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Kentucky fans occupied McDonalds. Kentucky fans occupied Memorial. KSR College occupied the Vandy student section. 


A stream of Kentucky fans, some clad proudly in blue and white, others more secretive with black and gold, marched toward Memorial Gymnasium this morning in an effort to “Occupy Memorial.” Before we were even close enough to smell Jay Bilas’ swagger, we were told to march ourselves over to a small tent to receive our Kentucky fan tickets. We all knew exactly what these tickets would signify: an attempt to pile all of the Kentucky supporters into the upper arena. A handful of Kentucky fans (KSR College included) who read the memo about dressing incognito bypassed the line for the UK allotment of tickets. Our struggle didn’t end there. As soon as we walked in with the 4 other Vandy fans on hand, we were told to open our jackets. Moments later a woman with a comforting smoker’s cough warned all of us incognito fans, “if you are seen wearing blue or cheering for Kentucky anywhere other than the upper arena, you WILL be ejected.” Challenge accepted.

We spent no more than 5 minutes attempting to blend in among the 15-20 non-student Vandy fans in the side section of the arena before we were asked begged to move to to the actual student section. The reason? The student section was half full, at best, and already struggling to keep up with the newly blue-filled upper arena. 


Once in the actual student section, we began to better understand the life of a Vandy student.



Less than an hour into College Game Day, we were able to move our way up into the heart of the Vandy crowd. Channeling our inner WWMKGD (What would Michael Kidd-Gilchrist do?), we decided to take our chances on being ejected and throw our caution and 3 goggles to the wind. The rest of the morning was spent chuckling at Vandy’s futile attempts to drown out the chants of “Go Big Blue” and “C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats.” The only time the Vandy fans remembered to chant was after the Kentucky fans started one. 


Honestly, the Vandy fans didn’t care that we were there. In fact, they just didn’t care at all. For as hard as they tried to keep the Kentucky faithful out of the crowd for their big day, they should have been thanking us as we walked out. Without the addition of our loud cheers, energy and rumbling McDonald’s filled stomachs– that place would have been even more dead than it already was. You’re welcome, Vandy. And thanks in advance for win #25. Consider yourselves completely and utterly occupied from the inside out.


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Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

43 responses to “Occupation/Infiltration”

  1. BlueMike

    While you’re waiting for tipoff, why don’t you head over to the Infiniti Coaches Charity poll and vote for Calipari. WVU’s Huggins is right behind him, vote daily!

  2. Jiminy Cricket


  3. Chris

    Awesome reporting, I have had a lot of fun following #occupymemorial

  4. Bec


  5. Dunker

    Thx for the update. Could only hear the nation on the tv. It was tough to get an overall vibe of the opera house this morning

  6. GapToothDanny

    Had to work this morning so I missed it, thanks for the report. How sad and humiliating for VU.

  7. Roland

    You guys are: UK Seal Team 6.

  8. Dawn

    Poor Vandy. Couldn’t fill up their student section? Nice job Tucker!

  9. MacGruber

    Digger Phelphs is a big douche!

  10. Roland

    In case you didn’t get the reference to SEAL Team 6:

  11. suz

    Mission Accomplished !! Nice work Ladies

  12. Ace

    Off topic, but why does it seem like West Virginia is getting screwed by the referees ever since they announced they were going to the Big 12? Another example today against Louisville in the final seconds of the game. Same thing two weeks ago against Syracuse. I guess the Big East (soon to be Conference USA) can’t stand the fact that anyone would leave them. Meanwhile, Loserville squeaks by again.

  13. The BBN

    We can do whatever we want, wherever we want, whenever we want, however we want.

  14. A rational fan

    KSR has finally jumped the shark. This whole occupy thing is embarrassing to Big Blue nation. I encourage all rational fans to abandon this site for a Sea of Blue.

  15. The BBN

    How did you ladies ever manage to get out of there alive, what with all of the “ones” of Vandy fans in there?

  16. he says she

    9. Without a doubt Digger’s a Douche and he sucked as a coach.

    I love the fact Vandy security (or whomever that lady was) thinks she can eject a person simply by the color they wear. That’s when you know your fanbase sucks – when you have to threaten fans of the opposing team because they’re wearing the wrong color. Beautiful. This is America, right?

  17. MichelleObamasWideAzz

    #12 – Nice point! And so true.

    You are also right on the ‘cusa’ point. Aren’t there going to me more teams from cusa in the conference than origional bigeast teams?

  18. SuperTroy18

    That’s cool. You can’t hold Big Blue Nation down…

    “When you opress people, they rise up in a fiery anger!!!”

  19. he says she

    14. You’re kidding, right? If not… take a deep breath and rethink if you’re truely a Kentucky fan.

  20. Kentucky Chucky

    Screw D Phelphs
    We have the right to go where we want!!
    This is America!!!

  21. James Milner

    14. Explain yourself, rather than just saying something arbitrary without any reasoning. Vandy fans COULD HAVE SHOWN UP and kept Kentucky fans out of the picture- clearly they were prioritizing letting their own fans in before UK fans. But they did not, by their own choice. Who is to say it’s wrong of UK fans to take advantage of this?

    Ya old fart.

  22. Kristen Geil

    Way to be sneaky! This also applies to comment 14 who obviously works for Sea of Blue.

  23. Roland

    When digger said, “Listen to me”=FEAR
    When Vandy security had fans do the airport screening stuff to get into GameDay=FEAR
    Anyone else notice any FEAR of UK in the rest of college basketball world?

  24. Will

    14. I think the phrase is “Go big or go home”? Well, Occupy Memorial was big and awesome. If a home team can’t even fill their own area for something as big as this then they should have never had it in the first place. Vandy will never get this opportunity again. The fact that they were trying to discourage having both sets of fans together is sad enough. The football version of this is so much more fun with both sides there to represent and be loud. Kudos to KSR and everyone for the movement, at least we provided the noise today. And if you don’t like that fact and want to leave, then by all means get the hell out.

  25. Kentucky Chucky

    Furthermore I’m a lilttle annoyed with Cal for trying to discourage the occupy movement
    Kind if reminds me when he said the UK fans made “to much” out of the Louisville rivalry
    Love Cal and all…but this is the second time it “seems” he wasn’t down with the BBN showing love…

  26. wldctky

    #14 what is a sea of blue? and jump the shark really? that phrase faded away 10 years ago… or I guess you could say it jumped the shark

  27. Joe

    Has Bilas commented on Digger’s ignorant, mean-spirited diatribe against BBN yet?

  28. Roland

    Cal is down with his something something mil $ contract with UK. He does get the BBN and he relates. He can’t say what he really thinks. Look for that info after he retires in his NYT #1 best selling book.

    Cal talks in encryption.

    #25, Cal doesn’t by the hour like us stiffs.

  29. stevie

    I believe that #14, a rational fan, has carnal knowledge of Digger’s privates. At the very least he would like to.

  30. SeoulCat

    Great job, girls. There’s nothing quite like terrorizing Nashville before a big UK vs. VU game…not saying that my group and I broke into Vandy’s computer lab trophy case my freshman year and walked–ran–out with their Computer World Magazine Internet User of the Year trophy (if that award doesn’t scream “Vandy,” I don’t know what does), and not saying we didn’t…but I hear Vandy can be a fun party to crash before a big game against UK.

  31. Bubba Earl

    Great job on your subversive encounters with the enemy. Go Cats!!

  32. Kentucky Chucky

    Like I said I love Cal
    But why would you not want the BBN’s support
    Like someone else said….it was UK vs Vandy
    So we had every right to show up
    And another thing screw Vandy for the airport security tactics
    What kind of ish was that???
    Which bring me to my last point
    I hate “coach” speak! It’s like decoding Egyptian heiroglyphics or something
    Say what the hell you mean in a professional manner and keep it moving

  33. Rixter

    Let me get this straight. Vanderbilt University is telling patrons what they can and cannot wear, and whom they can or cannot cheer for…lest they be moved to the rear of the bus?

    It’s not BBN’s fault that Vanderbilt basketball is insignificant. It’s not our fault that our fans made the 200 mile trip in greater numbers than the Vandy fans made the 200 yard trip for College Gameday.

    And Digger Phelps should be thanking BBN, otherwise their beloved Gameday is held in front of 10,000 empty seats.

  34. Roland

    Back in the day, these type of women worked for PanAm.

  35. Kentucky Chucky


  36. Roland

    That’s what I thought for SOOO many years.

    What chucky said: Say what the hell you mean in a professional manner and keep it moving.

  37. Kentucky Chucky

    I guess we need to get our secret decoder rings out from the fruit loops box whenever Cal speaks

  38. big bear

    Ladies, great reporting. I felt like I was there with you. Onto the coach speak. What do you all expect Cal to say,” Cry havoc and unleash my Wildcats of War”? He has to be diplomatic. We on the other hand don’t.

  39. Roland

    Chucky, I don’t have one of those decoder ring since I don’t eat sweeten cereal. The fact you could even mention this says something about where you are in the education cycle. If ya send me an invite, I will come (serious) to your middle school graduation if you invite me, and shake your hand for your accomplishment. If you are beyond that, then think about some post secondary education.

  40. Roland

    So when are you guys,
    gonna order:

    UKSEALTEAMSIX t-shirts from cafeespress?

  41. Roland

    meant cafepress. I haven’t made one for you yet but someone will in 24 hours. If they don’t then I will. Count on it.

  42. HB

    Awesome job ladies!!

  43. Wow

    For the record I’m #7 and I’m a UK fan. Just wear blue. This is one of the reasons Rupp doesn’t come across as well as other schools. We have goofs wearing black and pink and crap like that.