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On the Early Game Festivities…


Most of the talk last night after the game and today on our radio show was about the extracurricular activities by both teams both pre-game and in the first minute. What has been lost in all of this conversation is that most people dont even know the full extent of what happened, because they only saw what was on television. A quick rundown, in case you only saw the CBS version:

1. During warmups, as both teams did their layup lines, there was a lot of talking from the UL side to the UK guys. Edgar Sosa, Jerry Smith and Reginald Delk were yelling at various UK players, specifically Bledsoe and Cousins, and letting them know that they would be ready to play. Smith even had a couple of instances in which he would run around and through the UK line in order to get into the UL line.

2. After the national anthem, both teams jawed a bit and a couple of the UL players walked by Cousins and “rubbed” their shoulders against him. The last UL player to do it got a little shove from Cousins and that was that.

3. I did not see this, but a couple of people have reported that there was some jawing between the two teams behind the scenes right before the introductions. Calipari referred to it a bit in his press conference and Mary Jo Perino said in a Tweet that the Louisville players were screaming “We are Bad M’Fers” in the hallway.

4. During introductions, the Louisville players didnt “run out” as usual, but stayed in a huddle while their names were called. As both teams came on the floor for the tip, Smith, Sosa, Wall and Bledsoe had some nice words for each other.

5. After the first little incident with Bledsoe and Delk, people didnt see on television that Edgar Sosa looked towards the UK crowd and started waving at the fans and telling them to “bring it on”, while Bledsoe said some things to Delk that likely werent fit for print.

6. Then of course came the Cousins/Swopshire incident that we have heard a lot about. The picture below shows that Cousins did take a knee to the head from Swopshire before he have his elbow/forearm to the back of Swop’s head.


I give all of this not to condone it (although I did think it made the game filled with great intensity) but to suggest that any evaluation of the actions should be looked at in the greater context of the entire game. From the get go, it was clear that Louisville’s plan was to get into the heads of the UK players and try to make them angry and frustrated. They talked from the moment they walked on the court and focused on the two guys with the shortest tempers, Cousins and Bledsoe. That wasnt accidental. It was on purpose.

I dont blame them for that strategy. It was a smart one and will be used again against the Cats. But when evaluating the Cousins elbow, it is important to realize that it didnt happen on a clean slate against a bunch of choir boys. Louisville had been picking at the Cats and Swopshire had a second before, kneed Cousins in the head. Now I am not certain the Swopshire knee was intentional (I would guess it was not), but Cousins couldnt know that and in the heat of battle, things happen. That is why I think the reaction by the referees was correct…give him a technical, but let him stay in the game. Unlike the announcers, the referees had seen (and heard) the pre-game jawing and knew what was going on. They knew context and knew that Cousins’s reaction was part of a series of actions that had taken place. That is why they made the correct (and one of the few correct they made all day) decisions to give him a technical and move on.

Ultimately the pre-game stuff may have backfired on the Cards. It certainly had UK focused and realizing the battle that was to come. But I actually dont blame either team for what happened and think the fans who crow about the “other team’s players being thugs” are really ridiculous. Both teams talked trash, both teams played hard (and scrappy) and both teams acted at times like it was a battle and not a game. That is the stuff of rivalries and yesterday was another great chapter in this one.

Article written by Matt Jones

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  1. Toombsday

    video proof…just put it up on youtube.

  2. James

    No Matt,

    I was at the game too. I agree that our boys had some angry words toward the UofL players but let’s be honest: our players are not getting arrested (minus Wall’s little entry back before he came here). Our players have not shown that level of aggression UNTIL the UofL players began their thuggery. I humbly disagree that the UofL players are not thugs. They are indeed thugs and wear their banner proudly.

  3. The Squid

    What about the part where Calipari was jawing at Delk? You *somehow* omitted that part.

  4. Left Over Wing Sauce

    Well put.

  5. UK-Believe

    thanks for the recap Matt. All the national media points to UK being the cause of the problem due to it being a bigger headline, NOT being the actual truth that occurred.

    GO CATS!

  6. 2531

    Thanks for posting the pic.

  7. BPsycho

    Actually… UofL players are wannabe Thugas

    TN players? Now they some thugs..

  8. NewWildcatOrder

    U of L can’t call anyone else a “THUG” when its a prerequisite to even be on their team!

  9. FakeTeddyDupuy

    Bone Thugs and Armani

  10. Harris Teeter

    There once was a time when I would like to see Louisville do well if they weren’t playing an SEC team. The program is totally classless now though and I delight in their every loss.

  11. JohnD

    All in all with the emotions running high I see this a great game.this is what all the fans in Kentucky wanted to see is a heated rivalry between the states two biggest schools. I for one loved it all and think that both teams are even better from this game. As far as the boys emotions or any further remarks they need to leave it all on the court and continue their respective season. Go Cats!!! Louisville will get them next year!!!

  12. catty

    thanks for the video #1.

  13. UKAndrew

    It was a hard fought slobber knocker type of game. UL did what they need to do to win. That was be physical and get into the heads of the freshmen, which worked for a while. Give UL credit, they didn’t back down. But in the end all that matters is that UK won.

  14. UK+Cal=8

    Big Cuz can’t help that Swopshire threw his face into Cuz’s elbow.

  15. securityguy
  16. UK-Believe

    one thing that is getting overlooked is the fact that the rivalry is back and is here to stay! i will gladly take a tough, hard fought win over louisville than a blowout to any other team!

    GO CATS!

  17. Straightbent

    You forgot to mention, although this is second hand, that none of the UL players shook hands before the ball was tipped.

  18. Bigbluecalizone

    Two points. Point one, Clark Kellogg the Corn Flake is a root licker. He hates on U.K. every chance he gets. Point two: How can you defend the turds in this instance? little jawing and trying to get into a teams head is one thing, cutting thru the warmup lines, not coming out for introductions, and the 10 fouls that should have been called for hacking, arm hanging, and whatever else was a classless display by a team that knew they could not win playing like a respectable team. I’m disappointed in you.

  19. ukbbfan

    Thank you Matt for putting this whole episode in perspective! I have no doubt that was the UL game plan. And no doubt it is a smart one with our young players. I feel confident now the call was the right call for Cuz to remain which makes me feel better about the win.

    Wasn’t Parrish at the game? Was he doing his hair while all this was going on? This is one more reason why I read this blog more than any other news outlet, you get the truth with all the details. What a bunch of one-sided BS everyone else is spewing. Disgusting.

    Go cats!

  20. dirty birds taste like chicken

    Louisville is low-down, they dirty, and they some snitches……

  21. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    (15) does that vid include Cal’s words to Delk about Bledsoe? I still haven’t seen what everyone’s talking about

  22. joseph

    Another angle of the Swopshire Knee:

  23. Saturday recap brings news of some strong one-loss teams, Kansas impressing us all and a pathetic Pac-10 | College Hoops Journal

    […] than a worthwhile watch. And in case you missed some of the extracurricular stuff, here’s a few things that didn’t make the airwaves. I’m all for hate in sports; it makes rivalries more intense and brings a level of drama that […]

  24. BRN2BNK

    any pics of pitino in this scarf everyone keeps talking about?

  25. dirty birds

    25. ask Karen Sypher about it

  26. HoustonWildcat

    21. Yeah it’s in there…

  27. BlueScadoo

    If the city of Louisville was a man, UL’s campus would be the taint. Jones & Bruce would be the gall bladder. (I’ll not mention the Slugger museum for obvious purposes).

  28. HoustonWildcat

    Link of Coach Cal on Oustide the Lines today…

  29. coleman Gaines

    The young freshmen needed a game like for seasoning. Come the SEC run and the big dance the expierence gained from this game will be invaluable.


    Rick Pitino in his scarf at the 1:48 mark

  31. Uksocal

    I don’t know how you can look at that knee and say it’s unintentional? Connecting with Boogies head wa the only time it got that high an it was a definitely jerk to that place.

    Also why about pitino and the illegal substitutions in the 2nd half. Three straight times the ref had to send the same player back to the bench, why no T

  32. repsol-69

    16. EXACTLY! that game was intense

  33. Mike

    I love rivalries! This was fun for me I loved it. RP defintely knew his team was overmatched so he told his team to try this foolishness

  34. Scott from Tampa

    This is how I see it as well, I don’t think the forearm ever made “real” hard contact. I think Swopshire’s head hit the floor as he flinched away from Boogie. This was the play that gave the Cards some fear and they couldn’t make shots because of it. Swopshire’s air ball and many missed layups. It’s too bad the Cats didn’t blow them away.

  35. gottodoit

    Louisville lost.

  36. ToeMater

    21 – Yes, Cal yelling is in 15’s video clip but folks have it wrong. Cal was yelling at the Ref telling him he called the techical in the wrong guy, which the Ref corrected by calling technicals on BOTH guys.

  37. NotTheSlickistRick
  38. ToeMater
  39. HoustonWildcat

    37. HAHA You obiously have not seen the video. I have watched it 1000 times on my HD DVR. He obviously leans over when Delk is walking to throw the ball in bounds and yells “Hey Delk” Then they zoom in on him and he yells “Bledsoe would kick your ass after the game, WRONG GUY.”

  40. Just Wondering

    Hey Maconvolfan, how did you get that orange paint on your lips?

  41. houston you have a problem

    houston, wrong dude, cal was clearly talking to the ref, not delk. cal has more class than that. cal would not tell a player another player would kick his ass. that’s ridiculous on its face. try again.

  42. jay  t.

    If Patterson makes that dunk at the end,UK beats them by a comfortable 15!

  43. a dunk counts for two, not six

    if patterson makes the dunk we win by 11. how do you figure?

  44. HoustonWildcat

    41. So you are telling me that Cal is telling he Ref that Bledsoe would kick his ass after the game?

  45. rick's red scarf

    i was used by little ricky to tweak the nose of the bb nation! sorry folks, but in truth, i’m an indiana scarf…

  46. CatsFanInSC

    41 – you can clearly read Cal’s lips saying “kick your ass after the game, wrong guy.” You’re trying to tell us he was talking to the ref when he said that? I don’t think so.

  47. The Squid

    (21) Here’s a link for Cal’s words to Delk (starts at 18 sec mark):

    From what I can discern it’s something like “He’ll kick your after the game. You picked the wrong guy!”

  48. HoustonWildcat

    41. Or are you implying that Cal is going to kick the refs ass after the game?

  49. no houston

    no, he actually told the ref somthing unintelligable, then said to the ref, “you got the wrong guy”. you can’t say you can tell exactly everything cal said…he wasn’t mic’d. if i had to guess, he told the ref he’d kiss his ass after the game…that makes much more sense than your idea.

  50. jay  t.

    43.There was a big momentum swing right before and I think that would have sent it over the top.UL was looking a little rattled,but missed dunk, Sosa three and there right back in it.

  51. Babymagic

    He’s talking to bledsoe saying that (Tony) Delk is going to kick his ass after the game

  52. CatsFanInSC

    49 – lol, what ever helps you sleep at night. I think you’re delusional, though.

  53. Harry Hungwell

    Loserville sucks!!! Eat the loss you red loving punks.

  54. repsol-69

    why are people now hiding behind fake names now? come on KSR, go back to having to sign-in to make a comment. that way we know who we are trash talking…lol

  55. Crazy Talk

    Well I hope you send a copy of this to your boy Parrish so he can understand how to put the proper perspective on a story.
    Only thing I disagree with Matt, theres one thing to “get into their heads” its another thing to just be down right thug, trash talking disrespecting your own school idiots the UL team is and were. I guarantee if our team starting chanting in the tunnel we are bad mfers, Cal would have snapped them up by the collar and changed their tunes. Pitino is a piece of sh*t coach with nothing left but BS thug tactics to over compensate for his lack of coaching and recruiting.

  56. Anonymous

    UK THUGS!!! Cousins needs to go to class and learn how to be a nice little Thug and NOT try to choke the other teams players! He’s a total looooooser! Thats the only way UK wins!!

  57. Anonymous


  58. lariat

    Suck it long and sucki it hard Cardinal Birds!

  59. Anonymous

    louisville sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. pitino goes to connections

    pitino is gay

  61. pitino goes to connections

    little ricky is gay, hahahaha

  62. Crazy Talk

    okay, I just watched the Cal thing…….that wasnt to the refs..LOL, I love having a coach and a team that just doenst play. Others can call us what ever they want, overrated, thugs…….but I think I might just call us……BACK! Cause thats what we are…..BACK!

  63. I'm Just Sayin

    I hate Louisville

  64. pitino goes to connections

    Little ricky was giving hjs at connections

  65. Antonio

    51, that’s what I see on the clip as well.

  66. CoolCoachCal

    Cal wasn’t jawing with Delk. He is telling the ref that he called the foul on the wrong guy (which he did). Cal is too classy to mouth another player. Especially one that isn’t fit to be a water boy for the cats.

  67. NotTheSlickistRick

    I am guessing Tony Delk didn’t have his little punk nephew over for dinner last night.

  68. pitino goes to connections

    little ricky “i thought he was a she” lol

  69. The Squid

    Yea, Cal would tell a ref that one of his players will kick the refs ass after the game. That makes much more sense.

  70. Anonymous

    Im pretty sure he said that wrong guy, you going to kiss his ass after the game

  71. Brian Roney

    I love Ricky P………wooohoooo

  72. tyson

    matt, i am pretty fair and balanced. the knee had to be intentional. it would be very unnatural to get it up that high with that much force otherwise. however, i would like to hear calipari get questioned about the “kick your @$$” remark. if he said this to a louisville player he should have been ejected. i would like to know more about it.

  73. Clever Name

    i agree with 50. definitely a momentum shift

    and i think you guys are right about what Cal said to Delk, we better hush up about it before espn/OTL catches wind about it though

  74. tyson

    oh and matt, i think last nights game and the rich brooks situation call for a LIVE BLOG tonight

  75. Rock town cat

    Be honest. We have all threw an elbow playing ball, that’s just part of it. Who cares who got hit or who threw it. Cats won, end of story……..NEXT!

  76. Delusional Big Blue

    Come on, be real here people. If you watch the video, he clearly tells Delk that either “Eric will kick your ass after the game” or “he will kick your ass after the game” Now I love Coach Cal, but I’m not gonna make excuses for him, that was wrong and he shouldn’t get caught up in the players drama, but I can understand him just protecting his players. But don’t make some poor excuse for something that you can see with your own eyes. Cal said it to Delk, no question about it.

  77. FNG

    Watching the game on CBS in HD yesterday, my biggest frustration was the obvious dirty play by the Cards that was almost never mentioned during the broadcast by anyone. Samuels hooked and tried to take down every UK player that came near him under the bucket. Pushing and hard playing is one thing, and clearly Samuels was trying to make a statement about the “soft” tag he’s been given by some. But they clearly had the leeway by the UL coaching staff to push and shove all they wanted as long as it didn’t get called — and it often wasn’t. The foul on Wall against Sosa late in the game was absurd. Sosa initiated contact with a forearm to the ribs from a foot and a half away, and Wall got the whistle.

    I have to admit, though. I like that Louisville came out and played dirty, knowing that was their best chance. And they still lost by double digits. If UK had played under control in the first ten minutes, this game would have been over before the first TV timeout. Even when UL took the one point lead, I knew the next five minutes would belong to John Wall. Somehow, the kid would find a way to kickstart the Cats.

  78. Crazy Talk

    And Im not only proud but happy he said it, look, these UL guys were doing stuff that if you want to kick Cal out for that, UL wouldnt have a team left to play us. If pitino had any ethical or honest bone in his body, he wouldnt have let his players say or do the things they did prior to the game
    Sometimes you have to do what you have to do and meet aggression with aggression. Cal rocks and Im glad our team doesnt take anything off the UL thugs. People wonder why recruits gravitate to Cal, its because hes got their back.

  79. Cincy Cat Fan

    What Cal said was completely uncalled for (After looking at the video, it is clear what he said). He is the adult and the coach and he should act like one at all times. I love Coach Cal and I am glad that he has passion, but that was just childish and foolish. No doubt, it will be spread like wildfire.

  80. Anonymous

    I put most of this on Pitino. Remember when he benched Travis Ford and Jared Prickett for getting over on the refs at Vandy and Ford shot the foul shots when it should have been Prickett? Back then Pitino would not put up with any bad sportsmanship. Now he encourages it. I guess he has to. He’s not at Camelot any longer, he’s at the ville.

  81. Terry Wayne

    After the game I was sitting in my Tahoe behind Rupp and out comes Pinto running
    to his black SUV, which got a police escort. This UK fan was pacing side by side
    cussing him all to hell!!! I thought it was going to be a mugging!!!

  82. Red Mile Smile

    How could you possibly even think Cal was not talking to Delk? Watch the video right before
    he starts yelling and you can see that his eyes are following Delk who is walking off the court.
    Not the ref who is walking towards the free throw line. Have some common sense people.

  83. blah blah blah

    Hey anybody see that sexy F’n scarf Rick had on?

  84. Terry Wayne

    I know it is bad to say this but I wish a dam brawl would
    have eruptted and fans poured out of the stands and tore
    every dam cardinal player or coach, limbs off!!!!!

  85. lariat

    Cousins whipped Bobby Perry’s little brother on T.V!! HaHa!!

  86. ukcats

    There’s absolutely no way to prove who Cal was talking to. The footage only shows his face. It doesn’t show who, outside the frame, the words were directed at. All of this is speculation and nothing more.

  87. Clever Name

    I wonder what the cards fans are saying on their blogs about what Cal (might have) said. They probably dont have any blogs though since their whole sports program sucks and they have no passion…

  88. Delusional Big Blue

    Thats correct, if you want to look at this in all its technical glory, but use the common sense you have, if any. He clearly is following the direction that Delk was walking after the foul was called. If you notice the frame before, Delk is walking towards his bench/the scorers table. Calipari follows his every move while inviting him to the post game beatdown. Any sensible, rational fan can read Cal’s lips and knows what he is saying, and if you put those words in context, he is talking to Delk. Why would he say that to a ref 8 seconds into the biggest rivalry game he’s ever coached in? He said himself weeks ago that he tells his players not to abuse the refs to avoid being hated during postseason play. I am 50/50 on him saying it, I understand UL may have started it, but I also know my Dad is the same age as Cal and would never say anything like that to a 20 something year old kid, no matter what he’s done. It is speculation, but with a mix of common sense and the context of the whole situation its a no brainer; Coach Cal was speaking to Delk.

  89. KY Chip

    For those of you doubting Cal would be talking to Delk, take your blue-tinted glasses off and actually WATCH the video. He’s telling Delk that “Eric would kick your ass after the game… you’re picked the wrong guy…” then he said about the foul call, “that is bull!” Cal knew about the pre-game poor sportsmanship the Cards had committed and just saw one of his players get called for a foul on a horrible call. He was hot and he said it. It’s completely understandable.

  90. NorthMemphisFan

    Hey Matt Jones…you are a piece of S$#*. Where in the hell did u get your law degree….i sure hope the North Memphis Thugcats need ur help in a court of law any time soon. Maybe Swop hit Cousins with a knee but it was part of going 4 a loose ball….Boogie’s (as ur Blue Necks seem to call him)shot to Swop was intentional. Karma is a B#*$# and North Memphis will get there’s soon!

  91. irish_eyes

    I cant tell everythin Cal says. He is talking to Delk I think and he says Bledsoe will kick your ass after the game (cant make out what hes saying) wrong guy! Then he focuses on the ref and starts to say the call is bull$hit. I love It. Cal has some fire in him and he stood up for his players.

  92. TheApex

    Anyone have a link for cal sayiing that to Delk?

  93. Stupid as ish

    90, you sir are an idiot. Thanks for playing.

  94. edgar sosa ghandi

    so you say we’re not choir boys?

    “I guess they tried to intimidate us from the beginning, but it didn’t happen,” Sosa said. “We wanted this game bad. They were doing a lot but we didn’t want to play dirty.”

    f@#$ing ridiculous

  95. Clever Name

    hahah #90 your such a tool. Do you have such a depressing life you go onto opposing teams blogs and childishly talk trash to people?

    Jones, you can represent me in a court of law any time.

  96. Syrin23

    How did yesterday’s game help with recruiting.

    Personally, I can’t think of a less satisfying win. Had we been a little less wired, we would have won that by 40. Missed shots and free throws we usually make with ease.

  97. GMo

    Win………..Suck on that sh&7 90. you’re NIT bound.

  98. HackRichards

    All UK Nation knows what happened. How are we going to educate the rest of the United States? CBS has tarnished our good redneck hillbilly name.

  99. MattJonesIsGod

    93….no sir…i am not an idiot. I bet you have a better home, family, job and car than you do Sounds like I struck a nerve,so u can go back to ur trailer in Harlan.

    The North Memphis fan base called UofL orange bowl team a bunch of thugs and now the shoe is on the other foot. U should be proud of the North Memphis Thugcats they are on their way to the Final Four and come sometime in 2011 they will have it stripped and it will become Calapari’s trifecta……K-A-T-Z KATZ KATZ KATZ

  100. CousinsIsntAThug

    go Katz!!!

  101. More Clever Name

    We won! We better! We is the best! Bring on Georgia!!!!

  102. BillyGillipse

    Hey 97 ur right, they are NIT bound…..WE SHOULD KNOW AFTER LAST YEAR!!!

  103. jpnixon

    We won game and battle, very exciting game. Matt enjoyed watching you and Goodman at the Hyatt. Love this site

  104. UK2-day

    Everyone wants to believe Coach Cal is that kind of bad@ss, but it’s clear that he’s talking to the ref walking to the scorer’s table. He’s stating that they “got the wrong guy” bc Bledsoe was flagrantly fouled with an elbow shove to the chest prior to him being picked into the other player. Our Coach Cal is smarter than that, and knows that he would be T’d up with the refs within earshot of a classless comment like that.

  105. Anonymous

    Agree with #81. Ricky may not have directed the smack, but he didn’t stop it. Pitino knew getting in UK’s head was their only chance….get a lead early to take the crowd out of it. Epic Fail.

  106. ACTUAL Cat Fan

    Jones – Can you change back to the old system where you have to register to comment?

    Take the UL ghetto trash out!!

  107. cats1068

    Planet Red’s tactics were bush league, Matt. They couldn’t play with them straight up like UNC and UCONN. When you resort to those tactics, then that shows people who you really are. Classless. N. Memphis Fan, go root for Planet Red, Memphis, UT or any other clown outfit and take your classless, whining, sour grape comments with you. The Cats are back and everyone besides UK fans hate it. Haters and trash people were nowhere to be found the last 4 years. To the haters, UK is back! DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

  108. Kyle McKune

    All the signs lead to Coach Cal saying that to Delk, but the ref was too close and it is hard to believe that he would say that that loud. His eyes and direction of his head were aimed at Delk but he was still likely speaking to the ref but in the direction of Delk. He clearly wanted Delk to hear what he was saying though. Likely, talking about viewing footage after the game. Still not clear though.

  109. Get 'em CATS

    99. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    another sore LOOOOOHOOOOHOOOOOSERVILLIAN!!!!!!!! (who can’t spell)
    Hilarious… BIG BLUE BABY!!!!

  110. Stupid as ish

    99, if that’s how you measure success and happiness you are a wacked out idiot. I’d be happy to take you to lunch sometime in my Lexus. Stop by my 2400 square ft. 4 bedroom 2.5 bath house and we’ll grab some Ruth Chris.

  111. KYStout

    Need to get this wordpress nonesense sorted guys.

  112. Harris Teeter

    94 – Holy revisionist history, Batman!

  113. Blueyouaway

    I enhanced the Audio, eliminating the crowd noise to see what Cal said. He wasn’t talking to Delk,but it was Pitino…

    “Hey Rick, If you & your guys wanna go to Red Lobster after the game,you’ll need to get your own reservations,cause I’m the wrong guy”

  114. KdgKing

    Very nice write-up Matt. Been wondering all day what happened to make Bledsoe go so off-kilter….

  115. KdgKing

    SUPER FUNNY 113!

  116. UKis#1

    Matt, you are absolutely correct in your synopsis of the events leading up the first minute of the game. I was also at the game a few rows from the floor and couldn’t believe the attitudes and taunting coming from the Louisville players. Any Louisville fan that wants to whine and cry about Cousins actions should know this — the UK players DID NOT start anything. It was obvious to everyone there that the Louisville players had a major chip on their shoulders and were not shy about expressing themselves verbally and physically. Whatever happened after that, the Louisville players only have themselves to blame.

  117. Bryan the Intern

    I don’t understand why a UK fan can’t say they love Big Blue and are happy with the win, and think UL played a little dirty while also admitting that Cousins elbow was ALSO dirty. Both teams played dirty, period. And it doesn’t make you less of a fan to admit that the entire game, from both sides, was dirty.

  118. viking15

    Nice summary…for UK. Trash talking occurs in every game. The knee wasn’t intentional and may not have even touched Cousins. Cousins intentionally elbows and should have been ejected. The UK fanbase should be embarrassed that you cheer for players like Cousins and love Calipari for trash talking to an opposing players. However , I would expect nothing less from UK.

  119. BEEZE


  120. Rock town cat

    Cats fans should be happy. People hate us again bc they know cal is going to lead us back to the top. U of L shouldn’t even be a thought until next year. Btw, Lexus? Wow, big baller

  121. Anonymous

    calapari is a bitch and id slap him in the mouth if his scum body came anywhere close to me and cousins defintly has a couple of screws loose…good player though

  122. UKis#1

    118, 117. What?? The knee didn’t touch Cousins? OK, whatever. Honestly… I think this whole incident is being WAY overblown. It was a scrum on the floor and things happen. Cousins instantaneously reacted to what felt like a malicious blow to the side of his head. I probably would have done the same thing in that situation, especially after all the crap Louisville players were throwing at Kentucky players pregame. When you’re on the floor going for a loose ball… and things happen very quickly… to shove an elbow after being hit in the head is not dirty. Dirty is when you have a few seconds to make a bad decision and then follow through. If Cousins had gotten up and elbowed the Louisville player, then that would be dirty. Cousins reacted… it wasn’t premeditated.

  123. Stupid as ish

    Yeah and it’s a ’96 with 160000 miles on it. Got it for $3800.

  124. UKis#1

    121. Really? You’d slap him in the mouth if you had the chance? And you call him the scum body?

  125. cconley12

    Does anybody know how Tony Delk felt about the whole situation?I would’ve liked to seen his reaction to the whole Bledsoe/Delk exchange I wonder who he though initiated the trouble.

  126. Pat_Wren

    Stop acting like a homo.

  127. Shamrock11

    If you watch the video closely Calipari is definitely saying “kick your ass after the game. Wrong guy.” If he had said that to the ref’s he would have gotten a technical on the spot. He didn’t. I don’t know how some of you can’t recognize Cal was yelling that to Delk.

  128. Justin

    This is overblown to say the least. Louisville wanted to play that “Bush League” style of play and then whine when they get a taste of their own medicine…give me a break. They knew their only chance to win this game was to turn this basketball game into a freakin dirty Bird War. The sad thing is they succeeded in changing the game and still lost! UK < U of L(osers)! Louisville is full of a bunch of underachieving, ignorant thugs. I can respect talent and they have very little.

    Go UK!!

  129. Justin

    127 Who cares!?! The game is about the PLAYERS…NEWSFLASH! Whatever he said wasn’t enough to receive a technical foul so why the heck are we still talking about it??? We won! UofL sucks. Be happy! Yall sound like a bunch of women!

  130. Shamrock11

    Agreed Justin. They were hoping the Cats would get scared and back down and instead the dirty birds got a taste of their own medicine right back at them and didn’t like the way it tasted. Punk ass dirty birds.

  131. Shamrock11

    129) *rollseyes*

  132. UofKCats

    Go Cats

  133. Clever Name

    What do you guys think the chances are that Boogie returns next year?
    I say little. He is somewhat ready, but I think an extra year could make him a top 5 pick.
    Let the debate start

  134. UKis#1

    133. From what I understand, the NBA might institute some sort of rookie salary cap either beginning next year or the year after. If that’s the case, many more 1 or 2 year college players with high NBA potential might leave earlier than under normal circumstances if it means possibly earning less money in the future.

  135. Justin

    133 it depends on how our postseason plays out and how much he improves. It’s still entirely too early to be predicting this. I hope he leaves…because that will mean that he had a “beast-of-a” year and we went very far in the tournament.

  136. What I see

    Cal was talking to Tony Greene. I believe he was repeating what Delk had said to Bledsoe that got him so fired up. That is why Bledsoe didn’t get T’d. So basically Delk was talking ish. Bledsoe was standing up for himself and call was taking up for his player and letting the ref know what happened.

  137. derbycitysnotslinger

    he was just a little high strung,the strain was more than he could stand!

  138. how to spot a louisville fan

    137) they spell gillispie gillipse………………

  139. UKclam

    Hey, Cards fans! Remember:

    Your university is ranked in the third tier of the US News and World Report. UK is ranked in the first tier.

    Your campus is the worst major college campus I have ever seen. UK, while no Harvard, sure looks like it compared to “concrete and rebar” style of UofL.

    In every way one can realistically rank the academic merits of a student body, UofL lags far behind UK. Look up the facts.

    While Louisville is a great town, the part of town by UofL is not the most desirable area, unless panhandlers make a place desirable to you.

    UofL may not be the most popular college team in its own city, and it isn’t even close in the state. What hurts is that UofL has tried so hard to change that over the last decade, and even with all of its football and basketball success, nothing has changed.

    UK had Pitino in 1996. UofL gets the “scarf and Sypher” version today.

    Have you seen the new “blue” ads for UofL on TV? Even in their own advertising, UofL can’t get UK out of their heads.

    About the only thing UofL has to be proud of is its basketball program, and that has nowhere near the success or prestige of UK on a national level. Sorry.

    UK has won three straight in football.

    UK won in basketball.

    So, when will UofL reach 2K wins?

    You are little brother. And that’s not going to change. Why don’t you go to the Toy Tiger and bitch about Sparks walking and Cousin’s elbow to make yourself feel better.

    Go Big Blue

  140. Cal's Commentary

    There were some people sitting behind the KY bench who can help clear up the mystery of Cal’s early game comments after Bledsoe was whistled for a foul. The clip of Calipari talking to the ref has been misinterpreted because you can’t see Tony Green walking toward the bench on the clip as Cal is talking. He is telling the ref that Delk told Bledsoe he was going “to kick his a** after the game” and that ref had the “wrong guy” as the instigator on that call. Watch his body language as he is yelling–it’s not the way you yell when you’re threatening someone, but it is the way you yell toward a ref when you think he got the call wrong.

  141. Anonymous

    77 you are a moron…you won by 9. last time i checked 9 isnt double digits!

  142. Wordpress Sucks

    ^go away^

  143. Cristoforouk

    You guys are morons. Cal is clearly talking to the ref, Tony Greene about what Delk said.

  144. Larry

    Swopshire did not ‘knee’ Cousins. He was rolling over and perhaps his knee incidentally touched Cousins. This cannot justify Cousins’ actions. There is no one in the history of college basketball worse than this guy. He is a despicable human being.

  145. Wordpress Sucks

    144. hahaha how can you say that after watching one game in which he RETALIATES for a knee to the head (whether it was intentional or not doesnt matter.)
    You have no idea how he acts off the court, you’re just smugly judging him from your glass house.

  146. Rock town cat

    123. Sounds like a good deal

  147. UKis#1

    144. Perhaps he kneed Cousins? What a freaking joke you Louisville fans have become. It was a scrum… and a heat of the moment reaction. Cousins took a blow to the head and reacted — it WASN’T premeditated. This whole thing could have been avoided if the Louisville players had kept their mouths shut and just played ball. PLEASE get over this one insignificant incident. It is being WAY overplayed by a bunch of whiny crybaby Louisville fans. You guys are pathetic.

  148. Joe B. says

    UL seems SO proud that they lost by 9, they should print t-shirts. 9 years into Pitino’s career at UL this maybe as good as it gets for them!

  149. Cal supporter

    If you go back to the video, watch his eyes he is looking right at the ref, cause the very next frame shows the ref and Bledsoe standing right in front of coach Cal. I turned the volume all the way up, all u can make out is Wrong guy.


    Cousins in a THUG. PERIOD. He EMBARRASSED UK on NATIONAL TV. UK fans, get your head out of your @$$es and take the Blue Glasses off so you can see reality. Read (those who know how) the NATIONAL headlines sites like ESPN, CBS Sports or Fox Sports.. oh but wait, IF THEY DON’T AGREE WITH YOU, they must be the IGNORANT ones, NOT YOU, RIGHT??? Read on my friends….