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Nerlens Noel on his block party

Nerlens Noel held his own media opportunity this afternoon to discuss his record-breaking game at Ole Miss and how he’s been on a tear over Kentucky’s last six.  Though he’s well aware of his opportunity to make history — he’d like to break Davis’ record but isn’t following the numbers — Nerlens made it very clear that his focus is on working hard to become a complete player and to lead the Wildcats far into the tournament.

About those five blocks with four fouls in Oxford, Noel said Coach Cal told him he needed to stay cautious because the team needed him on the court.  But Noel knew he wasn’t going to be as effective if he stayed back, so he did what he needed to do.  “We wanted to win the game and that’s a game we really needed to win at this point of the season,” he said.

And tomorrow’s game at Texas A&M?

“We definitely owe them something.  We’re a different team from last time.”



Article written by Drew Franklin

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46 responses to “Nerlens Noel on his block party”

  1. Musehobo

    He “held his own media opportunity this afternoon”? Really?

  2. Brian

    They will WIN in College Station tomorrow, their a completely different team then the last time they played them. This is gonna be a dangerous team in the tournament

  3. MadTex

    #1 you’re a fool and #2 I completely agree with you!!!

  4. NerlensFlatTop

    #1, just may be the University was getting a lot of call to talk to him about this record, so they set it up?? You’re not a Cat fan.

  5. Thatsashame

    NN to A&M: “Come get some.”

    I love it. Go Cats!

  6. fan

    I am not sure how different of a team we are from a few weeks ago. no doubt we played our best game this week but to say we are a different team is non-sense. This team has limitations (leadership, consistancy, etc.) We will beat A&M because Turner wont get 40, but this team isn’t going deep in the tourny….no depth.

  7. Sammydog

    I feel a blowout is coming tomorrow. Go Cats!

  8. #TheRealBBN

    With Nerlens breaking records and Wiltjer bringin the “Slamma Jamma” there’s no doubt we’ll go far come tourney time. #BBN

  9. Crizzle

    Slamma jamma? I’m guessing your on the wrong side of 60 lol

  10. Ryan Harrow's Flu Bug


  11. HeyDummie

    6 we’re a lot different. Kyle Wiltjer scored ZERO points the last time we played them. If you think he hasn’t improved you aren’t very smart.

  12. #TheRealBBN

    i guess you didn’t watch the game when Wiltjer gave Henderson’s Squad the “Boom Shaka Laka”

  13. Wall2Cousins

    6 shoot yourself please!

  14. Vendetta Stuff


  15. Musehobo

    3&4)I guess it’s completely inconceivable that a UK fan would dare question the necessity of a press conference for a tertiary record being broken. Or is it that a UK fan would never question UK basketball at all? How many records have been broken in the last 4 years with Cal, and how many “record breaking” press conferences have we had? I am in no way criticizing Nerlens. I have no problem for him getting eternal attention, as I recognize that’s what brings them (5 stars) here now, and gets them to the NBA later. I can still question the necessity of this, and should be able to do so without my own turning into a bunch of sniveling morons with giant internet testicles.

    As it happens, I was ecstatic watching Nerlens go off on Ole Miss, and calling “troll” the first time you disagree with someone is juvenile.

  16. BetterTeam

    #6 go troll the Looserville cards webpage.

  17. Musehobo

    Ugh, you all are now doing it to other people.

    Its called OBJECTIVITY. He recognizes our weaknesses, and knows everything won’t be healed after 1 good game (remember the Auburn game?). While his tone is a bit on the negative side, this “troll” stuff makes me embarrassed of our fanbase. Cut it out.

  18. theSkinny81

    15 – This isn’t the first time I’ve disagreed with you….. troll.

  19. #theRealBBN

    Completely agree

  20. Musehobo

    18) Thanks for proving my point.

  21. HeyDummie

    17 most of us know a troll when we see them. They usually use the same names: UK Freshmen, BBN, Fan, UK Fan, or something similar. I don’t think you are one but 6 definitely is. There is no OBJECTIVITY in that post.

  22. Musehobo's mom

    15- Kentucky held several player specific press conferences last year featuring MKG and Spiderman. And it is not uncommon for a player to be called to be interviewed during pregame press activity. Why you’re making a big deal about it is hard to determine… you should probably just move on with your life.

  23. Dave

    The big fella is growing up and i hope all of the youngsters continue to follow. I firmly believe Noel is the leader of this wolfpack right now and if this continues this group can be something special. Go cayts!

  24. Musehobo

    21) “Fan” can be a surefire sign of a troll. It can also be the sign of someone who doesn’t comment often. But I don’t see how anyone can accuse someone who says this team has leadership and consistency problems a troll. Disagree if you want, but those are actually fair evaluations of this team. There are no derogatory remarks or pot shots in his post at UK. If you want to say he’s negative, fine. But troll? Give me a break.

  25. fan

    not a troll…just not a delusional fanboy. this team is sweet sixteen…at best. that is ok with me cause we got #8. you really think Archie, Julius, and Harrow will be a tournament run worthy back-court??? delusional.

  26. fan

    I am a new poster, not a troll. You guys gotta get real about this team….

  27. Musehobo

    15) I’m not making a big deal out of it. It’s really not that big of a deal, it was a simple observation. What I’m making a big deal of, are the trigger happy witch hunters that seem to have all collectively grouped in this topic, with torch and pitchfork in hand, ready to cry “troll”, and indict anyone with whom they disagree. I can’t believe there is not one UK fan here that would stick up for #6.

  28. HeyDummie

    24 no derogatory remarks or pot shots? seriously, you’re sounding more naive with each post. Let me point one out to you: “no doubt we played our best game this week but to say we are a different team is non-sense”…no, it isn’t non-sense. We weren’t playing as a team then and communicating like we are now. Again, Wiljter had zero points and played 19 minutes. He wasn’t playing defense well then and wasn’t aggressive…that has changed. Also, the last couple of games Archie and Harrow have taken less shots and have had more control.

  29. TheEraser

    27 – why would anyone want to stick up for someone who could only come up with “fan” as their name? lame, no thanks.

  30. B-MAN

    I’m not a big fan of criticizing trolls for the their lack of basketball knowledge; given their primary talents revolve around bridge guarding.

  31. fan

    I forgot that we play a good game or two, and all ails are cured. we are talking about the same team that barely beat LSU, less than a week ago? if all of sudden they turned into a contender, in one game, I must have looked away too soon. i see the improvements but we are still the same team that goes on 10 min droughts…get real. if wiltjer is in foul trouble, who is scoring?

  32. Musehobo

    I don’t disagree with you about your opinion on UK. I actually really hope we are a different team now. But there’s a difference between disagreeing and accusing someone of not being a fan. Furthermore, you gave a very logical response to an observation he made. Pot shots and derogatory remarks are cheap shots and hold no ground whatsoever. He didn’t say anything that Cal hasn’t said about this team already!

  33. LansingCat

    You guys are having a biiig nerd fight right now. Thanks for entertaining me.

  34. Musehobo

    31) It’s useless, give up. I don’t know why I get into internet debates with people. It’s so hard for some people to articulate rational thought. I’m out.

  35. Big fan

    I agree with #29!

  36. super-fan

    will you stick up for me now? is my name better? We are little better than we were a week ago….you fanboys think we are contenders now??? I just ask: GET REAL

  37. Shane

    Musehobo. I have no need to comment, you said the words that were in my head. People need to lay off Musehobo. All he is doing is thinking rationally and logical!

  38. jpo


  39. Super Duper Fan

    How can you not see the improvement after the way these Cats shredded Ole Miss top ranked defense and after stopping the scoring juggernaut that is LSU? Might as well engrave the trophy #9. Woo-Hoo

  40. MC

    I agree somewhat with “fan”. After the Auburn game it seemed like the team may have turned a corner, regardless of competition. Then the LSU game happened. The team struggles with consistency. In 10 minute stretches they look like the best team in the country. Then the next 10 minutes they can look terrible. I do think they should more toughness and energy in the Ole Miss game which was exciting to see. It would be nice to see them put a streak of a few games together to show that they’ve truly turned the corner. If Wiltjer is off the rhythm of the game changes. If Noel gets in foul trouble, the team is in big trouble. If the team can get more consistency, and play with the passion they displayed during the Ole Miss game (backs against the wall attitude) they can make a run.

  41. squirrel

    I just hope they worked on their FT’s….It will make it much easier..

  42. Lee

    Crizzle, what IS the wrong side of 60…?

  43. Joy Ireland

    I love this guy! He’s the real deal! A class act. You rock, Nerlens! GO UK!!

  44. ScoretheBasket

    The team is different from when they played A&M the first time. Several players are demonstrating more confidence and a better understanding of their role on the floor than when we played them the first time. In fact I would say they are closer to be called a team today whereas the first time they were a collection of individuals on the court. None of us know the team that they will be after another month of practice, competition and actual game situations. An injury or lack of recovery from an injury could put this team in dire position. We are seeing a group of inexperienced players grow up before our eyes. Sit back and enjoy the maturation. If it continues for another month, they will be very, very competitive in March and we will all enjoy watching.

  45. Neil

    Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  46. Dane Brammage

    The Block Panther