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Matt Elam: “Not Real High On Joker”


Maybe it was one botched Photoshop too many. Whatever the reasons, Kentucky recruit Matt Elam took to Twitter this afternoon expressing his distaste for Joker Phillips:





Elam, a defensive tackle and the second-best prospect in the state according to Rivals, has reportedly narrowed his list to Kentucky, Alabama, and Ohio State; Florida has shown him interest but has yet to officially offer him. Want some reason to be optimistic for Kentucky’s chances? Right after these tweets were posted, Elam retweeted an account arguing that Joker missed Kentucky’s in-state talent, but “it will all change with Stoops.”


I think it’s kind of impossible to overexaggerate how much has changed within Kentucky football since Stoops took over. Come on down, Matt.


Article written by Kristen Geil

26 responses to “Matt Elam: “Not Real High On Joker””

  1. Air Raid

    I think uofl is still on the list. He visited there yesterday.

  2. List

    Four schools. UK, Bama, Ohio State and UL. Visited UofL and UK this year.

  3. Genoscats

    You look good in BLUE!!🐾🐾

  4. Rei

    Why would anyone want to play for Joker? Regardless of what school he’s at, he’s a cancer and the whole “he’s a good guy” thing seems like a farce. I hope his hiring at Florida drives their program into a hole.

  5. Free Bradley Manning

    I hope he learns that every word in a sentence doesn’t have to be capitalized before he gets to whichever school he attends. And for that matter if he doesn’t like Joker someone needs to tell him he doesn’t have to publicize it to the world. Football is only going to take him so far, and needs to be more than rude and illiterate when he’s finished.

  6. Eric

    he will end up wearing Blue for his college career.

  7. Han

    4) He does better when he’s not in charge, I think. Even though he’s recruiting for Florida, only the WR would be playing directly for him, and even then, he still won’t be playcalling.

  8. Sean D

    I think Ohio St is out, cause Meyer doesn’t let the players have a twitter account. I really can’t see this kid getting through the day without sharing his criticism of somebody.

  9. MadTex

    Matt is going to VMI (Virginia Military Institute) where he will get a sense of what life is really like. First of all he’ll learn some discipline which he wouldn’t get at Alabama, Ohio St or Kentucky.

  10. CuriousCat

    Looks like it’s troll time! Thanks, guys. Don’t know what I’d do without you!

  11. Catlogic15

    Long way to go in this kid’s recruitment. I’ll feel better when he disses Saban.

  12. Barnfart

    NOW LOUISVILLE IS IN THE CWS!!!! They aren’t miles ahead of us, they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of us! Jurich owns me, and is making me look like a clown…

  13. Barnfart

    First they win the Sugar Bowl by beating the snot out of a team who’s owned us for over a quarter century, then they win the NCAA basketball title, then their women make it to the championship game…and NOW THIS! Woe is me…I need a drink.

  14. jeff

    #4, sounds like you have little man syndrome. I am sure you are small everywhere when you are as ignorant as you sound.

  15. andy

    Can someone tell this kid twitter is not a license to disrespect coaches. He needs to learn a thing from Drew. Though he felt disrespected by joker, he never tweeted it. He only mentioned it when asked.

  16. ummm

    We are definitely dealing with some real high class fans here. They think it is wrong for a kid to use twitter to speak your feelings towards or to bash someone. Then those same fans (probably adults) use a message board to do the very thing they are criticizing the kid for. He probably learned how to bash someone publicly by reading the comments section on KSR. Actions observed, actions learned!!!!

  17. Free Bradley Manning

    5. Reading plainly isn’t your strength. There’s a difference between noting this young adult’s immaturity and “bashing” him.

  18. Free Bradley Manning

    16, rather, not 5.

  19. Stooooooooooops

    I’ve heard worse said about Joker on here! Stop trashing this kid, he’s had personal contact with Joker and feels as if he was disrespected! Nothing wrong with sharing how he feels on HIS twitter.

  20. Sean D

    All fair about it being his twitter, but if he comes here, and the first time he doesn’t like something the staff does here, and he takes to twitter to air it out, remember, it’s his right to talk about it.

  21. H.M. Miller

    While it may not be so obvious to you yet,going forward it will become clear that so called little men rule the world. Ask your girlfriend and if she’s honest this will be verified.

  22. Tampa Satchel

    Damn, Joker getting called out on Twitter by a HS kid. How the mighty have fallen.

    I have to agree with some others, in that someone who has his respect should be counseling him to cut it with the Twitter insults. Show some class and take the high road. People will respect you for it.

  23. erhem

    What is overexaggerate?

  24. Doo Doo Brown

    Celebrating a high school kid publicly disrespecting an elder is the most KSR thing ever.

  25. bluristhurr

    I respect people who tell you what’s on their mind and that is the great thing you get out of twitter. A day in age where you can get bashed for telling people you don’t like somebody SMH…..How many people bashed Miss Aaron for her bachelor show? A whole lot of 100 plus comments just to tell her stop it

  26. Hollahollaholla

    Do we want a kid who capitalizes the first letter of every word?