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Mark Krebs Goes into Detail on Billy Clyde’s Treatment of Players


After his departure nearly two years ago from Kentucky, there were lots or stories and rumors about the treatment of players by Billy Gillispie. We heard anecdotal stories and this site published a list of some of his confirmed issues. However those that were released arent necessarily even the most serious, as seen in part by Mark Krebs’s interview on my radio show today. Krebs today talked about how Billy Clyde pressured Derrick Jasper into returning early from microfracture surgery by openly mocking both Jasper and the trainers/doctors who suggested he was not ready to play. Krebs said that when the doctors said that Jasper could only play half-court due to his rehab, Gillispie put a piece of tape on the floor and in a mocking tone said, “well we can only play this from here over because of Derrick.” Mark said that the treatment was a major reason for Jasper’s transfer and that Derrick wasnt alone in receiving it.

The interview is very revealing and probably gives more info on the Billy Gillispie era and player relations than we have ever yet heard. It is below and is about 25 minutes into Hour One. Check it out:

Article written by Matt Jones

32 responses to “Mark Krebs Goes into Detail on Billy Clyde’s Treatment of Players”

  1. tfordstyle


  2. drizzy

    Who’s Billy Clyde?

  3. Boggie

    How did Gillispie EVER become the basketball coach at UK? That has to be the worse hire in the history of college basketball.

  4. Ice G

    Billy Gillisie is a LOSER and belongs in Loserville, which is about 40 miles west of Frankfort.

  5. Thunder Thighs

    3: Gillispie was the hottest coach on the market at the time he was hired. He had MAJOR success at A&M and he could have done the same thing at UK…… Insert problem here…… But he was (and still probably is) an alcoholic and his addiction got the best of him. It was all great and glorious while winning, but when he started losing, he started hitting the bottle harder and look where it got him. Good riddance.

  6. Boggie

    It was never “great and glorious” with Gillispie… It was an epic failure from the start.

  7. fartliner

    He was the WRONG man for the job and Mitch B SHOULD have known that.

  8. catcrawler


  9. Free Enes

    I’ve always hated Billy G in a “wow, what a drunken baffoon, what an embarrassment” kind of way – he just seemed so worthless as OUR head coach and so out of his league…just an idiot.

    But this is absolutely disgusting and makes me hate him as a person. I got to see Derrick Jasper play when I went to the Bucket this past Saturday, and I have to say, even though I would’ve rather he stayed at UK, I’m glad for him that he got a fresh start at UNLV. He seems like a great kid, and it’s disgusting that Billy G was that kind of person.

  10. John McClane

    I dont understand the big deal.

    Robert M. Knight

  11. holdmeclosertinydanson

    I believe “diarrhean'” happens when Palin serves bad moose for dinner.

    Side note: Keep your PoFlaWa to yourself. I’m not making a political joke. She abbreviates everything and all Alaskans hunt moose. Razor Ramon bagged 3 himself when he was only twelve.

  12. Big D

    We all know he was a big-time prick. What he said to Jeanine from ESPN at halftime was evidence enough. Please, please let’s not revisit BCG any more.

  13. Clawed Balls

    Barnhart should have been run out of town over the Billy Clyde disaster. Why there hasn’t been more of a out cry over this has always puzzled me. The rumor about him going to Kansas was insasne, why would they want him. He let Tubby linger way to long and brought coach Cal in 2 years afer he even he expected. All this talk about the football team going to 5 straight bowls is wasy over rated all you have to do is win 6 games and you go to a bowl. We still struggle to not finish dead last in the east year in and year out. True he has helped the non revenue sports like field and track and even the checker team is better. Everyone knew about Billy Clydes problems off the court before he got here it was a bad hire and Barhart is responsible.

  14. Gossie21

    I remember when Billy flew out to California to try and talk Jasper out of transferring. I wonder how that conversation went?

  15. Dubuas

    Let’s hope these stories get enough national coverage to guarantee that the maniacal despot never has the opportunity to abuse or influence another kid. Every season, there is a rumor about someone hiring him. He should be banned from coaching for life.

  16. Billy Clyde Gillispie

    Yall are just whippin’ me in this thread. That’s all there is too it. Just gettin’ whipped.

  17. Jen

    Barnhardt didn’t have no one else to hire. He did it as a “OMG” no one wants this job but this drunk guy kinda moment. And hired a hot name at the time without doing research. All along I wanted Cal, I wanted Cal when Cal came back from NBA! Cal wanted the job. After Donovan refused, Barnhardt should have went after Cal! Why he didn’t? Who knows! Atleast now we have a players coach and we know none of this stupid crap wont happen!

  18. tabney43

    Barnhart was steered away from Calipari when he hired Gillispie. He was told that Calipari was too much of a risk. No one could have predicted the total disaster that was BCG. I think he came to Kentucky with a slight drinking problem. I think he lost control of his addiction when the pressure of the job hit him full force. It is at this time that he became very abusive to the players. Sad that this was not taken care of quicker. Congrats to Jasper for his success after UK. Congrats to Jorts and Liggins for surviving the Gillispie attacks.

  19. walter sobchak

    #13 – if Barnhart was run out of town he wouldn’t have been here to bring in Calipari. Just about every hire Barnhart has made in the overall picture of the athletic department has been a homerun…he clearly whiffed on Napoleon Gillispie, sure, but get over it.

  20. Stickman

    Remind me–is Billy Clyde still our coach? Why is this still worthy of having an article devoted to it? slow news day, eh?

  21. SeoulCat

    #20, because Matt has a hard on for BCG. I like Matt, but I think Billy Clyde must have Gillispied Mr. Jones’ girlfriend (or mom? or both?) at Two Keys a couple of years ago. There exists no other rational explanation for the continued BCG hatefest…almost two years after his departure.

  22. njCat

    When someone goes on the record to confirm that a coach is belittling and abusing players, its news… period. Jones needs to go national w/ Mark’s comments if BCG is ever in the running for another job… either that or he needs to warn the parents of the kids BCG is recruiting.

    Barnhart gets no credit for hiring Cal. Any idiot in his job could have made that hire. The fact that he passed on him when Tubby left shows he is gutless, and the BCG fiasco should have cost him his job.

    That being said, had Cal been hired instead of BCG, we may very well have had a vacated Derrick Rose season. Wonder if Cal could have survived that at KY.

  23. Indyblueblood

    If this is true (if it’s not, BCG will be talking to a lawyer), BCG should never be hired again as a basketball coach, let alone a college head basketball coach. There is no excuse whatever for risking the health of a player… EVER.

  24. GoCATS!

    Clawed Balls, you are retarded! Going to 5 straight bowl games is a big deal. Especially, when like 6 years ago, we were just winning two games a year. You must not realize how big of leap UK has taken to become a contender in the SEC East, because we use to be a push over in every SEC game besides Vandy and maybe Mississippi State. Yeah we might not complete with the Florida’s or Alabama’s but they the recuit the best of the best. Kentucky takes the talent they recieve and turn them into good football players. Mitch Barnhart is a good athletic director and any university would love to have him.
    GOO CATS!!!

  25. Clyde

    You all are showing unbelievable passion and intensity, I love it. It shows unbelievable toughness…or whatever.

  26. d1ja

    according to TBK’s frosted one Maggard, Derrick Jasper didnt come back early from surgery and was perfectly healthy.

  27. john gaylor

    Hey guys, I agree I never thought much of the guy as a coach and it was obvious that he had problems dealing with players,but the alcoholic thing thats below the belt!!! For some of you idiots(who probaly have alcoholics in your own family) IT IS A DISEASE,and no, thank god im not one .But I know alot of good people with this problem.
    This is a basketball forum and if you want to share your knowledge on alcoholics, im sure thee are many sites that you can do so. nuff said

  28. beentheredonedat

    way to bring up the truth 26… big blue fans should NEVER forget how MM defended BCG at every op bc he was on Jeremy Cox ball sac! MM’s minions attacked me on this site for saying exactly what has come out. The UNLV staff were stunned at the condition of Jasper’s leg when he arrived.

  29. DerbyDemon

    #13–Did you write “Tiger’s Revenge”?

  30. BCG

    Get your ass back in the bathroom stall, Jones!

  31. John

    Mitch knew he messed up and he knew he had to hire someone to turn the program around now and he is lucky he got calipari because I think he might have been the only coach to be available to do that, and to carry the weight of the BBN. LOOKING FORWARD TO DEC. 31

  32. All Leftists are Enemies of the U.S.

    I was entirely wrong about BCG in my initial impressions upon his hire. I am sad to know he was also abusive, in addition to his other more evident faults. I hope he gets straightened out.