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Nerlens Noel Video: Let’s Watch It Again

This video from Five Star is a little over a month old, but it’s relevant again with the recent news of Nerlens Noel reclassifying to the 2012 class.

Watch as Noel’s high school teammates predict where he’ll go to college and offer up advice for their 6’11” teammate.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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26 responses to “Nerlens Noel Video: Let’s Watch It Again”

  1. Give'em Hell Cats

    Dont forget to vote today

  2. Give'em Hell Cats

    you would have to think if its between Cuse and us we have the upper hand. Fab Melo isnt going anywhere anytime soon, Dajuan Coleman is already committed, and Max Keida i think is only a junio. We have plpenty of room on the floor for Noel.

  3. Guck Foodman.

    This race is close too. Cal’s lead is dwindling.

  4. jpizzle

    I love how that hat just rides on his box cut.

  5. Coach K

    Duke SUCKS!

  6. mocha

    is anyone shocked forde’s article the other day about Davis somehow managed to contain a “vacated final four” reference?;_ylt=AiW9ScIp4Xd0FYkzfrcCN4XevbYF?slug=pf-forde_kentucky_davis_game_changer_013112

  7. The Real Pioneer

    Better hair vote…..Nerlens Noel vs Troy McKinley

    Has to be close.





  9. UK Wildcat

    PG: Harrow
    SG: Bazz
    SF: Poythress
    PF: Wiltjer
    C: Noel
    6th man: Goodwin

    Thats a championship caliber squad. We got to the final four last year with a 6 man rotation and we’re #1 now with a 7 man rotation. If anybody comes back (Teague seems most likely to return, but Lamb and Jones could as well) you’ve got a team that could potentially be as good or better than this team.

  10. Left Side of the Aisle

    Goodwin will start over Kyle.

  11. Whatsa Futon
  12. Ray

    FWIW Last night on ESPNU they said that UCONN and Georgetown are the top 2 for Nerlens Noel

  13. JD

    #9 dont forget we would also have Hood coming back from the ACL next year and could be a wildcard on next years team….

  14. Streak ends in 11

    Love the high top fade but I couldn’t understand a word.

  15. #ohnohedidnt

    14. I see your point but does that matter in this day and age? I as well like the top fade.

  16. RealCatsFan

    Wow, I would love to see this guy wearing Kentucky Blue next year! We would go from “Fear the Brow” to “Fear the Fade”, and our defense might not drop off much at all (although MKG will be hard to replace). It looks like the kid has some pretty good offensive skills as well. A lot of the folks who predicted that UK might have an off year after 2012 might be completely wrong.

  17. wrap it up

    10….Archie plays SG…not PF…..

  18. peoplewhowork

    Davis, Miller, MKG, and Jones are definitely gone after this year. Even though Jones stock has slipped I expect it to surge when we win the championship. Lamb is a bubble guy currently sitting outside the 1st round. If he comes back he is a team leader and his stock will rise. So next years team could be…
    HOOD <<<<<
    + others

    The Tall lineup of Noels, Cauley, Wiltjer, Shabazz, and Teague/Harrow would be interesting

  19. Reality Is

    18. Ummm…no coach in his right mind would put the lineup you mention on the court together. Two centers and a PF together at one time? Get real. A lineup of Polson, Malone, Long, Harrow and Teague would be interesting alson.

  20. Old Guy in Lower Arena has Teague in the first round, Lamb in the first round. They will both be gone.

  21. workingman

    Some smart kids with good advice on that clip.

  22. Jax Teller

    If there is anything better than a hat sitting on that hi-top fade, I have yet to see it. If it could grow one, it would look like that.

  23. peoplewhowork

    #19 oh I absolutely agree that is not a starting lineup, just a gimmick lineup to show how tall we would be.

  24. DDT

    Who cares…speculation is stupid..just wait untill they make their pick of schools.
    What if what if….bla bla bla

    man this is going down hill fast round here need some new matterial..

  25. Wildcat_Crazy

    everyone check out for my predictions on the reasoning behind Noel reclassifying.
    #BBN #WeAreUK

  26. thefan

    We have the brows this year next year the hair!