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Mike Pratt droppin’ knowledge

Just as we all expected he would, Mike Pratt was droppin’ knowledge on this morning’s radio show with Matt Jones. Pratt talked about the ins and outs of Kentucky basketball, today’s game vs. his generation, and he spent some time talking about Billy Gillispie and the end of the Clyde era. Some highlights:

— The biggest piece of news Pratt mentioned was his public acknowledgement of something long believed privately, which was that Billy Gillispie called the Texas A&M AD the night before he was introduced at UK and asked for his job back.

— Pratt said that he knew Billy Clyde was the wrong fit from the first practice he watched. He looked at Tom Leach and after watching the way he talked to players, he said “this will never work.”

— A couple of days after the hire, Pratt talked to a friend at Texas A&M who said that there was no way Billy Clyde could handle the Big Blue Nation fans and he would do none of the “ambassador”-type parts of the job. That ended up correct.

— He said that he believes Mitch Barnhart made the decision to terminate Gillispie before the SEC Tournament, the time that I had long believed it to have taken place.

There is much more in the interview and it all takes place in Hour 2…check it out:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 responses to “Mike Pratt droppin’ knowledge”

  1. umm

    Good looking out Mitch!

  2. Sean D

    That pic scares me.

  3. jerrytipton

    so, no njt post today?

  4. jlove

    Cannot wait for the tell-all book. I would totally read that.

  5. Brent S.

    Matt, I’m sure I’m not the first to say this but we need a weekly “Talkin’ with Mike Pratt” session in the show, either radio or CN2. If Oscar is the walking/talking BBN encyclopedia, then Mike is the yearly supplement that gives all the new info on the program. The best guest every time!

  6. Hicks

    Someone call Wayne Seldon and tell him not to reclassify so he can play 2 guard next to Andrew Wiggins in a couple years.

  7. Shooter

    i cant handle the pressure without drinking…………….alot

  8. the ghost of Bill Hicks

    4- Forget the book, I want a documentary…or a movie with BTI as Billy Clyde.

  9. Computer Blue

    So if all of this was so obvious then how the hell did he ever get the job? Mitch really needs to answer that one.

  10. BigBluSoTru

    Okay, let’s find those videoos of Billy (Clyde)whom we couldn’t wait to give him a monacher name. I remember when he got here the pep rally kissing of the babys, BBN we said this man was just like our saviour Rick, I remember all the aclaim about he eats, sleeps, breathes BB. And that he was the new Ricky P of college BB. So let’s not run with MIke Pratts words he was another one praising, Billy Cylde. Find some of his old pod cast.

  11. Rod Chou

    Don’t believe the calling to A&M AD.
    He met with Mitch late into the night until about 5:00 am and then accepted the job. His only call to AD would be to tell him he was gone.

  12. just saying

    #3, we did…it was CM Tomlin’s post. Im pretty sure they are the same guy

  13. Scott Mc

    How is it that we have managed to forget Eddie Sutton existed, but BCG keeps coming back like herpes?


    Anyone heard the county song “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On”? I was in HomeDepot and heard that…….too funny……so appropriate.

    Someone needs to do a best of Billy partying photo medley to that song. It would be hilarious!

  15. Dave in Phnom Penh

    Come on….

    BIGGEST CAREER out of In Living Color

    J. Lo

    Jennifer Lopez got her start there.

  16. coldspringmike

    I believe Mike.