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Mike Decourcy and Others Talk Enes Kanter on the Radio


It has been a crazy day around these parts. We have been talking Kanter, publishing allegations that the NY Times misconstrued quotes and helping John Clay be known to people under 40. Excitement all around. But you may have missed some of what happened if you dont live in the Louisville area. If you click on this link, you can hear the interviews we did with Mike Decourcy of the Sporting News and Gary Parrish of on the Kanter situation. Both are very informative and will let you know where we are with the situation right now.

If you havent yet read it, make sure and take a read of Mike’s piece, which foreshadowed the NY Times piece, just hours before it came out. Also, take a read of this USA Today article, that summarizes the situation and notes the potential misquote by Pete Thamel in his article.

Just coincidently, we also had Trey Grayson, the Kentucky Secretary of State on the show today and he enjoyed chiming in on all things Kanter and Thamel. You can hear his segments on the show, along with all the shows from the past week on the widget below.

Been a crazy few hours. We will summarize more tonight, but for now, “Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Fordes, Hide Your Thamels….You Dont Have to Come and Confess, We’re Gonna Find You, We’re Gonna Find You…”

Article written by Matt Jones

36 responses to “Mike Decourcy and Others Talk Enes Kanter on the Radio”

  1. catinhat


  2. madouble

    WKU game on tv in louisville???

  3. KSR Spy

    You can run tell dat…homeboy!

  4. RidgeRunner

    Well…after reading the TSN piece, talking about a difference in journalism. Nice comparison to show folks everything, Matt.

    My have the masks been taken off. Hoper more follows.

  5. DaviessCounty CatFan

    It would be devastating for our 2010-2011 season if Kanter were to miss most or all of it. BUT if he were to be given eligibility for the 2011-2012 season and we added him to that class, we would go undefeated. He’s obviously not worried about money so this could be a possibility.

  6. RidgeRunner


  7. RidgeRunner

    5…I thought about that earlier. Just not sure if his patience (not playing) would last that long.

  8. BigAbes4UK

    What happens if Kanter is declared eligible and there is a lock out and this years entire team (sans Jorts) comes back with next years incoming class? Undefeated season? I’m just trying to think positive thoughts here, but damn that would be the best season eva.

  9. echo 1

    I think DeCoucy lost some credibility when he tweeted that Thamel’s work on the story was “terrific”. These guys really stick together.

  10. The Lady

    ^^ #2. Now that KSR is invading the airwaves, we need the TV waves
    invaded as well. Sick and TIRED of not getting UK sports on Louisville
    broadcast stations. BOOOOOO!

  11. knightynight

    8 ) Yeah but we wouldn’t have enough scholarships for everyone coming in for 2011.

  12. RidgeRunner

    At least we are trying to come up with potential scenario’s…LOL

  13. RidgeRunner

    Good point Echo 1…I had forgot about that.

  14. Dave the Khan

    Old John clay must be hugely intimidated by KSR.

    What a turd?

  15. GoCats32

    Hang on #10. I think Matt will be hosting a sports show on one of those Insight channels in Lexington and Louisville very soon. There’s hope.

  16. DaviessCounty CatFan

    11.) If we don’t add anyone else to the 2011 class and put Polson back as a walk-on, we would have enough.

  17. RidgeRunner

    Damn its nice not to have a troll or turd in here for more than 10 minutes…

  18. btowncatfan

    MJ getting some love from MM at TBK. The love of BBN is truly the tie that binds.

  19. DaviessCounty CatFan

    11.)It would work on paper.
    Brandon Knight
    Terrence Jones
    Enes Kanter
    Darius Miller
    Doron Lamb
    DeAndre Liggins
    Jon Hood
    Eloy Vargas
    Stacey Poole
    Mike Gilchrist
    Marquis Teague
    Anthony Davis
    Kyle Wiltjer
    Jarrod Polson- Walk-on

    I know this will not happen. I’m just saying it “could”

  20. RidgeRunner

    Purpose of that post, 20? Is there something you wish to expound on other than 1 guys take? By the way, there were industry sources said the same thing about John Wall from what I read last year about this time.

  21. RidgeRunner

    21…we know what your doing. Just fun to speculate…we gotcha.

  22. The Lady

    #15, I ‘preciate that, and will support Matt and KSR in Louisville in
    whatever ways I can; but I mean, live broadcasts of UK games.
    Perhaps in time Matt’s/KSR’s presence in Louvull will *lead*
    to that, but one of the hardest things about living here
    (besides Cards fans themselves,) is simply not being able
    to see UK games live. Playing them later at 11:30 at night
    is a consolation of sorts, but useless if you don’t have
    Tivo or other DVR and don’t really want one.

  23. RidgeRunner

    20? hello?

    Here’s the thing…Yes, Cal & UK & many of us knew it was a stretch…so? Why not try? Fear enters minds of those that do not try and it’s masked with jealousy. Thats all I see in the Parish quote.

  24. Calipari'sInYourEar

    The part Decourcy hits on that Thamel left out is it’s $100,000 over 3 years.

    That’s a significant difference in perception than the Thamel article left. As if we have to wonder why Thamel decided to do that.

    $33,000 a year covers basic living expenses. Ask anyone making $33,000 a year if that is an opulent lifestyle. Plus, take into consideration that Kanter lived in Istanbul during that time, not Lexington, KY. The cost of living in Istanbul, according to what I’ve read regarding the case is much higher – this isn’t the Middle East, it’s Europe. (population of 13 million – 2nd largest in Europe, first settled in 660 BC)

    Also take into consideration the amount of food a 6’11” 265 lb athlete requires. Real athletes eat constantly, and their diets are more selective in their quest for proteins carbs and good fats = higher food costs.

    As an advisor suggested, this is no different than a kid attending a prep school in the US. Scholarships are in the $30,000 – $40,000 range per year. They don’t sign a contract. Neither did he. Do the US counterparts want to play pro ball? Sure they do, someday. I guarantee that when they are ready they will be handed a piece of paper to sign. Well Kanter is no different. Why doesn’t the Turkey team have a signed contract from him? Because he can’t legally enter into one under the age of 18. Same rules apply in the US*.

    *Technically, someone under 18 maintains capacity to enter into a contract in the US, it’s just that they can disaffirm it at any time, leaving the adult party holding nothing. This is why many adults chose not to enter into contracts with minors.

  25. RidgeRunner

    Do I work? A comment thread that has 30 comments will more than likely have 10-12 of them by me. I have no life

  26. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #28 – RidgeRunner – Give yourself love

  27. BPsycho

    Kentucky topic coming up on Around the Horn…..

  28. BPsycho

    And he’s getting riiiiiiiippppppppppeeeeeed…

  29. BPsycho

    These guys are morons. lol

  30. echo 1

    31 – By “he”, are you referring to Cal? If so, same crap, different day. I am sure it was Cal that paid him when he was playing in Europe. Isn’t Selby’s amateur status being investigated? I think he is at a pretty big university. Not a peep on that one, and quite frankly, I don’t care anymore. It is what it is.

  31. Clueless

    Are we (Cal, UK, Kanter) getting ripped or is Thamel getting ripped?

  32. gcat4496

    Well look at it this way. Thamel could have sat on his story and waited for Kanter to lead us to a NC and then dropped the bombshell, thus voiding another final 4 for Calipari. We should thank Thamel for dropping his story now. But is it relly a story. Everybody knew Kanter received some money but we didn’t know how much. There are questions that need to be addressed. On the surface, $100K sounds like a large sum, but consider these points:
    #1. It covers 3 years.
    #2. Is this in Turkish Denomination or US. If it is Turkish denomination it equates to about $60K US.
    #3. Just maybe $20K equavalent US dollares per year would justifiably cover expenses in Istanbul.

  33. Calipari'sInYourEar

    I just reread the Thamel article and it appears as if the text has been edited. When it was first released last night it didn’t specify the 3 year time frame, just highlighting $100,000.

    Kanters expenses were paid while he was 14, 15, 16.

    You tell me, is that a professional basketball player?

    The reality is he could make millions right now yet he wants to play for UK. Why the NCAA would prohibit this high profile player from adding quality (which would result in increased revenues for them) and entering it’s money generating machine would be for only one reason… Politics

    The Pat Fordes, Peter Thamels, and any other liason for other college programs that can’t recruit the best players. They are the driving force behind this. Hopefully the NCAA is smart enough to see through those challenges and doesn’t penalize a 14, 15, or 16 year old who was never paid “professional” dollars for anything.

  34. Sawyer

    35 thank you for all your hard work Detective Dumbass

  35. ....

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