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Meet the Louisville Fanbase!



As I was reminded today by a particularly rude UL fan caller, Louisville fans are a special breed. They are not necessarily different than you or I, but they do have a different look/attitude than we ever could. While they can put us in fits of rage, the best reaction to them is often to just laugh at their absurdity and bizarre behavior. So inspired by some posts from the GYERO crew, what follows is a gallery of the best (or worst) of UL fans and a reminder that while we may inhabit the state with them, they certainly are a distinct lot. The picture above is now iconic, but there is much more where that came from:




For more Louisville nonsense, click here:










Article written by Matt Jones

80 responses to “Meet the Louisville Fanbase!”

  1. jtc


  2. gulfbreezecatfan

    i think that pretty much says it all … good job matt !


    6th pic down, Bud Light can spotted in YUM. They sell beer by the can there?

  4. Kyle

    The Got Pitino? shirts are great. I wonder if anybody actually wears them anymore?

  5. pole dance

    at least she’s wearing jorts…So they got that going for them.

  6. Bicycle Seat Sniffer

    I need to take a shower to cleanse myself of all the douchery that is the “u-uh-vel fan”

  7. Helvete

    Louisville fans are a special breed indeed… completely delusional.

  8. iShawnUK

    The guy that called in this morning was the worst of the worst. No matter how bad we hate UofL, we would never call them and make a comment about one of there players if they passed away. They hate us so bad, and worry more about us then they do there own team. That caller pissed me off bad, Ive been raging about it all day.

  9. Twitter Account Denied

    Went to a RiverBats game last night decked out in UK gear and several UL students said they had a bet with another frat to see who could get the most UK fans to hold up an “L” and get a picture of it. I held up and “L” with my right hand and a middle finger with my left.

  10. btowncatfan

    A special “breed” as in there mothers/fathers are also brothers/sisters.

  11. Loserville

    That first pic of inbred tard fans is epic. A bunch of little girls acting tough.

  12. philthyphil

    Is that a picture of the car dealer that Little Ricky was tappin’?

  13. Rick's Jock

    You guys sure do like to talk about UofL. The obsession is alive and well.

  14. Chauncey's Backward UL Hatboggan

    Hey!!! That’s me!!!

  15. twnky

    that first pic is what i think of every time i think of ul fans…… classic


    uofl will always be a punch of wiggers who throw up there L’s like gang signs, get a life loserville you will never be as good as Kentucky

  17. c. aMERICAN

    uofl= wiggers who through up L’s as gang signs

  18. knightynight

    the girl with the bucket on her head is a bit cute…

  19. Tricky Rick

    Love the gansta white boys.

  20. SexnNursinHomes

    15- that is why that picture never gets old. A “Where Are They Now” is needed for that one. My guess? Those guys are hanging in a parked car listening to old eminem albums.

  21. twnky

    the first pic is what i think of everytime i think of ul fans……. classic

  22. Massengill

    We are interested in sponsoring this photo gallery.

  23. Just Saying

    Oh, please put a hoody on that jersey woman!

  24. CR

    I love how my picture makes it on here every year. Stay thirsty my friends.

  25. BUcats

    All the guys in the first pic graduated from Trinity the same year as me. I don’t think they are very different from back then

  26. 78cats


  27. Carlzwa11

    Hahahahaha that first pic never gets old. Know the guys that are in it and send it to them/ tell them it’s up every year. They are good guys but that pic is hilarious

  28. mocha

    that picture of the dude grinding on the white lady on the pole is classic.

  29. hersheyisabear


  30. kymetgirl

    I especially love the pictures where they hold up a backward “L”. Since you’ve “got pitino?” let him teach you your left from your right. The only thing that sucks more is the big orange.

  31. UKGoBigBlue

    The top picture is awesome; look at the Scissor Gang Mafia.

    UL is totally irrelevant; UL fans have huge chips on their shoulders because they know they’re irrelevant (especially living in the shadow of UK), so they have to do everything possible to make everyone especially themselves believe they’re relevant.

    UL fans really hate the fact they will never have a fan base like the Big Blue Nation.

    If you were a UL fan, you’d be pissed off too !

  32. Jones Returns

    Oklahoma admits major NCAA violation…again. Asking to be put on probation for 2 MORE years

  33. bigbluemist

    Is that dude wearing golf shoes while on the stripper pole? He has his John L golf hat on too. There must be a par 3 over in churchill infield or between the train tracks and smoke stacks.

  34. HeatSeekingMouse

    Is that a pole/lap dance combo?

  35. FattJones

    The guy in the “got pitino?” shirt looks like a younger, slimmer, Matt Jones. Hmmm????

  36. fan

    So all of ksr had to move to L-ville too? I hope someday you can locate in Lexington. Most of L-villes prestige comes from playing UK, I hope we drop them from the schedule again.

  37. Doubledynastyn2012

    Every fan base has their iddiots.. including us cats fans.. I know KFC sponsors the arena.. but My question is at what point did someone decide it would be kewl to put an empty chicken bucket on YOUR HEAD!!!

  38. Swimdawg


  39. Lex Chapman

    You know, I kinda feel for the UofL fanbase. I mean sure, they have a decent lil program there, I would say if they were anywhere else in the country, they’d have a good thing going. But sadly, their next door neighbor, UK, dwarfs every accomoplishment they ever had. I mean they have 2 championships under one coach in one 6 year span. We have 7 under 4 different coaches in 4 different decades. UofL is like the reasonably attractive girl that lives next door to the supermodel. Sure, in day to day life, she is ok, but you stand her next to the supermodel, and well, she looks just kinda plain.

  40. Jones Returns

    One of Billy Cylde’s recruits gets 3 years in prison

  41. DavenderCatTheSequel

    That chick in the second pic looks the daughter of Paul Bearer.

  42. bluetooth

    a classy and stylish bunch them villers … pathetic

  43. tavius the unworldly

    Their mascot is a bird with teeth

  44. UKrules

    It never gets old making fun of that pathetic ghetto commuter school and their unemployed, line bearded, ghetto trash fans. Father’s Day is horrible for loserville fans because either they don’t know who their father is or he is in prison.

  45. BobKnight'sAbusedChair

    The best collage of white trash that’s ever been assembled. With all the pale white people, you would think this would’ve came from a city in the far north east, …or worse yet canada. But alas – it’s Louisville.

  46. ink

    becca, becca, we want becca

  47. JMFATZ47

    The dude in the red blazer in the very last pic is the funniest. I’m trembling in fear due to his hardcore stare

  48. WoogedyBoogie

    My all time favorite is the first picture, mainly because I know the big douche with the glasses in the middle…. close 2nd is this picture:

  49. SaveUofL

    I love the second pic of the woman in only a ‘vill jersey, the stains on the sheet make it perfect.

  50. Al's Indycats

    Oh…OK. When I saw them with their fingers in the air I thought they were make believe guns in their hands shooting them in the air, just like they have make believe relevancy in the state.
    37, I think they’re using used buckets at that.

  51. Keeping it Cool

    Kentucky fans making fun of another fan base. Things must be really slow around here.

  52. Toothless Temp

    9) You should have made the L with your Middle Fingers on both hands.

  53. DoubleZeroMostel

    See, to me that top picture speaks a thousand words in one little bottle. CROWN ROYAL. No self respecting Kentuckian would drink Whiskey from Canada when give the choice of the sweet Brown Nectar of Kentucky Bourbon. You don’t see that at a UK tailgate.

  54. Keeping it Cool

    I live with my mommy in a rent by the hour motel.

  55. Al's Indycats

    49, The more I look at that second pic, I’ll go to my grave thinking that is a dude in the “VILE” jersy. Either that or she needs a wax job over her lip.

  56. duhville cat

    These Filthy Cawds aren’t makin an “L”…. That’s the “shocker” .. two in the pink and one in the stink. Ricky taught em’ that one.

  57. UKrulz

    The tards are an embarrassment to the state of Kentucky.

  58. Admonish


  59. roundrobin

    these pictures make me think what a dirty bird tailgate is like…worst tailgating experience ever..trunks thumping, concrete, and trash

  60. Big Blue #1

    Picutre #2…Pretty sure that’s MEATLOAF!

  61. Tammy

    i tailgated next to the stripper pole guys a few years back at the RV lot near Commonwealth and had a pretty good time. more of the quantity over quality thing they have going on

  62. catben

    “L” NO!!

  63. chin strap beard

    None of these guys has the trademark chinstrap/line beard?

  64. KYBLUE

    wait arent these from last year?

  65. twnky

    #20 I don’t think they would lat “15” seconds in this heat lol

  66. twnky


  67. GOT 7?

    -2nd last
    -Its a scientific fact that birds do not have teeth
    -No we dont have pitino, we have someone better
    -Kentucky puts the “L” in Louisville annualy

  68. Lex07

    What’s so wrong with the girl wearing the chicken bucket? (OK- I just read that out loud….)

  69. WildcatFanEastKY

    Please tell me I am not the only one who noticed the DONATION bucket on the pole dancing stage

  70. UK#8

    Biggest bunch of douchebags in pic 1 hahahaha

  71. truBLU

    I really did “lol” at #41. Good on you sir.

  72. #67 says

    -Kentucky puts the ā€œLā€ in Louisville annualy…..
    Did you mean annually or anally?

  73. Bill Curry

    In the first pic, is that the smart guy from Road Trip?

  74. KD

    Special breed Ul fans even in fanatic mode have a more modern look than the old men with that K hat and that plain KY written across that outdated clothing line omg UK fans talking about a special breed go east that says it all.

  75. say what?

    #74, urban-trash clothing is really super modern. Knee length, long shorts with tank tops and flat billed hats with line beards. The UL crew would blend right in in NYC, Miami, Milan…havens of modern fashion culture.

    if a group of people got to rate the fashion trends of UK students vs the fashion trends of UL students it would n’t be close. UL fans are closer to a jersey shore episode or maybe a someone cast in one of flaver flav’s reality shows

  76. blitzedanddazed

    Patti Swope looks like Joan Rivers. How many times can that girl have her face lifted?

  77. blitzedanddazed

    Shouldn’t Patti Swope have the “Got Pitino?” shirt on?

  78. Ron Burgundy

    I’m from Louisville and at some point between the ages of 18-21 I thought Crown Royal was the bomb… Finally by my senior year at UK I had de-toxed from growing up with ‘tard fans and started drinking better Kentucky made bourbon. Does anyone have an academic reason why there is such an infatuation with the Canadian piss water?

  79. joe

    If you think that’s bad you should see the West End UL fans.

  80. mark emmert

    [email protected] email mark emmert right now