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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.
McConnell Wants The Cards In The Big 12
by Drew Franklin on October 26, 2011 at 12:58 pm

According to the New York Times, U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell is lobbying to the president of the University of Oklahoma and a former senator to get Louisville in the Big 12, and that’s holding things up with West Virginia’s move. Yesterday, it appeared the deal was done for the Mountaineers to leave the Big East. Now, people with knowledge of the situation told the Times that it’s a 50-50 shot between West Virginia and Louisville for which school joins the conference.

McConnell is a U of L grad and a self-proclaimed “die hard Louisville football fan.”  The five-term Republican leader is not a very popular man in West Virginia right now.

The two schools play each other on November 5th. I think the winner should get the bid.

84 Replies to “McConnell Wants The Cards In The Big 12”

  1. slappy says:

    He (and UL) are lucky he’s not up for election this year.

  2. DG says:

    Fear the Turtle!

  3. UL sucks a fatty says:

    Damn that cracka’s ugly


  4. ChairmanRowe says:

    He’s a UL grad? It all makes sense now.

  5. PatPattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor says:

    Now things are just becoming ridiculous. First Kenneth Starr acts like aTm’s jilted ex-gf, now McConnell is using his precious time to get UofLOL in a conference.

  6. ShepherdsvilleKat says:

    ahh – Our tax dollars at work….

  7. Poco Chang says:

    Another “small-government conservative” proves he’s a hypocrite.

  8. bluebayou says:

    I don’t want to hear one more Kentucky gets what ever they want cause of Frankfort from a cawd fan Where do they think the money comes from for all thier new facilities????

  9. Let's Get Real says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier: Mitch’s droopy-dog face or the fact he has to play his “I’m a senator” card just to get another conference to think about loserville.

  10. js says:

    Perhaps Mitch could focus on jobs, the eocnomy, etc. … isn’t that his job?

  11. Me says:

    Big deal, Obama has been lobby’n Europe to let the USA join them.

    Obama will be more successful making us (USA) look like Europe than Mitch will of talk’n uofl into the Big12.

  12. Lex07 says:

    McConnell as “the face of the University of Louisville” works for me. They both make me want to puke. I am actually glad to see them get into a better football conference where they will disappear forever.

  13. stevem says:

    At least he’s not spending that time pushing to get another bailout passed.

  14. blitzedanddazed says:

    You have to be kidding! With all the problems we have in this
    country, Howdy Doody using his time to get The Tards in the Big 12?
    McConnell might get it done. The man would pimp out his wife to get what
    wants. Just ask George W. Bush.

  15. Wildcatamania says:

    Dang, Mitch looks like he just smelled a rotten fart or let one himself.

  16. Even more of a reason to #ditchmitch

  17. nawlij says:

    I am glad he has nothing better to worry about….

  18. Me says:

    So really, what would all you libs be saying if the governor or Obama was doing the same thing Mitch is supposedly doing?

    Obama is too busy out campaigning to lobby the Big12 or work on job creation.

  19. joe says:

    I knew UL would find a way to slither their whore conference realigning azz into the Big 12. It looks like alot of the Big 12 schools don’t wanna travel that far on road trips. Supposedly you have to fly to Pittsburgh and then bus to Morgantown from there.

  20. KYKayaker says:

    #2 – Myrtle the turtle…making very slow and steady progre…er nevermind

    #7 – Myrtle never has been and never will be a “small government conservative”, only a “small minded a$$hole”

  21. Tricky Rick says:

    I am the farthest thing from a UL fan that you could find, but I do think that Beshear & McConnell should be weighing in on this. UL vs. Houston or Marshall on a Tuesday night does nothing for the city/state economy. Put 58K in the Pizza Pit for OK or Texas on a Saturday and you’ve got hotels, restauants, etc loving it.

    Off topic but Beashear would have to come out of his cave to speak up on anything. He’s afraid he might screw up a 30 point lead in the next two weeks.

  22. Me says:

    But really – what does this latest revelation say about the comments Pitino has been making about the bigeast? Rick wouldn’t be talking outa both sides of his mouth, would he? Or is Jurich telling Pitino one thing and doing something else behind the scenes?

  23. Doom or Gloom says:

    Wow! This is getting good and will not end well. Last thing these school presidents/ADs want to hear is that the KY Senator will do this or that.

    Give it time, the corruption that is our government will shine through on all this conference realignment!

  24. Tobias Funke says:

    Worst senator in modern history.

  25. rob bromley says:

    McConnel’s eyes always have that “deer in the headlights” look.

  26. UKHistory says:

    7–This isn’t small government hypocrisy. It is all about elites calling in favors from other elites. That happens whether you are for big government or little government.

    If Mitch required the Department of Education to certify Big 12 expansion through regulation or to enact legislation requiring the Big 12 to admit UofL or be denied Federal Funding that is an example of big government.

    What is taking is place just good ole boys taking care of their own.

  27. voiceofreason says:

    anybody know if the game is being shown online anywhere, or if anyone is streaming on justintv?

  28. West Endzone says:

    The flaming turtle has spoken. He is a master obstructionist. No soup for you, WVU.

  29. HillbillyInBC says:

    We’re actually using Thameltoe as a source now? Wonders never cease.

  30. Me says:

    Hey yall, did you hear that Obama is trying to make us (tax payers) pay for people’s student loans?

    Of course not, yall are too far up Mitch’s azz to know what yer boy is really doing to our country.


  31. UKStudent says:

    this isn’t a democrat or republican issue…the issue is that politicians should worry about the country and the people they represent and not sports

  32. big tim says:

    isnt there more important thing going on in the world right now? all i got to say he better watch out for them crazy wv fans they dont play

  33. Recruiting News? says:

    Anyone have news on when we can expect an announcement from Lucas or Patterson?

  34. the anti-cat says:

    Lord knows UK has never asked for anything from anyone.

  35. Eric says:

    HAHA @ this “me” character. I wonder is he is a republican? I cant tell by his posts. Political opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one and they are all shitty. This is a sports website. That was sports news. I would do the same in that position if UK were needing a good word to get into a conference.

  36. SMH says:

    I love the idiots on here that turn this into a b!tch fest about the president. Please try to follow along and stay on subject, you effing political babbling psychos.

  37. Doom or Gloom says:

    34 – please tell me when UK has ever had a Senator fight for a sports matter?

    26 – UK History – actually this is about government involvement at the highest level. Mitch has disrupted free enterprise which is exactly what large goverment does. Mitch has taken it upon himself to influence free enterprise decisions through politcal/goverment connections. I dont disagree with it, but this is exactly what Mitch does. Tells us how we dont need goverment, but then does a “reach around” to get UL in a conference.

  38. Cliver says:

    McConnell sucks.

  39. I hate front runners says:

    Die hard UL football fan huh? I guess he’s a die hard UK basketball fan too. Guys like that make me sick! I knew a dude years ago who was a diehard UT football/UK basketball fan. Nothing worse than a damn frontrunning fan.

    As for his lobbying to help out UL, I’m OK with that I guess since he’s trying to help out his constituents and all. At least he’s not in DC with his other professional legislators of both parties.

  40. Larry says:

    It benefits ky if uofl gets into the big 12. I hope they do so. Think as a citizen and not as a fan people.

  41. NKYCatFan says:

    Get back to your office, Mitch and stop wasting the salary we pay you.

  42. barn says:


  43. Me says:

    Yo Eric – I notice you didn’t call out any of the libs that were making political comments about Mitch. I don’t like it if it is true the Mitch is making calls on behalf of uofl. BUT – I also think there are plenty of yall (dems / libs) that are quick to make a political statement here on a sports blog – but can’t F’n take it when someone (Me) throws it right back at ya.

    You were probably a bully, till someone finally punched you in the mouth, right?

  44. UKfansinthevillelovesthecats says:

    Never would have expected this post to turn into a political nerd fight. Never. Bunch of nerds.

  45. Catpapa2525 says:

    King of the Douche D***s! I cringe every time I hear a media personality introduce McConnell. He makes Kentucky look like the fat girl at the prom. Oh and is nasal/droning douchy tone makes me want to break things!

  46. blitzedanddazed says:

    McConnell is the worst US Senator is modern history. How sick is it that the taxpayers pay this prick’s his salary along with that of James “Master Card Ramsey.”

  47. Doom or Gloom says:

    40 – UL in Big 12, BE or no conference makes no difference to Kentucky. You know what it may do is open a door for some more sports teams to come into Louisville (i.e. pro team). UL has an impact on Louisville, but not as much as people seem to think. Louisville could be more if they put the city before the school!

  48. Another Perspective says:

    Like him or not, trying to get UL in the Big 12 IS working for his constituents. Much better for the state of Kentucky if they are in a major conference instead of the dying Big East. Think of the trickle-down effect.

  49. big tim says:

    why does it hurts ky weather louisville in our out cause it louisville not in a bcs conference i think it help recruiting cause why would the best player in the state want to go to louisville when they cant get a bcs bid so they would come to ky if they want to stay in state and have a chance to go to a bcs bowl game

  50. UKGoBigBlue says:

    With Mitch getting involved, he has made this a whole new thing; it’s going to make Mitch & Oklahoma President look really bad. Mitch getting involved has now almost forced the Big 12 hand into now having to pick WV.

    The national news media will hammer Mitch for getting involved.

  51. We are the 99% says:

    46. U must have forgot about me! Thanks to my 1&1/2 yr. Senate run you now have the worst pres. eva.

  52. Depoytown says:

    I’m a conservative but when this guy saud he would “…spend the next four years making Obama fail”…..it made me sick.How can our country succeed with “leaders ” who think like this?

  53. Barry Obama says:

    46. Sorry I was still protestin with my comrades. 

  54. Mr Schwump says:

    Dude has that perpetual look of constipation which is natural since he’s full of shit.

  55. uk3k says:

    who cares…. all he will do is lock everything in a stalemate for years like he does with everything in congress.

    I beleieve all of the republicans along with their “no new taxes” pledges also are being forced to sign “no new super conferences” pledges by mcconnell.

  56. Lw says:

    He is the face of the modern politician. Remember him at the polls.

  57. LMAO….Racing to get into the Big 12 before the total collapse of the B.E. Good lord they should’ve seen this comning as far as Neuw Yark to Looserville. But thankfully Good ol’ Rick and Turtleneck will give us more material to use for many moons. Ummmmm, what did 3 stacks say about the girlfriend? And why do they want to dump her now? For sure they can always go back to their High School sweetheart, Conference U S of A, unless Memphis doesn’t want them in…. BWAAAAAAAAAA

  58. SMH says:

    Big Tim, you make no sense.

  59. JimAndrews says:

    Mitch is so ugly he gives Freddy Krueger nightmares.

  60. snarkster says:

    Just another feather in the cap of Mitch the Moron.

  61. Whoofarted says:

    #1 and #16 and others. Not only is it not going to happen, but you generally don’t want to vote out the minority leader when he is a representative in your state. Kentucky representatives Rogers and McConnell give this state much more pull – whether you like them or not

  62. Tomcat says:

    Mitch McConnell is a UK Law School alum…class of ’69 (or thereabouts).

  63. Standard and Poor must be racist, right? says:

    5 terms! He must be doing something right! Go Mitch!! Go Cats!!

  64. ptwillis727 says:

    This is the same idiot that said his “GOAL” for the next 4 years is to make sure Obama is not re-elcted for a second term.. So bascially hes like screw the entire state of Kentucky, lets just make sure Obama gets out of office asap. I cant stand this guy… almost as much as louisville.

  65. panchodan says:

    With basketball as a religion in the Commonwealth this is an obvious violation of separation of Church and State.

  66. Ha says:

    He looks like such a dum@ss

  67. Card Trick says:

    I know my Cards are on a collision course but we want our path to the National Championship to go through U. Conn, Rutgers, and Cincinnati. Losing by 55 to Oklahoma, Texas etc, is not part of the plan. Let’s think this one through.

  68. Anthony Davis Has A Posse says:

    I can’t tell, is that the one that says “Bud”, “Weis”, or “Er”?

  69. Kenny H says:

    The Big 12 will end up choosing WVU over UL. The Big 12 schools are in the process of watching The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Once the Big 12 realizes they will get a better class of fans from West Virginia they will choose the Mountaineers.

  70. Mack says:

    One would think that a United States Senator would have more to be concerned with than Loserville going to what ever football conference. Hate to say it but the President is wrong about Congress not doing anything; getting Loserville in the Big 12 is very important. Who needs jobs or tax reform anyway?

  71. kramer says:

    Like it is said karma is a bitch, so UL be careful what you wish for,the beating they will take against Texas,Oklahoma,etc. will be humerous. Especially if the Big East hangs on to their BCS bid…..

  72. galtoid says:

    Now that McConnell has upset both senators from WV, I would say U of L’s chances of a Big 12 big just went out the proverbial window. Conference bigwigs simply can’t afford looking like they can be bought. I said “looking” like they can be bought.

    McConnell has stepped in it. Big. Time.

  73. Drew Deener says:

    This is absurd that he would be spending our tax dollars to push for something like this. Call Mitch’s Louisville office (582-6304) or his DC office (202-224-2541) and express your displeasure.

  74. chasing #8 says:

    He is a closet gay

  75. Jim McB says:

    He might as well lobby for something because he and the rest of the do nothing congress sucks. Just like louisville.

  76. poop says:

    Get the tar & feathers. Seriously. I’m not joking. The american people need to make a stand against our government that constantly sells us out at every turn and wastes our hard-earned tax dollars on frivilous crap like this. Mitch needs to be the first. We need to send a message.

  77. bigcat44 says:

    OK, let me get this straight, McConnel is doing something wrong because he is trying to help one of his state universities?? Umm, isn’t that some of the things we elect him for?? Look, its this simple. What is better for businesses in Kentucky? UConn and their 14 fans coming to Louisville or Texas and Oklahoma coming to Louisville?? You think there are any gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, resteraunts, etc that would benefit from it?? I am the biggest Cat Fan in the world, but what some of you morons are talking about is ridiculous.

  78. snarkster says:

    75 – Mitch McConnell isn’t gay…but his boyfriend is.

  79. dukesuX says:

    Mc”Con”nell is a TOTAL c0ck-sucking, mother-fvcking a$$hole, & a complete chicken-$hit ba$tard!!!!!!

  80. Jim Mora says:

    Can it be more obvious? Kentucky would much rather recruit against a 3-9 UL program in the Big 12 than a 7-5 UL program in the Big East. This would be a huge coup for UK football.

  81. 2020 says:

    Louisville will get destroyed in the Big 12 in sports like track, baseball, etc. As the most southern school in the Big East, they win conference championships in all those sports like tennis because who the f– plays tennis and baseball at UConn or St Johns? Texas and the like will destroy UL in all the non-revenue sports. Why do I care? Because I want Louisville to feel pain. I want Texas to crush them by 70. I want Louisville’s softball team to go winless. I want Louisville to consider dropping its swim team because they can’t compete in the Big 12. I want Louisville to cry. The Big 12 will bring the pain. Why else is Pitino so vocal in trying to keep the Big East alive?

  82. plowboy says:

    this will be Ronald Mc

    This will be Ronald McConnels last term in office. BBN will see to that.

  83. CincyWildcat1970 says:

    I want U of L in the Big 12 so they get their tail kicked in football each week. That will shut their fans up about how they are better in football. They can forget about any chance of ever winning that coference.

  84. Loucat 47 says:

    Mod’s Please take my comment down (#84). I was just venting but shouldn’t have said what I said. I don’t hope ill will on anyone. Stupid of me

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