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Meet Stephen Zimmerman


A big part of recruiting is hype and you could argue that no one is riding the hype wave on Saturday July 23 quite like Stephen Zimmerman.  After all, he has profiles in the Los Angeles Times and the Las Vegas Review today.  So what is everyone excited about?  Well, he’s 6’10”, is being compared (or comparing himself at least) to Dirk Nowitzki, has an offer from UCLA and is getting interest from North Carolina and Memphis as well. 

And he’s not in high school yet.

Zimmerman just finished 8th grade and will join Shabazz Muhammad’s Bishop Gorman team in a few weeks as a 15-year old freshman.  Kentucky has not gotten involved with him yet, but you can be sure they’ll become familiar with him as the season progresses and they track Muhammad.  And if he evolves into Dirk Nowitzki like he thinks, he might just become an option in the class of two-thousand-and-forever-from-now.

Watch him work.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

21 responses to “Meet Stephen Zimmerman”

  1. tdogg4033011

    I just cant get into recruiting 8th graders, I know coaches gotta show interest early, but thats just a little much.

  2. Frankington

    Is it just me, or is it kind of disgusting the way that kids are getting offers when they can not even drive? 8th grade seems a little young, doncha think?

  3. Disgruntled fan

    Why hasn’t cal gotten a commitment for the class of 2016??!??!?

  4. YearyCat

    Billy g called this kid last year

  5. Blue Virus

    I thought it was illegal to recruit 8th graders. Didnt BCG get slapped on the wrist for this with Michael Avery?

  6. Madtex

    6′-10″ big deal, don’t really care and my guess is this kid will amount to nothing.

  7. KD

    Does he have a sister?

  8. BPsycho


  9. tdogg4033011

    is it football season yet??? feels like the longest off season ever !!!

  10. Err

    The kid needs to improve alot. 6’10 and in the 8th grade he should be scoring at will. Has an ugly shot and not athletic ability. Just my opinion but I bet they are tons of 8th graders with alot more potential. He has height and thats it as of now

  11. boosgud

    cant teach a kid to be 6’9….

  12. Steady

    He puts his pants on one leg at a time, just like we do…except it takes him longer to pull them up.

  13. Carlisle1974

    So, young fella…..exactly what is supposed to be Nowitzki-like?? Aside from both of you being tall, skinny, and white?

  14. inside info

    Most kids that tall at his age are not very athletic. He is doing really well I would say. I cant believe someone would try to talk down about someone so young.(My guess is this kid will amount to nothing) that is just a stupid thing to say about some young boy thats 15. My guess is that this boy is twice the adult you could ever be (grow up).

  15. Doug

    Some of you guys do not know what you are talking about.. You put 35 pounds on that kid and two more years and you have a D 1 caliber talent, and a top 40 recruit. He is agile and moves well ,and he still is growing into his body.. Some of you guys know nothing about basketball.

  16. Hal Jordan

    Anyone know what age group he’s playing in in that clip?

  17. Held-back

    15 yr old eighth grader? Granted 6’9″ is very tall for 15; but hell I finished my sophmore year of High School at 15…………He should be dominating middle school. You know this was the same story with Michael Avery. He was 15 and 6’4 in middle school. Hell he should have been dominating too.

  18. MemphisCat

    He should improve, but reminds me of Michael Bradley.

  19. Leave the Kid alone

    I seen good court vision and nice passing. Good footwork down low. Ugly jump shot but he won’t need to shoot too much.

  20. Richie

    Not even close to college level talent just tall

  21. Winning

    1st, hes 14 yrs old and going to be a feshman. 2nd, hes playing 16u. 3rd, he hasnt played against kids his own age in over a year because theres no competition. 4th, he never said he’s “Nowitzki-like”, he said he memics Dirk’s game because he can play in the paint and shoot from outside. 5th, he has 4 D1 offers from 4 NCAA National Championship teams. 6th, he’s the #1 8th grader in the country. 7th, how many college offers did you have at 14 yrs old? or how many do your gun toting, weed smoking, teenage deadbeat dads loser kids have? Every decent parent out there wants their child to have a college education, and would love to have colleges offering their children scholarships at any age, but because no college wants to deal with your children because you yourself were such crappy parents and never thought your children how to become functional members of society, your jealous of this child. So take a look at yourself and your children and think about how they might have turned out if you had given them the love and the support that they need growing up, then remember that you have court this week, rather it be to sign them up for a work release program or just to get that child support rolling, because you werent man enough to stick around and raise your loser kids. Meanwhile this kid will have 30 college offers by the time he’s ready to go to college. Quit putting down a child and put down the King Cobra, or put down the crackpipe. you dont know him, but you will when he’s making millions of dollars a year for throwing a ball into a hoop. Kiss the rings!