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The way later than usual Sunday Links

 – The always well-dressed Chip Cosby runs down a variety of football topics in his football notebook, including the need for patience on the recruiting trail.

 – The Herald-Leader’s John Clay writes that it’s time for UK to toughen up its football schedule.

 – Dan Wolken of the Memphis Commercial-Appeal writes that optimism abounds at Memphis some players think game will improve without Calipari.  Also, Wolken takes coaches to task for the hypocrisy of wanting to eliminate the July recruiting period.

 – Mark Story writes that Kentucky high schools need more creative nicknames.  No mention of the famous mop, though.

 – The Courier-Journal takes a look at the roster changes since Cal replaced Billy Gillispie.

 – Former Wildcat Keenan Burton is aiming to be a starter for the St. Louis Rams.

– The Jackson Sun writes that Rich Brooks won’t be happy until UK is an elite SEC team.

 – They Myrtle Beach Sun News says that UK football still isn’t getting any respect.

 – Jodie Meeks signed some autographs.

 – Former Hilltopper Japeth Aguilar was the top pick of the Phillipine Basketball Association draft.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

10 responses to “The way later than usual Sunday Links”

  1. CalipariSafari

    In order for UK to be an “elite” SEC team, they are going to have to beat TENN, Florida, Georgia, Bama, LSU etc on a regular basis just like we do in basketball. Until then, UK will always be a non-threat to SEC opposition.

  2. GoCats2010

    my links are cold, thanks Beisner

  3. Briar Gates

    Tiger Woods has a poop tooth.

  4. brentg1117

    Clay makes no sense unless he means in expectation of a more competitive (i.e. winning record in SEC) future for UK, then they need to start the process of better non-conference foes now (thus why he poo-poos a 4 yr deal w/ wku and would have gone with 2).

  5. meeksppatshow

    Meeks was a pleasure to meet yesterday as always… They mention him being late to the signing but it could be because he was at Fayette Mall with tons of autograph seekers as well…. Just so you know, he was 20 minutes EARLY to Fayette Mall….

  6. CalipariSafari

    I had the stupidest dream last night and since I’m so bored out of my mind today, I’ll share it with you. I had a dream that me and my brother had tickets to Kentucky’s Basketball season opener but it wasn’t in Rupp. It was a very tiny gym and we were literally running down the interstate (on foot) to get to this place. It was so funny because I was running in the fast lane of the interstate and I looked back and my brother was about 10 feet behind me and his mullet was blowing in the wind. We continued running and finally arrived at the gym. We were standing on the sidelines behind the goal just in time to see the tip-off. UK got the tip and Patterson threw the ball to Wall and he had a wide open dunk. I was waiting for his patent one handed jam and he was getting ready to throw it down but when he took off, he slipped and almost fell (LOL). But he did recover the ball in time to lay it in and UK jumped on top 2-0. LMAO!!!!!! Then the dream ended. I don’t know about the rest of you and your dreams (or lack thereof) but that’s some crazy shat!!!

  7. ben4UK

    The Myrtle Beach Sun News is right. UK football is ranked terribly in NCAA 10. UL has better stats. Riddle me that. Absolutely bizarre.

  8. CalifCatFan

    Pilgrim is a beast.


    Hilarious that you linked the Myrtle Beach Sun News. The Sun News is 1 Mile down the street from me here in good old Myrtle. Thats my shitty Local paper

  10. SavannahCat

    Couldn’t disagree more with Clay. I think it’s better for our program to have gone to 3 straight bowl games while not finishing over .500 in SEC play. If we step up our schedule, loose those games, and go to the Ind. bowl instead of Music City(or no bowl at all), Rich Brooks is not here right now. We have to realize who we are in football. It’s a hell of lot more fun to win 7 games, go to a decent bowl(especially when UT didn’t even make it to a bowl), and play a good BCS team at that bowl than it is to play a tougher sched. UK is a basketball school trying to survive in the best football conf. I’ll take my 4 cupcakes, win 3 SEC games and get a bowl game every year. I love the formula.