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Wiggins and Muhammad shine in the Nike Hoop Summit

Shabazz Muhammad gets his dunk on.

During last night’s Nike Hoop Summit, it was a pair of Kentucky targets that shined the most: Andrew Wiggins and Shabazz Muhammad.

Andrew Wiggins, a 2014 SF from Canada, scored 20 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in the World Select Team’s 84-75 win over Team USA last night in the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland, Oregon.

The 6-7 Wiggins “flashed an NBA-level jab step, a smooth stroke from beyond the arc and phenomenal athleticism in slashing to the basket” in last night’s win, according to Adam Zagoria. And before you ask, yes, the Cats are high on his list, along with Florida State, where both of his parents went to school. The ‘Noles may have the legacy card, but one thing they don’t have? A National Championship. Wiggins told Zagoria he watched the Cats’ championship win on Monday and was very impressed:

“Yeah, great atmosphere, something I would love to be in,” Wiggins said.

As for where he might fit in playing for John Calipari, Wiggins said, “It’s a fast-paced game. They have a lot of scorers on their team and I think I would be a good fit.”

Also impressive was Shabazz Muhammad, who broke Enes Kanter’s all-time Nike Hoop Summit scoring record with 35 points, plus nine rebounds and two assists. When asked about his record-setting night, Muhammad had this to say:

“I wasn’t really aware of (the scoring record). I just thought my shot was going in tonight. I thought we really played well in the second half with the rotations on defense. If we would have done that in the first half, we would have come closer to winning the game.”

As for the other Kentucky targets, Anthony Bennett finished had seven points and eleven rebounds and Nerlens Noel put up five points and grabbed four rebounds. Noel’s stats may not seem impressive on paper, but he also had four blocks and three steals, all in 25 minutes. Archie Goodwin, currently the only UK signee on either roster, scored seven points and pulled down two rebounds.

In case you don’t have it marked on your calendar, Muhammad and Noel will announce their decisions on Wednesday, April 11th, and Bennett is set to decide in early May.

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30 responses to “Wiggins and Muhammad shine in the Nike Hoop Summit”

  1. Ryan

    Bazz, just come to Lex already! Not going to contend for a title a UCLA bro….

  2. ForReal!

    Its the 11th btdubs (by the way)

  3. CatSinceBirth

    My calendar says Tuesday is the 10th. Sure it isn’t Thursday, the 11th?

  4. CatSinceBirth

    Meant Wednesday the 11th.

  5. AztecCatFan


  6. snoopaloop

    Noel’s stats may not seem that impressive on paper because they aren’t at all impressive.

  7. secretagent0014

    Noel is definetly not where Anthony Davis was last year but that doesn’t mean he’s not going to improve either.

  8. Dane Brammage

    KENTUCKY needs Nerlens Noel.

    K 9 !

  9. Dave in Kabul

    LEXINGTON, KY–As part of an investigation into possible rules violations, NCAA officials visited Kentucky’s basketball facility following its championship win this week, but found no trace of notorious head coach John Calipari, whose messy office appeared to have been hastily and recently abandoned. “Slipped through our fingers again,” said lead investigator Michael Huber, who found clipboards scattered on the floor and open file cabinet drawers that appeared to have been hurriedly emptied. “By now, this guy’s probably a thousand miles away, running his scheme on yet another team. We can vacate what he did here, but we’ll probably never catch him in the act.” The only person inside the building, a janitor cleaning the halls, told investigators he had never heard of Calipari and seemed to believe the facility was used by the University of Kentucky’s art history department.,27870/

  10. .

    Adidas kid will go to an Adidas school… He should be UK’s because of so many reasons. But he’s UCLA all the way.

  11. Kelly J

    Hey #10…you want a reaction right? OK…here’s one… Most of us have seen this type of stuff before. Surely, there is a place where you highly educated card fans can bask in your great season and talk about what it means to get out of the 1st round this year only to lose to UK…again. 🙂

  12. Genuine Realist

    It’s the Onion. Humor.

  13. Gooch

    12- calm down. It is from The Onion, a satirical news site

  14. bluetooth

    will any media outlets be carrying shabazz and noels announcements wed ?

  15. HicksPickSix

    Way to show your level of intelligence, Kelly J. Do you think Not Jerry Tipton is real as well?

  16. Not impressed

    Archie Goodwin looked like a young Deandre Liggins last night…. could get to the rim well, played OK defense but couldn’t finish and his jump shot was non existent… ugly.

  17. Enes

    Kentucky should stay away from Shabazz, the NCAA has issued the warning, and you can’t trust them even if they clear him.

  18. Tennessee Wildcat

    The Wednesday announcements will be on ESPNU at 630 pm cdt (730 pm edt). Enjoy!

  19. ChicagoCat

    I seriously want Andrew Wiggin if only for the ripe ‘Ender’s Game’ references.

  20. Cking9698

    Happy Easter!!

  21. Cking9698

    I hope cal gets Bazz, Noel & Bennett. Go cats!

  22. RealTalk

    Shabazz shot 27 shots last night… In a game where everyone was an all american. Dont want him.
    Noel didnt score a lot but he hit both shots he took, and he blocked alot a shots… and agian… hard to score points when someone is shooting 27 shots.

  23. RealTalk

    Official Box Score

  24. Trent

    Totally not on topic for this post. But do we have anyone that can step in and contribute like Darius. I think he was a huge part of our success. When the freshy studs struggled he stepped up. Does Hood or anyone else step up next year? Your thoughts?

  25. Kelly J

    Um…I know it’s suppose to be humor but I for one as a UK fan…I am really tired of this haters constantly hating on Coach Cal. But I know the beat will go on…

    As far as me needing to calm down…LOL…I’m not upset about anything.

  26. Paratrooper

    He took 27 shots ? 27 !! You gotta be kidding. I didn’t watch the game and now I’m glad I didn’t. What a SELFISH ass. No wonder his team lost to a team of metrosexual euro trash. How is he gonna fit into Cal’s “team first” system ? He’s playing/punking UK anyway and is throughly enjoying all the attention. To hell with him and his ignorant family. We don’t need another Daniel Orton or Rashaad Carruth. Do BBN a huge favor on wednesday, Shabazz, and go to UCLA and play in front of 2,000-3,000 people. Good riddance.

  27. Catsrule101

    I told my wife earlier how Wiggins and Shabazz were the stars of that game. Hope we get both. Both way outshined Noel. I still hope we get all three, but Wiggins looks amazing.

  28. HartcoCat

    Concerning BAZZ, alot of people sound alot like the last two Decembers when we didn’t have a point gaurd with B. Knight and M. Teague.. STFU and let Cal do his job!

  29. Confused a Bit?

    #27-You are an idiot. What a Redneck. The key statement you made was that you didn’t watch the game…