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NBA Scouts: Nerlens Noel is the clear No. 1 pick

Earlier in the season, Nerlens Noel was in the discussion for the coveted top pick in the NBA draft but he wasn’t the clear cut No. 1 selection.  Now, at least two NBA scouts believe it’s Nerlens Noel and then everyone else.

“Nerlens has been separating himself from the pack,” one scout told  “He has taken his shot-blocking to another level. He’s the best interior defender in the game.”

“He is improving,” the scout said. “He never takes a bad shot. He shoots a high field-goal percentage. He had a 19-point game the other day. It is all ahead of him because he is so young. He reclassified to come out of high school a year early. Brilliant upside!”

A second NBA scout told the website that gets better every week offensively and he dominates the game defensively.  “Nerlens [is] No. 1,” the scout said.

If he does go first overall, Nerlens Noel will be Calipari’s third No. 1 overall pick in four seasons at Kentucky.  Only Duke has had three No. 1 picks and it took 48 years to do it, from 1963 to 2011.

Go Cats.

[ZagsBlog: NBA Scouts: Noel Now the Clear No. 1 Pick]

Article written by Drew Franklin

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29 responses to “NBA Scouts: Nerlens Noel is the clear No. 1 pick”

  1. Logan

    What a badass

  2. H.A. Milton

    How is Noel not in the convo for POY? I mean, I know Creighton is SUCH a juggernaut, but McDermott? Really?

  3. NerlensSays

    “Get that sh**t outta here”

  4. Raylan Givens

    Another poll BBN needs to take over about the best freshman in the country. Ready go…

  5. Hh

    I think Ryan harrow should be player of the year because he’s so good. NOT. He was on the cal show in the weight room lifting his 1 lb. Jazzercise weights.

  6. John Ellis

    Hmmm, perhaps this will generate some AA talk and player of the year talk. He’s really been penalized for following Davis, who had the best freshman year in BBall history. He only pales slightly next to Davis and last week he was Davis. If he’ll get the alley oop timing down he’ll get there yet.

  7. sonic boom

    “don’t bring that weak tot action!”

  8. kadizkat

    If I were to be like some people on this site, I’d start talking about how bad a player he is, can’t shoot, can finish, etc. You know like most trolls that show up here. I guess some of these NBA people know a little more than the trolls. I am happy for him, he seems to be a great person and a hard worker, that should take him far in the NBA and more importantly, in life.

  9. Dumbledore

    He’s a Serge Ibaka in the making – yes, please.

  10. LansingCat
  11. Intelligent Much?

    Glad you are so well- qualified to disparage Harrow, #5. As Nerlens would say, “Get that sh**t outta here.” You are an Idiot.

  12. H.A. Milton

    Harrow is softer than warm butter. He begs to come out of the game when the wind changes…

  13. Hh

    #11, you hurt my feelings so bad that I will never say negative things about harrows again……….until after 1pm. And, when he stinks it up again or asks to come out of the game again, you can cheer for him. I love Noel. He’s great. Thinking you know & looking like a a$$ h$$$.

  14. Nerlens Noel

    Since I’m taking you to school, don’t forget to take my famous “Sack Lunch” with ya!

  15. Intelligent Much?

    I will cheer for Harrow. Not so much for “harrows” as you call him. I will support him throughout his career at UK. If that makes me look like an “a$$ h$$$, that’s fine.

  16. Laker Cat 18

    Just think, if Poythress had the motor and competitive drive as Noel, he’d be a top 2 pick as well.

  17. Harrow

    12 and 13 insults from people who couldn’t even hold my jock strap don’t bother me, so keep talking. If either of you want to meet for a game and see if you can outplay me, let’s do it.

  18. James K

    I never thought about that, with Nerlens… he really doesn’t take bad shots, like, ever.

  19. Truth

    #17, that’s probably my biggest problem with harrow. He couldn’t guard me or go around me on his best day.

  20. Who'sTruth?

    19 yeah that’s easy to say over the internet where no one can see how fat and out of shape you are.

  21. BBN

    @ 7 – AWESOME!!! That commercial is the best one they have done hands down!

  22. Suit Up

    Yes, I think Y’all should challenge Harrow to guard you. I’m sure he’d leave quite impressed.

  23. Julius Randle

    Hmmm… Anthony Davis, UK, #1 2012… Nerlens Noel, UK, #1 2013… Julius Randle #1 2014 ???

  24. JT

    I love having him on this year’s team, but think about if he didn’t reclassify. He’d be a part of our ’13 class. Ridiculous


    Think if Noel wasn’t on the team this year how ridiculous that would be. I’ll bet there would be “fans” actually calling for a new coach because we would be so bad.

  26. I. Melvin

    The perfect scenario: Nerlens #1 – everyone else comes back.

  27. DJ

    If you throw Rose in to the mix, Cal will have 4 number 1 picks in 6 years.

  28. Hh

    #20, your right. Just like you & the rest of these people talking out the side of their face. You don’t know, but I do. Booty who!

  29. Doug E Fresh

    These photos of defenders with Nerlen’s Nads on their face are becoming all too common…hilarious…