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Most hardcore UK tattoo ever?

We’ve seen a lot of UK tattoos over the years, but this one may take the cake. Over at, Anthony Wireman uploaded this picture from a fan, which begs the question: what’s on the thumbs?

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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66 responses to “Most hardcore UK tattoo ever?”

  1. Franko

    Stupid. First.

  2. mocha

    one thumb has “Andrew” and one thumb has “Aaron”

  3. twnky

    thats the most god-awful tattoo ever. but i bet tyler bray thinks its dope!

  4. jpizzle

    On the thumbs? My guess is bacon grease…

  5. DaveTV

    Wow. That is sooooo stupid.

  6. Big Blue Coming at You

    Like most tattoos, that’s just dumb.

  7. me

    they will never ever ever regret that

  8. SexnNursinHomes

    I would love to be punched in the face with those hands. What a damn honor.. True Blue!!!

  9. Marty

    I know that had to sooooo painful…. but sooooo worth it! Haha

  10. asdf

    As big a UK fan as I am, I would cringe if that guy showed up at my desk for a job interview.

  11. Ronnie Mingua

    What a moron.

  12. Miss Nomer

    Well — I guess ombre is pretty trendy now.

  13. Turrible

    Just turrible, that is all

  14. Thomas

    That is my tattoo and it was done at Southern Steel in Wise, Va. Thanks everyone for putting me down and calling me names but to each his own as i will be praying for each and everyone of you!!!!!

  15. Thomas

    By the way there isnt anything on my thumbs. I can up load the pic to prove it.

  16. dave

    I’ve got quite a few tats. Not a fan of that one, though.

    I hope he’s self employed.

  17. bill

    guy probably has a white collar job…probably has a diploma from UK too

  18. Welfare

    Congrats on your new distinguished career. It’s called unemployment

  19. Mr. Purnell

    14. I hope you wear gloves during football season.

  20. tltaworl

    Thomas, I love the dedication!

  21. Regret

    Thomas- Why would you get such bad lettering done??? thats not even close to the UK font, which I believe is why people are critical.

  22. tltaworl

    Geez, why the hate on this guy? Somebody needs some lunch. Hungry makes 18 cranky

  23. SexnNursinHomes

    14- Haven’t you figured out the world is made up of a population of Self-Appointed Judges??
    Who cares what they think. Tell’em to kiss your ass and move on.

  24. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Yep. That’s the most hardcore. Which is what I’m sure he was going for. Bravo, sir.

  25. asdfa

    Tattoo made even better when you only see his right hand and it says “U WILD”

  26. gossie21

    I just cannot understand why anyone would want to do that to their body. It just looks awful.

  27. tbradg

    8. That was perfect. “…a dayum honor!”

  28. SexnNursinHomes

    27- tip of the hat to you sir..

  29. Thin Line Beard Guy from UL

    Would love to hangout with this guy..

  30. jaws2

    Is that permanent? Surely this was done at one of those face paint booths before a game at Rupp. If not, all I can say is wow.

  31. Who

    And this site has the nerve to rip on Louisville fans. Just be honest. Kentucky has horses, a few hot women, and truckloads of wiggers and rednecks

  32. Ronnie Mingua

    Thomas, you better pray for your own soul because you are going to hell for that Godawful tattoo. Please tell me you were drunk atleast. Good thing we have welfare.

  33. CourtJudge

    One thumb says NO..the other says BAIL….

  34. Laker Cat 18

    This guy was either drunk or lost a bet. Either way, I feel sorry for his wife for having to take those hands out in public.

  35. Tattoo Myth

    Hello. I have tattoos all over my body, including hands and neck. I’m a former tattoo artist who
    also has a resume working in the business field, specifically banking and construction. I have
    never, on merit of my resume, had a problem getting a job in an office. Contrary to popular
    belief, tattoos are NOT job killers. If you’re great at what you do, are responsible, dependable,
    and willing to WORK, no tattoo will stop a smart businessman from hiring you. Of course
    this assumes you know how to put on a suit and clean yourself up when it’s appropriate.
    All you feeling smug about not having tattoos are just trying to feel better about yourselves,
    and God bless you if you need that.

    As for the person damning someone to hell for tatts, God bless you too, honey. Jesus
    died for me AND my tattoos. Amen.

  36. Thomas

    #32 I Love the way you are judging me so just remember what the Bible says you will be judged for what you judge others for. I will be praying for you though. Yes it is real and it wont wash off, it was me and Rob’s idea to do this and im so Thankful that i got it and for all of the people that like it and all of the ones that dont. GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  37. Republican for life

    Terrible tattoo = unemployed = Democrat

  38. Smiley Pete

    Thomas, why did you pick that font? It doesn’t look anything like the UK logo…

  39. Michelle

    This is my husband’s tattoo and he didn’t give anyone permission to use it on this site. He is the biggest Kentucky fan I know and loves his tattoo. He has many with the original style and wanted something different. #18 We are not on welfare, are you ? If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, keep your opinion to your self. He could care less what anyone thinks, he loves it and it’s his body. Judge if you want, I’m sure most of you have things about you I wouldn’t like, but I don’t care as long as it doesn’t affect me. For the nice comments, thank you. For the rude ones, to each his own 🙂

  40. Ronnie Mingua

    Thomas, I pray for you because you are misguided. Leviticus 19:28 states “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your fleshfor the dead, nor print any marks upon you.” Also 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. I didn’t write the book but i’ll be happy to be judged on tattoos because I don’t have any. Not to mention one that looks like crap like yours does. I hope he gave you a discount.

  41. dave

    I know of a few companies that will not employ a person with tats on visible areas. The military will not allow you in without a waver. It’s problematic or can be. That’s all I was saying.

    No bust on the guy as I’ve a few tats of my own and think tats are great.

    Thomas, do what you do. I just didn’t personally like the aesthetics of the tat. To each his own, though. I’ve got a tat just above my hands on my wrist and two on my forearms. More than likely, I’ll get more later.

    Tats are definitely not a job opportunity killer. Visible tats do became problematic with some employers.

    For those who thinks only criminals and thugs have tats, at least one of your former Presidents and several members of Congress have tattoos. I knew quite a few Army and Navy Officers who have tats. Nearly every Green Beret and Seal whom I have met has had at least one tattoo. I know of many business owners who have tats and some of those ARE on their hands. They own their business and can make their own rules.

    And if God doesn’t like tattoos, he can kiss my ass. He’s a sorry genocidal piece of shit anyway.

  42. dave

    they need an edit button on this blog…

  43. dave

    Apparently, I was wrong. 35 US Presidents have had tattoos. Maybe having a tat is a sign of criminality. lol

  44. kes

    37. im a democrat and season ticket holder for basketball and football for over 35 years. and i promise you, i could buy and sell your candy ass

  45. kes

    40, take that ish outta here!


    WHAT A MORON!!!!

  47. Tiny Hands

    Hey isnt this the guy from those old Burger King commercials?

  48. Unemployed

    To all of you who think its funny that some of us are on unemployment, you’re real classy. Over 1000 miners have been laid off this year. We have families just like every body else I promise it’s not to damn funny to us! Republican or Democrate has no bearing. There is a war on coal and it will effect everybody.
    #18) their is a huge difference between welfare and unemployment. Learn the difference.

  49. Rusty Shackleford

    I might could have handled the outlining but the blue fill would have been killer.. Not much flesh on the back of your hands……

  50. dave
  51. Will S

    This man has no wrists. Forearm straight to hand. lol. I still think its pretty cool, though. UK fans go hard

  52. Thomas

    #40 I think you need to read Matthew 7:1-2 and see what it says. I have 2 tattoos of Bible verses and God hanging on the Cross. If you dont like tattoos then that is your decision but i like mine and im happy i got them. By the Ronnie you called me a moron to i guess you think thats ok in GODS eyes as well. You live your life and let me live mine how about that. I will pray for all of you about the name calling and judging because you will need it and when i stand before GOD i will be judged for what i done not you. Thank GOD for what he does for me and my family i have been really Blessed.

    By the way Mrs. Tyler Thompson who give youall the rights to put my tattoo all over different sites.

  53. Matt Jones

    You did when you put it on the internet.

  54. Matt Jones


  55. Michelle

    So Mr. Moron Matt Jones, what internet site did my husband put it on since you seem to know it all? Some of you people make me sick to put it nicely 🙂

  56. rainman

    F N

  57. rainman

    Thomas don’t try and defend yourself against
    these idiots, they will only bring you down!
    It’s you’re body, if you like them thats all
    that matters! Me, I kind of like them, but
    won’t wear Tats on my hands!

  58. wldctky

    anyone that would do that to themselves is an idiot!!!!!

  59. Sir Kess Carney

    Hail yah!

    I’ll har ewe.

  60. Faye Cart

    Nice fine point Sharpie work.

    Them fangrz must smell butt crackuhlicious.

  61. Laurel

    Well I have taken the time to read through all of these comments and so I gather that some think he is on welfare, moron, and going to hell, well evidently I was raised much better than most of you because I was taught that if I didn’t have anything good to say about someone or something to keep it to myself. It is a sad time when a person can’t get the tattoo he wants on his on body. Whether I like or don’t like his tattoo it was his right to get it so people need to move on to the important stuff in life. So in other words get off his back and let him walk awhile.

  62. Thomas

    Matt i really dont like you calling me a Moron so from now on i will not order anything from this site and when i get the chance to see you i hope you remember seeing me at a UK game last year as i thought you was a pretty good guy but i guess we see different. I dont like calling anyone a name but i will do this i will pray for you and all of the rest of the people on here that have good and bad things to say about me. Hope everyone has had there fun over my tattoo and May GOD Bless You All!!

  63. wabaco

    I think it’s funny that some of you are condemning this guy to hell for having tattoos yet a vast majority of Kentucky athletes especially basketball players have them. Hell, even some football players have been branded like cattle. It’s 2012 nearly 2013, most employers will simply ask you to wear long sleeves in an office environment. I know this because I’ve been asked to do just that at my current job as I have two sleeves. Personally, it’s traditional lettering which is always nice but I wouldn’t get it. Props to you for the dedication to your team and to you for being wild. #25 had the best comment by far. I’ll see you guys in hell maybe we can play a pick up game with current and former basketball players.

  64. Rob Kinman

    To begin with I know Thomas and he is definitely not a moron, stupid, dumb or any of the other derogatory words you wonderful people used to describe him. I am amazed at the irony of people attacking a persons own choices and decisions and calling them stupid, moronic, dumb, uneducated and such in the same manner as someone fitting those descriptions would do. What we refer to as the pot calling the kettle black. Many of you have no stable relationships, likely numerous divorces, possibly illegitimate or estranged children you don’t care for very well or at all so I couldn’t possibly expect you to understand being unconditionally committed to something. Thomas however is unconditionally a fan of u of k. The reason why he didn’t pick the UK font is because I chose not to use it. Thats right, i did his tattoo, and I do have a B.A. He already has a tattoo with the traditional old wildcat font so I chose a font called Tattoo lettering, imagine that. For those of you who don’t like tattoos fine but why would you dog some one because they like something different than you do. Please be smart enough to realize just how little your personal opinion means to either of us. I could sit and name call like you all have but why. For example, when a dog barks at me as I wal down the street I merely overlook it. That app,use here as well. Good day and God bless

  65. Fake Ryan Lemond

    If you read it backwards it reads AlYassir Outtacrap, probably the work of an Muslim Extremist Tattoo Artist.

  66. Matt Jones

    #62.. you know anybody can type whatever they want into the name section. I didn’t write that thing about you being a moron and im also not matt jones, …it probably wasn’t the real matt jones writing that either