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Now it’s a game!

You know Jared Stohl.  He’s the guy who shoots eleven million percent from the three-point line and is said to have a quicker release than Rick Pitino.  He’s also a man of the people and spoke directly to all the little Pilot-maniacs this afternoon (as seen on their fairly entertaining Facebook page) and had this to say:

Hey guys, thanks for your support this last weekend.  You really helped us win.  Hope to see you out there Friday.  We’re going to need you guys when we beat Kentucky.

Oh no he didn’t! 

Of course, it makes more sense than saying, “Hope you’ll spend your Friday watching us get our butts kicked”, which would maybe not have been the best sales pitch for a game that still hasn’t sold through its student tickets.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

36 responses to “Now it’s a game!”

  1. BlueStallion

    J Stohl has ice in his veins and “toughness” in his heart.

  2. UKhoopshysteria

    U gonna die now!!!

  3. Err

    First and it looks like he got beat by an ugly stick

  4. UKhoopshysteria

    Please Cal put Liggins on him.

  5. ScottT

    He’s got zack morris’s hair color

  6. JBR

    Just little man syndrome, it’s all good…I dig the cheerleader behind him…and their gym must be really bright or something…or maybe that old dude is just a cool fan aspiring to be Portland’s Jack Nicholson…

  7. Lexington Conception

    How’d that blind guy get front row seats?

  8. Waitin' on 8

    This is a bit like Kenny Boynton talking trash about UK prior to last season.

  9. RidgeRunner

    I don’t knooowwww guys. I mean… I hear ya with the “bulletin board material” and something you can get fired up over and all that but… umm… It would be like us getting excited over a comment from a NAIA school we are about to face. Sorry, but Portland -Yes Portland, just don’t fire me up if some young white kid shoots off at the mouth.

  10. Sheriff Buford T. Justice

    Bleached hair, that is just sooooo 1998

  11. huge ky fan

    wow i cant believe this little weak kid just said tht now its time for liggins to put tht hawk d on this nigga and not let him score

  12. RidgeRunner

    Oh…and so we are “registered now”? The weird page that came up said it but it had some big image come up on the screen saying something like…”Have you been online for more than a year”, which was strange. Anyway, I haven’t logged on for like a week and didn’t remember seeing any announcement or anything. Oh well…we are registered I guess?

  13. Smokin' Joe

    The hair looks like, reminds me of Ogilvy at vandy. HEHEHEHEHEHE

  14. RidgeRunner

    Disregard (I guess) my #12 post. Must of been one of those fluke-computer things. I logged off and back on with no message like the one I got the first time. Damn…strange days and I haven’t had any moonshine yet to blame it on. But Beeze, the way it happened was as soon as I clicked on “Log In”, something like this came up (Trying to remember)…
    Hello valued readers, or something like that…This page is here in order to ease the transition back to or to required registration for user comments. Below you will find some useful information regarding the site, reasons,..etc…
    It’s gone now…???

  15. Smokin' Joe

    hair looks like Ogilvy’s at vandy.

  16. RidgeRunner

    I am now going outside and will begin talking to myself in there…umm…eh….carry on.

  17. Boggie

    Suck it Stohl!

  18. Maconvol_braidsbellyhair

    The picture must have been taken during a tournament game on St. Patrick’s day. Bud Selig is wearing a green shirt

  19. catlanta

    Stohl 2.0?

  20. T-Bone

    RidgeRunner types his inner-monologue. And he just registered for a virus. Your computer will self distruct in 10 minutes just after distributing all you personal information to the entire world. You will need to start over from scratch.

  21. Big Blue 66

    2 things, 1. the blind guy behind him is one the refs for tomorrow night and 2. I shoot 48% from three when I play at the Y

  22. Tom

    Remember last season. UK had problems guarding the three especially early in the year. So, this game can provide UK a chance to see if their defense is further along than last year at this time.

  23. Liggins

    First we had “Frosty Tips”
    Now I gotta shut down his fool, “Frosty Pits”
    Bring it son…

  24. RidgeRunner

    LOL 21…I hear ya!

  25. Matt

    Is he doing the “John Wall?”


    Kentucky has already played 4 games (Calipari said he learned a lot about his team in Canada). They’re experienced, not young like expected. They’ll beat Portland and Oklahoma and also win one against the big programs.

  27. T

    Speaking of Liggins, I can’t wait til he shuts down Harrison Barnes. Liggins is a NBA level defender and he’ll prove it again against Barnes

  28. Magloire the Professor

    “a quicker release than Rick Pitino.”

    SNORT! that’s a classic line, which will never, ever get old!

  29. KFC

    #7 – That’s Col. Sanders on the front row scouting for Big Blue.

  30. TampaCat

    1.- 21. you guys are funny as hell! lol! nice entertainment! Go Cats!

  31. UK1995Cat

    I think we will win but we have no depth. If Cal starts his best players, our 6th man is Jorts. That is scary. We are an injury away from being average.

  32. Issel's two front teeth

    Hey, is the blind guy trying to pants Stohl?

  33. Skinman

    OT, I’m a big fan of Hall and Oates but this has to be the worst video in the history of mankind

  34. Skinman
  35. "Inside Info"

    I like the kid he has some balls. I think he really knows we will kill them but he is standing up for his fans you gotta like that about him.

  36. Enes

    Free me.