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New Suits!

This is starting to feel like the E! Channel with all this fashion rolling in. Check out our boys looking all GQ for their trip to the White House:

T.Jones is really taking this White House visit to heart–he looks downright presidential. Thanks to KSR reader “DT in DC,” we know the Cats will land at Dulles Airport at 2:30 p.m. EDT and proceed directly to the White House entrance on 15th and E Street. They’re leaving immediately after the ceremony, so the only chance D.C. area Cat fans have of seeing them is along the streets to the White House.

More pics as they come…

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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21 responses to “New Suits!”

  1. Azubuike's Bicep

    In honor of the recent death of Adam Yauch…..Fight for your right to party….at the White House.

  2. Rockfield,KY

    I think Twanny wins the showdown.

  3. Hamburger

    Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “Dapper Dandy” don’t you think!

    I’m so happy for our guys to be able to represent UK!

    Exuse me Mr Bennett, we have a suit, er, seat with your name on it!

  4. Curadhan

    Nice! Representing us well boys! So dang proud of you all!

  5. ribin

    Clean up really nice — good job guys !!!

  6. Jason Murray

    What the Hell is an E Channel? What has this site become?

  7. Southern Illinois Cat Fan

    Twany looks like a dapper dan man!

  8. CA

    I am so proud of these boys – don’t they look great. I hope they enjoy themselves.

  9. Jeff Garlin

    Jason Murray has just been put on STFU alert!

  10. Notinthecards

    Oh how handsome they are!

  11. Laughter Ensues

    7) You can’t make a joke at the expense of another fans creativity. Tryin’ to steal Hamburger’s thunder…

  12. rnbsn83

    Wow, such nice looking guys! This is their icing on the cake.

  13. Southern Illinois Cat Fan

    #11 Totally different jokes. He was talking in regards to Dickie V and a “diaper dandy” aka “dapper dandy”. I was referring to “Oh brother where art thou” and the dapper dan hair gel. It’s just a joke, who made you the joke police. Politely, STFU!

  14. C Ray

    Harrow’s Nerlens Noel’s Mini Me.. Rockin the Mini High-Top Fade

  15. Susan

    The guys look great!! Take lots of pixs so we can see them back home in the BBN.

  16. JLTCatFan

    Well hello there, boys… Not that there’s ever a bad day to be a female Cats fan, but today is an exceptionally good day. Lookin’ good! I’m glad our boys have this privilege. The certainly deserve it! Looking forward to following the coverage on ESPNU.

  17. wkylawcat

    Too bad they aren’t stopping at Grevey’s. I remember the ’98 group did make a stop there around mid-day to see the fans before their late day visit to the White House.

  18. Laughter Ensues

    13) I’m totally aware of the difference, I actually got Hamburger’s joke just to have yours ruin the whole moment. You can’t admit you would have made that comment without seeing the word “dapper” to begin with. Go on, admit it. Your mom made me joke police after I encouraged her that maybe, just MAYBE her flaming homo son had a penis. So…politely GTFO of KSR and go back to your joke drawing board and actually spend some time on your next embarrassing failure. Praise be to the CATS.

  19. Southern Illinois Cat Fan

    #18 I wish I knew who you were because I would personally come and drag you out of your moms basement and beat your little ass! Good luck at getting a job with that liberal arts degree. By the way, bringing up homos leads me to believe you either a. are one or b. thinking about becoming one because it is obviously on your mind. Go bite that pillow little boy, you are a joke, your parents hate you, and you are adopted. There, that about sums it up.

  20. LindaS

    Last night Cal was in Lexington West (Louisville) as one of the grand marshalls of the Derby Parade. Today he is in DC with the boys and the all have to be back tonight for the Brown-Barnstable Derby Eve Party and tomorrow, they are going to the Derby!

  21. the Big Dog

    Lookin good Twanny. Hell would freeze over before you ever got a ring at Miss St.