now relying on stealing short white walkons from our rival to have enough players for practice!!!!!!!!!!! Fu$king awesone!!!!!!!

  99. uk3

    Blame this on David Sterm who wants these kids to infatuate a fanbase like UK for a year with the hopes that the fandom translates to the nba – $$$$$$$

    “Mass exodus” – the unintended consequence of the one and done rule

  100. Grifter

    98-Sorry-I didn’t mean to mislead you. I don’t have an update on Lucas. I was just saying that I like him but that I can’t imagine he would transfer for a second time. I don’t have any inside info on that, though. It’s just my opinion. On the other hand, the Terrence Boyd transfer is supposedly a done deal. My understanding is that there will be no announcement until the program hears back from the recruiting targets that play on the wing. Seems like we have a lot of wings already. And, yes, I think Boyd was kicked out for being lazy/attitude issues. But he was a UK target previously, and maybe he’s shaped up.

  101. seth

    GUYS – this is great – the more vacancies, the more attractive we look to more recruits.

  102. McDonald's All-Americans

    How many UofL recruits where in the game tonight? Fab Mel…….er…No One! Because that school is a sh*thole!

  103. blitzedanddazed

    #92 If that if all that it takes fore you to feel better is to hear from Calipari that he is not taking the Nets job.
    Then I feel sorry for you. Coach Cal is going to do what is best for him weather it is tomorrow or next week.
    As stated by Danial “look at me” Orton, the most important color is green. I’m glad the punk is leaving.
    I would be happy to help him and his daddy pack both of their bags.

  104. J Hood

    WKU has a walkon, let’s give him a call!

  105. DoubleDynasty09

    U morons… Get your head out of the can and relax.. Cal has already said he was not interested in the Nets or any other position. He went on to say… As LNG as his University and this State support the Univeristy of Kentucky why would I wanna go anywhere else… This is my dream job. Back away from he ledge. We have the best of the best as a coach… All will be fine

  106. J Hood

    What, is Hunter McClintock not available?

  107. papaw

    Randall Cobb can Ball.

  108. Grifter

    I do remember watching YouTube clips of Boyd back when he was still in high school and thinking it would be great to see him in a blue uni. Kind of crazy that it looks like we will have that chance next year after all that has transpired within the Wildcat program and in his decision to go to WKU (and then get kicked out). But Cal has been the beneficiary of second chances, and I fully support bringing Boyd in.

  109. WordofGod Pipeline

    wait wait wait…who are these Kreft and Boyd guys? I’ve never heard of them til just now..

  110. bill

    either let the kids go pro from h.s. or make them go to college 2 yrs. This 1 year nba warmup thing is horsesh#t

  111. valium

    UK fans need it.

    Besides, we all know that Josh Harrellson and Jon Hood will carry the program next year. Watch.

  112. el hombre juan

    after reading the whole vaught peice it sounds like orton actually is gone. my take is hes still enrolled but has dropped classes? ive dropped classes that i was going to fail before and got to come back, but then again i never was on an athletic scholarship. oh well, if you ask me hes gone, they’re all gone. bully for them. feel bad for the ortons and understand you gotta look out for yours but thats doin us dirty if we get a scholarship taken away. cant wait to hear the talkin heads take on this one and how we dont graduate our players. well, take it up with the commish, he started this mess.

    next years starting lineup:

    drew franklin – point
    kige – shooting guard
    alan cutler – small forward
    maggard – power forward
    samantha ryan – juicy pink center

  113. TokyoLovesUK

    96.) You are a real classy person. You are too stupid to see that Cal says a lot of things when it suits his purpose. You fool!!

  114. Grifter

    You’ve probably heard of Boyd. It’s just been a while. He was a UK target, chose WKU (best recruit to ever sign on as a Hilltopper), left/got kicked out of WKU, and, unless something crazy happens, will be suiting up for the Cats next year.

    The Kreft stuff doesn’t make sense to me. He’s a big, athletic post player, bounced around JUCO ball for a couple years, couldn’t get his grades straight to get into FSU, but is finally supposed to start at FSU next year according to some sites. But there’s talk he may suit up for UK, though I don’t see how’s that’s possible with the eligibility issues.

  115. J Hood

    113. Add in Justice too. UK’s new mascot, the Fight’n Whities.

  116. J Hood

    113. The Frosted One at power forward cracked me up!!!!!

  117. el hombre juan

    116-justice couldnt hang with that group…

    6th man – air bud

  118. el hombre juan

    i heard he can bang with the best…we got some ballers down her in mexico

  119. J Hood

    118. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. J Hood

    Louisville SUCKS!! GO Cats

  121. michael porter

    i still have a year of eligability left! put me in coach!

  122. CrackaA$$CatFan

    #49- I agree it’s crazy but putting a time limit on 17-18 year old recruits is not the best idea if you want high caliber players. A team of walk-ons would, without a doubt, have that coach fired before season end. Get real man, it’s not like 15-20 years ago. Kids don’t care about tradition and the college experience, they want the green backs and sportcenter face time. It’s sad, but when Cal brings the new class in…. I’m sure most people won’t care again until next year’s season ends. We’ll be stacked again no question about it.

  123. gay glazer

    I hear about Football players dropping out of school the after the season is over to work with trainers in Fl or Atl to improve there draft stock. Seems like a ripoff. If these trainers are so damn good why aren’t they employed by an NFL or BCS college program making big bucks!

    Orton should at least finish the school year out. To bad, he’s quiting, his lasting memory will be play in first half versus WVU when he the ball wide open under basket hestitated, got his weak shit blocked and he dropped the ball off his knee. Cousins would of Finished that play because he is a pro.

  124. catcrawler

    #123. You’re right, they don’t care about the college experience…. until they experience it. These guys had fun this year and are gods at UK, I’m sure its not an easy decision based on the lifestyle change they’ll take…… I know they’ll be getn paid and they have families that need money, BUT it will be a major lifestyle change and it’s not easy for anybody, especially a 19 year old. The decision to bolt after one year isn’t so easy for some.

  125. Jai Lucas

    I would like to announce at this time that after thoroughly discussing the matter with my parents, both they and I feel that it is in my best interest to submit my name into this years NBA draft. Since you all have been so good about keeping up with me and supporting me throughout the years, I thought it only fair that I break the news here on KSR first.

  126. boogieman

    all the trolls on here need to shut their f*ckin mouths. Cal isn’t going to the Nets, if he ever went to the NBA he wouldn’t leave for some shitty team where he is set up to fail again like he was the first team. The posts on here are so blatantly not from UK fans its ridiculous

  127. CrackaA$$CatFan

    Keep in mind that none of the b.s. that came out today has been confirmed. It’s hard to believe, I know, but many people start stupid-a$$ rumors in order to get attention or to get a rise from the fanbase they despise. It will all be confirmed when the time is right for all involved parties (UK, coach Cal, current players, or recruits). I know it’s interesting, but what if Orton and Dodson aren’t really leaving and all this hype was made up to stir the pot? Players can and do look on blog sites to see fan reactions to rumors. Go easy until the actual truth has been revealed before freaking out and acting like you know what’s best for that player… even though you’ve never talked to them once and are probably not qualified to give anyone advice on anything. We’ll be fine next year whatever happens… Go Cats!

  128. Mattcat68

    On the bright side, playing time at UK looks to be wide open. This should no longer be an issue with the top remaining unsigned recruits.

  129. CrackaA$$CatFan

    #125- totally agree, but this doesn’t happen at every school. The entire state, well 90%, thinks that UK players are a part of their own families b/c we love UK basketball so much. I think that’s a very good quality that our program has. Cousins has been quoted as saying, “Nobody has ever really accepted me b/c I’m so big and they think I’m a thug, except at UK… everybody here seems to accept me and enjoys my presence”. Him feeling so welcome will no doubt play a big role in his decision to stay or leave.

  130. TayPrinceJr.

    128. Thank you!!!! That’s what ivebern trying to tell people all day!!!

  131. TayPrinceJr.

    * Ive been

  132. charlee08

    Didn’t know we had so many scouts on here.

  133. CatFanForLife

    Let me redo this with nicer language. You all are freaking morons. I’ve read your site for years matt, and I always will, but I must learn to stay out of the comments. Nothing but freaking trolls and morons…

  134. catsfan21

    When we all thought the off season would be kinda boring, this just spices it up a bit lol You think we will have the youngest team next year? haha

  135. dandycat

    need to looks at John Wall’s Facebook post…Wall Cousins and Ppat are gone…Orton and Bledsoe…Highly likely.

  136. catsfan21

    Originally Posted by Marc Maggard
    frosted tips? weak.

    Where do you see “frosted tips” in any photo posted here???

    you UT fans sure are weak smack talkers……

    by the way, Selby isn’t coming to UT.

    I’m sorry, I’d bring out my big guns but I value being able to post. You are a nothing, a nobody. He may not be coming to UT, but I mean that isn’t quite a bold prediction. You are not good at your job, and most people regard you as a joke. Your information is worthless. Your remarks are ignorant. You have an egotistical attitude when money says I am more intelligent, more attractive, and will be more successful in what I choose to do. The only way a no-lifer like yourself can spend your time is posting the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It really does get old, but when your life has no meaning I guess there isn’t much else to do.


  137. ukcatsfan11israw

    137- now that is freaking funny!

  138. John

    ‘Lunatic’ fanbase is dead-on on nights like tonight. I’m a season ticket holder but all this worrying is moronic and a waste of time. We’ll have a team next year, I have faith in our coach. Show some damn support for what these guys did this year and quit the bashing. If YOU were in their shoes and had that $$$ staring you in the face, what would you do?

  139. Momstradomus

    Could someone help me find my son. He won’t call me anymore.

  140. jay

    I can somewhat understand Orton tryin to go pro but for his dad to say hes better than Cousins is crazy, if he is that good he should go LMAO.

  141. Sir Lovely

    I really need to go to sleep!!

  142. BobbyKnight

    SaveUK, good to see your Post!

  143. bluebloodedson

    hope dodson leaves… he the worst player to get playing time. not only does he choke every moment he gets the ball, but he cant hit three’s for shit

  144. Biggun

    I’m starting to question Cal Bal. Who knows if were NIT bound or Final Four bond from year to year. We need a few more good ole 4 year ky boys mixed in with one and doners.
    I’m staring to think Orton and his dad are nuts. Daniel is WAY TOO immature for the NBA. And his talent is nothing close to what Cousin has.

  145. BravoBigBlue

    If Orton wants to test the NBA waters without hiring an agent, then that’s what he should do. But if that includes him dropping out of school and possibly hurting UK with future scholarships, then that is total BS. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. What goes round comes round.

  146. SexnNursinHomes

    Jones, I wish you would go Stalin on some of these posters, you know, the TROLLS and CHICKEN LITTLES. Man, what a sad group of pussies we have for fans. I hope you guys who are freaked out get some summer’s eve and douche your boo-hooing, sweaty, anxious vagina. and if boyd comes, wouldn’t he try to flush dem “liggins” down the toilet????

  147. SexnNursinHomes

    145- Dude, see post 147, thats YOU. Great, you want a bunch of 4 year ky boys, that’s our answer. Please go overdose on some pills, pretty f*ckin please.

  148. michael porter

    still waitin for cal to text me back…

  149. I Am Legend

    Daniel Orton – A legend in his own mind. I don’t care if he goes, but he should finish the semester for the sake of the program. If he leaves under these circumstances, I will cheer against him as if he played for Duke. 3.5 points? Please. Thanks for nothing. Enjoy the Israeli League Daniel.

  150. Flop

    John Wall can finish his semester, but Daniel Orton can’t?

    I’m sorry, but this is the most selfish, arrogant decision I can remember one of our players making.

  151. 4UK's Sake

    With Orton and Bledsoe their draft success depends heavily on who else declares. Both would go late in the 1st round to not at all. Both could improve their draft status next year to be lottery picks. That is the decisions they must make, but as of now both will be recruited as back ups which means they may never see much playing time, i.e. Meeks.

    Personally I think both can have great NBA careers, especially if certain weaknesses are developed upon. The chances of their careers and development being good reduce greatly sitting on the pine waiting for that one chance. Patrick Patterson did wonders to his draft status by returning. Last year it was predicted Pat would go late 1st round, now he’s 5-10. Daniel has size so he could do better than Pat. Bledsoe is a PG so he could do better than Pat.

    I love em both, and I wish them the best at whatever they decide.

  152. Boggie Blue

    Couple of things: First, I really, really wish we were playing in the Final Four this weekend. Secondly, if wished were horses, we would all take a ride.

  153. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    1.Daniel Orton would do a lot better financially with another year. Too many players do not see the big picture. There is a lot more money to be made in the lottery than being picked late in the first round. Is he really that much better than Randolph Morris?

    2. Darnell Dodson is not an NBA player. The fact that no one cares if he leaves is a leading indicater of that. Stacy Poole will be much better in his role.

    3.I really don’t blame Jon Hood if he’s thinking of tranferring. The trend suggests he will play behind McDonalds All American freshmen every year.

    How about Brandon Knight’s game winning 3 last night? Really hope he’s a Cat on the 14th.

    Go Cats!!

  154. 4UK's Sake

    Dodson- To me here are the glaring issues. I’m sure the guy may need to think of providing for his family and that may need to be sooner than later.
    1.) His offense- He is NOT the same player he was at the beginning of the season.
    2.) His Defense- He is the same player he was at the beginning of the season, with a few minor improvements.

    The questions are: Why is that? What did Cal do to address that? The answer to those questions lead to the answer on if he should stay.

  155. April Fool's

    153 fools and counting

  156. BlueCollar

    154……..Do better financially???? Millions can be made overseas. Who cares about the NBA. How long at your present salary if you have one, will it take for you to make a million dollars?

  157. actually

    there is much much money to be made oversees … but it is also a different life and frankly, does not just mean you are on the wait-list for the NBA … the gate to the NBA is the draft, and i think guys should go when they are “pro ready” , which means the pros are “ready to pay them” period, BUT if you are going to put the very program that gave you such an opportunity in a tough spot penalty wise by just deciding not to go to class for the rest of the year .. well then, you’re not much more than Bobby Knight says you are

  158. KSR Spy

    You People Seriously Need To Calm The F*ck Down!

    Worst Case Scenario we have only Liggins, Miller, and Harrelson coming back.

    Liggins and Miller really improved this year. Really improved. If you couldn’t see it, then you are stupid. After more work over the summer and already having head knowledge of the game…I think they impress people at the start of next year.

    As far as recruits…we currently have Big Enes and Poole. Both are solid players…and yes, Kanter will be playing next year, he MIGHT have to sit out a few games.
    We are looking at the possibility of picking up Knight, Selby, Leslie, Jones, Lamb, and T. Ross. We will not get all of those guys, but with this…there is a good chance we get 4/5…and that will be a badass recruiting class.

    All those who say Knight looked bad…ITS AN ALL STAR GAME!! It’s like watching the NBA! Did you even notice how well Knight distributed the ball?!?!?! Idiots.

    Also…with the lockout looming next year…odds are that we retain most, if not all, of our recruits coming in for 2 YEARS!! That means having a killer class coming AND STAYING TWO YEARS that will be combined with another great set of recruits from 2011!! Cal is taking care of business…anyone who thinks otherwise is just stupid or a troll…or both.

  159. SexnNursinHomes

    159- man, I couldn’t have said it any better. Good thought

  160. Kev Daly

    Why are all of these guys in such a hurry to leave. This N.B.A. crap has pretty much ruined college basketball…it’s just not the same anymore. Guys who are half-assed college players are putting their names in the draft. College Basketball is pretty much dead.

  161. Boogie Chillun

    Geez, what an overwhelming bunch of “nattering nabobs of negativity”. This is pathetic. We’ve just become “relevant” again after a long absence and you guys are wringing your hands over a program that was so stocked with talent that 5 underclassmen could be drafted this year? Whatever…

  162. card tard

    dudes, it’s april fools…..don’t get worked up.

  163. UK Fan

    151. I have to agree with you here. I find it baffling that he just drops all his classes and screws the program.

    154. Good players make their money on the second contract, not the first. See Rondo, Rajon.

  164. UKFanInCincy

    does anyone know what Walls real Facebook is?

  165. Kev Daly

    We were so overstocked with talent but didn’t even get to the final four…but Butler-yes Butler did…maybe we should look to recruit basketball players and not N.B.A. talent…I am pretty sure Butler-yes Butler, doesn’t have five guys running as fast as they can to the N.B.A….and anyone that thinks next years team even has a chance to make the N.I.T., your delusional. Right now we have no one worth a damn coming back-and I don’t want to hear about Liggins.

  166. Echo 1

    166 – That argument is getting stale. Butler went to the Final Four. I completely agree. You know what else? This is that school’s first Final Four EVER! Yeah, that strategy works great. No coach with a brain would pass on the recruits we had this year and that includes Butler’s coach.

  167. SexnNursinHomes

    UK is now looking to put the poster known as “Kev Daly” as a coach on the 2010-2011 season.

  168. Kev Daly

    167..Butler has now been to one more Final Four than we have since the 90’s…they have players that can actually make open jump shots on a consistent basis…all these fast and great athletic move don’t mean a damn if you can’t make shots.

  169. UK Alum73

    Cal is gone this summer. His ego won’t allow him to fail at Kentucky, which is exactly what will happen next year. Even with a GREAT class, he won’t have the talent like last year. These guys will be young and learning a new system all over again, only this time, nobody will be named Wall or Cousins and no PPat to help them along. Talent like this only comes around once in a lifetime and we (he) blew it. I know this comment might piss you off, but as a UK fan for 31 years, I must say that I am extremely concerned going ahead. Please help me convince myself I’m wrong.

  170. Kev Daly

    168..That’s what fools like you post when you have no solutions.

  171. Echo 1

    169 – Again, first Final Four Ever. I agree players need to make shots, but has nothing to do with your argument. A need to make shots is pretty much a given.

  172. SexnNursinHomes

    Oh 171- Thats why they pay Cal the big bucks and not your chicken little ass. It’s not my job to come up with SOLUTIONS, nor is it YOURS. It is Cal, and he will put a great team on the court for us.

  173. Wow

    After reading these 160 posts I have realized that we UK fans are indeed nutjobs.

  174. MEWH

    You people freaking out about next year’s team need to take a xanex. We still have the same coach that brought in the best class ever just 9 months ago. You all don’t seem to understand that this year is the abberation, not the rule. There isn’t a player in the 2010 class that can sniff John Wall. And the year Cousin’s just had don’t come around often. Add in the fact that the point guard position is weak in the draft, and you see how Bledsoe has gotten bumped into lottery territory. Now see how there may be a lockout next year, whcih means Orton could make 1/2 what he could get this year if he waits.

    So we have some extenuating circumstances. Sure we are going to be young, but you have to give a guy a couple years to set a roster. The key here is pg play. UNC sucked this year because they had a shitty guard-play. If Cal keeps nabbing the #1 point in the class, we will be fine.

  175. Justin

    Hey does everyone remembered reading on that website that Orton may not play in the SEC. Now we see that story could of actually had some legs to it.

  176. MEWH

    170) You suck at life

  177. Getcha Popcorn Ready

    157…”Who cares about the NBA?” That must be an April Fool’s joke. So you mean to tell me that playing in Europe will produce more money than being picked in the top 10 of the NBA draft? Show me some numbers that manifest that.

  178. UK Alum73

    177-What is your deal?

  179. Justin

    MEWH, you suck at life. Let the guy have an opinion.

  180. The Grand Poobah

    Daniel Orton will go down as the most disliked Cat in quite some time.

    With that said, hell, I may put my name in the draft.

    I hope Cal has this situation under control, because right now it sounds like all hell is breaking loose.

  181. Bleedblue

    I have to believe that 1/3 of these posts are from trolls (mainly U of L and Memphis fans) trying to cause panic. They use sites like this to insult our players and make it look like it is UK fans that turn on their players.

    For the actual UK fans, let it play out. Find something other that UK basketball on which to base your self esteem.

    Matt, get control of these posts. Delete the 1/3 I mentioned so we don’t convince players to leave, and convince recruits that the UK fan base is full of lunatics.

  182. westcoastukfan

    Half of these posts are trolls. Folks, there are around 7 top HS players uncommitted right now. If most of our guys leave–good! That is why they came in the first place. Cal produces and gets players to the next level. Cal will reload with top talent, every year. We had a great season, came up short, but we’re back folks…it’s all good.

  183. Matt

    Matt J- can someone evaluate the long term impact of all the departures on grad rates and scholly losses? I know it’s bogus if a kid goes to NBA or grads from another university, it still hurts UK’s grad rate, but that’s the rules and UK seems to be driving off a cliff in this regard. I see long term problems.

  184. atlalm

    Let me understand this. If this is true Daniel wants to quit school to train to prepare for the draft but not hire an agent. This means due to him leaving college (incomplete on classes)we loose a scholly. If he doesn’t get drafted as high as he would like he would like to come back. So screw your team but if it doesn’t work out I will go back to the team I screwed. Man I just really hope that isn’t what he is thinking. I just didn’t see this from the daniel or his dad.
    I’m confident we will get 3 of the top remaining players signed (2 guards and CJ or Jones)and I think there will be 2-3 more that we will get that we don’t know about currently (coaching change, JC, etc) plus we have Enes and Stacey. Think about it. We really didn’t think we would have a chance with Enes a month ago. He was committed to Washington.
    Where some see doom and gloom I see opportunity!!
    Go get them Cal!!

  185. MEWH

    179) The season has not been over for a week, and some rumors have you ready to ditch the coach, and burn down Rupp. You were probably one of the ass-clowns that went on facebook and cursed the team for losing to USC. Your negativity has no bounds, and give validity to the national perception of UK fans.

    You say Cal blew it this year? He molded what was left of a roster that went to an ‘NIT’ with a group of newbies and stayed in the Top 10 for the entire season. Along the way he swept the SEC season/tourney trophies, and made UK the #1 story in the sport. Maybe you should just root for the team that wins the National Title each year, then you can sleep at night. Last time I checked being a fan means you root for the team. You seem to think it means root when they are winning, but bitch and moan when they lose, or there may be roster turnover.

  186. MEWH

    180) Nice. Next up, you can say I’m stupid and pull my hair.

  187. Bignarsty

    Boyd is a punk and Kreft got caught with cocaine up his butt crack….two guys were really need at UK

  188. Horace

    Now we’re trying to steal Louisville’s commitments? This program just keeps getting classier and classier.

  189. Cristoforouk

    Some of you guys are complete morons. Rememeber this was YEAR ONE of the Coach Cal regime. Think back to what he had to work with last year. A low talent roster that didn’t even make it to the final four in the NIT. He did pretty damn well to overhaul that roster in order to make up competitive this year. It was a quick fix to a huge problem. It’s not like he had his pick of players last year! He got who was left, and they just all happened to be one and done players. This won’t happen every year, so stop worrying about that. He will build a program here, but it will take time. It does for every coach! This past year’s team was incredible, and it was a quick fix to the Billispie era. Now Cal can start to build his program no matter who returns. If you think this past year will happen every year, first you should be excited, and second you are crazy.

  190. Echo 1

    189 – Heck Yes!!! Steal anything worth stealing from Louisville. Filthy Cards.

  191. J Hood

    189. Not only stealing a player from UL, but a WALK ON! Justice wouldn’t be a sure starter at Pikeville College but has become a neccesity at UK!

  192. UK Alum73

    MEWH says…”Your negativity has no bounds, and give validity to the national perception of UK fans.” Wow! I think we blew a golden opportunity and now my negativity knows no bounds. You sir, are a piece of crap. And a liar, if you weren’t dissapointed by the end of that season, then you are not a true fan. Please refrain from commenting any further. I asked nicely.

  193. SexnNursinHomes

    193- You are talking about someone’s negativity??? hahahahahaha go back to your post on 170 and meet the kettle.

  194. JMBlue

    I agree with many of the fans looking at the bright side. Cal will reload (provided he doesn’t bolt to the NBA too), but if too many one and dones do what Orton is allegedly doing by dropping out, will we have any scholarships to offer? More power to Orton for going. I think it is a mistake, but whatever. I don’t, however, like the way he is going. He is jeopardizing the future of the program by not going to class. UK did a Hell of a lot more for DO than DO did for UK. The dude should show some respect and leave in good standing academically.

  195. dhighdrated

    orton needs more time. i thought he proved to be a lot more immature than cousins. he complained about fouls more than dikembe mutumbo. now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go pack dodson’s bags for him.

  196. Chris

    Hey Cal, be sure to keep the fax from Orton in a safe place, just in case. We don’t want another Morris situation.

  197. Justin

    Daniel Orton needs to get his arse in class! If he wants to leave fine, but dont punish UK by being so selfish!


  198. Biggun


    It’s chumps like you that give KY basketball fans a bad name. Why don’t you go date your cousin or something and leave this basketball talk to the men.

    All I’m saying is if Coach Cal couldn’t win the big one with the team we had this year, they’re isn’t no way in hell he ever will if we keep getting all these one and done chumps. We need more Miller and Hood type players to throw into the mix.

  199. Charlie

    This crap is exactly why they need to change the one year rule. Either go right out of high school or commit to play college ball for a couple years.

  200. Deepika

    Yeah 200, change the rules because we can’t play by them and win.

  201. Biggun


    I totally agree. The whole system is a screwed up mess. I guess we now all see why Coach K only goes after the 4 year guys now. So they don’t have to deal with these headaches.
    I hate to point this out, but Tubby won it all his first year at UK with a much lesser of a team.

  202. WalkersGoggles

    Senior is just another word for “too sucky to go pro”!! 🙂

    In all seriousness, when Kentucky hired Cal, Matt Jones himself said that the 2010-2011 season would be a down year and then Cal would start killing it the year after.

    I see this upcoming year like the year after Mashburn left. We’ll be decent for no other reason than although we’ll have a TON of new guys playing they will all have all star talent.

    So it’s more of a “reload” than a “rebuild”.

  203. Indycatfan

    174 I totally agree about UK having the best and (the worst) nut cases. But with all this discussion about who leaves and who stays and actually saying some pretty harsh statements about a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds are uncalled for. If DO wants to test the waters so be it, I’m not actually understanding his actions but it’s not for me to say….To me there are only three kids on this years team that should have an actual shot at the NBA. But that’s not to say the others don’t have a legit shot at the big time. Now at the begining from day one Cal said we’re gonna have one and dones, plus there are always going to be rumors of his going here and there. Damn some of you ought to go out and get some heavy duty crash helments b/c every year the sky’s gonna fall on you. Take the man at his word. Now if anyone wants to throw the blame game on anyone it should be the NBA, they make the rules for kids to have to stay in school one year or 19 years old. I say they do away with the one year in school rule and either make it two years or none at all. No we wouldn’t have had John Wall or even Big Cuz but it should be that if a kid cannot go to the draft his comming out of HS then he/she needs to get at least an associate degree……I’ll hang up and listen for all the sh!t that will be comming my way……Is Richie gonna start ta-nat?

  204. Wall2Cousins

    ohhhh my Kige Ramsey just declared for the draft!!

  205. JMBlue

    202 – Coach K goes after McDonald’s All Americans just like Cal. His roster is loaded with them. Perhaps Coach K doesn’t develop the talent as quickly as Cal does. Cal gives the same kids freedom to showcase their skills. His system is both a blessing and curse. The curse comes through on a day like this, but overall, the blessing will prevail the other 364 days of the year.

  206. JMBlue

    204 – No problem here. It makes sense to me (for whatever that is worth).

  207. asdfasdf

    CAL is not trying to hold on to these guys very hard, I think you can figure the reasons out if you deduce future plans …

    Dodson doesnt really think hes making the NBA – as Matt tweeted, theres much more to it!

    regarding Elisha, he is pretty SET on going to UofL for some reason, but if we end up with an open scholarship and offer it, I don’t see how he could turn us down

  208. boogie's cousin booger

    “Land the plane….Land the plane!!!!!” coach Cal said… Now it’s “the plane is crashing! The plane is crashing!!” JUMP!! JUMP’ JUMP!!!!!!!!! Quick-Fixes don’t work folks!!! I’ll take seniors anyday of the week! PERIOD!

  209. The Hoff

    #197 – lol

  210. Wall2Cousins

    Orton did lead the NCAA in goaltending!!

  211. Beretta

    Will there ever be another Patrick Patterson? You know, a guy who actually cares about the university. A guy who could have jumped ship last year, but actually cares enough about academics that he graduated in 3 years. Wall, Boogie, and Bledsoe deserve our admiration, but Patterson deserves much more from us. I fear we will never see someone with his combination of skills and character again. Thank you Patrick.

  212. Frosty Tips

    212 – umm, no. IU’s players were walk-on caliber that first year under Crean, and not much better this year side from Creek and Watford. We’ll get Knight to go with Kanter and Poole, and even if that’s ALL (which won’t happen), a lineup of Knight, Liggins, Miller, Harrellson and Kanter, with Hood and Poole off the bench would smoke that lineup Crean rolled out.

  213. Catbalue

    A lot of garbage that is unhealthy for the UK program gets posted here. Most sites of this stature require all comments to be reviewed/scrutinized prior to actually being posted. The popularity and influence of KSR is huge, and the site is read on an international level. It is time to show some responsibility that accompanies the legitimate press pass you enjoy. Please Stop letting careless reader comments paint an ugly face for our BBN.

  214. Frosty Tips

    213 – I agree with that, actually. Stevenson’s leadership would have been invaluable NEXT year.

  215. Cliver

    So…when are they going to admit that this is an April Fool’s joke?

  216. Dirty Growler

    206 JM Blue…riddle me this, if Cal is such a blessing recruiting one and done players why are we doing this right now and Duke is on a plane to Indianapolis?

    If the transfers happen (Hood and Miller) then we are going to have a hard time filling the bench.

    At the McD’s game there were 7 guys uncomitted. Maybe 5 are realistic “gets” for UK.

    We’ll be right back where we were last year, except no real upperclassman leadership and no Patrick Patterson.

    And you can mark this down, there isn’t a recruit we can get that is/will be as good as Wall or Cousins.

    We will struggle next year…to win 30 games again that is.

    In the SEC we’ll still be the head of the class in talent.

  217. Biggun

    Catbalue, quit reading our posts if you don’t like them. If we can’t vent here we have to take it out on our families… you jerk. You don’t want that, do you?

    Daniel Orton also led the NCAA in arm tangles with opposing players, and then crying like a baby when he was whistled for a foul.

  218. JMBlue

    219 – It is simple really. The team played a terrible game on the wrong night. It happens. How does Kansas lose to Northern Iowa? Didn’t KU have a veteran team? I think so. 35-3. That ain’t half bad with a bunch of “one and done” bums.

  219. truBLU

    212.) You are an idiot.
    213.) I’ve been saying that since last year. Why he didn’t is beyond me.

  220. Just call me Tay

    Read Larry Vaught’s most recent article. Dodon is being pushed out. That’s just pathetic.

  221. JohnWall'sAgent

    “It’s chumps like you that give KY basketball fans a bad name. Why don’t you go date your cousin or something and leave this basketball talk to the men.”

    “they’re isn’t no way in hell he ever will”

    -from Biggun

    My man, you are the type of fan that gives UK a bad name. You assume women don’t contribute to the conversation, and you use double negatives that make you sound like someone named BIGGUN.

  222. BuckeyeBigBlueFan

    Are the freakin’ lunatics running the asylum?

    I cannot fathom how the so-called UK fans on this site are crying “woe is me” with all this unconfirmed crap flying around, ESPECIALLY on April 1. We all knew the score about who was likely to leave, so why bitch & moan about it. Cal will have an awesome recruiting class and we will be good to great next year…again. Have a little faith, people.

  223. wcs84

    Good point 221. Collins came back to win a title isn’t he a senior? We ended up going further than Kansas in the tourney weren’t they much more experienced than us ?

  224. Grifter

    Mark it down, folks. Terrence Boyd will be announced as a Wildcat in the next week or so. But I’m not buying the Kreft rumors.

  225. UK Alum73

    Why would Cal “push” Dodson out the door? Does he know something we don’t?

  226. bob

    Some of this is starting to make Pitino look stable!

  227. ThankfulCat

    Does anyone out there seriously think Coach Cal didn’t see this coming?

    Does anyone out there think that Coach Cal hasn’t dealt with this before at Memphis?

    Some of you panic stricken types are dumber than rocks.

    The man will recruit more young talent in and we will be right back in the hunt again in 2010-11.

  228. Indycatfan

    Cal also said we might not get a Championship for 3 to 4 years, hell people I’m an old bugger and if I have the patience,…(51 years as a UK fan) you younger guys should have some also. I believe you have to have the one and dones with a fairly mix of 3 and 4 year players for his system to work as he’s said numerous times..This system WAS new to everyone and for them to gel like they did is something that noone could have even imagined. I was throughly impressed they way this team went into almost every arena and walked out a winner, and to hear some of you EFFFING Trolls belittle those kids you’d need a visit to an vetrenarian for hoof and mouth disease to get your foot out of your mouths! I hope he’ll leave the rooting to me and my family, as I’ll leave the recruiting and teaching of the players to Cal and his coaches…….GO CATS!

  229. Just call me Tay

    228 – no idea. But if he is doing it b/c Dodoson did not play well, then it is pathetic.

  230. Grifter

    Calm down, people. The sky is not falling. Boyd will add another talented wing to our rotation. And if (and that’s a big IF) we get Kreft, that’s another post player. We will be fine.

  231. MEWH

    Dodson could be getting shown the door because he

    A) Does not/will not pass the ball(less than 1 assists per game in 15 mins of action)
    B) Does not play defense

    And there are other things that could be involved such as grades/attitude that we probably will never know. We never found out why Liggins sat for 10 games to start the year. There’s not a recruit we are after that is saying they aren’t coming because Dodson is in their way. Lamb, Knight. Selby, Ross would all offer more at the 2 position. Cal isn’t going to boot Dodson to free up a scholly, when we have more than enough open already. It has to be something else.

  232. No! It's Mingue, MORON

    Comment sections these days just make it clear that Matt opening it up for everyone was the worst idea in the history of the site. Now we get the irrational worry warts, the UL/UT/UF trolls, and the people who spout great one liners during games like “Did Eric just turn it over AGAIN? Why doesn’t he just break his leg and get it over with?”.

    To the people on here who still have something resembling patience and actually look past their own selfish fandom of this team from time to time, thanks for sticking around on here through this garbage day in and day out. Makes the place worth coming back to through this wave of morons.

    If Daniel is going to get guaranteed first round money and everyone knows a lock out is looming with slashed rookie contracts at the end of it, then there is no reason not to go now, period. I want him back. With his defensive potential I think he could eventually turn in to Hasheem Thabeet only with a solid offensive game. He could dominate the paint in college in the next couple of seasons. But again, looming lockout + guaranteed first round selection means I can’t blame him for a second if he wants to bail. I wish him the best if that’s his decision. However, if him leaving school early would result in UK losing a scholarship or damaging the program in any way, that’s not right. He used this University to up his draft stock, which is fine, but don’t be that guy. Use em and ditch em. Work out here, finish your semester and live up to your commitment like a man. Last I checked you can find some good trainers here in Lexington.

    As for Darnell, it’s more clear now that this has nothing to do with money so much as not meshing with Cal well. Cal said from the beginning that if you don’t want to even TRY and play defense, the bench will be your home. Well, Darnell decided to be a streaky shooter who found defensive play optional, and his minutes vanished. He never would have gotten those starts had Darius not forgotten it was basketball season in the middle of February. I do wish he was coming back because that shot can be refined and you can teach someone the importance of playing defense. But if his decision is to leave his game incomplete and not try to better his play, so be it. He’s 6’7″ and plays like he’s 6’1″. Terrance Jones and C.J. Leslie will gladly take his spot, and from what I’ve seen of Jones, he’d make the most of it.

    I do wish both guys, as well as the Three Amigos and of course Pat all the best as they move on with their careers. For Darnell and Daniel though, think long and hard about what you’re doing.

  233. UKclam

    I’ve said this before, but from the above posts, it needs to be said again. This postseason exodus will not be the norm under Cal. This year’s class proved more talented that ANYONE thought at the start of the season (remember, Wall was the only one considered “one and done”). Plus, we had a few folks who simply never wanted to be in college anyway (Dodson, who has never found a “home,” and Orton). Put those two together, and you have an exodus.

    In the future, we are going to have our 3-4 year players (think Miller), with a cast of 1-2 year players infusing super talent. It takes time to build this type of stability, and Cal can’t do it in one year, especially right after Gillispie left us with so little talent.

    Those of you wishing that UK would rely only on 4-year players who “really want to be at UK” should go be IU fans–because that’s where that philosophy will get you. Cal is getting it done at UK faster and better than anyone imagined. The fact that so many people are filling their big blue underwear with big blue turds over this is amazing. Are you so short sighted and have such short memories?

  234. Grifter

    236-Couldn’t agree more. Plus, when we add Boyd and if we add Kreft, that’s 2 more bodies. Boyd would likely be a sophomore and Kreft a junior, so that would solve the whole 9-player freshman class problem.

  235. boogie's cousin booger

    This Program SUCKS right now. Kentucky has gone from a #1 seed in the NCAA to a LAUGHING STOCK in College Basketball!!!

  236. UKclam

    #235, I agree with you about Matt’s decision to allow anyone to immediately and anonymously post on a discussion. Matt wonders why anyone would go to a pay site; well, the answer is that some people are willing to pay to have an intelligent conversation amongst actual Kentucky fans, rather than trollers, UofL flamers, and idiots. You are hurting KSR with this, Matt.

  237. CA

    62 – Why would we take Boyd with all of his personal issues.Isn’t that pretty risky? Where is Boyd now?

  238. CA

    237 – Grifter – why would we want to add Boyd and all of his baggage. Would that be such a good move? Where is Boyd now?

  239. Indycatfan

    236 I say the same thing….238 go TROLL your own Looserville board and be happy that UofLooserville gave Pitino another “In Principle” concract extension for four more years…and you all know what “In Principle” is right?….That he doesn’t knock up another Skanky Ho again.

  240. buddyblue62

    lmaooo you people are messed up..

  241. Oh Boy

    I just heard that Darnell Dodson got hit by a car. Can anybody verify?

  242. Dark Helmet

    240) Boyd signed with WKU then didn’t go to summer classes and then the rumor goes he took a swing at one of the coaches during a pickup game. WKU’s coach then kicked him off the team but didn’t state why just he didn’t represent championship basketball. Boyd then supposedly went to Miami-Dade (Dodson’s Juco) but I never could find anything that showed that he played a game. Also he had issues with his test scores but he somehow got clearance to play by the NCAA. His redeeming quality is he was on Orton and Xavier’s AAU team and played awesome with them so he must be coachable. WKU took a chance on Boyd and ergo they didn’t make the tournament this year.

  243. Team leader

    238 – coudn’t aggree more. This is embarrassing. Black eye for the U of K.

  244. Parents

    I bet some kids wish they didn’t have any.

  245. Board registeration

    The old way wasn’t working. I’ve been tring to register for six months. If you don’t open it up, you’ve got to pay more attention to the applicants.

  246. hunter thompson

    wow, you can’t almost smell the rats in this place

    do trolls actually think they are convincing anyone of anything? i guess if you’re pathetic enough to actually troll a board, then you’re dumb enough to believe anything


  247. kyhawk

    Please get off Daniel Orton’s case. This young man has been through a great deal this pass year. Think about where he was one short year ago. Through it all, he stuck with his committment to UK, even with the change of coaches and the recruitment of Cousins.
    He never complained about coming off the bench and always gave it his best. We didn’t lose much when he was substituted for Cousins. In fact, I think we gained defensively. Daniel nearly always managed to keep things in check and give it all on the basketball court. He is a fine young man and I’ve grown to respect him and the family who raised him.
    If Daniel wants to test the NBA waters, that’s his choice and I’ll respect him for it. I’m confident he will stay in school and finish out the semester because its the right thing to do. As a fan, I’d really like to see Daniel return for one more year, but he has to do what’s best for him and his family.

  248. schmenga

    Any way we can simply get Memphis recruits to decommit and come here?
    We have money.

  249. who

    Kreft is enrolled at FSU, has been since January, he is staying put there