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Oakland Guard Waiting on Kentucky

California is stacked with talent for the coming years. One shooting guard that stands out is Jabari Brown. Brown, who used to play at Findlay Prep, is now playing in Oakland. He runs with the Oakland Soldiers in the summer and is a teammate of Nick Johnson and Kyle Wiltjer, who the Wildcats are also evaluating.

As of now, Kentucky is not showing much interest towards Brown. “I haven’t heard from them (Kentucky) yet but hopefully they contact me,” he said. “Hopefully they call me sometime in July because I would be very interested.” Brown is clearly a big fan of Coach Calipari and what he can do with guards. Jabari would essentially play the role of Doron Lamb, who is thought to be a one and done player.

As of now, there is no interest yet, but there could be in the coming weeks. At the final day of LeBron James Skills Academy in Cleveland, Jabari put on a clinic and was shooting the lights out. The ‘Cats better get involved soon because this California kid is a steal.

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Article written by Alex Kline

22 responses to “Oakland Guard Waiting on Kentucky”

  1. Jason

    I’ve seen no one who thinks Lamb is a One and Done.

  2. nybrasky

    If Lamb is a one & done player that means he blows up HUGE this year. I’d welcome that but think Doron is around at least 2 years.

  3. SagaciousMind

    1&2, agreed…since when has Lamb been talked about as a one and done? I’m sure if he has a Eric Bledsoe like season he may potentially go…but we will see.

  4. gossie21

    I’m a big fan of Jabari Brown. I would love to have him on our roster, but I’m not sure if we will have room to take him. We have more needs in other areas. If it came down to taking Q Miller/L Nash or someone like Brown/Wroten, we would have to take the former.

  5. F. B. I.

    I think Lamb is a 2 year player. He could be one and done if he was the star on the team getting 35+ min/gm (he’s that good), but we all know he won’t get more than 20-25 min/gm at best. 2 years.

  6. UCLATitles

    Jabari is going to Kansas. Remember me saying this. Done deal. He can shoot lights out, but he’s not the best option for UK.

  7. TrinityPills

    The only video I have seen of Lamb is him shooting. How is his D? Quickness? Athleticism? Has anyone on this board seen him play a game?

  8. F. B. I.

    I thought your name was UCLAtitties at first

  9. F. B. I.

    #7–I’ve seen him on TV, and not just shooting on video highlights. First of all the kid’s mid-range game is something we haven’t seen around here in a long time, and as far as his on ball D is concerned….I would say he is avg right now with great potential. His athleticism and quickness are above avg. Not John Wall but also not Saul Smith either. That last line was for you GoCats(2) haha.

  10. gossie21

    7. Probably the best defender we will have next year. His quickness and athleticism are about average. He won’t wow anyone with his game, but he is a consistent player with a high basketball IQ. I don’t think anyone considers him a 1-and-done player. But he could develop into one.

  11. Assassin Number 2

    Must not take much to write for KSR anymore. Since Matt got Cal’s endorsement he thinks he has hit a glass ceiling and will let anybody write. Even I know more than likely Lamb is not one and done unless he somehow has a crazy breakout type of year that is not predicted. So no, he is not “thought to be” to be one and done.

  12. Cliver

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say Doron Lamb is one-and-done. Kline, your writing is terrible. Not because you called Lamb a one-and-done, but because your writing consistently sucks from post to post.

  13. Jason

    #12, when’s the last time Matt did anything for Cal’s website? Are you sure he has Cal’s endorsement?

  14. Cliver

    Nick Johnson’s name was mentioned here, too; he’s bad as hell. I’d really like to get him.

  15. truBLU

    5.) Sounds like the same talk that was going on about Bledsoe before the season started last year…

  16. TrinityPills

    9 and 10, thanks.

  17. 3 fan

    Eh, it appears that Matt better be praying that Rumbaugh comes back after taking the BAR exam at the end of this month. Recruiting topics have suffered badly.

  18. HighOnUK

    I played against Jabari in the state playoffs 2 years ago and the kid is for real. I would love to see him at UK just to say I’ve played against a UK player.

  19. Duke_Fckn_Wayne

    This Alex Kline guy is a joke, he gives BTI a run for worst poster ever on this site. I honestly believe he just reads other sites and follows people on twitter to get his info. Nothing ever new, mainly 2nd hand info that everybody already knows. Love the site but the recruiting info is getting worse and worse.

  20. SagaciousMind

    How could we not use Brown? He’s a sg. So if came to Wroten or Brown, I think we take a sg. But I think we end up with Lacey as a sg. I think Cal will take one more guard, the rest will be bigs cuz you can almost guarantee that Jones and Kanter will be gone.

  21. ukbballrulez33

    I agree with 18. Alex is good but no Rumbaugh. 2 problems I had with this article:

    1) The name of the recruits name was not bolded. ALWAYS bold the name of the recruit.

    2) Doron Lamb a one and done player? According to who? YOu should always say something like, “in case Lamb because a one and done player” or “if Lamb only stays one year” because noone, at this point, believes he is one and done.

  22. mashburnfan1

    I sa Brown while he played for Findlay at the City of Palms last December, also Johnson. Both would be huge gets for UK. Brown has an NBA body to go with the shooting and what others have mentioned. I loved his game and was disappointed when I saw Findlay play at Montverde in late January and Brown was not with them anymore. Johnson is just smooth and very good at all aspects of the game.