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Notre Dame has chants

Photos by Les Johns

You’re looking at the “Leprechaun Legion,” a chant sheet distributed throughout the Notre Dame student section for tonight’s game.

Who do they think they are, the Cameron Crazies?

#BeatNotreDame. Hard.

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40 responses to “Notre Dame has chants”

  1. Boogie Fan


  2. Biglaw Dawgin'

    What a bush-league student section. Great ideas such as: “Hurl insults, jump up and down, and scream ‘sucks’ after announcements.” Woowee, that’s some good stuff there. What’s next, a “bull-sh*+” chant on a bad call? Just riveting, Notre Dame. I remember my first basketball game. At least Duke’s students had a little creativity.

  3. Will Jacobs

    They need a cheat sheet for that?! Do they get notecards for their exams too?

  4. Han

    Insult their bench! In other words, encouraging students to be asshats. Smooth.

  5. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Oh and by “celebrate hard” they mean, “rush the court like the bush-league basketball fans that we are.” I hope UK comes out and just bends those little leprichauns over their knee.

  6. KY Irish

    Easyyy fellas. It’s done at the beginning of the season for the little freshman who haven’t had a home game yet.

  7. MartyFeldmanEyes

    Doesn’t seem very much in line with what touchdown Jesus would do.

  8. Hal

    nothing says good catholic student like
    “hurl as many insults as possible at the opposing team’s bench”

  9. Diggunpuups

    I missed the part about making sure their women are shoed and have a bit in their mouth. This is a school showing they have absolutely no tradition in basketball.

  10. Mack

    I guess it is the biggest basketball game of the year for ND and they are excited; if we were not the WILDCATS and UK came to play at our place it would also be “our” biggest game. Calipari is right again, the CATS are ever teams SUPER BOWL.

  11. Weak sause

    What did a 12 year old write this? How pathetic! Oh don’t worry about holding those papers up during our intro you’ll know our roster by the end of the game…… “Noel goes up for his 40th dunk of the night!”

  12. ProspectMike

    Sounds like something a bush league school, not Notre Dame would do. Wait……..I forgot. They are bush league!

  13. elkbigblue


  14. Amaze Pants

    Celebrate hard? Like, what, with popcorn? Did they get rings for their win against Monmouth?

  15. Taylorsvillecat

    Why isn’t Matt doing the pregame? Who is this Baker tool?

  16. nassau65

    wtf is this, high school?

  17. NKYCatFan

    These kids made it in to Notre Dame and can’t figure out that they should do what everyone is doing?

  18. BlueFins

    I guess they had to write the directions down since no one listens to Digger.

  19. DC Cat

    My unfortunately is a MD alumni and this is exactly what the Terps do for their home games. ND is not only full of dorks, but they’re also not original.

  20. DC Cat

    My wife unfortunately is a MD alumni and this is exactly what the Terps do for their home games. ND is not only full of dorks, but they’re also not original.

  21. Rae

    They needed a cheat sheet to tell them to be happy to win?

  22. Tom

    Looks like two different pieces of paper.

  23. NothingOriginal

    While that’s fairly lame, I prefer it to last year’s Florida (I think?) chant sheet that tried to get students to taunt Doron Lamb b/c of his fear of needles. This is almost cute in it’s pathetic nature.

  24. Rae

    And the confetti thing is Kansas’s. I saw it during the Final Four.

  25. NKYCatFan

    24) That’s not a Kansas thing. Lots of places do it. We did it in high school.

  26. Rae

    25. Further proving how original they are then.

  27. Leprechaun Legion

    –Don’t forget that snitches get stitches if anyone tells on Fr. McGrabby and his “friendly hands” during our awesome post-game parties.



  29. UK

    this is just embarrassing for them

  30. RealCatsFan

    Yeah, it’s pretty lame, but maybe we need to put some cheat sheets like this (in 14 point typeface) for the old folks in the lower arena of Rupp. That is, if we can keep them awake first! 😉 Seriously, Cal need to wield his clout and get Rupp renovated. Maybe add a mosh pit of standing room students all the way around the court. Luxury boxes too…

  31. Chi-TownCat

    Wow and this is supposed to be a god fairing school…keep it classy south bend!

  32. bill

    Schools in the state of Indiana have serious social problems

  33. The Pope

    Kids are kids.

    Doesn’t matter what school.

    Just as immature at ND as they are at dook.


  34. PeepChirpQuack

    -When a Kentucky player has the ball, call him one of the following: stinky poop mouth, doody face, dummy dumb dumb, dork weasel, or stupid face hole, bad person.

    -When one of our players has the ball, call him one of the following: awesome face, super awesome face, Mr Incredible, Super Man, Super Awesome Man, Awesome basketball player, radical, tubular.

    -Cheer in a positive nature for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish men’s basketball team.

    -Cheer with a negative (not positive) tone for the University of Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team.

  35. Saint Paul

    On behalf of the Catholic Church, I apolgize. They will be excommunicated tomorrow

  36. LCC Cat

    Then say three Hail Marys, two Our Fathers and your rude behavior will be absolved

  37. Scalf

    Why they want us to hate them? I liked ND football till they intruped my CATS game with football press conf. I seen Manti more then the ball players. Then when the storm the court when they was the fav in Vegas. Someone need to light a candle.

  38. Dr. Oz

    Yip, now I am officially rooting against ND.

    BTW, Manti is a MORMON.

  39. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Told you those rookies would rush the court. Straight bush league.

  40. Bill Dotterweich

    I am embarrassed for Notre Dame that crap like this cheer sheet is handed out at games. Strictly bush league.