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Nuclear Minter is out for revenge

He won’t come out and say it himself, but Rick Minter is out for revenge this weekend when his defense goes up against Charlie Weis’ offense at Florida. Minter wouldn’t comment after practice today but starting linebacker Ronnie Sneed said his defensive coordinator “wants it bad” against the man who fired him at Notre Dame.

Minter had this to say after Charlie let him go in 2007:

Would I have let me go if I were in his shoes? No. But I think Charlie will be more comfortable with somebody from the Belichick-Parcells family. Charlie has brought in a young guy who doesn’t have my experience. But he’ll be more comfortable with him.”

Is there still bad blood there? Eh, maybe. Maybe not. But I can guarantee you he wants revenge.

It won’t come easy.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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43 responses to “Nuclear Minter is out for revenge”

  1. Sexington

    Archie Goodwin.

  2. BillDozer

    I hope our defense can slow UF down. As long as Florida does not run the ball or throw deep passes, we will be just fine.

  3. That Gator Ate My Wildcat

    If he wants it that bad he’ll need to go across the hall and diagram some offensive plays.

  4. Al's IndiCats

    Lets hope his defensive unit shares his feelings…….Let’s eat some Gay-tor stew Saturday coach.

  5. Kernel Sanders

    Advice to Minter… if you want revenge, find Charlie Weis in a dark corner of a tunnel under the stadium and settle it mano e mano. Revenge ain’t gonna happen between the sidelines.

  6. ATB (Always True Blue)

    Sounds good to me. DillDozer, that is the funniest thing I have read in ever…

  7. ATB (Always True Blue)

    Sounds good to me. BillDozer, that is the funniest thing I have read in ever…

  8. NashBlue

    Yeah, don’t get your hopes up for revenge Minter. Not on the field anyway. **sigh**

  9. NashBlue

    Yeah, don’t get your hopes up for revenge Minter. Not on the field anyway. **sigh**

  10. UK football fan

    Ok, if we’re talking like this – lets do it. I want hitting THROUGH the whistle. I want a hit or two – outa bounds. I want a couple late hits on their qb. I want SOMEONE to hit their guys like we hit Tebow 2 years ago. I’m tired of playing nice!

  11. bubbles

    We got Archie goodwin

  12. Turkey

    Alright so I hear the “UK Legends” to play Union College at Pulaski County High School on October 11th, anyone know about this?

  13. duh

    Charlie wins this one…

  14. Fake Minter

    If we score more points than Florida we will win!

  15. the truth

    I say, let Cal start recruiting for the football team. Hell, if nothing else, he could land a couple dumb azz 5 stars that only knows Cal gets kids to the pros. OR, we could keep recruiting 2 star kids and keep up the status quo.

  16. catcrawler

    Rick is bringing a knife to a gun fight ! I just hope he knows how to throw knives – Go Cats

  17. Car89

    The only thing standing between Rick’s revenge is opposing player personnel and coaches.
    Good luck Rick and football Wildcats. You’ll have the underdog thing working for you.

  18. 4th and 2


  19. Ukphillyfan

    Why you got fired look at last 3 games nuclear nickelodeon

  20. Let's Get Real

    All Minter needs to do is take Charlie Weiss’s sandwich away. That’s the only way he can get revenge Saturday.

  21. truth hurts

    Minter couldn’t beat Florida with the BEST tallent on ‘d’ that he has had at every stop along the way. Florida will beat us by at least 35. Florida would beat Minter’s all star team by 21.

  22. they don't call me Joker for noth'n

    So, how many of yall will make it out to the game? I’m starting to wonder if my team is just shy and would prefer playing in front of 5,000 fans instead of 50,000+.

  23. Bum Bum Bum Bum dee lum

    I will go to this game and cheer just like the other games I have gone to since birth… We have been much much worse than a loss to Louisville folks. There is group of commenters on here that back up the fact that there are true UK football fans and there are the basketball fans that are so fairweather that they might as well go cheer for UofL. UofL can have you but you better run because their bandwagon is filling up again.

  24. Eddie C

    #21… I would take the CATS with 35pts all day long.

  25. floydfan

    We cannot play with Florida until our offense can do something with the ball. As long as our receivers drop passes, wide open should be touchdown passes, our quarterback looks like he is working on calculus problems before he gets rid of the ball, and our linemen only block our running backs…well, we have no chance.

  26. Catsfando

    I’d say your chance for revenge depends on you starting Guido “the shiv” Barraga, Louie “Leg breaker” Calenza ,Artie “Lead Pipe” Francone, and Frankie “Iceman” Stagliano. Then maybe we’d have a fighting chance.

  27. Catsantonio

    Minter might want to get hired at Alabama if he wants revenge against Weiss and Florida.


  28. BrucePearlsTearDrop

    Hackney is looking for some defense!

  29. Saul Smith's Hairline

    There’s a reason he’s called Nuclear Minter.

  30. SagaciousMind

    Hell even if the Cats slowed them down on defense, our offense is not gonna put up enough points to win. Not to mention, they seem to always tear our asses up on special teams so I look forward to blocked punts. If the offense does not get creative, it’s gonna be a long game.

  31. Kanter Banter

    If I were Minter I wouldn’t want any revenge with anyone while your coaching at UK.

  32. DerbyDemon

    #23–I’ve been going since I was 12, so that’s 46 years. And I’m sorry, but aside from Curry’s 0-10-1 season, I don’t remember us ever being as bad as this year. You can call me fairweather if you want, but we both know that’s not so. I am one of MANY UK football fans that are sick and tired of hearing the same old song and dance every year about how our football team is going to work wonders and shit cucumbers, and then it does NOTHING but show up and get stomped. So a hearty rah-rah for you. Wish I could stomach another glass of that Kool-aid, but it’s turned real bitter for me.

  33. ukcatman94

    #32 Derby Demon – You are right on! I have been drinking the Kool Aid for 35 years and it has eaten a hole in my stomach. I used to bitch about Tubby and Billy G, saying we need a real coach, and idiots called me fairweather. I am a true UK fan and I want UK to win. Nobody thinks people like me are crazy now that we have Cal.

    Joker needs to be fired this year. We need to hire a real coach (and no Rich Brooks was not a real coach either). I mean a REAL coach. I realize we may not be able to get an elite coach, but we should spend the money to get a very good one.

    The trouble is, this university’s athletic dept. does NOT give a shit about UK football. Never has, never will. It won’t spend the money to get a real coach.

  34. Dane Brammage

    He should pound FLA offense into hearing Minter Bells, make them feel UK’s Minter Solstice, show the Gators they are in Minterland Florida.

  35. mike

    Does anyone else wonder how all 5 offensive linemen could have injured here at the beginning of the season?

  36. CatDaddy

    I dont care how bad he wants it. Florida is going to beat us like a red headed sperm donor

  37. carolinacat

    Wouldn’t it be great if our D rose up and played extra hard for their defensive coordinator? I can see that happening.

  38. silverado

    Minter’s defense is so inconsistent against mediocre teams, it’s a joke. This game is scary. Not the time to be thinking revenge – but then, he hasn’t mentioned it himself. Even he knows to keep his mouth shut sometimes. We’ll see how his tough guy persona holds up against real teams.

  39. Ben

    I hope it is time that all our coaches take that same attitude! I am tired of excuses and just give us time! We want results, not false promise.

  40. catfan68

    Minter had better teach his guys to actually TACKLE somebody. I bet the defense saw Brown running on them in their sleep Saturday night. I was embarassed watching the cats play. The defense can’t stop anybody and the offense can’t score. Not exactly a winning formula. Maybe one day UK will actually care about football and make the investments necessary to have a good football program.

  41. the fan

    Where florida better be scared Minter was at Indiana St

  42. KYStout

    Front-butt (Weiss) hasn’t got much to worry about on Saturday. It will be our 25th straight loss to Florida and let’s face it – we just want to avoid an outright humiliation. That’s what UK football is and those of us that have endured over 30 years of this crap are way beyond sick of it.

  43. KYStout

    Nothing could be worse than the Curry years but this is getting pretty damn close.