More Harrison Twins sightings

The Harrison Twins are HERE and they are popping up everywhere. Welcome to the madness, fellas.

(H/T Dylan James)

Article written by Ally Tucker

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16 responses to “More Harrison Twins sightings”

  1. Chaz

    I’m thinking those two young men between the twins are about the size of most of the guards the Harrisons will be taking to the paint this season.

  2. Kool Kat

    The one in the red is just a freshman at Sheldon Clark H.S. and in Inez, My and can shoot the lights out.

  3. Miller

    Andrew on the left and Aaron on the right, I can tell the difference!

  4. Red Bird

    I didn’t know one of the twins are white.

  5. WeAreUK

    It’s the opposite miller. Andrew is in the right and Aaron is on the left.

  6. Stop Hammer Time

    Who was the one that got abused by Quinton Snider (a junior)? He dropped 25 points on one of the fart smellers.

  7. Mc

    #6) I think it was the one in the yellow shirt.

  8. 2013 CATS

    No F in prisoners!!!

  9. Corndog

    Boy in the red shirt is a big kid for a freshman in high school. 6’3 atleast. Probably 215. Looks like a runt next to those two.

  10. Fewfirstchoice

    The kid in red form Sheldon Clark (Dylan James) is about 6-2 200lbs so yeah your close on his size. Also there is no way he finishes his high school days in Inez playing for Sheldon Clark. Then kid can ball and he will transfer somewhere that matter soon.

  11. Snooki's a UK fan

    So which one is Mary Kate?

  12. matt

    #9, that kid is no where near 6 ft. 3 amd probably weights about 160 lbs, just another dumb uk fan!

  13. Adair Co.

    The kid on the middle left is Kel Stotts a coming Freshman at Adair Co. He is just shy of 6′.

  14. Mc

    #12) If #10 say’s he’s 6’2 and near 200 pounds, and the twins are 6’5 210, he’s pretty close to 6’2. Maybe 6′ 1.5 195. He doesn’t look anywhere close to 160 pounds.

  15. 4bigblue

    All you UK Haters get off UK Site. I guess the only reason your on our site is you don’t have one.

  16. UKCatsRedsColts

    I’m glad they’re finally in LexVegas.
    Wonder twin powers ACTIVATE.
    Andrew Harrison >>>>>>>>> Quentin Buttsniffer Snyder