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No breaks or fractures, MRI today

We have our first update on the status of Nerlens Noel’s left knee this morning.  UK says last night’s X-rays were negative, so no breaks or fractures, and he is scheduled to undergo an MRI today.

Keep praying for him.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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94 responses to “No breaks or fractures, MRI today”

  1. Wishesnoelthebest

    Well that’s great new.

  2. bcat

    Sweet little, 6lbs 8 oz baby Jesus…

  3. gannon-BBN

    prayers up for nerlens

  4. MemphisCat

    Prayers from Memphis, I hope we get some good news today that it is nothing serious and he will recover and have a long NBA career.

  5. twnky

    praying for ya big guy!!!!

  6. Ryan

    Great news!

  7. H

    A ligament tear is Waaaaaaay worse than a fracture or break. WAY worse. Unless the bone was shattered of course.

  8. JKUK

    I guess this is good news. But his means it’s more likely to be an ACL/MCL tear 🙁

  9. B-Lord

    Good news I guess. I’d think a clean fracture is better than multiple ligament/tendon damage. Hoping for the best though…

  10. FrankTheTank

    Keep…praying!! And quit bashing his team mates regardless of your opinion. These boys were all sought after by many schools and chose to come to UK, with a few exceptions. Coach Cal saw something in Harrow and we have all seen glimpses of it at times this season.
    There is a saying that adversity is what truly reveals a man’s character. Some of you “men” need to give that some thought.

  11. JKUK

    Praying for him either way

  12. H

    This is great news but let’s pray for Nerlens ligaments. Adrian Peterson is the exception to the rule.

  13. IIXChamps

    I don’t care if the kid never wears the UK uniform again, I just pray for a quick heal to whatever injury he’s sustained and that his pro career is minimally impacted.

  14. DT in DC

    Yeah, agree with 7, 8, and 9. Clean breaks heal better and faster than ACL/MCL tears. With the look of that knee, I would almost guarentee it’s at least an ACL tear. Hope the big guy heals well regardless of what it ends up being. So heartbreaking for any athlete, but especially so for a guy who is so talented and gives 1000% every second he’s on the court.

  15. IndyAlum

    I will be praying to a jug of milk. Statistically it is just as effective and we need all the help we can get.

  16. UPSCat4080

    #15….why drag your religion crusade into this? Statistically you don’t know sh**. At least those who pray to God have something to look forward to and believe in….you have nothing but your pathetic little life to live….with no hope beyond that. I pray to GOD that Nerlens is ok…GOD Bless You Nerlens!

  17. Syrin

    #14 – ACL is highly unlikely. The way the knee bent would put strain primarily on the MCL. Lets just hope its a strained ligament which would take a few weeks to heal.

    #15 – while I appreciate the sarcasm, actual medical studies published in JAMA and NEJM have shown people who receive prayers were statistically more likely to recover than those who did not. Those are easily looked up on PubMed

  18. E

    Prayers don’t work. Silly rabbit.

  19. UKBlue

    I love UK as much as the next person; if there is a problem, Nerlens would be on a plane to see Dr. Andrews. He’s the best, and every NBA team will sign off on Andrews.

  20. @15

    IndyAlum- your name speaks for you intelligence level. Please leave the board and not mock our team or injured players. Careful bc Karma is a bitch.

  21. Syrin

    #7 – a patellar fracture is WAY worse than a patellar tendon tear. Nice drama though.

  22. crazycatfan

    Prayers for what is one of Kentucky’s best all time players!

  23. Insider

    I take it up the ass from HOO

  24. Dandy Don

    16. I wanted to write that same thing. IndyAlum is an idiot

  25. Ver Nice

    #16 … I agree, especially since you responded with such a fine example of Gawd’s Love.

  26. jsrobi0

    15 – Totally uncalled for! I will refrain from bashing you, because I know that is what you are looking for based on your baiting post. This is a tread about well wishes for a kid (he is a kid) who has suffered a major injury and whom everyone hopes recovers quickly and completly and can go on to do whatever he wants with his life. Mostly, I just feel sad for you.

  27. lonnieb

    The x rays are not important. X rays dont show ligaments and tendons… pretty sure no one ever thought it was a break/fracture

  28. Rixter

    Trainers and team doctors absolutely know the symptoms of a torn ligament, and can usually diagnose them from an examination. If it was a torn ACL / MCL, WHY would they x-ray it first??

  29. BBN

    MCL and ACL. No more playing at UK. Best of luck son.

  30. wow

    Wow #16 ill pray to Satan if it means Nerlens will be okay.. neither the satan, god or a jug of milk would make a difference though.

  31. lonnieb

    @17 Syrin

    It is textbook mechanism of injury in the still shot a few posts down…. Flexed knee with valgus moment with non contact……literally the textbook mechanism of injury……however the photo looks MCL as well and they are often torn together along with the medial meniscus…..”The terrible triad” in the medical world……I hope its not ACL but it sure looked like a possibility….the trainers did no ligament tested on the court which was suprising….but maybe a positive sign. Usually ligament tests are dont immediately if suspected before significant swelling which makes them less effective

  32. bcat

    Help him, Tom Cruise!!

  33. dragonlord741

    Hopefully it’s not serious, but no matter what it is, I hope he gets the Adrian Peterson treatment and comes back better than ever way sooner than he should.

  34. medical question

    33) Any chance that it was a dislocated kneecap? What would the prognosis be for that, assuming no other ligament damage/tears?

  35. medical question

    sorry, did not mean to direct that question to poster #33

  36. Stumps

    #32 Nah, Chuck Norris. Way wackier than Cruise (if that’s humanly possible).

  37. Steve-o

    A break or fracture is way worse then a ligament tear in the knee anyways. If it is a tear then nba teams will still draft him because they know that can be repair a break or fracture has a way longer and harder recovery.

  38. Steve-o

    They also said the reason they can perform the MRI so quickly is because he hardly had any swelling in his leg at all. Hopefully we can hear good news soon. Hoping for the best for the flat top blocker.

  39. Taco casa

    Best of luck to you #3 ! BBN this group (freshman besides Noel) are selfish and don’t deserve to wear the blue! We are still NATL champs and next year will be different! May god be with you #3 and as always GO BIG BLUE!

  40. oddthomas

    31. they may have refrained from any test due to the extreme pain he was experiencing. Correct me if I am wrong, but the knee will move like a “drawer” if the ACL is torn.

  41. Blue4ever

    I’m probably going to take a lot of heat from this and I know we all want the best for Nerlens and hope his knee is 100% OK but when you’ve been to the VA hospital in Lexington as many times as I have recently taking my 85 year old father and you see all the young people permanently maimed and crippled from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it kind of puts this thing in prospective. Yes – I want Nerlens be completely fine he seems to be a great kid but it’s not like he took a hit from an IED. There are a lot of young service men and women a lot worse off.

  42. Proof

    Some off these post show why this country is heading in the direction it is. Now, back on topic, prayers,best wishes and positive energy to you Nerlens!

  43. milk jug

    at least I’m an animate object. pray to me! my calcium and vitamin d will make you strong!

  44. lonnieb


    Yeah its called anterior drawer test or Lachmans. If the guy above said he had minimal swelling that would be another good sign its not an ACL…….

  45. Linda Taylor

    “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, M.D., a neurosurgeon who taught at Harvard Medical School is a book that all of you doubters should read.

  46. E

    “Religulous” by Bill Maher, is a movie all you believers should watch.

  47. Viren

    Praying for Nerlens on hoping for a good news. This just shows just how lucky Cats were last season to go through a season injury free. I know I was biting my lips on every play anyone of our Cats went down with a hard foul. Enjoy our recent success and always pull for these guys as everyone of our opponent give them 150% of their effort.

  48. andrew

    I’d say the MRI is what we’re most concerned about. Never really thought of a break initially so negative x-rays don’t really ease my nerves whatsoever.

  49. Blueston


    Kind of sounds like he’s “antiscientific.” However, he is smart enough to know what makes a NYT Best-seller and that he can get very wealthy off of it.

  50. Neurosurgeon

    Santa Claus is real. I have the credentials. Therefore I am right.

  51. #1UKfan

    Oh boy, you religious nuts are all crazy.

  52. #1UKfan

    All your arguments are based on the fact you can’t explain anything. Anyways, hope Nerlens is OK.

  53. Chris

    46. I’d love to see the look on your face when you and Bill find out that not only is God real, but so is the devil. Good luck to you sir.

  54. E

    #53 Don’t wish me luck and don’t pray for me. I don’t want that from you.

  55. Linda Taylor

    49 – If you read the book you would know that anti-scientific is a ridiculous term to use when describing Dr. Alexander. It is a term used by atheists who are scared to death because this book challenges their belief system. Wikipedia is not exactly the best source to get information you know.

  56. Bass2Mouth

    “If you think God’s there, He is. If you don’t, He isn’t. And if that’s what God’s like, I wouldn’t worry about it.” – Murakami. GET WELL SOON NERLENS.

  57. Atheist

    #53 Go read up on Egyptian religion and try to tell me Christianity didn’t copy a whole lot of it. Very interesting and it’ll probably will change you’r thoughts on the religion topic if you’re really going to be open about it. There’s mean Christians and kind atheist too. It amazes me people still try to shun gay’s or try to say it’s not okay. I’ll end on this topic because it is clearly nothing written in the Bible about that. But still you got old fart preachers like my racist one trying to say there is but can’t show me.

  58. rick

    #45 I just read that book and you are right. Read it folks.

  59. bbr

    “I will be praying to a jug of milk. Statistically it is just as effective and we need all the help we can get.” Seriously doubt you can back that up with statistics as you’re inane comment suggests.
    “Wow #16 ill pray to Satan if it means Nerlens will be okay.. neither the satan, god or a jug of milk would make a difference though.” How do you know?

  60. Predictable

    I was wondering how long it would take u liberals to go crazy on religion.
    Did someone actually refer to Bill Maher? Congrats, u officially have hit rock bottom.
    Good luck Nerlens. Heal up and get well young man.

  61. Jarvis Redwine

    “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis removed all doubt for me. Required reading for anyone searching for Truth.

  62. Jarvis Redwine

    46). I’ve seen “Religulous” by Bill Maher. It helped cement my belief in Christ. In Mahers case the phrase “methinks thou doth protest too much” comes to mind.

  63. E

    #60 Us “liberals” wouldn’t go so crazy if all you nuts wouldn’t brag about praying for someone anytime they get a paper cut. Every damn time something bad happens to someone, there are zillions of idiotic posts about how so-and-so will be praying for them. It just gets old, that’s all. Give it a rest every now and then. Jesus!!!! (he said, sarcastically)

  64. bmt22033

    @16 – two thumbs way up!

  65. Jarvis Redwine

    When you offer to pray for someone, you’re just offering them your best wishes (supernatural). When you have a Personal Savior, you are literally dying to share him with the world.

  66. Prove It

    Its called Faith. Not Fact or Truth. Thats the problem when you try to argue with the “believers”. I say, prove it. They say, I read it in a book and had it crammed down my throat since i was a child. Therefore its true! If so many people believe it, it must be true!
    Its OK not to understand everything. Maybe there is some omnipotent cloud being judging our every move. Maybe not. But don’t throw science, logic and reason out the door becuase you fear the unknown. Its OK. You can’t prove anything, accept that it might not be. I have accepted that it might be. But please stop being annoying. Like Linda Taylor…oh this neurosurgeon said…haha. You follow FoxNews, don’t you? Religion preys on the weak-minded and gullible. I’m willing to accept the fact that if I’m wrong I’ll pay a consequence. But I’m not too worried about it. Bring on the proof or drop it.

  67. E

    It’s all empty rhetoric to me. You’re praying to something I don’t think exists for help that can’t be given. His knee isn’t going to get better through prayer. It can be fixed through maybe surgery and science and then it will heal on it’s own. Nothing anyone says will make a difference in how Noel’s knee ends up being. It reminds me of someone, buying someone a lottery ticket for their birthday. In the end, most likely what you gave them for their birthday was just a thin piece of cardboard.

  68. E

    I agree with #66. I am not necessarily an atheist. My stance is that there could be a higher power and there might not be. And until I have definitive proof either way, I will remain firmly on the fence.

  69. Rodney Estes

    As a die hard UofL fan I can only express my heart felt hope that Noel is not badly injured and will be able to pursue his NBA carear. He appears to be a good kid like most of the Cats and Cards players.

  70. Prove It

    Hey E, I think they are praying for us…

  71. E

    #70, I feel so much better. 🙂

  72. Linda Taylor

    66 – No I do not follow Fox News. In fact I avoid it. Why do you automatically lump Christians with right wing extremists? Just because we do not currently have the technology to prove that God exists does not mean we will never have it. One thousand years ago no one could prove that microbes existed or explain them because they did not have the technology. Nevertheless they still existed. Would it hurt you to check the book out of the library and read it? Or are you afraid it might challenge your own dearly held perceptions. It is written by a very highly trained neurosurgeon whose life was almost ended by a very serious case of meningitis. Someone who I daresay has forgotten more science than you will ever know. He was monitored by very sophisticated medical equipment the entire time he was in a coma and what happened to him cannot be explained by our current scientific knowledge.

  73. Predictable

    Hey E, I never once said prayer. Do u know how to read? Can you read?
    Typical response from a liberal. Calling names and making up stuff.
    Good luck Nerlens.

  74. Cards4life

    Torn Acl lololololol at UK and their fans.

  75. Prove It

    Read it many years ago. Nice story. Thanks though. You have not offered any proof. That’s what I’m asking. Where is the proof. Going back to your neurosurgeon means nothing. So medical equipment proved there is a god? That should have made the news. Or at least discussed. Interesting. So…we couldn’t explain it then, can’t explain it now, but you are 100% certain there is a god. OK. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Again…FAITH. Not FACT. Or TRUTH. I know the difference. Do you?

  76. Cards4life Gets Cancer

    And your family. Hopefully.

  77. E

    Hey predictable. You mad bro? Sorry your boy lost in the election. You must still be sore about it. I’m sorry. 🙁

  78. E

    Man, torn ACL. That’s bad. All the people praying for him must not have prayed hard enough. SMH

  79. Prove It

    I want to be a nuerosurgeon with meningitis. Apparently God looks out for them. But not the millions starving and dying every day. If you beat an illness/disease/etc and it can’t be explained, it certainly must be the omnipotent cloud being discussed in that book written thousands of years ago. Certainly. Or, maybe not. Maybe…it just happened. Crazy, I know.

  80. Linda Taylor

    Prove It – So you read it many years ago. How very interesting since the incident happened in Nov. of 2008, hardly many years ago and the book was only published last year. How very interesting that you capitalize TRUTH when you just LIED about reading the book. By the way, it did make the news, that is how I heard about the book.

  81. E

    Linda, I think he thought they meant THEE book. You know. The big kahuna. The big Bible book. What I want to know is how you people rationalize when prayers don’t work. I assume that all the people praying were praying that it wasn’t something bad and that he is going to be fine. Well, it turns out, he’s not fine. He has a torn ACL. So what good did all the praying do???

  82. Prove It

    I was referring to the bible. Not some neurosurgeon’s book about how he beat a deadly virus, couldn’t explain it, so therefore there is a god. Simple communication breakdown. And no, I have no desire to read that book. It explains nothing.

  83. Prove It

    It’s funny…just because you WANT to believe something doesn’t make it true. I fall victim to that as well, I’ll admit. Perhaps this neurosurgeons book should be an addendum to the bible? New Revelations, the Proof of God?

  84. Linda Taylor

    Prove It and E, prior to his illness Dr. Alexander had much the same opinion as you both do. In his book “Proof of Life” (to keep it on topic since you seem to have a problem doing that) he talk about what happened while he was in the coma. The medical instruments indicated that his brain was not functioning in any but a primitive manner in the autonomic region. The region of the brain where thinking and reasoning occur was completely quiet. The synapses were not firing. That proves that it was not his brain coming up with outlandish wild ideas. It was not functioning. Yet he was conscious of being in heaven, of communicating with God directly and other beings and of gaining greater insight into the value and purpose of life. He believes it is only a matter of time before science can prove the existence of God and that is what he is working towards. We are more than flesh and blood. Our true nature is spirit. When we deny that we only deny our true selves.

  85. Linda Taylor

    I meant “Proof of Heaven”

  86. Prove It

    Well then, there is YOUR definitive proof. Fascinating, sure, but sorry. You keep reading books that you think back up your reasoning, I’ll continue to wait for real proof. Is that staying on topic? You still can’t prove the existence of a god. The original topic. Let me know when Dr. Alexander comes out with his new book and proof of this god. Hopefully it will have pictures. I like pictures. Its been fun.

  87. Prove It

    I am curious…did the good Dr. mention that if the brain “shuts down”, brain activity must return for the person to survive? did he mention a possibilty that his near death experience might have occured when his brain was coming back to “life”? How would he know when he experienced these so called experiences? I’m sure he describes in detail why, but that is impossible to know. Regardless of what he says. If you are taking his word that these things happened, you are reinforcing what I said earlier…you believe it because you want to believe it. Nothing wrong with that. Believe whawt you will. But to “stay on topic”, I would recommend looking up the definition of proof. Maybe the Dr. did look into some portal to heaven. OK, I admit, again, that I don’t know for sure. Can you admit that there is a possibility that you are wrong as well? I doubt it. That is my beef with the religious folk. What you have posted is far from proving anything.

  88. Thanks

    God has made himself known through his creation. All prayers are answered but many times we don’t get the answer we want. God said we will suffer on earth. Any finite number compared with infinity can de expressed as 1 or zero, hence this life’s troubles are but a minor inconvenience for a Christian, even starvation and torture..

  89. Prove It

    well, there’s your proof! “Thanks” has opened my eyes. that made complete sense.

  90. Linda Taylor

    Prove It, do you seriously think you know more about brain function than a neurosurgeon does? He’s only studied it in detail for over 30 years. He offers detailed explanations in the book that you will have to read to understand. Do you think he would risk his reputation in the medical field if he didn’t believe this happened to him? Personally I couldn’t care less what you believe. But I do find it interesting that you automatically dismiss this book. Why are you afraid to read the book? You don’t have to buy it. There are such things as libraries.

  91. Prove It

    Seriously? Is that all you have? This guys book? Ha. Don’t believe everything you read. Thats good advice.

  92. Jarvis Redwine

    It takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a christian.

  93. Prove It

    I’ve said it before…reading comprehension …I’m not afraid of being wrong. If im proved wrong I will admit it, start going to church and vote Republican. But I can tell you this…a book written by a doctor who had a near death experience and thinks he saw heaven is not proof. Its not difficult. I’ll wait for the movie. Maybe I can borrow it from the library.

  94. Rodney Estes

    Tough break for Noel. Hope he will be able to pursue his NBA carear.