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NCAA Statement on Newton Have Enes Foreshadowing Language?


At this point, when it comes to the Enes Kanter situation, we are all just reading tea leaves. No one knows what is going to happen and we all are looking to some external source for potential insight. With that in mind, it is worth reviewing this statement by the NCAA President that dealt specifically with the Cam Newton case. It is rare for the NCAA to explain its decisions with a second statement, and the unique nature of the Cam Newton situation likely led to the action. Amongst a great deal of boring Newton-related stuff is this line:

In the Cam Newton reinstatement case, there was not sufficient evidence available to establish he had any knowledge of his father’s actions and there was no indication he actually received any impermissible benefit. If a student-athlete does not receive tangible benefits, that is a different situation from a student-athlete or family member who receives cash, housing or other benefits or knowingly competes and is compensated as a professional athlete

One has to wonder if the line about “compensated as a professional athlete” might not at least be subtle foreshadowing of what is to come on the Kanter decision…either Friday, or whenever it is finally given. It of course might mean nothing (and likely does), but with little else to do but wait, it is worth considering. I still think Enes being reinstated is not likely, but possible. My hope is that it happens, and if it does, UK is immediately a Final Four contender. If not, then we celebrate the team we have. But either way tomorrow (assuming it indeed comes down tomorrow) will be a “hit refresh” kind of day here around KSR.

Article written by Matt Jones

55 responses to “NCAA Statement on Newton Have Enes Foreshadowing Language?”

  1. GoCats2010

    Just turned my KSR Twitter mobile updates back on, lets do it

  2. Enes Burns

    Enes B. Free

  3. BBN

    If Enes does not win his appeal, the NCAA offices should be burnt to the ground.

  4. Wentaukgocats!

    Maybe Enes’s dad should have shopped him around for cash – total BS if he doesnt become eligible.

  5. TBone

    F5 key polished up and ready to go.

  6. Doubledynasty2010

    Hey Matt, this is the appeal for Kanter, so isn’t that a completely different group of people than those that ruled on Cam Newton?

  7. Wesleypipes

    Selby received money and Kansas is paying it back. I think the Kanter family and the university would have an excellent basis for a lawsuit against the NCAA! FREE BIG TURKEY!

  8. KYWineman

    I personally hope that no decision comes tomorrow. The longer the committee takes to make its’ decision, the more the odds shift in favor of reinstatement with the delay being over the magnitude of the punishment. The NCAA has no deadline to meet.

  9. Doubledynasty2010

    The point being… They wouldn’t put language in to foreshadow what they r doing because it’s not even the same people

  10. Jen

    Reading ksr and watching kstv! I heart Matt Jones! Free Enes!

  11. mjj2k+

    What makes this even more silly is the way the NCAA handles other sports. There’s the well-known Chris Weinke-type cases, where a player can be paid millions to be a professional in one sport, then be an amateur in another. What’s lesser-known is a sport like tennis, where it is COMMON PRACTICE for top programs to recruit foreign athletes who have competed as PROFESSIONALS, in tournaments that award prize money. And the NCAA is A-OK with that.

    Totally nonsensical. If Kanter remains permanently ineligible, the main reason will be because he’s too high profile, and too good of a prospect. No one pays any attention to college tennis. Lots o’ people pay attention to basketball.

  12. Define Irony

    You don’t “celebrate” the team you have if his final appeal is denied. You wonder what might have been if our Coach hadn’t taken such a reach on a longshot and left us with two stiffs on the inside who gotten eaten ALIVE by UConn’s frontline.

    I’m sorry but this decision by Calipari was a boneheaded one. He should have known better with UK and his reputation this wasn’t going to happen.

  13. Soap MacTavish

    #6 – That’s what I was thinking too. This is a statement by the NCAA President, not someone on the appeals committee making the Kanter decision. At least that’s how I understand it.

  14. Han

    Masouli — kicked off team, allowed to play immediately under the “My grad major wasn’t offered there” excuse/abuse of rule.

    Selby — took benefits knowingly, allowed to pay it back and sit 9 games.

    Newton — cheating and theft issues at Florida, dad shops him to Miss. No evidence he did anything wrong so he plays.

    Kanter — only takes money for tutor/school, saves extra in case needs to pay it back. Comes to prep school to get into college. Dad pulls other son out of Turkey system because it’s trouble. NCAA decides this is a pro who can never play college ball.

    And people wonder why UK fans think there’s a conspiracy against us?

  15. Han

    12) To be fair, Vargas was expected to be a solid contributor and no one knew for sure/really thought Orton would be going pro with his numbers. Most of the recruiting was long done by the time Orton went with the others. (Many of us really thought Bledsoe would be back, too, up until his draft stock really started rising.)

    There’s also the very real, very practical issue of schollies for next year’s super class. Would you rather have a decent year this year and have that extra schollie for next year, or would you rather have another freshman, probably a 3-4 year player, using that schollie?

  16. Issel's two front teeth

    #12 really! If you remember, most of the high ranked 5’s had already signed, and there just was not many quality bigs left. We were talking about signing guys like Mel Turpin’s son, and what was he ranked. Coach was scrambling to find a big when he signed Kanter. I have met Kanter, and he is a great kid! It was worth a shot.

  17. BBN

    I doubt the Kanter’s would bother with it, but I also think a lawsuit against the NCAA based on the Supreme Courts equal treatment under the law decision in the Jerry Tarkanian case. However, one thing you learn from the cases you study in law school is that the NCAA rarely loses.

  18. Ukhokie

    NCAA response was likely in response to the criticism by the USC (west) athletic director regarding the comparison to the Bush case.

  19. Enes Burns

    Bruce Pearl is a thief, liar, fornicator and rogue and still has a job. Only at UT. He must a fat chick in the SEC Office he’s breedin.

  20. BBN

    A lawsuit against the NCAA under the precedent set in the Jerry Tarkanian case would be reasonable under the circumstances.

  21. kyhoopnsc

    They made that statement in response to USC Athletic Director Pat Haden comparing this to the Reggie Bush ruling. Nothing to do with Kanter but I do see how it could fall in the same bucket

  22. ukchampion

    they’re talking about kanter i know they are. rats.

  23. huge ky fan

    to be honest i think hes gonna be eligible there is mutliple reasons like he turned down tht millon dollar contract also cam newton got eligible and hes already been caught cheatin i think tht ncaa needs to quit hatin on ky and lets us get enes but 12) 15 is right no one expected orton to go cause he averaged 3 minutes and 3 points a game also he had more goaltends than blocks he made a terrible decision but also vargas was to hyped up he was suppose to be a decent player but hes weaker than harellson, and i dont understand how harrellson hasnt learned anything from bein at ky cause hes had to practice against kanter, patterson, and cousins

  24. Enes Burns

    Reggie got paid.
    Cam/Cecil got paid.
    Selby got his cut.
    Enes got his and owned up to it. NCAA take the 30 G’s and allow Enes to be unleashed.

  25. The Rookie

    The NCAA is plain old ignorant. Amatuer and professional sports in Europe are fundamentally and totally different than amateur and pro sports here. There, prodigy athletic talents don’t play “little league” sports or even high school sports. They and their families are moved to club sponsored academies where they start receiving coaching of the highest levels from clubs like Fenerbace or other big European club teams. Those teams invest in the kids and their families in the hope that when they become eligible to sign a pro contract (age determined by country), they’ll sign a pro contract that day. The kids sign a contract that day and guess what? It calls for them to get money. Consideration anyone? That’s what’s holding Enes up. The NCAA has now made a ruling the effect of which will be that any kid who demonstrates athletic prowess at a young age such that they’ll attract pro interest in Europe WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL. Either that or their families will have to reject the only conduit to professional sports in their home countries so that some 8 years later they might MIGHT have a chance to play college ball in the US of A. Meanwhile, back in the States, Cam Newtwon steals a laptop at Florida, gets kicked out of school and goes to JUCO for a year, giving his dad the chance to pimp him out for a second time, which he does, and gets caught, and the NCAA HAS NO PROBLEM WITH IT. Really? Really?

    p.s. Does anyone really believe that Cecil just started pimping when Cam got to Juco? Do we really think that Florida didn’t pay the kid coming out of high school?

  26. Coach Norman Dale

    BIG BLUE NATION: I would hope that you will support who we are, not who we are not.

    The current UK players have made a choice to work, a choice to sacrifice, to put themselves on the line for the next 4 months to represent you, this university.

    That kind of commitment and effort deserves and demands your respect.

    This is your team.

  27. mjj2k+

    12- Name the player he should have signed, genius. Name the guy significantly better than what UK has right now with Harrellson and Vargas who wasn’t locked up by January (or whenever the Kanter recruitment started), and would have been willing to come here without knowing whether Orton would still be around.

  28. Enes Burns

    27) Dakota Euton

  29. CatScratches

    I have waited awhile before making a post about Kanter. I have my “sources”. Really they are just “blue hairs” who are family friends. They occasionally go out to dinner with the people in the know with UK sports or get replies to texts from them. Here is the info that I’ve gathered from a few of these on how things went down yesterday and why the athletic department is very pleased with how things went.

    Just like Matt said they would, Sandy Bell preached about Kanter’s intent to stay an amateur by turning down large sums of money. Basically it was summed up that Kanter had turned down contracts and gifts multiple times that would have ended up being over two million, and his family only asked for money to pay for their sons schooling.

    Kanter gave testimony about his intent to play college basketball for many years. That he and his family had spoken about it when they realized he could play basketball for a living was possible and that he and his family decided it would be better for him to attend some high school and college in America before electing to play in the NBA.

    And what has been a rumor going around on other websites, I got a conformation from two different people that the NCAA did speak during the meeting. They read a statement about the facts of the case, their findings, and why they came to the decision. Then they gave a recommendation. They recommended that Kanter be eligible to play for UK. From my understand and my sources understanding, what happened was this: The NCAA ruled against Kanter because they had no choice. Based on the rules they set for players who participated on professional teams outside the U.S., Kanter broke them without question or dispute. No word on why they recommended him to be eligible though, just that they did.

    Now to the bad news. Even though all of these things happened, UK still feels its a long shot. They know that no matter how you look at it, Kanter played on a professional team and accepted a large sum of money in doing so (no matter how the money was spent). Some people cannot see passed that.

    The most interesting thing I found out in these conversations, is that no matter what the ruling is, everyone feels that the NCAA will go back and modify their rules that would allow foreign prospects a more clear cut path to take to become a NCAA student athlete.

  30. EasyE

    28) LOL i hope you are kidding

  31. GoCats2

    #31 I may not believe in your name but I believe in what you say.

  32. BBN

    Free Enes or else!!!

  33. GoCats2

    Yeah the Easter bunny is the one who ressurrected Jesus after he moved the stone trying to hide eggs.

  34. BS

    What they didn’t say is that it’s all about $$$. Seriously, football is a huge money maker, more so than basketball (at least from the NCAA standpoint). Here, you got a clearcut Heisman favorite playing on the number 1 BCS ranked team (How’s that for marketing, selling tickets, TV contacts, and advertising slots for Championship game). But the thing that really pisses me off is that the NCAA can have its cake and eat it too because they can go back two months from now and rule him ineligible and strip Auburn of all their wins…. by ruling Newton eligible now they can make all kinds of money off him and then worry about “doing the right thing” later.

    I cannot believe that an institution as big as the NCAA has no check and balances. I mean, seriously, they are the judicial, legislative and executive branch of major D1 sports. They can basically do whatever they want and the only people that end up getting hurt are the schools and fans. I mean do you really think reggie bush gives a darn about the fact that USC is on probation NOW or has scholarship deduction NOW? His mom got a freaking HOUSE and he makes more money than several country’s GDP….

  35. IL Cat Fan

    Here is my two cents and prediction: Enes plays beginning in February after a 20 game suspension. Go Cats!

  36. aengr

    Don’t forget…the current President of the NCAA was the president of the university of WASHINGTON when Kanter re-kanted and chose the cats over the university of WASHINGTON……i guess if he won’t play for WASHINGTON he kan’t play for anyone else…….just because your paranoid dosen’t mean they’re NOT out to get you……

  37. Ciprain zassu

    My sources tell me that Enes (from my neighboring homeland) has indeed been freed. I know this because I am Romanian and Romanians and Turks are tiiiight. Maggard <3

  38. iWantToGrowUpAndBeTheDrewFranklin

    It’s not happening, we need to move on. If it does happen though I promise to come here and eat crow. #FREEENES.

  39. JMFATZ47

    He was ruled “permanently ineligible” by the NCAA. They did this due to “cut and dry” rules. As far as setting a precedent, I don’t think this ruling will be that opportunity. They will stick to their original guns and keep him ineligilble. With that being said, rules will be CHANGED in the very near future in which outline a more clear path for foreign players to maintain amateurism and play college ball. Its a shame b/c the NCAA is SO POWERFUL. It would literally take a mass onslaught by ALL major colleges to even create a mere dent in the outer surface. If only they could go by common sense then this would be so much easier. Instead, you have cases (Masoli, Newton, Selby, Sidney, etc) who show ZERO consistency…..or logic. Thats whats so f’d up about all this. The Selby situation is mind boggling.

    Why did Kanter mover over here?

    Does he even need money anyways? He could go study art and quit playing ball and still be set for life.

    What is this really all about?

    Can yall believe that this is the one situation in which the majority of the talking heads are actually taking sides with UK/Kanter?

    Why did they clear him to practice?

    Did he even use any of the money “given” to him?

    Does the 13k sitting in a frozen account mean nothing?

    What did Selby spend his 6k on that Kansas is paying back thru scholarship? Where are these meticulous records?

    What the hell?!!

    Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t feel goof about our chances. The sad reason why? It makes too much common sense to rule him eligible.

    If his appeal is declined, I would take that 13k and go apeshit and finance the biggest going away bash of all time. Screw em……..may as well have some fun with the cash……..ask Josh Selby, I’m sure he enjoyed his “free” 6k from Carmelo’s agent.


  40. jp the wildcat

    PG Brandon Knight
    SG Doron Lamb
    C Enes Kanter
    PF Terrance Jones
    SF DeAndre Liggins

  41. UKhoopshysteria

    Ineligible. However, the rules will be changed to allow Duke to recruit a dynamite foreign player next season.

  42. Lou eaton

    The comment regarding “professional play” was solely directed at the Kanter situation. Professional involvement had nothing to do with anything related to the Cam Newton case or any other that I can think of right now. It was a message re: the outcome of Kanter……..

  43. billy

    #12 if you don’t like Calipari coaching at Kentucky why don’t you just come right out and say so.

  44. GummyBear

    45.. No, it was directed at the Reggie Bush situation.

  45. RichieFarmer'sMustache

    43) I think I like this lineup even better if Kanter is cleared:

    PG Liggins
    SG Knight
    SF Miller
    PF Jones
    C Kanter

    Knight seems to be so much more effective off of the ball than he does at the point position.

  46. aka

    In the Cam Newton reinstatement case, there was not sufficient evidence available to establish he had any knowledge of his father’s actions and there was no indication he actually received any impermissible benefit. If a student-athlete does not receive tangible benefits, that is a different situation from a student-athlete or family member who receives cash, housing or other benefits or knowingly competes and is compensated as a professional athlete – AKA – WE MAKE MORE $ WITH CAM NEWTON IN THE SEC TITLE AND BCS GAME THEN WE DO WITHOUT HIM. FREE ENES!!!!!!!

  47. oboylerules

    #25 and #42 need to be the only comments read about the topic. Well said fellas!!

  48. dhighdrated

    i don’t think this is foreshadowing. seems more like they’re covering their tracks. the appeal 3rd party will make the ruling not the ncaa. they had their say in it already

  49. Al's IndiCats

    What’s really being said is
    A) Newton’s old man whored his son out to the highest bidder. Now my question is, How much did AUBURN PAY for his services? @ UF, how many laptops were involved? I’ve heard as few as 3 and as many as 14. How come UF didn’t press charges against him? With so many things this kid has done in the past, I ask why was the NCAA so quick to rule on his eligiblity in such timely manner? Is it the money that Auburn would make if they go to Championship game?

    In the Kanter position, here you have a kid with the help of his parents play basketball on a club in Turkey and (as far as we know) didn’t recieve any stepends other than room, board, and educational benefits and be ruled ineligible, AND you have a player in Kansas who knowingly recieved money, spent the hell out of said money and just has to sit out a few games.

    Folks this isn’t what you’d call a democracy, not at all.

  50. All Leftists are Enemies of the U.S.

    One need not see any anti-Kentucky bias in the NCAA’s inconsistencies. Rather, the NCAA rules interpreters and enforcers are just buffoons. They are capricious, and demonstrably evil. They are enemies of all that is right. Even if they FREE ENES, they can never atone for their numerous misdeeds, including their initial ruling against Enes.

  51. Ashley Judd

    I hope Enes is freed as well but to say Harrelson hasn’t improved is crazy! Dude has been solid outside of the UCONN game. I will say he is our 2nd best rebounder and he is a solid defender. He needs to learn to take a charge from time to time since he isn’t a serious shot blocking threat. But he rotates properly unlike our hero Terrence Jones(but what do you expect from a freshman this early)

  52. K.2000.Y

    Lets get to the heart of this matter…IT’s Kentucky, and nothing more need be added..
    Folks the NCAA hates UK and everyone in and around the and running of the program. (my opinion only)
    Then throw in the “Lighting Rod? Coach Cal, you have the makings of real trouble from the NCAA.
    Go back to the Eddie Sutton days, they wanted to give the death sentence , but felt a 3 year probation, 2 year ban from from past season, Fire the coach, and AD, then they would not give that death sentence. Tell me, what school has got anything like that, even program who did things just as bad…
    Again, they hate Kentucky to the core, and to help them win anything, thats just going against everything they believe…
    IMHO, they will not let Enes play

  53. enes

    The NCAA will have a double standard until the are challenged in court. The Kantors sue on behalf of their son.

  54. enes

    The NCAA will always have a double standard. The schools like UK have their hands tied and can’t do anything except appeal. The Kantors should sue the NCAA. Only after being sued and having to fully explain their actions could you expect the NCAA to change their ways.

  55. aka