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Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer might want this quote back

In a piece previewing the Kentucky/Louisville game in the Washington Post, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer makes it clear which team he supports:

“We have two very different approaches to running a program. UK has a one-and-done approach. We don’t. Plus, we have a new arena here [the 22,000-plus-seat KFC Yum! Center opened in 2010] and the Cats have arena envy. We got the best arena in the world and they can’t handle that.”

That’s probably the least politically correct comment I’ve ever seen. The article also includes a few quotes from our very own Matt Jones about the rivalry:

“In North Carolina, people are big fans, they care. But in Kentucky, basketball is part of the definition of who you are,” said Matt Jones, the unapologetic Wildcat supporter who runs the popular site, in addition to his regular radio and television gigs. Jones attended law school at Duke and knows basketball is different in the Bluegrass State. “If you ask most UK fans, ‘Who are you?’ UK will come up right away. It’s not just their job or whatever. It’s ‘I’m the world’s biggest UK fan.’ It matters more to them.”

Yes, it does matter more to Kentucky fans, which account for roughly half of the population of Louisville. Greg Fischer might want to retract that statement when he’s up for re-election.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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139 responses to “Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer might want this quote back”

  1. Stan

    Screw him, he is a fool. We envy know one!!!!!

  2. #WWMKGD

    Is the Yum! Center awesome? Yes! Would we trade it to NOT have the player’s we have? no. that’s what these dumbasses don’t get. Whats the point of the arena if your teams not that good. Yes, I know theyre in the final four. but they weren’t final four caliber a few weeks ago. Do they really think the number one overall team is THAT envious over an arena when we still sell out more seats? nope.

  3. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Peckerhead for Mayor…who woulda thunk it?

  4. Colonel Sander's goatee

    You don’t get players good enough to go pro after one year. You mean Louisville is turning them down? That’s like saying I only date ugly chicks. I choose not to date hot ones.

  5. Cardsux

    I’m a registered voter and policies mean more to me than hoops allegiance. But this mayor has stated things that are a bit off base. His character is shown through and his care for all Louisvillians is at question. He no longer has my vote nor any thread of respect.

  6. Rod Von Hugenschlong

    He can retract it all he wants but he already said it. Only a moronic UL fan would be that dumb to alienate a large portion of Jefferson County votes.

  7. Axe Cop

    If I still lived in Louisville he would have lost my vote.

  8. Browdown

    I had no idea I was envious of an arena called yum. I would much rather have to play in a place called yum as opposed to a place rich in tradition that is RUPP

  9. Ridge Runner

    Hey Mayor Boss Hogg, go away.

  10. Cardsux

    8. I don’t think your post came out the way you wanted it to.

  11. douchechill

    5 – Oh no. The mayor has lost the respect of Mr. Cardsux. What ever will he do?

  12. Rod Von Hugenschlong

    The Yum Center is like polishing a turd. It won’t make their program any better.

  13. Ridge Runner

    8..I agree.

    Rupp is a classic venue.
    Yum is a corporate driven thought of the day.

  14. BobKYCats

    Yum! Center — very nice. High quality arena.

    Rupp Arena — better than the Yum! Center in every imaginable way.

  15. Cardsux

    11. I think he’s lost quite a bit of respect of others too. Just sayin. Idiot.

  16. Ridge Runner

    8…tried to help ya out there bud.

  17. block party

    Build it and they will “yum” whatever…

  18. HA HA

    Yeah they have a new arena, but can’t sell it out unless we’re playing in it

  19. douchechill

    15. If you had “respect” for a politician in the first place then you are the idiot. Just sayin.

  20. David

    Remember this is the same fool who while inviting everyone to an International festival told people to come out to see his Mexicans and Chinese during an exhibition game last year. There has been more rhetoric from him than Pitino and his players. Bad political move in a town that is divided 50/50.

  21. Dennis Quire

    You can bet on one vote he is not going to get. What a Jerkweed!

  22. jacocat

    I see he didnt mention D E E N E R switching sides for a job.

  23. 15 seconds in Karen

    feel freed to email and encourage him regarding his next election for public office in the state of Kentucky.

  24. David

    BTW I am grateful Louisville has an arena that is actually worthy of NCAA games…it only helps UK in the end. If they were smart and If Jurich wasn’t controlling the show…they should bid on the SEC Tournament too…

  25. douchechill

    23 – Don’t forget to send an email to UPS while you are at it! These people care about what BBN has to say!

  26. goCats

    You all are being a bunch of sensitive nancies. Who gives a crap who he roots for? He is the mayor of LOUISVILLE! If you base your vote on what team a politician roots for, you are an idiot.

  27. BobKYCats

    Don’t email UPS; just use FedEx. UPS will care much more that way.

  28. O'boro Cat fan

    The Mayor of Louisville may want to rethink the his position in regards to “paying” for the YUM! Center. The tax payers of the state of Kentucky may end up having to contribute to the yearly bond payments. Think about that!

  29. Ridge Runner

    24…true, we did use and abuse the YUM as a springboard to Catlanta. Thx Loserville, we left our popcorn we didn’t want for ya as appreciation. Oh & next time, roll out the BLUE carpet for us…k?

  30. McGhee

    Did he died?

  31. Carl

    I may have to move to Louisville just so I can vote against him. He is not the mayor of Louisville, he is the mayor of Jefferson County. There could be enough blue in the outskirts to torpedo his “next mayor for life” ambitions.

  32. douchechill

    27 – “We’ve lost 0.00001% revenue this month. It must be those UK fans protesting against that commercial! Oh, God, WHYYYYYYYYY?????”

  33. BobKYCats

    I can almost gurntee that his next opponent will run on a pro-UK platform.

    I think it’s cute the UofL went all out building their new place, and they STILL have arena envy.

  34. douchechill

    31 – Move to Louisville to vote against a mayor because he supports his city’s basketball team… my god. You people are even dumber than I thought.

  35. BobKYCats

    32: I was being facetious, silly.

  36. jaws2

    Quite the ignoramus. He’s merely following the herd on the ‘one and done’ mantra. I’m sure if Pimpino could haul in a Davis, MKG, Teague, Wiltjure crew, he’d be ashamed of the university. These guys are so hypocritical it’s pathetic.

  37. crazycatfan


  38. Ridge Runner

    31….Umm….you do lighten’ up sometimes…umm…don’t ya?

  39. BravoBigBlue

    As a transplant to the faux city of Louisville from western KY more than 25 years ago, I can tell you that Fischer represents a typical native of Louisville. Pretentious, out-of-touch, and with an inflated sense of self-worth. Of course, I noticed these same traits in my Louisville frat brothers at Murray State. These people just can’t help it.

  40. Elmo

    I’m tired of UofL fans claiming the YUM Center is the “best arena in the world.” I guarantee that the only arenas these idiots have ever been in are Freedom Hall, YUM Center, and Rupp. In that case, I’m sure the YUM Center seems like the world’s greatest arena but there many NBA arenas that have the edge over YUM (Bankers in Indy, Amway in Orlando, etc.).

  41. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Actually, Josh Harrellson owns that arena. The rent payment was taken out of the Cardinals’ ass.

  42. Al's IndiCats

    19, if you’re a Red Bird fan……damn and I really hate saying this….BUT I hafta agree with you on that one.

    Looking at that picture…..Is that Larry, Curley, or Moe! Of all the stupid things to say especially inside of Jefferson County, Hell Mitt Romney wouldn’t have said something that stupid!

  43. Ridge Runner

    37…appreciate that but it won’t permit a vote but once a day (same computer).

  44. BobbyA

    Um. 37. We’re winning that poll…

  45. East Kentucky Infidel

    Bet he bleeds blue next week.

    City College, big deal. Just a bigger community college.

    Remind me what I should be envious of again?

  46. Joker Blows

    What the hell does the YUM Center have to do with who’s gonna win this game??? Is this a diversion of the issue. OK Mr. Mayor you got a great arena with a nut job whore mongering coach and a shitty team. So I guess you win?

  47. Ridge Runner

    sorry 31….my comment was for 34 (douche) to lighten up.

  48. Jared

    UK Fans do not make up 50% of the Louisville population!!! That’s a myth that sites like this made up. They do make up most of the sate of Kentucky though.

  49. UKBlue

    Greg Fisher is the Joe Biden of comments – foot in mouth. I’m so sick of hearing about the Yum Center – the Yum Center is soon going to be taken over by the bond holders because the idiots that built the Yum Center fudged the numbers, and they know there is no way they can pay off the Yum Center. You have an arena you can’t pay off & are going to lose so shut the F up !!

  50. BobKYCats

    48: You’re right; it’s more like 60% of the city’s population.

  51. Simple

    The mayor is a politician. Politicians are idiots. Therefore, the mayor is an idiot.

  52. Carl

    its okay 47. no hard feelins. i love you forever.

  53. mjblue2

    I’m OK with his being a Louisville fan and wanting to paint the town red. I’m sure they’re excited about the Final 4 and they should be…but he needs to shut his face about “the one & done” system and quit being just another hater.

  54. This is silly.

    The last 2 posts on KSR – this one and the Sypher book post – have been mean-spirited. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of that over the last few days. We’re talking about basketball. To allow which college team you root for to define who you are is embarrassing. To like or dislike another person because of who they root for is beyond pathetic. I have a very serious rooting interest in this game, but I don’t hate the opposition. I’m not going to hate anyone over a game. And that’s what this is. How can anyone possibly be angry at the Mayor for those comments. If you want to vote against for his policies, go for it. But to judge his character because of who he is pulling for is absurd. And the Sypher book – if what Sypher is saying happened did, in fact, happen, how awful for her. And if they didn’t, how awful for Pitino. Either way, it’s nothing something to refer to as “awesome” or to mock. I’m embarrassed for members of both sides who have taken things to far and who have made too much of what, at its core, is just a game. The mean-spiritedness that has characterized this week is truly a shame.

  55. Cardsux

    51. Point blank period.

  56. douchechill

    54 – This logic, reason, and levelheadedness. We must kill it with fire!!!

  57. Axe Cop

    14. OK, let’s not get ridiculous. Yum is the best arena of the two right now. I mean, have you ever sat in the upper level of Rupp? Terrible.

  58. BobKYCats

    57: Hmmm….

    No, Rupp is still better.

  59. douchechill

    58 – Explain in 500 words or less how Rupp Arena is a better facility than the Yum Center.

  60. BobKYCats

    59: Tenant – UK Wildcats. 24,000+ screaming fans who don’t need chair backs because they’re up cherring through the entire game. Banners — lots of them.

  61. BobKYCats


  62. Josh

    Yeah the Cum Center can sit 22,000 but they have trouble filling them seats up… All that tax payers money that helped build that arena still hold less then rub by 2 thousand.. Louisville fans just wish they had the dynasty UK has; hell they wich the even had the Wins,Championships,Conference Championships, and final four visits… Their own coach (Ricky P) regrets leaving UK.. Their own coach hates being there and they can’t stand that one bit. Look at Cals win/loss percentage for the past 3 years at UK and look at Rickies win/loss percentage the same 3 years, Not Even Close…. As they say NO BODY LIKES A WINNER and that’s why UK is hated so much.

  63. Josh

    Rupp^, sorry

  64. Stallings' Baldspot

    The Mayor’s logic is just embarrassing to a louisville citizen like myself.
    Saying “we don’t go the one-and-done route” is like me saying:
    I don’t go the Bill Gates route and drop out of college (of course I don’t but only because I’m not as smart as him)
    I don’t go the Brad Pitt route and buy Italian mansions on the Riviera (of course I don’t, but that’s because I don’t have the money)
    I don’t go the Jay Leno route and buy Ferrari’s at will (again I would if I could)
    Louisville recruits one and done players (Teague, Noel, etc.) they just are not able to get them. Louisville would love to go the one-and-done route, they just can’t.

    And then his arena envy line reminds me of the time when UK opened the William T Young Library every one said:
    “It’s bigger and newer than Hardvard’s library”
    (just because UK has a nice looking library it doesn’t mean it’s better than Harvard’s re-known historic library, or that Harvard has any envy at all.)

  65. Juan4UK

    Apparently, UL has a very different approach to “Foreplay” as well.

  66. douchechill

    60 – LOL, none of this has to do with the actual building. Nice try.

  67. Ben Moore

    Douchechill-your name fits nicely. Why, exactly, are you harrassing UK fans on a UK fan site? Rupp arena isn’t a better facility than the YUM! Center, but UK is a better basketball program than UofL.

  68. Al's IndiCats

    54, I maybe wrong in this but I sincerely anyone hates anyone just because of their team they root for. Actually it’s bantering at it’s best, to try to one up each other, unless you’re a complete moronic imbecile. I had a neighbor for some 14 years who was a diehard Hoosier fan, each year we’d play pranks on each other the week of the game. It was all in fun, there was never any harsh words nor blows. I’m sure douchechill (55) has many UK fans. I root for UK, while my brother’s family root for UofL I bust his balls as well as he busts mine….No Blood….No Foul!

    P.S. I don’t want to watch the game with those chowder headed Red Bird fans…hahaha

  69. Calm Down

    Folks, I’ve been in the Yum on several occassions and it is nicer than Rupp. Those saying that it’s not are letting their hatred of UL get in the way. Now, having said that, they did squeeze advertising into every immaginable space….tshirts, the taco bell follow the bouncing ball, etc. It has a very pro vibe from the announcers to the sound system and music choices which I find ironic given how they call us a semi-pro team.

  70. MammaKin

    Sooo you’re saying you don’t want me to come to louisville anymore and spend my dollars at your resturants or shops or movies or downtown or malls or arts ect ect….OK i guess i’ll take my business to lexington or even Norther Ky and Cincinnati from now on…nice PR move you DouchBag you live in Kentucky and people in Kentucky help bring dollars into your sh ity city…

    Good job!!!


  71. Rybo

    I live in Louisville and he has lost the vote of out entire street and I am going to help campaign against him( voted him in now will vote him out)!!

  72. DDtdumbaszmayor

    I hope he likes toilet papaer and Sh it bags all over his place…lol cause that’s what other pppl ar going to do ..HAHAHA

  73. cwhite

    Who cares about the barn anyway, it is all about the horses inside. Secretariat would have still been a super horse if you put him in a 10×10 shed, and a mule would still be a mule if you put him in a castle.

  74. V-in-K

    I didn’t vote for him, now I know why haha. What an putz, to alienate himself from half of his voters.

  75. the Big Dog

    Let this piece of cr-p know how you feel about these comments.

  76. Sharpie

    This has nothing to do with who the mayor roots for. Most reasonable people can separate policies from a politician’s rooting interests.

    The thing that makes this bad for him to say is that he, the mayor, came out and said it like this – insulting the other program (one-and-done slight), insulting the other FAN BASE (arena envy). Doesn’t he realize that roughly half of Louisville’s population is UK blue? He can root for UL all he wants, declare every Friday for the rest of time as a wear red day, and most BBN in Jefferson County won’t mind, but that quote is something I guaranty he’ll wish he could take back.

  77. Champ

    I know this sounds petty, but as a democrat, Ill be voting Republican in the next louisvill mayoral race.

  78. V-in-K

    One and done, thats UL after saturday haha

  79. Al's IndiCats

    73, great analogy. I’m sure whats pissing most UK fans off about what Fisher said has really nothing to do with the Yum yum, it’s his attacking the way Cal gets the BEST players in the nation and putting them in the pros after one year in school. B.F.D.! What he doesn’t realize is that he actually sh!t on his dinner plate with his UK constituents in Jefferson County. I’m happy as all get out he didn’t go the John Y Brown route. He should’ve came out and said he was rooting to UL, not attack the way the system plays today.
    Just a thought though, I wonder if his wife may have “Arena” envy, because lets face it…SIZE does matter, Be it young or old! GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  80. BigBlueCats

    As for his one and done comments. Didnt Pitino have Teague ready to sign. And what about Telfair and the supposed recruitment of LBJ? Jealous hypocrites are the best. And so what if you build a new arena but dont have enough fans to fill it. UK could divide the team in half (with equal talent on both) send one team to midnight madness at Rupp and the other to the Yum center the same night, fill both places up and still have people begging to get in. Thats the only envy UK fans have is enveous of othe Cats fans that are lucky enough to get into the games when others cant

  81. Biff

    To suggest that Louisville doesn’t have one and done players by choice is just stupid. Louisville would be loaded with them if Pitino could recruit them.

    The Yum! Center is a beautiful arena. There are nicer arenas (Philips Arena and United Center, for two). I’m not aware of any UK fans who are envious of Louisville’s arena.

  82. Lexington Green

    He is just upset that the real reason the Yum Center recieved funding was so UK could play NCAA tourney games in the state. The funding for the Yum Center had nothing to do with UL and everything to do with UK.

  83. WRONG

    This guy is delusional! “They can’t handle” the fact that they have the “best arena in the world” (really)? He’s right I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen UK fans pulling their hair out and beating their heads against the wall saying “I hate those &@#@#( and their arena! Its the best arena in the world! I can’t handle it! AAHHHH!”

    Moronic. Of course what he’s really doing is using the occasion to promote his city, and the Yum Yum Center for events. Typical political whore who rambles on about things like the diversity of his city (who cares?) because doing those things are considered politically correct and in vogue.

  84. REAL BLY

    obviously he hates being mayor…because he ZERO chance of being elected ever again!!!

  85. TAXman

    i won’t ever vote for him, but then again, i live in richmond, virginia.

  86. Cats Man blue

    My sister in law asked me when he was elected is he good? I said he’s a good speaker…..and she said but is he good at what he does? again, I said he’s a good speech giver….now I have to take that back!!! WTF!!!! What man in his right mind would say something like this in state of Kentucky!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Even the coaches and the players know better than to say negative things about the other programs!!! So I take it all back….not a good speaker!!

  87. Cats Man blue

    #80…oh yeah!!!

  88. Computer Blue

    Louisville has a great arena (or so I hear) but the shine will be off that apple soon. They better win this game so they have something else to brag about.

  89. douchechill

    77 – You’re right. That does sound petty and incredibly childish. Voting for the Mayor of the biggest city in Kentucky based on some comments about basketball. At least your priorities are in order.

  90. Them

    The fans that fill an arena make one better than the other. Rupp wins hands down.

  91. Augurhead

    No matter what the political affiliation is, I will not vote for this fool.

  92. Melody

    his opinion of their wonderful arena is strictly his. I hate the friggin’ place. Ask any Louisville fan what they like about it and they will immediately tell you how nice the pub, lounges, and beer carts are. They could care less about the rest of it. The upper arena is the worst seating arrangement in an arena I have ever sat in….SUCKS. period.
    The guy has no class….wealthy, overpaid pompous ass. He fits in well with slick rick.

  93. Tim

    Since Louisville has a lot of UK fans, is it safe to say his days as Mayor are numbered?

  94. Tim

    #34, me thinks you protest way too much. You are either a sleaze bag politician, as you call them, or you are a UL fan. I say UL fan because you think UK basketball is low on the totem pole as far as priorities go. I don’t live in Kentucky but if my mayor said something negative about UK publicly, he put himself out there, not me. I realize these guys don’t like UK but it’s stupid to broadcast it, especially when a huge chunk of your voting base are UK fans, perhaps even the majority. Frankly speaking though, Pubes, or Dems, they are both pass throughs of last nights meal. The only question is which one to choose, last nights or the night before. Some aren’t as “regular” as others, and some politicians are downright “runny”.

  95. Matt

    who ever said we had “arena envy”? I mean the Yum Center is a really nice, modern arena.. and Rupp could definitely use an upgrade, but I wouldn’t trade the atmosphere and fans in Rupp for a thousand Yum centers… I really enjoyed watching games in the Yum center and will be the first to compliment it… but don’t go putting words in BBN’s mouth Greg Fischer… you wish we envied something about UofL, but the fact is we don’t.

  96. Han

    Because Rick never recruits one-and-dones, let alone guys we do like Teague.

  97. Big Blue 66

    I have been in several new NBA arenas, which is what Yum was specified for, and Yum looks like the interior was done on the cheap and unfinished. Personally, for it being new, its not very good. Orlandos arena even being years old is much much better, and other NBA areans I have seen are all much better cosmetically and functionally. Sorry, Im not impressed at all.

  98. Tim

    #97, yeah, and Blackshear would have been one and done had he came to UK. Is it that he doesn’t recruit one and dones or is it that he doesn’t prepare them quick enough?

  99. jjjjjjjjjj

    The one and ONLY reason Pitino doesn’t get one and dones is that it takes an entire season just to learn his offensive and defensive schemes. No one and done could possibly prosper under Pitino. But if it weren’t for that, he would be trying hard to get as many as he could.

  100. blitzedanddazed

    If someone besides a racist bigot was running against Fisher I would have never voted for him in the first place.

  101. douchechill

    94 – There’s a difference between UK basketball being low on the totem pole of priorities and it being number 1. Between this and the UPS crap, people talk this talk like UK basketball is the be all end all of life. If you vote on elected officials based on who they like in basketball, your priorities are out of order. If you claim to want to put one of the states biggest and best companies(which employes thousands of UK fans btw) out of business because you are butthurt about a commercial, then your priorities are out of order. I am neither a politician nor a UL fan, but someone with some common god damn sense.

  102. DavenderCatTheSequel

    I would think assessing the overall value of your team’s program based on the arena it plays in to contradict common sense, blasphemous or otherwise.

  103. final 4

    he should probably worry about his city that is on a collision course to becoming the next detroit.

  104. bluemanchew

    at least this troll (douche hill) doesnt change his name everytime he posts but im sure the 3 other fans on uofl’s board miss you very much ———–#100 i think louis coleman died few years back dont think he was in the election

  105. Tim

    #101, there is not one difference between any of the politicians in america. If the difference was the opponent was a racist, I would vote for this loser too but other than that, there is no difference, Republican or Democrat, it’s one dysfunctional party to me. To me, it’s loser A versus loser B. Loser A is a UK fan(or even a levelheaded UL fan) and loser B is this dork. I’m voting loser A. Same results, just different smell. On the UPS commercial, I don’t get caught up in that. In fact, i’m flattered. It took a miracle shot to beat us despite them being a lot better than us. So show it I say in that type of environment. That game to me is the greatest college basketball game eve played, even though we lost. So why would people not use it, especially when promoting the tournament.

    my priorities

    In that order, and I’m unapologetic about it and my wife and kids have accepted it for 24 years now. 😉

  106. Participant

    Louisvile =50/50 UK/Ul
    Rest of the State 85/15 Uk/UL

    Let him crow, he will shut up in a few days.

  107. Kenny H

    Looks like he is a 1 and done Mayor. Come to Louisville and see our Chinese and Mexicans.

  108. BPM

    I piss my pants every night from arena envy.

  109. final 4

    we will have a new arena soon. Only difference it wont bankrupt our city.

  110. Jeff

    Wow. UK fans vote based on team affiliation now? I always wondered why the state always ranks so low for education, wages, etc. (you know, thank God for Mississippi….) Now I know. They only elect UK fans. Awesome.

  111. coreyt

    Just saw on espn barnes, marshall and henson for unc are all going pro

  112. coreyt

    and jeff (110) you can go to hell

  113. DavenderCatTheSequel

    Lexington has the highest % of college graduates in the country. Does Louisville still have the highest % of hepatitis B?

  114. CAUKFAN

    Why would we want the YUM! Center. We have Rupp. We have tradition and they have buckets on their heads.

    Fact is no one in Lexington envies anything going on in Louisville.

  115. Tim

    #110, I failed to see where UK fans ONLY elect UK fans. Did I miss it? The state only elected Democrats in the past, that’s why it was so far down, all the education money went to lazy bums. Now tragedy has struck since we have a 1 party system in the US so Kentucky is stuck in the rankings game. oh, btw, The US ranks down among industrialized countries as a whole. It’s a country wide problem. The more poor the area, the less tools teachers have, the less students learn. Since the 60’s, through Democrats and Republicans, this has always been a fact of life, yet neither party has a solution or wants to offer one.

    To your point though, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. The best candidate is always who you write in

  116. Tim

    #113, lol

  117. Jim Rives

    I use to work for Greg. He is a big U of L Homer! He use to talk trash all the time.

  118. Beavis

    DANG,,,,,,just when I was getting over all that arena envy and sleepless nights,,,,,you guys had to mention the Yum center. Bet you people think Yum Brands named the arena. Ricky wanted it named Yum after Karen.

  119. Tim

    #118, Yum center, not Cleveland clinic Center.

  120. Are you kidding me?

    Oh, Kentucky people crack me up. When I see what completely stupid criteria you base your political votes on, it amuses me that you all are even allowed to vote. “HE’S A DIRTY CARDS FAN! AIN’T VOTIN’ FER HIM! HELL NAW!” …How about some of you guys read something besides a sports blog on occasion? I am curious, however, if you’re swayed by something as ridiculous as this, why do you give Matt so much hell for his political beliefs? I guess it’s because you’re hypocrites. But I digress.

  121. KellyB

    UK is the real star of that so called “envied arena” as at least they are undefeated in it.

  122. KellyB


  123. Plain Truth

    I hate to admit but I think you have us on this on Mayor, yes I would have to say I would trade the 7 National Championships, the most wins in college history and not only one of 5 of the elite programs in NCAA basketball but arguably the most elite program. For 2 Championship won when Reagan was President and a building.

  124. Mr. Obvious

    Ironically one and done describes his term In the Mayors seat. Does this fool not realize that it was Jim Host (UK Fan Extraordinaire) was the one that made their arena plans a reality. Just so UK could play there in an NCAA tournament. If not for him they’re still playing in that dump Freedom Hall. BTW I went to the UK games there and the stench of Cardinal fans hung in the air like a belch from a bad onion

  125. Beavis

    # 119,,,,,,sounded like good advice. Called them up ,, they said they did not have any rooms. I told them I was referred there by you. Got me right in.

  126. Are you kidding me?

    KellyB… What is it that Cal said to Tipton? You throw a rock into a pack of dogs, & the one you hit will yelp. Yeah, that’s it. 😉

  127. Browdown

    16. I was been sarcastic

  128. Debbie Williams

    What a BLUNDER by the Louisville Mayor………And we are jealous of THEIR arena……Don’t think so….RUPP ARENA is SOLD OUT EVERY GAME!!!! We have FANS EVERYWHERE……including LOUISVILLE…The University of Kentucky is KING of BASKETBALL….Period…99.9 % of basketball fans in Kentucky could care less about Louisville….Even if by some chance they beat Ky….It does not change who they are….they are louisville…always will be…And KENTUCKY…well there are still KENTUCKY….and ALWAYS WILL BE!!!! SORRY MAYOR…….GO CATS!!!! GO KENTUCKEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  129. MayorNumbNuts

    I forgot the arena was alos built so UK can play in the first and second round of the NCAA tournament here and bring mega $$$ to my city. Sorry about the one and done statement as I realize now how much of an idiot I look like after this philosophy is proving to be very successful over what any other program is doing right now. How the hell did I get elected!

  130. #120

    I have no life so I go to the other teams message board and post comments. Please forgive me, OK mom I am coming upstairs.

  131. Waterview1

    Does this mean UK fans don’t have to cover for the shortfall in payments for the YUM! Center? The City of Louisville and more specifically ONLY Cardinal fans living in the City of Louisville are responsible? Mayor Lame Duck.

  132. Please explain it to me

    I am a Louisville native and a huge Cards fan. As much as I will root against Kentucky on Saturday, I still love my state. Can someone please explain it to me, in non-grandiose rhetoric, why Kentucky fans direct there hatred for Cardinal basketball to the whole city? There are so many generalizations about Louisville people being pretentious, or thugs, or whatever. Hell, I’d never call Kentucky fans rednecks or hillbillies and freaking fight anyone who put down anyone from Louisville or Kentucky. How come the love can’t go both ways in all things non-basketball?

  133. #120

    ….and I don’t even know what I’m doing when I say I digress.

  134. UK Fan in L'ville Who Votes in November

    At least he will be in the office on Monday after his city’s team gets the beatdown on Saturday night. Hope west Broadway is back open by Monday morning.

  135. Ll

    Have you heard this clown speak? Imagine Ben Stein trying to trash talk. I’d rather listen to Demarcus Cousins recite Shakespeare than listen to Greg Fisher. BTW, way to alienate your voting constituents.

    We needed our arena 30 years before the Cards. And Rupp still has more butts in the seats on a freaking exhibition game than Louisville will ever see.

  136. yeayayea

    Anyone remember at the Pros vs Dominican game at Yum! when he was talking about the multicultural fair on the mic? He said something like “Come down and see our Asians and Mexicans”. How can you be an elected official and have such a habit of putting your foot in your mouth?

  137. SteveO

    This guy is a bigger D-bag than the last mayor we had…no more politics for you G.F. in tis city…Go CATS…screw the cards and our Mtro Governmnet…

  138. Laughter Ensues

    I’d sure be proud to have my arena named after a fast food chain. Maybe it’s because Louisville doesn’t have/will never have a rich basketball history like Kentucky. That’s why we have Rupp Arena…somebody was actually significant enough to put their name on the building instead of the word “Yum” lol Nice going Louisville!

    “I don’t usually talk to Louisville grads, but when I do…I ask for a large fry.”

  139. Will

    so Mr. Fischer, if any of the UK recruits that are considered one & dones wanted to come to Louisvilee to play, Pitino would turn them away?