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Nerlens Noel picks Kentucky

A star is born.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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152 responses to “Nerlens Noel picks Kentucky”



  2. nc cat


  3. TrueBlue


  4. Mike

    Yea….phewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! is over with.

  5. eightandnoless

    first cals trophy case says biiiiiotch!


    Do I get extra credit because I am still at work and was still “First”!!

  7. natural macaroni

    I knew that kid was smarter than Shabazz.

  8. tfordstyle

    GG next year everyone else.

  9. Ike

    Really great pickup. We could afford to lose Muhammad but we definitely needed Noel. Look to hear a lot of talk about attempting to get Pollard and Jefferson

  10. annoyed

    now all of you should go back to the live blog and see how stupid you look. you are all in your upper 20’s and 30’s. it’s time to grow up. when you thought nerlens would go to g-town you would complain that you didn’t like flat tops. next time try to not be a tool

  11. BroLow

    I hope all of you feel better now that you are all “first”

    From the Uni-brow to the Flat-top!

  12. SuperTroy

    We didn’t need Shabazz, he would’ve just been icing on the cake. We HAD to get NN. Now, if we add a Bennett or a Jefferson? We’re in GREAT shape!!

  13. Hole

    Suck it Richard..

  14. Djpapoos

    The brow spoke last season…,now the hair speaks loud and clear! UK
    All the way again baby!!! GBB!

  15. Briscoe Darling

    We got the FLAT TOP FELLER!!! Turley Curd rejoices!

  16. Rixter

    The fences were just raised on all 3 bridges in Louisville


    Can’t wait to see Cal
    And the new trophy tomorrow.


    Bringing back the Flat top to UK!

  19. Briscoe Darling

    As Jerry Reed would say… SAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!

  20. ClintPaul

    Im pretty sure he picked UK because georgetown was too difficult to shave on his head?

  21. kurt kidd-capone


    Cats cats cats!

  22. ZombieLibrarian

    Poor Shabazz…first Nerlens re-classifies and steals his glory, and now on signing day he does it again. #secondfiddle

  23. J A Brooks

    Bennett is still are #1 target, but now the heat will turn up on Pollard and Jefferson

  24. Jason W

    Back 2 Back?

  25. The Angels Singing

    Noel, Noel, Noel, Noooeeelllll!

  26. Musehobo

    Chasing UCLA….bring on 9!

  27. Bringith

    10. Then what the hell are you doing on this site? Hater…

  28. blitzedanddazed

    BANG BISCUIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Blue Cat

    Merry Christmas. Noel in Kentucky

  30. wiscocatfan!!


  31. Turtleman

    I’m getting a flat top! Live action!!!!

  32. tom5673

    incredible…now let’s get bennett and oriaki. that would be one hell of a frontline.
    go big blue!

  33. Don

    Smart kid.

  34. James K


  35. J A Brooks

    “Can’t stop the Flat Top” ???

  36. Big Blue nation 23

    National Champions back to back???? i think YES!!!!!

  37. Coach cal

    I told you fools not to worry. Big daddy is in control. Sit back and enjoy #9.

  38. uk mom

    What does this do to our preseason rankings

  39. kantucky


  40. ClintPaul

    From BROW DOWN to TOP DOWN! Could be fun at on campus parties?

  41. dom

    Shock the world! welcome aboard wildcat!

  42. TitsMcGee

    I was convinced that Nerlens was picking Georgetown when he had the Georgetown snapback with the generic Kentucky and Syracuse hats lol.


    Nine will be FINE

  44. jimmy dykes


  45. Musehobo

    uk mom…we gotta be #1 now

  46. kantucky

    Kid n play in tha house

  47. Get2thChoppa

    championship #8? make it 9, im not drivin

  48. Cat fan in FL


  49. Ackwell foley

    Burn couches for the box 2nite!

  50. Oborolovesksr

    In Cal we Trust!!!

  51. ClintPaul

    We are #1 again….. lets get Amile Jefferson and start working on 2013 with the Harrison twins

  52. J A Brooks

    32) We’re done with Oriakhi now… unless we miss on Bennett. Oriakhi can’t really play the 4 and he wants to get 30 plus minutes a game. He really has trouble defending the 4 and Cal wants a guys that can do that. We got Cauley as a back up center… a great back up center at that.

    we really just wanted Oriakhi because if we didn’t get Noel we would be SUPER thin at C. Now you can almost pencil in Oriakhi to Mizzou

  53. Voice of Reason

    Nerlens No el oh el… #realtalk

  54. Mercer

    i shit my pants

  55. JC

    Number one player in the class again…..yawn
    Number one recruiting class again……yawn

  56. Duuuuuude

    Sooooooooo, assuming we lost 6 players, we got these guys for next year:
    1. Harrow
    2. Goodwin
    3. Poythress
    4. Wiltjer
    5. Noel

    We will be fine!

  57. dickey bennett


  58. Give me a Racoon, please.

    Hell yes!

  59. J A Brooks

    51) We want Bennett the most. He can very effectively play the 3 or 4. Amile is a very small 4 but I would still love to have him cause of his Motor. We’re all out after Bennett now and we’ll probably hope to land 1 out of the Pollard/Jefferson mix

  60. Yes!

    The First Noel!!! (At UK)

  61. Dane Brammage

    I love this kid, Nerlens.

    Thought CAL’s Christmas surprise was our first Noel.

    He will Rock!

    I am STOKED!!!!

  62. Zach

    Get hype with me big blue nation!!!!

  63. wildcat44

    You are correct Mr. Darling, we got the Flat Top Feller. What about it Turley, Fake Barney, etc.? Maybe Matt won”t be so negative tomorrow. I say we ain”t finished.

  64. BlueBallin'


  65. Mt Washington Mike

    Where is that big mouth prick Richard

  66. badknight

    Nerlens Noel = Nine

  67. Wildcat Will

    So will it be fear the flat top now. I am going to hang up my brow shirt and wait for my flat top shirt. GO BIG BLUE

  68. nkyukfan29

    Nerlens Noel: #BBN yall ready to get #9 ?!?!


  69. Paratrooper

    this Nerlens kid ain’t a liberal commie, is he?

  70. mocha

    Love it.

  71. Chris from Richmond

    YES!!! I love it when them colored boys do crazy stuff with their hair!!

  72. 13th. Grade

    #42, I was thinking the same thing. Glad we were wrong!


    WOOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BBN IS GONNA LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OOPS!!! ALREADY DO!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  74. ClintPaul

    Do you know how much better Will Cauley will develop having to play Nerlens in practice? Davis and Nerlens have affected us 105%!

  75. Ridge Runner

    Exactly what I wished for!!! No disrespect to Bazz…but I hope y’all know what I mean.

  76. bung

    hood will make us forget bazz…welcome nerlens…

  77. Blue Balls

    TEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEE !!! Suck it G town! Nanny nanny boo boo stick your head in doo doo! Ok im done

  78. Ihatetennessee

    Where you at Richard tell us about louisvilles 3 star recruits

  79. WestWorld

    Flat Top Feller! @turleycurd1

  80. Reality

    Hey RICHARD!!! Louisville Shots Gettin’ Blocked…..By Mr. Flat Top!!!

  81. He

    Noel’s hair is called the box…. Fear the box!!!

  82. Rixter

    If Indiana and Louisville are really our biggest competition next year, this is going to be as easy as Jurken your Peter!

  83. Lisa Mac

    Someone please photoshop Nerlens with a unibrow and Anthony with a flatop.

  84. calstrophycase

    Ill have a #9 please…hold the vacate…Ucle MMMMMBAHAHAHAHA!!

  85. Bulldawg

    Kentucky won the Nerlens Noel contest but Matt has decided to give him to someone else….

  86. Richard

    Who cares about some high school boys? It’s baseball season!

  87. Musehobo

    81) That means sumpin else too

  88. John Ellis

    I’m confused, does Nerlens block shots with this hands or his hair? If Kidd-G comes back, you’ll see that undefeated season. And wasn’t it nice to have a BBall event where that guy with the short erotic attention span wasn’t mentioned?

  89. ClintPaul

    Almost worth watching that 90 minute anal probing called a selection show….. like paint drying. I blame Lebron, 30 minute would have been plenty.

  90. sleepylfd

    NN just tweeted, “BBN–yall ready to go get #9?!?!” it’s going to be another GREAT BASKETBALL season!!!!!!!!!!

  91. TIM

    WELCOME……….. to BBN Nerlens Noel… can’t wait till the opening of opening night in the Rupp.. 🙂

  92. Musehobo

    Stop being a Richard …Richard

  93. Frankenstein

    See Block City.

  94. Ridge Runner

    Richard….meet da flat top feller on your way out!

  95. Azubuike's Bicep

    86- That’s usually what the fourth place basketball team says.

  96. BossHog

    Welcome to the family Nerlens! Unlike Shabazz, you will soon realize that there is simply nothing else in college basketball that compares to being a Kentucky Wildcat!

  97. The Blue Goose

    Those poor high school kids had a lot of pressure on them and looked a little uncomfortable in front of the camera….but none as uncomfortable as Dave Telep.



  99. Richard

    I’m here, and I have Swop’s di** in my mouth.

  100. Mt Washington Mike

    can’t wait to see the CAT mascot with the Flat Top

  101. hole

    65 Hes got a mouth full of big prick..

  102. Doug

    Hey Nerlens!!! Nice job on the back of the head. You can put #9 on the sides because it is coming. Jefferson and Bennett next. Teague comes back(hope). WORLD DOMINATION!!!

  103. KingRex

    Nerlens for Nine baby!!!

  104. blitzedanddazed


  105. Cat89

    #13: Love it!!

  106. Chicago84

    The intelligent guy announces UCLA and the other guy is ‘taking his talents’ with UK shaved into his head.

  107. Bradinmississippi

    Flat Top Feller!!!

  108. Bulldawg


  109. Dane Brammage

    Ke NN Tucky !!!!!!!!!

    K NNine

  110. Steve C.

    Chris Fisher called Shabazz to UCLA and Noel to UK 6 weeks ago. Chris has the best sources of all the UK sites. Good job Chris.

  111. Bluefins

    #65, #78, #80 hahaha Richard is conspicuously absent. Man, it must really suck to be a cardianal fan. All they have to look forward to is the same ol shit, mediocrity.

  112. Rixter

    The ‘intelligent guy’? Didn’t you hear him? He’s going to UCLA?

  113. Dr. Blue

    2011 = Year of the Unibrow

    2012 = Year of the Hi-Top

  114. coco

    everyone unfollow shabazz on twitter!!!

  115. Dane Brammage


  116. Woo's Gummy Snacks

    thank you nerlins… legitimized us in one swift move. i hope you enjoy your time in lexington. you are dearly loved

  117. Gocats

    Can’t stop the top

  118. mdd34

    I wanted Noel over Shabazz!! I was concerned about the NCAA warnings from a month ago about him. Good luck to Shabazz though, wish him the best, SO LONG AS IT DOESNT GET IN THE WAY OF UK AND NOEL!!!

  119. The insider

    His hair style is called a box or a high top fade…. Not a flat top!

  120. trouljaboy

    My first tweet in forever this morning:

    @NerlensNoel3 18th birthday is tomorrow… Pick UK for me?

    Your welcome.

  121. Richard

    Dang it! We have to wait 7 months!!!! I heard a lot of “I” with Shabazz, I heard a lot of we when they interviewed three of the new UK players! Cal does not get enough credit for the “WE”, that is what won this years championship. Also, it is easier to teach a big man offense than it is to teach him defense, Noel already has the defense down! I still think we are going to get one nice suprise from this years team, one of the guys will be back! Approximately 210 days to wait! I was also impressed with Bennett when they interviewed him, he may come if all of this years team goes! WOW!

  122. cape coral cat

    Welcome to the family!!!!!!!!

  123. Section 133

    Saw Nerlins at Pazzo’s back on feb.12. People knew who he was, yet largely restrained themselves. Gotta give give these guys some room.

  124. Kentucky Bass

    #9 is as close as Anthony Davis’ eye brows.

  125. CatFanNLville

    MKG just tweeted Nerlens welcome to BBN Ha Ha 9 is fine!!

  126. paducahfan

    Pretty brave kid to come to UK and immediately get compared to Anthony Davis.

  127. Cat89

    Nerlens, welcome to without a doubt the most exciting place for college basketball on the planet. You are going to learn more, develop more and increase you opportunities more here then you could have possibly imagined. Be smart listen to what coach Cal tells you, trust your teammates and most of all have fun kid. You just made everyone’s day in the BBN!!!

  128. TBone


    Demarcus said it best: This isn’t a spelling bee.

  129. TBone

    @114 Show some class man. He made his decision. Time will tell if he was right or not, and likely either way he’ll be fine. Either place was just a layover to his NBA career. Would have loved to have him, but all the same Kentucky isn’t for everybody.

  130. kentuckyrules

    MKG sported a small flat-top in the B&W game in the pre-season :)….

  131. Briscoe Darling

    I understand that Nerlens suppressed the tsunami that took place in Indonesia today.

  132. Billy Hunter / NBA union

    I’m going to have to order more hats for next year.

  133. Rich Peteeno

    OK, fine. But who was MVP of the Derbylcious classic? Huh?

  134. SweetWm

    HEY !!! don’t forget that we will have Jon Hood next year .

  135. katmandue2you

    I saw Nerlens in Nawlins (La.)…walking down the street…said hello to him as he past by….at the time was walking beside some Buckeye fans…they said, “who was that”…i said “see, that’s the difference between us (BBN) and everyone else….we know who that is…he’s the number one prospect in the nation” and that is likely why he will be at Kentucky next year”.




  137. IndianaHoosierHypeSquad!!

    Aww how cute, the little boi got a 5 dolla cut on his 2 dolla fade. Can’t Wait… watch my boi CZ 40 tear.him.up. He gonna be overhyyyyypppped. HypeSquad Out!

  138. Mudcreekmark

    I have said it from the start, Jon Hood will be a factor before he leaves UK. Next year would be a good time to start contributing.


    I think this will seal the deal with Oriakhi. He will be a cat. Any guards left at this point or may be Teague will come bake

  140. noels buddy

    We need Lamb…and we’re set

  141. coldspringmike

    121-was also impressed with the 3 UK guys and Bennett when interviewed. They all seemed like good kids and we will get Bennett, just MO.


    #137 Incase you missed it we got number 8.And took the IU team to the woodshed.

  143. mjblue2

    @81 You can call it the box, you can call it the high top fade, Turly Curd from Nonesuch is gonna call him that flat top fellar…



  145. Shamrock11

    #46 nice old school reference. Bring on Bennet or Oriaki now. Sorry for Shabazz, he’s going to miss out on a title run, and rarely make prime time playing on the left coast. GO CATS!



  147. IndianaHoosierHypeSquad!!

    Ey 146…three five seven nine..wildcat puss’s know how to whine! Y’all a buncha cheaters and can Neva be pure like Waterfords buzza beata! Ya dig?? #hypesquad!

  148. Cameron

    147- You know your team is good when the only thing you can brag about is beating UK in the regular season, while watching them win number 8 this 8pril. Stay hyped, we’ll just keep winning championships. Go Big Blue!

  149. theSkinny81

    147: …says the guy who’s team just got off sanctions for cheating. Lmao

  150. who?siers

    Watford got it handed to him when it really mattered. Cheaters? The only reason you guys are where you are is because Adidas is funneling through Indiana elite right to you.
    You made a sweet 16. Whoopty doo! and you barely pulled that off. it is so rare for you to beat us that you rush the floor. win something that matters and then come talk trash to a school with 3 straight elite eights, 2 straight final 4s, and reigning national champs.
    P.s. We won the game that mattered…. By 12, and hung triple digits on ya

  151. Laughter Ensues

    So Noel is going to be a threat of breaking Davis’s shot blocking record. Does it count if his flat-top blocks a shot? That seems very likely. Nerlens Noel averages 3 blocks per game, Nerlens Noel’s flat-top averages 1.6 blocks per game. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

  152. mark marion

    matt what is going to be John Hoods status next year?