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Mike Pratt talks Jodie Meeks with Tom Leach

Was that enough pronouns in one title for you?  The great Tom Leach took some time to talk to former Wildcat Mike Pratt about Jodie’s NBA prospects and what his departure means for next year’s Kentucky team.  It’s, not surprisingly, a very solid interview and Pratt says he thinks Jodie made the right move.

You can listen to it here

Article written by Thomas Beisner

11 responses to “Mike Pratt talks Jodie Meeks with Tom Leach”

  1. ben4UK

    Beisner, there are no pronouns in that title. nouns? yes. pronouns? no.

  2. KYStout

    Could the offseason be more boring?

  3. TheBigBooyah

    Pratt’s had a very good Spring, I’ll agree with him.

    stop by and vote if you guys get bored.

  4. BigBlueDunks

    Football season in less than three months!!!! Unless you are a baseball fan it is boring for sports right now

  5. CalipariSafari

    I set my roster today for my 2009-2010 season on College Hooops for XBOX 360 and I’m 2-0 with two 50 plus point blowout wins. My starting five is:

    PG: John Wall (I gave him jersey #11)
    SG: Jon Hood (I gave him jersey #4)
    SF: Darius Miller
    PF: Patrick Patterson
    C: DeMarcus Cousins (I gave him jersey #15 and yes he has a headband) LOL

    My 2nd five is:

    PG: Eric Bledsoe (I gave him jersey #2)
    SG: Darnell Dodson (I gave him jersey #32)
    SF: DeAndre Liggins
    PF: Perry Stevenson
    C: Daniel Orton

    My reserves are:

    F: Ramon Harris (Has had 3 jersey #’s in three years at UK so who knows what # he’ll wear)
    C: Josh Harrellson
    G: Dwight Perry

    I know video games aren’t actual depictions of what real life hoops is all about but it’s close on my game. I have my players rated just like they are in real life and I press and trap like crazy. The speed of my time is sickening and I haven’t ran a set play in either of my two games because most of my points are generated from turnovers that my defense cause. It’s a fun game and I can’t wait to see how good they can be in real life.

  6. sethicus59

    john hood as a first teamer is such a kentucky homer pick.

  7. Mr. Wrestling II

    I OWN eighth place!….YES!

  8. TayPrinceJr.

    6. It makes me mad that Jodie left because he wouldve been the best player in the entire game.

  9. wyldcatzrool

    7) u r right, would be shocking if Hood started any game in 2009-2010…not a knock on Hood…just better, quicker, more athletic options…he’ll get his chances and his minutes tho…

    my starting 5 would probably go like this:

    Wall, Miller, Dodson, Patterson, Cousins

    The only 2 dead-on “locks” to start, imo, are Patterson and Wall…

    Miller and Cousins are good bets & highly probable to be starters…with that last spot up for grabs… I chose Dodson based on what I “know” right now…a lot is gonna depend on who picks up the DDM Offense the quickest early on…I also feel good about Bledsoe, Orton, and Hood…think that Stevenson and Liggins can be contributors, but need to work on their handle if he expect many real minutes…and on a roster this deep and talented, I can only envision mop-up duty for Harris and Harrellson…

    This is how I see it “now”…things could change depending on who out-works who and proves themselves in practice and in games…

    One thing for certain…this is gonna be lot of fun! For us anyway! For our opponents, not so much! :)~


  10. TheRallyCat

    Pratt was not surprised; I didn’t hear him say it was a “right move”. He said he needs to drafted to the right team! Tweener size and handle is not good enough yet. Needs to work on points per minute efficiency. “A team would need to be patient with him”.

    Pratt does not sound like he is completely sold. Best wishes to Jodie!