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Mitch Says Joker is Good


On the pregame radio show, Mitch Barnhart noted that Joker Phillips will be given time to turn the program around and essentially said he will return next season. He said he believes in Joker Phillips and that he will have a chance to make the necessary changes to the program. Now go in the comment section those of you who called KSR idiots for reporting this two days ago and apologize. We still love you.

Article written by Matt Jones

96 responses to “Mitch Says Joker is Good”

  1. greg1161

    fan disrespect. just send your money and swallow it

  2. Mitch Rapp

    “joker will have time to turn it around?” he was the one who wrecked it !!!!

  3. matthew hh

    way to stay classy Matt

  4. Mitch Rapp

    Season ticket holders: #refusetorenew

  5. Bertway

    Good Point , #2. The program didn’t need turned around until he turned HeAd Coach. We were already turned around and on our way up.

  6. kevin higgs

    they need to frie mitch and joker there makeing kentucky football a joke next year will be the same so they want to lose fans there stupid and need be frie hell western kentucky going to a bowl game and were not you tell how the hell joker going to turn it around next year

  7. Holden McGroin

    he said he didn’t stutter, Joker is here to stay.


    the fans are right on how dumb and asinine this administration really is. We are getting busted by 40 at papa johns next year. Hopefully Mitch will pack his bags with joker next year.

  9. Mike

    DITCH MITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    barnhardt controls you like jurich does. you dont know anything about football.

  11. wheeler

    Not to long ago everyone want Rich’s head.

  12. Tom Leach

    UK Football will always suck. They are the best at missing opportunity. The most skilled at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Incompetence reigns.

  13. catfan

    I’d say Joker has already turned the program around. Now get a coach to clean up the mess.

  14. Jesus Chrysler

    …yeah cuz Urban Meyer wouldn’t touch Mary Jo Perino

  15. big deal

    11. we beat a bunch of cupcakes and Petrino left UL thats how we got to all those bowls. LSU was the best team brooks beat his whole tenure. When we start winning 5 games in the SEC call me. Barnhardt is an idiot and this was his most expensive mistake. Its essentially a good thing because Barnhardt can go out the door with him.

  16. so impressive


  17. KYStout

    Please, please tell me he didn’t use the phrase the Joker will be given time to “turn the program around”. Why does the motherflipping program need to be turned around in the first place?

    Because of Joker Phillips, that’s why.

    When I die I want to come back as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats – get millions to fail repeatedly. Best JAY OH BEE in the world maybe.

  18. The JOKE is STILL on us!!!

    Barnhardt is deliberately thumbing his nose at all of the Big Blue Nation because he knows he’s got a long-term contract with a recent boost in pay. Barnhardt may be close-minded, self-righteous and stubborn as a jackass, but he’s no fool! He knows he’s got plenty of goodwill in reserve due to his hiring of Calipari, and he knows there would be a handsome severance package awaiting him if the Board of Trustees terminates his contract for failing to fire the Joke. We’re TOTALLY SCREWED. Another miserable season, yet another year of bottom-feeding. And the windows of opportunity for several viable coaching options with proven success will be forever shut. No Joke.

  19. James

    UK Football < Vandy Football…what else needs to be said? THEY SUCK AND BARNYARD SWALLOWS JOKER!

  20. Jim

    That’s good info to know…makes it easy to not renew those season tickets….look for many empty seats next season….no UofL game to sweetin the pot next season.

  21. Blue haze

    Just another year of business as usual for UK football. As Long as there are butts in the seats nothing will change..

  22. Rusty Shackleford

    11 – If you dont understand the difference in the two situations, you are an idiot. Big difference in being given more than two years to turn around a team on probation with no players and taking a team that has been built up and gone to 5 straight bowl games. As for me I will watch todays game and then I will be closing the door on my UK football support. Good luck with your coach Mitch.

  23. Essence of Hypocrisy!

    I’ve always heard that Barnhardt is a bible-toting man of faith and wholesome family values. Does he not even care that Joker has had a well-chronicled extramarital affair?? Is that the image he wants portrayed of our program? What kind of an example does that set for our players?

  24. Free KSR

    Calling your blog supporters idiots just because the don’t support all of your views? Wow! I bet that is a great long-term business strategy.

  25. The Truth

    So he’s going to have time to turn it around? To what? To the way it was before he took over and screwed the whole damn thing up? What a joke. He is not the answer. Just go ahead and chalk up 2012 as a waste.

  26. Happierboy

    Barnhart & Joker must go. This makes me sick to my stomach. It also proves that we’ll never have a football program.

  27. Bonkrshr

    Well chronicled ???
    Spill it then

  28. ChickenPOTpie

    Reverse racism

  29. 3 and Out

    Joker sucks! Mitch swallows!

  30. KSRisaWorkKiller

    #25 – where did Matt Jones call his blog supporters idiots? I think the term could possibly be used for you b/c you can’t read properly but nowhere did Matt Jones call all of us idiots.

  31. BigBlueWestCoast

    Seriously, trolls. There is a DIFFERENCE between reporting FACT and having an OPINION. Matt has bashed Joker as much as anyone with a media credential. Just because this site REPORTS what is actually happening doesn’t mean it SUPPORTS what is happening. Go bitch about something else. You’re showing you ignorance for all to see here.

  32. Tom Leach

    Barnhardt is not stupid. He knows that UK Football fans will support the program no matter what. The fans are the stupid ones.

  33. Kevin54

    BAd choice in my opinion. Joker had time to “turn the program around” when he started here during the Brook’s tenure. When the stands are empty next year he will regret this decision.

  34. Joe

    Matt, you can apologize when Mitch does fire Joker after the season is over. There is no use being so arrogant.

  35. HackRichards

    who the hell cares?

  36. UK FAN

    Look forward to another crappy season and bad football. I’m so happy Joker is here for another year so he can continue his downward spiral of making the program worse.

  37. Nashwan

    Matt, I have thought all along you were on point. But, I must say this will set the program back at least 4 years. I really am stunned that we refuse to invest in the Golden Goose that is football. It will take big boosters like Setzer and his boys to force a righting of the ship. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a number of successful enterprises business wise and the one thing that I learned from those is that this is the kind of move that only realizes setbacks.

  38. Joe

    I see s lot of empty seats today at Commonwealth. Thanks Mitch and Joker. If the Basketball Program suffers because of you clowns then there will be h*ll to pay.

  39. Jerry C

    Time to turn it around? He has turned it around! We used to be decent, now we’re not! What happened to taking it to the next level and all these great recruiting classes that joker brought in. Coach in waiting? Wasn’t the purpose of that to be so we wouldn’t miss a beat? Now he gets time to “turn it around”??? Far ’em both!!!

  40. Computer Blue

    If the program is not any better next year, Mitch should leave with Joker.

  41. Ares

    The only thing that will bring about change is if season tickets drop dramatically. Curry was fine until people just stopped going. Delaying the inevitable.

  42. Kelso

    Dont forget Mitch gave us Coach Cal and all the other athletic programs have improved under him!!

  43. MNCat

    Well, at least we know what to expect next year. A bad offense. An overstretched defense. Lack of leadership both on the field and in the locker room. No fire or spark. And a douchebag marketing slogan. On the upside, UK football has become a model of consistency.

    I want this team to win so badly. But Barnhart’s decision-making has left me hoping that we lose every game next year by 20+ points. Only then will someone take some control and actually figure something out.

  44. UK22

    43. thank you. i mean i want to see the football program be just as good as anybody. but the reality is..we will never go to a BCS. Fireronzook websites actually gets attention because its a football school. asking for jokers head will never get any attention. no one is even hearing or caring about the stability of this uk football program because they dont have to. w WE ARE A BASKETBALL SCHOOL. WE ARE NOT FLORIDA who can do both.

  45. Admiral James T. Thrustmaster

    Unbelievable. I was starting to really get into UK football the last couple of years with Brooks, oh well… What a shame that the university still doesn’t want to improve after all of these years, but rather maintain the status quo 🙁 Same level as when I used to go to games as a student over twenty years ago!!!!

  46. Walter Sobchak

    If Joker “voluntarily resigns” what Mitch said would still be true.

  47. Dave

    Can you people not read? This is a report on something that Barnhart said.

    Matt relayed the message.

    He didn’t agree with it or disagree with it.

    Some of you f*cks need to go back to school.

    RIF, bitches, RIF!!!

  48. Nashwan


    If you think Mitch was behind the Cal hiring you are misled. He was told by the powers that be (i.e. the big athletic donors) that essentially if he wanted to keep their donations coming in, that Cal would be coach and Billy G. is to be gone. That is the reality. Mitch gets zero credit for that one. Sorry.

  49. Catfan1881

    Fire Mitch since hes that stupid. Put some heat under hes arsh.

  50. greg1161

    empty seats ? haha the same ones that are full today will be there next year sucking hind tit

  51. markp

    Mitch was wrong to not keep Hal Morris, wrong to keep Tubby as long as he did, wrong to hire Billy Clyde, wrong to name Joker coach in waiting, galactically wrong to actually name him head coach, and, par for the course, wrong now. I hope and pray he is just putting up a front just before the UT game. If not, then he should be fired and Todd’s should be kicked in the rear for giving him the extension as he was walking out the door.

  52. Admiral James T. Thrustmaster

    #49 I agree completely. But we are competitive in more olympic sports than any other team in the SEC now!!!

  53. UKGoBigBlue

    The Clock has now started ticking on Joker & Barnhart. Season ticket holders might as well set their money on fire instead of buying tickets because we are going to get pounded next year.

  54. Hoss

    Why be such a dick, Matt? It really shows your insecurity.

    You are Terrence Jones flexing after dunking on a 5-9″ guard.

    You’e beeter than that, dude. Or, so I thought. Wow.

  55. Charlie Strong


  56. poop

    Jones, I have liked you and what you do here, for years. But lately, you and your site have not been the same. Can’t put my finger on it, perhaps too much ego. I’d say dial it back. Your site is NOTHING without those who read it. Keep that in mind.

  57. UK 77

    What’s a better job than a weather man ?? UK Football Coach

  58. Catfan1881

    Done with Jones too. Mitch suck. Sell out!!!!!!

  59. Ken

    Joker has already turned the program around.Before him, we were winning. Why is it that the University just HAS to have a black coach? didn’t they learn their lesson with Tubby?

  60. MDcatfan

    Keep up the good work Matt. MM and his friends don’t speak for the majority

  61. OwensboroDavid

    Matt Jones is a Barnhart suckass. If Mitch farted Matt Jones would shoot out his butt. Any logical person can recognize Joker is tanking what progress the football program has made. Wasn’t the whole purpose of making Joker the coach in waiting was to not have to give him 5 years to make his mark? All the while UK football fans get to watch UofL resurrect its football program.

  62. UKalldaWAY

    Whhoooooaaa Ken…that racisim shit needs to heaf down to a Tennessee blog.

  63. The Big Dog

    Turn the program around? I’d say he’s already turned us around. Five straight bowls and now we are back being the doormat of the SEC cellar. Great job Mitch!

  64. Nickster79

    Win or lose today, Joker needs to go. Here’s why:

  65. Kevin54


  66. Kevin54


  67. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I don’t like this at all, but, I thought Paw-Paw was a terrible choice until the 1st time we went to the Music City Bowl. I’m not confident in Joker at all, but I hope he proves me wrong just like Brooks did.

  68. Stickman

    Hoss Says:
    November 26th, 2011 at 1:07 pm
    “Why be such a dick, Matt? It really shows your insecurity.
    You are Terrence Jones flexing after dunking on a 5-9″ guard.
    You’e beeter than that, dude. Or, so I thought. Wow.”

    No, he’s not. I was hoping when he got the CBS online gig that he’d fade away. No such luck, he’s like a bad penny. He’s like Barnhardt in that respect.

  69. NostraDanis

    Warning to KSR; try not to be as big of dicks as Barnhart is, he has much more experience.

  70. Jamal Meeks

    67 these are some of the same people that think its still Barnhardt and not Barnhart even though the guy has been here since the early 2000s. Are you really surprised?

  71. Hoss

    66- c’mon, window licker. Matt just posted a big fat “Nanner-nanner boo-boo” to those who thought things would go differently than he did.

    A 30-something man with multiple degrees, a radio and TV show just basically verbally flipped off half his listener base.

    See, I didn’t even need caps to prove you wrong.

  72. john

    Can we get a media member with a back bone to actually report Joker’s off the field activities? Infidelity = only way out of this mess.

  73. Catfan86

    Must say I agree with pretty everyone here who is bashing Joker and Mitch. But I still have to show some support for the football program. Because its not fair to the Young people who come to kentucky because of how great the Big Blue Nation is and the fans. Some dont understand the reason the seat’s aren’t filled is because people are protesting joker and mitch and not supporting the players.

  74. Hoss

    73- you wouldn’t even have to ask if it was a basketball coach.

  75. kyiswheretheheartis

    I’m all for it, and sick of hearing fans complain. Grow up.

  76. Jokersucksmydong

    We suck!

  77. Kevin54

    72–So half his listener base called KSR idiots?

  78. Hoss

    deflect much?

    Very few that I saw, but more than half thought/hoped the was wrong and said so. If you truly believe that Matt posted this for the few folks that called him an “idiot” and not as a crowing piece to his inside connections and a sheer testament to simply being right, you’ve got bigger problems than simply backing a lucky braggart.

    Go check CatsIllustrated FB board for Matt’s verbose posts made at the altar of his own ego and aimed at no one in particular. Clearly, a class move all the way around. Whatever was I thinking?

  79. Hoss

    I really like Matt, but I hope his words bite him in the arse on this one.

  80. Madtex

    Hey #73 – It was just reported that you guilty of infidelity. YOU’RE FIRED Boy!!!

  81. loublue2

    We beat the worst Tennessee team I have ever seen…this is pitiful that we run on the field after a “win”…this is what it has come to.

  82. loublue2

    We beat the worst Tennessee team I have ever seen…this is pitiful that we run on the field after a “win”…this is what it has come to. Matt must be happy for Joker.

  83. Seanny T Jones

    Really? You all sell a Tennessee advertisement on the website today of all days. Matt you are a ba$tard and a sellout. I hate you, I hate that you are so smug about everything. I would never apologize to you for anything, because you have been wrong so much that you should be kissing the fans a$$es, not the other way around. YOU ARE A PR!CK.

  84. wldctky

    He already turned the team around.. they went from being a bowl team, to NOT being a bowl team

  85. James

    Get rid or randy sanders and we are set.

  86. mbs757

    there will be 2 seats up for grabs next season in Sec 121. i definitely won’t be renewing them. i’ll wait till we get a real football coach. that position will be replaced before the AD position will.

  87. Reallyguys?

    I don’t care if TN had blind kids playing for them, we should all be happy the streak is over, no matter who is coaching

  88. SRH

    The football program has tricked the fans into being happy with a losing record.

  89. Threadee McThreadThread

    Hey, Hoss, how about you save this thread for future reference, too? That way, you can periodically return to remind yourself of that time the shit bomb blew up all over your face!

  90. Reallyguys?

    And all of you fans who are all threatening to not be fans of UK Football anymore, please stop teasing us and leave. You weren’t fans in the first place.

  91. Lifetime waiting

    82…The fans in the stands are dedicated, apparently something you are not. If they want to rush the field, let umm, they’ve been waiting 26 years. You must be a severly depressed person if you can’t be the least bit happy afer that “win”.

  92. oldcatfan


  93. wldctky

    #92 a horrible UK team barely beat a horrible UT team… nothing to be happy about!!

  94. Ken

    Whoooooooooo UKalldaWAY. Racism is what got us in this fix in the first place. Maybe I worded it wrong. If you want a black coach. please get one that can recruit and coach.

  95. Jcbn

    You are an arrogant prick,Matt. Your site lost some magic when you came back.