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NCAA looking at changing some rules

If there’s one thing we can pretty much all agree on, it’s that the NCAA sucks. However, they seem to be interested in sucking less, so much so that they are researching ways to improve the rulebook governing college athletics by slimming it down. Of course, some might say that it is not the rules so much as the inconsistent application of them that makes the NCAA the laughing stock that it has become, but at least they are trying.

According to documents obtained by the Birmingham News, an NCAA working group is considering several changes to the rulebook as it stands now. Among the most notable are…

Allowing transfers in all sports to play right away. This would eliminate the one-year rule that is currently in place in basketball and football, among other sports, which keeps athletes from being able to play at a new school immediately upon transferring except in special cases such as hardship and graduation. Ryan Harrow and his not-so-husky voice wishes this rule was already in place so he could play right now, but in this humble blogger’s opinion it seems like eliminating the obstacles to transferring could cause more problems than it solves.

Reducing restrictions on athletic dorms, which were eliminated in the 1990s. Instead, the NCAA wants individual schools to establish their own policies on housing athletes.

Allowing coaches to speak publicly about unsigned recruits, either during the entire process or once they are committed. Social media and technology have made it more difficult to monitor these comments and the group says that it is arguable whether such comments would truly create an advantage.

–Expand restrictions on third-party individuals in the recruiting process who are hired by schools for non-coaching jobs. These rules already exist in basketball but would be extended to other sports.

Here are some of the other possible changes covered by The Birmingham News:

– Eliminate restrictions on the number of off-campus recruiters at one time. The rule was adopted to contain costs, but the group found no evidence that it has worked and said it’s hard to enforce. This was the so-called “Tiger Prowl” rule related to Auburn football coaches blanketing the state in stretch limos.

– Give schools more freedom to govern what happens on official visits by recruits. Eliminate rules once put in place to address isolated cases of perceived recruiting advantages.

– Eliminate rules about how to scout opponents since video is now widespread. The Division I Legislative Council still prefers prohibiting live scouting in all sports except for same-site competition games.

– No longer require coaches to become annually certified on NCAA rules. Schools would be responsible for educating coaches about recruiting rules.

– Let schools have earlier access to recruits in all sports, starting on June 15 after the recruit’s sophomore year of high school. The idea is for recruits and schools to make more informed decisions.

– Remove restrictions on what schools, conferences and the NCAA can provide for team entertainment, such as professional sports tickets and movie tickets.

– Give schools greater discretion to provide financial relief to family members of an athlete who are sick or injured. The bylaws would remove the reference of “life-threatening.”

The NCAA needs fixing, and this seems like a start. We’ll see how much of this comes to bear, but at least they’re taking a swing at reworking a rulebook that basically everyone thinks is a joke.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.

16 responses to “NCAA looking at changing some rules”

  1. sevenisnotenough

    The must be sensing the coming of the four super conferences.

  2. GoCats2

    Is there anything about opposing teams fans not ruining gameday?

  3. Rupperee

    If they don’t change the 1 year transfer rule for athletes, they should institute one for coaches who switch schools.

  4. Beavis

    Number one should be fire Mark Emmert.

  5. Jman3715

    Elimination of the transfer rule will cause chaos.

  6. kdh2011

    Elimination of the transfer rule will treat the players more like humans and less like trading cards the schools are trying to collect.

  7. Holmes Hall Alumni

    That transfer rule will create chaos (as #5 pointed out). Could you imagine, coaches will be all over our campus recruiting kids that aren’t getting the playing time them or their parents think they should get? Would actually probably help UK more than hurt (right now with Cal). But, could you imagine how absolutly CRAZY it would be, half of a team could transfer if they are upset with a coach. CRAZY!!!

  8. Han

    7) They could at least make it that if your coach leaves/is fired, you can transfer without sitting out.

  9. Holmes Hall Alumni

    #8 – agree!

    Not sure exactly how to best handle that situation, but the kids ALWAYS get screwed under the current system. Schools may think twice about firing coaches, maybe.

  10. Dukesucks

    Agree with #8 schools can take scolys from the kids due to one year annual schoolarship at least let player have same option

  11. Furry Beaver

    HAHA, so if this was interpreted correctly…

    The NCAA wants to allow “coaches to speak publicly about unsigned recruits” becaue it’s too dificult to monitor


    “Expand restrictions on third-party individuals in the recruiting process who are hired by schools for non-coaching jobs”

    Yea that’s a doozie. Proof they don’t learn from their own mistakes. Stop monitoring “this” because it’s too difficult but monitor “that” because we should, even though it’s even more difficult to monitor that the first one.

    How about this NCAA… monitor when I should do a two flush when a take a crap.

  12. stevie

    I’m with #4: Fire Emmert’s ass. As UK fans we should make this our #1 priority. AND, this is not a joke. W/O going into detail (I am counting on UK’s fans–drunk or not) to bring the heat on Emmert. There is no way to feel comfortable with this idiot!

  13. stevie

    Not really; I am used to UK fans mouthing a lot, but not following through with their convictions. My God, I wish that we were as determined as either UNC or Duke. I would give all I own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. RulzSmulz

    I was hopeful there was something in this involving the terrible block/charge rule that is ruining the offensive game.

  15. Bledsoe's Biceps

    7) I don’t agree with your argument. If the players are that upset with a coach, they should have the right to leave without penalty. ie. Billy Cluelesspee’s antics. This then puts pressure on the coach and/or school administrators to actually address the problem. Could it be abused? Sure. But that will be an exception and not the rule. It also gives athlete’s the freedom to transfer if the NCAA punishes the current team for things that happened before they were even on campus. I’m all for giving the athletes more freedom to leave.

  16. Bledsoe's Biceps

    And I agree with # 1. You have to question what is motivating them to consider easing up on their overbearing controls. It could be something else, but I suspect it is due to the NCAA administrators sensing they are teetering on the edge of a mass exodus, that will make them extinct.