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Mike Tomlin Wants Saturday Night Notes — YOU GOT ENOUGH?

— Chris already broke down the UK game for you, so I’ll lead off with a story from the sideline. Everyone needs to see this clip of Mike Tomlin asking an ESPN cameraman if “he got enough.”

Get over yourself, Coach. This is how television works. You are an NFL coach sitting courtside at a college basketball game, don’t be surprised that the producer in the truck wants your face on TV. Just keep going about your business and let the camera roll. You know how this works. Jerk.

— Come on, WKYT. Kentucky didn’t beat Ole Miss that bad.

77-32? I think that would’ve covered the spread.

— The highly-anticipated Bracketbuster game at Murray State was Saturday night, and the Racers sent the Gaels of St. Mary’s back to the West Coast with a good ol’ fashioned Western Kentucky whoopin’. Mr. Everything Isaiah Canaan scored 17 of his 23 points in the second half to lead Murray State to a 65-51 victory. Dick Vitale was in attendance at the CFSB Center to witness the beating, as No. 16 Murray State reminded the nation why they’re ranked in the Top 25. Imagine what the national media would be saying right now had Murray not dropped a conference game just over a week ago. This team is still for real.

— How about Louisville getting a BIG win over DePaul!!?? Yeah, the same DePaul that’s won two conference games. Big Card Nation sent 60 busloads of fans to Chicago to take in the game, and a game is exactly what they got. Louisville trailed by as many as 17 in the first half, but battled back to get a win in overtime. Once again, DePaul has won a whopping two games in the Big East this season. Louisville First, Cards Forever!

DeAndre Liggins is back on Twitter. He would like for you to follow him now.

Have a good night and Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

68 responses to “Mike Tomlin Wants Saturday Night Notes — YOU GOT ENOUGH?”

  1. Carol Burnett Show

    Relax wildcat!

  2. UK&KSR fan

    Matt said on twitter that Tomlin snapped at him also. Would love to know what he said.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    Another reason to hate the Steelers.

  4. Tomlinaintnojerk

    Just because he didn’t want the camera in his face doesn’t make him a jerk. If coach likes him I like him. Plus I saw him cheering on our cats throughout…what a jerk

  5. ebell55

    You are a jerk if you think he is acting a jerk. People are talking bad about Whitney Houston and her fame and Mike said get out of my damn face.

  6. KSRmy

    the full quote was “you got enough, boss”
    Now turn your ass around and watch the cat thrashing, chump ass camera man.

  7. Nku guy

    Hey is a jerk because he snaps at the camera guy for doing what he is told. He thinks he is above all of that and he isn’t. If he doesn’t want the camera on him get a ticket in the upper level rather than take his FREE ticket.

  8. bmt22033

    I can’t believe KSR is trying to make this into a big deal. I’m not a Steelers fan but give Tomlin a break. It must really, REALLY be a slow “news” night…

  9. coldspringmike

    He’s a Steeler, he’s a jerk !

  10. Dave in Kabul

    dumb move by Tomlin. Made him look amateur. Sit down there, get that free ticket, you’re famous, you just had your pic taken with Cal, you’re gonna get attention…goes with that big ass paycheck…quit yer whinin’!!!

  11. Mac-Fu

    Mike Tomlin probably has a lot better things to do than come to Lexington to watch a college basketball game. I think it is very cool that he did this for Coach Cal. Lighten up Bengal fans!!

  12. ktmiln2

    Mike Tomlin looks like Omar Epps.

  13. Bigblueben

    Got my picture with him on the court before the game and he was more cool. One of coolest guys on his level that I’ve come across.

  14. You Can Call Me Cal

    Show some class,DF…and you can fill in the blank.”..but he was MEAN to me first(whah)”

  15. Rich Brooks

    A winner sitting next to a loser. Joker and his big ears and big smile right after Tomlin ran his mouth on national television. Two punk assed, classless, overpaid brothas.

  16. Rich Brooks

    With Joker’s fine record, they should give him two tickets in Section 232, Row LL for LOSER.

  17. I. C. Kleerley

    Very soon, this one catfan will be a former coach in nastierthanthou, PA.

    Who does this ass whip(e)think he is?

    Did he play Baskeball at KENTUCKY?

    Hail naw.

    Very soon, the other CAT might be needing a job.

    I figured Lily’s illegetimate and CAL spent some time in MEM.

    Perhaps Joker is phishing for a gig in ….

    nastierthanthou, PA

  18. BigblueJon

    Settlers and Cats fan here. Love to see Mike Tomlin speak to the team for the second year now. Not a big deal with the camera. Just hope they pay Mike Wallace.

  19. Buckets2378

    Wouldn’t call him a jerk to his face I’m guessing.


    yeah people need to relax, yeah it wasn’t cool but not worth this much attention …

  21. winklewuch

    Dude probably let his temper get the best of him,…cameraman could have been there blowing his cover and completely in the way for a good deal of time for all we know. The flipside of that reality is the dude is a prick, which would make Joker a prick for laughing also. Not enough information to call it from my perspective.

    On another note, UK’s so-called sweetheart Ashley Judd can be extremely rude in person and I can vouch for that from personal experience at Indy 500 a few years ago in pit row…still in shock actually. Met Tom Crean on the other hand at St. Elmo’s that evening and he was awesome…simply said “hey coach” and he came over and spent 5 minutes that he didn’t have to spend talking to our table full of UK fans about UK basketball. Crean is top flight, Judd is a joke.

  22. topcat

    Joker looks so uncomfortable.

  23. tyrus

    I just don’t see the purpose and value in having a NFL coach at the game. Favor for Coach Cal then good for him. My attention is how Noel’s visit went. This post reminds me when Drake was out there making a name for himslef. He’d go to the coolest places and hang out…like at UK games and with Wall. Drake made a name for himslef and he ain’t been back since.

  24. Bengals Fan

    Wow, relax a little. Not everyone wants to be on point all the time. If he did, he would have had Steelers gear on. That’s a Bengals fan perspective and I hate the Steelers. #realitycheck

  25. wut

    Relax, only helps football. Plus he will be our new coach, parcells to be oc

  26. bigbluedude

    i hate the steelers! but i dont blame tomlin. the man was just trying to enjoy the ballgame. he didnt want a camera in his face

  27. Gilchrist on D

    NEED Nerlins Noel NEWS!!!

  28. DT from georgetown

    Hate the steelers ,always have,always will,but for some reason I like Tomlin,and im a Browns fan .Somebody help me .

  29. B. Hicks

    Listen to me! Listen to me!
    Miller backed that bus down!

  30. No shit

    Had the same happen to me. Said hello, now get outa my face. I answered your q/a. Just trying to watch the game. TBC

  31. matt

    When is the NCAA going to investigate Notre Dame? They have allowed Luke Harangody to re-enroll in classes by simply changing his name to this “Jack Cooley.”

  32. Chicken soup for the soul

    Maybe Tomlin should ask Tebow and Demaryius Thomas that question

  33. B. Hicks

    Listen to me! Listen to me!
    Racist fans should be banned from posting!

  34. Nick

    29 get out of here people like u r what make all white people in ky seem like Hillbillys get out of here with that non sense

  35. Mattius00

    Mountain out of molehill. At the end he clearly states he “is watching the game”. He gave you face time for the camera and play is starting back up, let him be.

  36. GYERO

    LOL @ 29. You all know it’s true.

  37. Jesse the Body

    #1: The Tomlin thing has been blown “WAY” out of proportion. Yeah he should have smiled and waved at the camera, but he didn’t and in essence, who really gives a crap??

    #2: NERLENS NOEL!!!! Any news on his visit would be nice. I heard the “We want Nerlens chant” in the 2nd half and I just hope he liked it enough to sign his name on the UK dotted line.

  38. SexnNursinHomes

    Mike Tomlin pullin his best Ike Turner. Just black Joker’s eye and go on dammit.

  39. WTF Drew

    Drew, you are an idiot for making anything out of this…Tomlin is supporting the cats and couldn’t have hurt ky’s shot with noel’s. Him being there is a excellent recruiting tool. No need to call him a jerk, you jerk. Sorry everyone can’t be as friendly as you would like them too. Get over yourself!!!

  40. Bmowhodey

    Almost classless as I would have expected. Get over yourself. BBN>piitsburgh everything

  41. Wahwahwah

    How was Darius’ throwdown not Top 10 worthy on ESPN? Stuffs ridiculous.

  42. Keith Van Horny

    I agree totally with
    Ok I quit reading comments..
    Do not agree with 29 however..
    KSR can do better than reads like this one

  43. gog8ors

    Tomlin still not over his Steelers getting Tebowed. Just showed how little class he has with his diva-like behavior.

  44. SuperTroy18

    Tomlin…is a jagoff.
    Cats…are awesome.

  45. SeaBlue

    it sucks to be famous
    u just want to be
    not famous

    once fame is turned on, u can’t turn it off.

  46. Tomlin

    You got enough footage of me sitting next to Joker? He just farted and I’m ready to go back to my seat now.

  47. Reality Is

    All u Bungals fans are comical. You’re franchise is a laughing stock and Tomlin did nothing over the top. And this is coming from a guy who HATES the Steelers.

  48. Who?

    Can someone tell me how Millers dunk wasnt on top ten?

  49. thefan

    Who cares about Tomlin and what he said, Cats won!

  50. Walsh is gay

    Drew I have a very simple question: youre at one of the very few games you have the time to attend in person in Rupp, trying to focus on the game itself. Then some nerd with a big, blocking-your-view camera won’t get out of your face, even though play is resuming. How happy are you going to be with the goober trying to shove an interview down your throat??


  51. huck

    Help me out here Franklin, tell me how it is. I’m just a dumb, SE KY boy and would like to understand more from someone of your stature – blogger with lots of views and some TV time I guess – whew, you must be/feel special.

    I have asked a hand full of reporter crews, not to use any video of me, but go ahead and get the story. They honored that and got good video and quotes. I have even have yanked film from a camera or two – jerks, they were – you got any cousins from EKY?

    I probably shouldn’t send this but, was wanting to say something when I first read it with about 15 posts, didn’t and it grew on me, and now it is the next day.

    How is it that a yip/yapper, feels that it is OK to bash……. I guess it is my problem,,, guess hell, you all have said over and over again… this is your play thing – I should remember and not expect too much.

  52. Fred
  53. 2020

    “Belichick gets to play in the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and I’m outed as a friend of Joker. Yah, I’m pissed.”

  54. REAL BLY

    Tomlin should never be allowed in Rupp EVER again…he’s an NFL coach for a high profile team….he’s got cameras in his face 24/7….and he makes an ass out of himself at UK.


  55. Get Off Their Backs

    51, wtf are you trying to say? Use english next time. I got a headache trying to understand what you were trying to say.

  56. Carl

    #54 I’ll take guys like Tomlin anytime. I like the toughness persona Cal has brought to Kentucky basketball. Miller’s dunk was an exclamation mark on the statement “Not in our house!”. Some of our previous coaches allowed other teams to push us around and not respond with good basketball. Listen to me…Had enough?

    GO CATS!

  57. Mudcreekmark

    Lets see, Mike Tomlin, a Superbowl winning coach, takes time out of his busy schedule to come not only to watch a UK game but to actually cheer for our Cats and because he didn’t want to miss any of the action, he is a jerk? The guy even took the time to talk to the team before the game, and he is a jerk? I’m a life long Bengal fan and cheered against Pittsburg against Tebow in the playoffs but I still think Tomlin is a great coach and if he is a UK fan them I welcome him back any time he wants to come.

  58. Louisville

    Yes… Bc the SEC is sooo tough lmao

  59. SeoulCat

    Tomlin wanted to enjoy the game in peace. Leave the man alone. At least he didn’t smash the camera lens with his boot, which, is what I probably would’ve done in the same situation.

  60. Retards

    You retards need to get a life. Posting behind a computer screen like you’d say it to his face. Who’s the punk now?

  61. Scott

    Mudcreekmark hit the nail on the head. What’s sad is you don’t even realize how much this post makes YOU look like a jerk.

  62. R

    The cameraman should’ve put the camera down and knocked that n*gger’s teeth out. Smart ass.

  63. Bob Loblaw

    I’m amazed that people come on here and tell KSR what to post and what not to post. Get a f*cking life. If you don’t like it, don’t read it and don’t post about it, better yet, don’t come to the web site anymore.

  64. steelit

    He looks just like Bishop Eddie!

  65. You Can Call Me Cal

    I don’t know who wrote the comment above, but I got an impersonator. I’m flattered

  66. Mark

    You people at KSR sure are sensitive if someone doesnt act like KSR is allworld then you attack them.

  67. Zack

    62 did you really just say that?

  68. Chip

    Uh oh…Tomlin’s still being a baby after that thrashing from Tebow!!