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Nerlens Noel Gets a Visit from Calipari


One day after beating Florida, what does John Calipari do? Well he flies to New England to try and get the next generation of superstars of course. Calipari went to watch the high school game of Nerlens Noel today, showcasing the new #1 ranked player of 2012 that the Cats have much love for his services. He was joined at the game by Billy Donovan, who after seeing Anthony Davis in person likely decided he needed his own version. Noel is expected to decide very soon and will be visiting UK’s campus next weekend. Losing Davis will be a huge blow, but it might have the softest landing possible if that “flat top feller” ends up being next in line.

Article written by Matt Jones

22 responses to “Nerlens Noel Gets a Visit from Calipari”

  1. nick watson

    I wonder what Cal and Billy D talked about. #UKhateweek?

  2. Blazer85

    Get Him Cal!

  3. UKFanInCincy

    I want him!

  4. Travis

    Flat-top feller…sounds like Sling Blade. #TeamTurley

  5. Ric D

    I was under the impression that his “Flat Top” was photoshopped, but I couldn’t focus because of my dogs barking too loud…

  6. SagaciousMind

    If your gonna have a flat top you need to keep it nice and trimmed. His looks nappy a lot of the times lol But we love that flat top and want him in blue!!

  7. Dunker

    Please bring ur kenny walker/kid n play flat top to Lexington!

  8. ShawnP

    Shouldn’t Billy D. be in Gainesville working on his team’s inside game for THIS year or has he thrown in the towel already?

  9. HillbillyInBC

    8 – Why bother working on that which does not exist?

  10. Shabazz Buzz

    Noel is a done deal. What’s the latest on Shabazz? Sulking that he is not the No:1 any more? lol

  11. Mack

    If Cal gets a couple of the top 10 players that are left the NCAA will call for a common draft.

  12. Tim Wilson

    Ugh Matt Jones Nerlens Noel already committed to UK. I saw him in a UK jersey.

  13. Blue Ender

    Amile Jefferson also received a somewhat short visit today

  14. Kdog


  15. iWantToBeTheDrewFranklin

    We have to get the flat-topped feller…Davis re-make

  16. Catsfando

    I’d love to get Noel but I don’t think we’ll see another Anthony Davis for a long, long time. The young man is so special, he’s a once in a lifetime kind of player. Humble, coach-able,team first, unselfish, whatever I can do to help us win, gifted athlete who’s just scratched the surface. It’s a shame we only have him for a year. He may very well have been the greatest ever to play at UK. I hope Noel comes and does his best and develops his offensive game here.

  17. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    16…he would ABSOLUTELY be the best UK player ever even if he only stayed 3 years.

  18. phillipe

    Just hoping that flat top feller ain’t scared of no barkin’ dawgs!

  19. Curly Turd

    that’s what I thought that Turley Curd guy said his name was the first time he called in. Curly Turd. I think he did say that. My dog sometimes makes curly turds. Kind of like soft-serve ice cream. This Turley dude HAS to be a prank. Even my 79 year old dad knows photoshop, and he’s from eastern Kentucky.

  20. Mr Obvious

    Perfectly put.

  21. Katbluefan

    All of us BBN people need to BELIEVE that we will be back in the hunt next year after we loose so many this year. Coach Cal will reload for next year and there are a lot of good players out there who will want to wear the Blue.

  22. one-n-done

    he looks like smokey from friday…….