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Nerlens Noel to release rap song today


How is Nerlens keeping busy before his ACL surgery? Rapping. Nerlens Noel recorded a rap about the Cats with Lexington rapper Wes Grams, the guy behind Terrence Jones’ “Teach Me Bout Kentucky.” The song is entitled “Number 9” and is expected to drop today.

While we wait, let’s relive the glory that is “Teach Me Bout Kentucky” (this one’s for you, Drew the Employee):

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14 responses to “Nerlens Noel to release rap song today”

  1. Musehobo

    “Straight Outta Kentucky”???

  2. Fitch Slap

    Prediction: The song will be about him returning for his Sophomore year to get #9…. Reaction: Dope.

  3. NBA GM

    I know that the song will make everyone sad!!
    The lyrics include ” I tore my ACL, but I’m still going PRO!”

  4. _

    “We got it in our minds, we gon’ get number Nine” *nerlens voice*

  5. josh

    does no. 9 mean he is returning for sophomore year because it definitely wont be this year?

  6. Basteballer

    I HOPE Fitch is right. I really hope he wants to come get #9.

  7. BlueRedNeck

    Wow, do I ever miss seeing Nerlens wearing KY blue! Come back and win a championship with us, Nerlens! In the meantime, work on your free throw shooting. You will need it whether in college or the pro’s.

  8. oldschool

    What??? More rap? I bet Cal put him up to this. Why not just hire Ice T as head coach? Is he not hip enough with the kids these days? I love Ice T. Nothing better on a hot sunny day, when I’m wandering around the neighborhood with no pants.

  9. BlueRedNeck

    HaHa – just listened to the song from last year, and TJones raps like a white guy! Miss ya TJones.

  10. Ronald McDonald

    I heard it’s about a Big N’ Tasty with Cheese, Fries and a soda

  11. Jpo

    8. Lol nice parody, I was just thinking I bet oldschool is having a stroke

  12. jengland

    the ballers wanna be rappers / rappers wanna be ballers going on 30 years strong!

  13. Drake

    “I swear sports and music are so synonymous / Cause we want to be them, and they want to be us.”

  14. UKBlue

    Why drop this song at all when we are obviously not going to win #9?