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Nolan Richardson’s Monday News and Views

Good morning, KSR brothers and sisters and welcome back from your holiday hiatus.  I hope your family time was as joyous as the songs of the season imply it should be and I hope that everything not named “Enes Kanter” on your Christmas list found its way under your tree.  As we get things back on track today and start the final push of what has been a memorable sports year at the University of Kentucky, let’s first take a little pause and wish a happy birthday to a familiar name from the past.  Former Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson turns 69 today and he does so as a shell of his hell raising former self.  Currently serving as the head coach for the Tulsa Shock – and also diagnosed with it several months ago when he realized where he was getting his paychecks – Richardson is long removed from the days where he was celebrated among college basketball’s great personalities.  The only coach to win NCAA, NIT and JuCo National Championships, Richardson now can add Mexican Head Coach, Panamanian Head Coach and crazier version of Cliff Huxtable’s dad to his resume.  While he will never be a favorite of Kentucky fans, there’s no question that the SEC would be much better off now with Arkansas as a national power and serving as a hated foe for Kentucky in the West.  So, for nostalgic purposes only, we acknowledge Coach Richardson’s birthday.

Now, onto a couple of notes from a very slow holiday weekend…

 – With only a few days remaining until the best New Year’s Eve matinee in recent memory, both the Cats and the Cards will prep themselves by taking on middling teams from the MEAC.  Kentucky, of course, has Coppin State, while the Cards will take on Morgan State.  Oddly enough, neither of those are actually states.  But, what is worth noting is that the Cards will face their 4-5 opponent without Mike Marra, who will also miss the UK game, and Elisha Justice.  Jared Swopshire continues to be sidelined with a phobia of the Boogie Man.  Unlike the Cats, the Cards were not allowed to spend the holidays with their families, instead hanging around with Coach Pitino and working on their defense.  It’s something Pitino did when he was at UK and is an interesting contrast to the approach that Coach Cal takes.  What does it mean?  Mostly that it was a holiday and there wasn’t a lot of news…

 – The dawning of this Monday brings us a week in which we can, for the first time in weeks, take a break from refreshing the entire internet 100 million times and put the Enes craving on the back burner.  There will be no Enes ruling this week, which, if you’re Jerry Tipton, means he will be ruled ineligible.  As mentioned on Christmas, no one around UK really has any indication as to which way the ruling will go and anyone presuming that they do are just simply guessing.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  So, for this week, we’ll continue to fight our Free Enes cause, but do so without all the anxiety that’s plagued the last three weeks. 

 – In some surprising news, five-star guard Ricardo Ledo committed to Providence over the weekend, shocking both Bluegrass fanbases.  Ledo was scheduled to catch the Cats and Coppin State Tuesday and then the Cats and Cards over the weekend and told Adam Zagoria that it’s possible that he still might do so. 

 – In other recruiting news, the name that should be deciding soon enters the final piece of his recruiting search as DeAndre Daniels will visit Texas today.  Recruiting experts still say that Daniels intends to enroll early at whatever school ends up being his determination and that he will not suit up this season.  Based on those assertions, you could assume that he could be committing at some point this week. 

– One of the more overlooked notes of the weekend was the revelation in the Birmingham News that the BBVA Compass Bowl tickets are not selling too well.  Each school is required to make a $500k commitment to tickets (10,000 tickets) and they’ve combined to sell only 6,000 so far, two-thirds of them coming from the Cats’ end.  UK has the luxury of an SEC insurance policy that guarantees that they will not lose money, but there’s no question that all parties involved would be best served by a sudden rush of ticket purchases.  Locally, we’d hate to out-do the Cards in this department.

 – In other football news, the imacculately clothed Chip Cosby used his space in the Herald-Leader this weekend to take a look at two local football players who are committed already, but still hearing pitches from the other school down I-64.  As you’re probably already aware, UK commit Jon Davis will visit U of L still and, as I’m also sure you’re aware, Cardinal commit DaMarcus Smith remains committed to Charlie Strong despite the pickup of Teddy Bridgewater.  But, Cosby does note in his story that Joker is still pursuing Smith, though the likelihood of a change of heart appears to be slim.

 – In the world of Major League Baseball, former Cat Brandon Webb signed a one-year deal with the Rangers.  Webb has only pitched four innings in the past two seasons and is looking to Bounce Back (<–Coach Cal owes me) this season and get his career back on track. 

 – In “I never thought I’d say this” news:  What a finish to the Little Caesers Bowl!  I never thought I’d say that.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we shake you out of the holiday funk and get you back on track with an entire day of Kentucky Sports Radio goodness.  In the meantime, how about another trip down the throwback hat memory lane?


See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

45 responses to “Nolan Richardson’s Monday News and Views”

  1. bigcat4453

    1st ?

  2. bigcat4453

    Wow, you guys have really dug up some classic hats? I still have teh Sutton one myself. Never seen the Hall hat before.

  3. mocha

    Free Enes.

  4. IBleedBlue

    First – it does not hurt when I pee. Does that count as two firsts?

  5. IBleedBlue

    I guess not, and how i missed it by 12 minutes is beyond me… LOL


    Hard to believe that for the first years of this century those hats were popular. Damn truckers.

  7. St Paul Raiders

    THEE Jake Ford!!!!

  8. the fan

    I have the Eddie Sutton collectable DUI card set.

  9. Chanden

    Im not sure I understand “Dont miss Hall AT ALL”???? Dan Hall? Joe B Hall? Im only 25, can some old wise one explain? thanks.

  10. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I would LOVE to have that lid!!!

  11. mores

    Good call on the Little Ceasars Bowl, that was an awesome finish. Much more awesome than the FIU players singing “Hot n Ready” to the tune of “Hot Toddy,” but not by much.

  12. CalifCatFan

    You NCAA Jerk!

  13. blueman

    I dont get the hat???

  14. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    And dontcha know you gotta love those old cheaply made 100% nylon?rayon?polyester? hats!
    #6, that style of hat (and similar ones with the old Atlanta Braves type of panels) was THE look in the 70’s!

  15. HomeJersey

    Ya know Beez I thought the bowl game would suck until I got hammered & put the remote down for a sec. That turned out to be a football game din’t it?

  16. HomeJersey


  17. Widescreen

    Can barely fit Jake’s head in picture…

  18. tdogg4033011

    you mean I’m off work all week & I cant even keep hittin refresh for new Enes updates??

  19. Hack

    Jake Ford….internet celebrity!!

  20. jetblue

    Nolan Richardson giving his “rent is too damn high” speech.

  21. WhiskerBiscuit

    Wow…..Danny Glover’s hair has really gotten grey!

  22. DannyGlover

    I’M gettin to old for this shat!

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    I didn’t like Nolan at Arky, but I think I do now. Actually wish he was my grandad. He’d be the type of grandad that would sit around and call me cracker all day long, and yet fire up a Philly’s blunt in the next breath. What a fun grandad he’d be.

    Mikey 2 dope Marra- hahahaha I still laugh at that.

  24. Nostradamus

    Larry Vaught knows tomorrow is Tuesday before you do.

  25. Your momma

    Is he wearing a snuggie???

  26. Real Cat Fan

    Old Nolan is starting to resemble Grady from Sanford & Son.

  27. Dave_in_Oldham

    Not buyin’ any bowl tickets here. I’m in 100% basketball mode.

  28. Roger HardOn

    24) That’s funny. I remember when I thought Mr. Vaught “knew” what was going on but the last 2 years have caused me to reevaluate that position. I was as wrong as…well…Larry Vaught’s info

  29. f

    wat wat

  30. Millard Fillmore

    I think BBVA Compass Bowl tickets might be selling at least a little bit better if you guys hadn’t crapped all over that bowl game before the Cats were even selected to play in it. You guys are actually underestimating your influence here. You didn’t exactly sell it to the fans…

  31. tdogg4033011

    is Jones back on the radio this morning?? anyone know??

  32. Charles

    Not many people will admit this BUT nolan made pitino ! When he used to take OUR Ky teams to play 40 mins of hell, it taught pitino a different type of ball AND he had to change his coaching style to remain competitive against those some great, and all pretty good arky teams !

  33. Franktown

    Free Enes please…

  34. CalifCatFan

    Whew! No pop-up ads.

  35. f

    32- pitino used the full court press from day 1 at uk…all uk – ark games were competitive, they didnt become competitive they already were


    ==== Nolan Richardson is a racist to the nth degree ……….

    I have no use for him, should he burst into flame …… I would hesitate to urinate on the bugger!


  37. JackNicklaus

    Hartline was doing trigonometry….who knew?! It’s all about the angles boys…angles and ball bearings.
    Hey, just read where Cobb was also named First Team All-Secant and Locke was Second Team All-Cosine! Great job fellas!

  38. bung

    Cal needs to learn the fast break

  39. timer

    Richardson owned Petino! Richardson’s teams would inbound the ball and immediately throw the ball across mid-court to Scotty Thurman. Petino always had at least four – sometimes five – players attempting to get the ball before it crossed mid-court. I remember one game – at Rupp – where Arkansas must have had 10 wide open dunks off the Petino press.

  40. Charles

    I remember when my son was young, a good friend of mine gave me two tickets to watch ul play AR in freedom hall. I had to beg my son,about 7 or 8 then , to go to the game. Finally he agreed but said…….I’ll go but I am pulling for Ar ! I knew at that moment I had raised him the right way !!!

  41. Charles

    35) I do not understand ! How many times had Ky played Ar BEFORE pitino got here? I can tell you this……………..Nolan Richardson changed pitino’s style of play !!!! 40 mins of hell was NOT just about pressing ! It is much like what pitino HOPES will be his chance to beat the CATS on Fri !!! Running players in and out going at a pace that few can keep up with……!!!!

  42. JBR

    20 & 26…I got a better look alike for Nolan…”That’ll be about tree fiddy” ($3.50) Anybody got that reference?

  43. SexnNursinHomes

    44- hahaha- I googled chef’s dad this morning to see the resemblance, and sure enough. “tree fiddy”. hahaha good deal on posting it.

  44. J. Richardson

    Beez, I thought Tipton’s “presumptions” regarding the status of the Kanter case were just bizarre. He wrote in that same digest that certain “eagle eye readers” had pointed out that Kanter had not been ruled ineligible because he played for a professional team for three years, but rather because he had been found to have received $33,000 in excessive benefits. I was one of those readers. I told him I believed he had repeatedly misrepresented the facts when reporting on the issue and that I believed certain national writers had covered the issue with far more context and accuracy. There was not a hint of a mea culpa in his comments yesterday. I also challenged him to try and get the NCAA to say how much the benefits could have been and the Kanters be allowed to pay them back and have eligibility restored. Josh Selby and Renardo Sydney were determined to have received more than $5,000, but less than $10,000, in improper benefits. They were allowed to pay the money back and become eligible. Shouldn’t somebody be trying to pin them down on what the cut off is? Shouldn’t it be the basketball beat writer of the hometown paper?

  45. Steve Fitts

    UK has sold 4,000 bowl tickets and Pitt has sold 2,000. Let’s just call this the Apathy Bowl!