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Nick Haynes to visit Kentucky this weekend

On Monday, Neal Brown traveled to Niceville, Florida to pay 3-star offensive lineman Nick Haynes a visit. Haynes, ranked the 40th best offensive guard in the country by Rivals, liked what he heard so much he and his father will travel to Lexington on Saturday for an official visit, according to The Cats Pause’s Chris Fisher.

At 6’4″, 294 lbs., Haynes is an offensive guard who used to play tight end and is known for his athleticism. He’s received a lot of late interest from schools such as Florida, and Florida State, but is down to Central Florida, Florida Atlantic, and the Cats. He will make his decision on Sunday.

Get ’em, Stoops.

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20 responses to “Nick Haynes to visit Kentucky this weekend”

  1. hawkeye tim

    proud to be a fellow hawkeye….go stoops.

  2. what?

    received interest from FL and FSU, but down to the other three. thats funny

  3. CatFanInChattanooga

    2. – received interest – not a scholarship offer

  4. SoCal Will

    Bet he can play if Stoops and Brown want him….

  5. AZ Wildcat
  6. emlang08

    1] he has an offer from WKU and Petrino (win)
    2] OG that was a TE at 295, gotta be pretty athletic!

  7. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    I hate the term “offensive guard”. No one calls defensive tackles guards anymore.

  8. emlang08

    #5 – It is a blog about his visit to NC State, basically a recap of everything he did. There is no real place there for him to mention Kentucky. That said, WE ALL KNOW he was not referring to KY when he said other coaches/schools said they would change how they play for me, you know that Cal is not like that!

    I think with the possibility of some of our original 1 and dones staying, we are pretty set, Adding Wiggins, Randle or Gordon make us pretty hard to compete with, added bonus.

    Look at it this way, Randle to NC State… Do we have to worry about State winning a title? Probably not

    Wiggins going to FSU…. do we need to worry about FSU getting in our way of a title? DEF NOT

    Gordon stays on the west coast…. The only real threats are AZ and Kansas, KU being the bigger of the two….. What happened to KU last year??

    Just saying!

  9. HeshimuEvans'2ndGradeTeacher

    #5 – Where exactly did you read that part? I read the whole thing and couldn’t find anything but him saying that NC State had a lot more going on during his visit. Chill out.

  10. yup

    visiting this weekend, and he’s making his decision this weekend? he’s a cat. done.

  11. Poco Chang

    #6 ding ding ding

  12. schwing

    this is good news. a 3* ranking is the highest ranking a football player can get, right? … right? what? you mean it’s just average? stooooooopppppppsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  13. Stars Aside

    Almost every recruiting class is going to be made up of at least 50% 3-star players. Moreover, many 3-star players turn out to be all-SEC or even NFL caliber players. That said…the offer sheet is less than impressive. I assume the coaches know something that makes them believe this young man has potential, if not immediately, then somewhere down the road.

  14. NL

    Maybe its a question of whether or not he will qualify. If some bigger names don’t think he’ll qualify they may not offer

  15. bluristhurr

    Check Alvonte Bell’s list of schools and he’s a 3 star on ESPN.
    The people complaining about 3* probably do nothing but get all their info from here. I believe on rivals or scouts he’s a 4* btw. It’s been said time and time again here, pay attention to the schools offering.

  16. Raging Against the Machine

    If this was a Joker recruit, people would be complaining about the school’s we’re competing with (Central Florida and Florida Atlantic). But somehow this new coaching staff gets a pass.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  17. ikeeveready

    Zipp Duncan came to UK as a tight end, played 12 games as a freshman, moved to tackle and by his senior year in 2010 was 2nd team All SEC.

    Ever heard of Joe Thomas? Switched from blocking tight end at Wisconsin to tackle. Yeah, all he’s done is make the pro bowl every year since being drafted in 2007.

    This kid made the switch in high school so with the right coaching his learning curve could be pretty steep.

  18. BigBlueJohnny

    C’mon complainers – 3* or 4*, does it matter? This guy is BIG, athletic and is certainly capable of developing into an SEC OL. Apparentyy he’s ranked the 40th best OG so that says something. And since we’re short of OL recruits at this time, we will be very lucky to have him join us. Once again, I think UK gets him because he gets to play in the SEC vs. WKU and other schools. So shut your pie holes and be happy he’s even visiting UK. Or would you rather see him at WKU playing for Petrino and kickin’ our a** each year for the next 4 years?

  19. BigBlueJohnny

    Regarding Randle – first, why are we discussing bball on this fball post? Next, based upon his blog, he did appear to have a much better recruiting visit with NCSU than UK. I live in NC and, trust me, they really do have it going on right now. UNC and Duke are definitely looking over their shoulders. Seriously, Cal has to get rid of the Drake and other entertainer recruiting tactics. It’s feeling a little icky. “Not-that-impressive.” Finally, based upon what we are seeing unfold this season with our current team and the likelihood than some of our current Frosh return as Soph’s, plus the other committed recruits, there is no room for Randle at UK. And he knows it. He requires starting and plenty of PT and no doubt it will be limited at UK. Heck, he probably would not even start. He needs to go where they are ready for him to be The Man and that is probably not at UK. No worries – we’re good.

  20. M. Chatmon

    Part of the football programs problem is just that….discussing basketball recruiting 1 week from signing day when we have an opportunity to steal a obviously high potential player. We can’t get out of our own way on the field or off. Recruits, their families, their friends, and opposing teams read these comments print them out, and give them to the recruit with the words written on the back: “BASKETBALL SCHOOL”. When he decides to go else wear fans blame the coaching staff and poor recruiting, but we have also negatively effected the process too. And UK fans do this a lot. I like the basketball program too, it’s great: but we need to get some players in here and get back on a bowl run and some 9 & 10 win seasons. 5-10 of the right players at the right time with right coaching staff can start us on a roll