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On Opening Day – Let’s Give A Hearty ‘Good Luck’ To The Yankees!

Root for the Yankees for a weekend.  Mainly because he said so.

*GASP*  Blasphemey!  How could I even say I wanted the Yankees to do well?  Surely I’m kidding, right?  No?  KSR has jumped the shark.  But wait.  Before you panic, hear me out.

First and foremost, I’m not a big baseball fan.  By association – not a Yankees fan by any means.  But in case you haven’t heard yet – strangely enough, every year (save for the first,) that Kentucky has won the national title, the Yankees have won the world series. And even the first one was pretty close.  Kentucky won its first title in 1948 while the Yankees had won the world series the year before in ’47.  Of course, they both won in ’49, ’51, ’58, ’78, ‘ 96, and ’98.

So let’s all chip in, swallow our pride, and hope the Yankees have a good year – at least for the next five days.  Then we can all put our money down on them winning the title and go back to our Yankee hating ways.

Go Cats.

(In unrelated news, another thing I wanted to point out.  Jay Bilas picked against UK in the sweet sixteen and the elite eight.  He’s also picked against us on Saturday.  I like our chances.)

Article written by Will Lentz

38 responses to “On Opening Day – Let’s Give A Hearty ‘Good Luck’ To The Yankees!”

  1. ukwildcatwildfan

    The Yankees just gained a (temporary) fan!

  2. Hymiet

    Man it looks like the majority of the talking heads are saying we lose Sat. What’s even more amazing is several of them have Butler cutting down the nets. Hopefully this underdog gig will continue to play in our favor.

  3. Holler Baller

    If I was wrong at work as much as Jay I would have been fired a long time ago.

  4. Somervillain

    Actually, that doesn’t really make sense. The Yankees should be rooting for us, as every time WE win, then they win, but the opposite (inverse?) is not true. We do not win every time they win. So, eff ’em.

  5. JP
  6. Rover the Cat

    The Yankees can go to hell. We don’t need them so we can win.

  7. TampaCat

    Never “Good Luck” Yank mees! Go Cats though!

  8. Yroc53

    I’m a Yankees fan, Green Bay fan, and biggest of all a UK fan. I pointed out to a friend it goes championship for Yankees then the next year green bay will win then UK wins twice in that time.96 UK/yankees, 97 green bay, 98 UK. Now yankees last year, green bay this year. Look for UK this year and a repeat the year after.

  9. Blasphemy


  10. T.J.

    4- Good observation. The whole “square is a rectangle, but rectangle is not a square” rule.

  11. The Real Jerry Tipton

    Give us some damn message boards and KSR will rule the big blue internet.

  12. ibleedblue

    Jay bilas is awful. Threw a temper tantrum over VCU making the tourney. He shouldn’t speak about basketball again this year. I didn’t know vcu was good either but if I was a paid expert by ESPN I would’ve watched them and in doing so would’ve known they had the talent to win a game or two. He’s just another overrated dukie.

  13. Jerimy

    I couldn’t have lost more respect for you, unless I seen a scarface in your house man. I am disapoint.

  14. Jerimy

    scarface poster*

  15. KSR Spy

    As long as Charles Barkley keeps picking us…I am not worried at all.

  16. T.J.

    I understand that people are upset w/ Jay picking against us, but IMO, he is one of the most unbiased basketball guys on t.v… Even though he is a Dookie, he almost always makes valid arguments and actually backs them up with facts. Let’s not forget, he was one of the more outspoken ones that was against the Enes ruling.

  17. Fan

    This is a horrible post. What you should’ve said was that the Yankees should be rooting for us. Dumb!

  18. Bulldawg

    Hey I got a Scarface painting in my living room! Of course I also have an autographed (Cameron Mills and Jeff Shep signed), enlarged picture of Cameron Mills hitting the shot heard around the bluegrass to beat the dookies in the tourney! I guess that makes me cooler than a neutered cats balls, right? Oh, I hate baseball and the yankees too. GBB!!! #8 on order…

  19. tdogg4033011

    who cares who picks what?? you look at any of the so called “experts” bracket and none of them
    had UK advancing past the 2nd round. UK will bring home #8 next week ….. GO CATS !!!!

  20. 96cats98

    GRRRRRR. Live in Northern Ky. I hate to call it the “Greater Cincinnati Area” – I refuse. So, watching local tv tonight, they play a teaser for the 11:00 news that says UK is being investigated for having a rapper in the lockerroom. FOOLS. As any real UK fan knows, the NCAA is NOT investigating UK, the NBA is investigating the rapper. IDIOTS!!!! I quickly shot up and sent them a “very nice” email letting them know that they need to get their story straight before it goes to air and the Cincinnati media can kiss our a$$es after we win it all on Monday night! For those who may ask, it was Channel 12. JACKA$$E$

  21. alex

    the packers in the superbowl is always a decent correlate packers won in 96 lost in 97.

  22. NKYCatFan

    20-Just about every media outlet in Cincinnati goes out of their way to create “shocking” headlines and teases, almost begging people to tune in (or read)…..the Enquirer is the worst. Ignore the muckrakers….

  23. Morgan

    I just want to hear who Charles Barkley picks!

  24. This Post Sux

    I won’t sell my soul to the devil to root for the dirty Yankees.

  25. Yroc53

    21.) Green bay won in 97 but 96 season and lost in 98. Dallas won 96.

  26. jaybruce

    lol people need to lighten up. Jay Bilas is one of if not the best college basketball analyst around, but it doesn’t mean he can predict the future. Just because someone picked against UK doesn’t mean the guy is automatically a tool and should be completely ignored for the rest of their career. He is as far as I can tell completely unbiased, is smooth and coherent in all of his arguments, and in general is just plain entertaining and refreshing to listen too.

    I think UK will win, but it doesn’t mean I’m all of a sudden going to enjoy listening to charles barkley wonder around with no reason simply because he picked our cats, or like Jay Bilas less just because he picked against them.

  27. WildcatsOne
  28. Computer Blue

    Picks don’t mean anything. Hardly anyone had us picked to beat Ohio State, even our own fans, ahem!!

  29. Flavor of the Meeks

    26. Thank you for saying that so I don’t have to.

  30. Jerimy

    I’ll go with our chances on the ball court, not your superstitions. Barkley picking us, Bilas not. I like those two options. If Bilas did pick us to win, that would get me a bit worried.

    Him and Vitale were two of the biggest talking heads to come out in calling out Emmert for being a jackass.

  31. Sham

    Who would have ever thought that Charles Barkley would be the voice of reason? His comments are dead on as his rebounding was back in the day.

  32. EW

    Speak for yourself. I love the Yanks. Why wouldn’t I? They’re the MLB version of the Cats.

  33. Big Blue 66

    I make a yankee cap look better than a yankee can

  34. Cat fan in TN

    I’m a diehard Reds fan…no Yankess for me..the streak ends this year. The Cats win the whole thing without help from the Yanks

  35. Enes Rhymes With...

    My Yankee loving friend is cheering for the Cats all weekend. He thinks that if the Cats win, the Yanks will win. Who gives a shit if he’s right, we’ve got another fan for the weekend.
    Go BBN, let the Jorts blow so eloquently in the wind.

  36. Orioles Magic

    Let’s Go O’s!!!! It could happen…right? O’s are the VCU of the AL East!

  37. Don

    Yeah, they say Bilas knows so much, he is always picking wrong. Cheering for the Yankees is like cheering for the CATS, always good. If only we can win as often.

  38. rhettzi

    Yankee fans need to be rooting for KENTUCKY, since they win when we win….. not the other way around, we play first!