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Louisville linebacker loves hanging out with NFL agent friend


Louisville linebacker Jordan Campbell transferred from USC this past summer with hopes of playing immediately this season.  Card fans expected Campbell to be a difference maker on the defensive side of the ball for Louisville.  He was the #2 linebacker in the nation as a high schooler and with his time at USC alongside big names like Cushing, Matthews, and Maualuga, Jordan Campbell was to be a star right out of the gate.  Well, here we are at the end of the 2010 college football season and Wittle Brother’s prized summer acquisition still hasn’t seen the field.  But he has big promises for next season:


“1 more game then our season starts just stick with us cards fans we got you next season ….follow the leader @campbell_jordan on twitter i’ll keep you updated on the road to the national championship ….JC #7”

The problem is, with Campbell’s off the field rock star lifestyle and recently discovered business partnerships, he might not suit up for Louisville next year either.

It turns out Campbell has a good friend named Teague Egan.  You may recognize the name.  Egan made national headlines last week for giving USC running back Dillon Baxter a ride through campus on his golf cart.  A ride that resulted in Baxter’s suspension.  Why the harsh penalty for accepting such a cordial deed, you ask?  Teague Egan is the CEO of 1st Round Enterprises, a company offering sports management.  But that’s not all he is.  Thanks to a quick and easy registration on the NFLPA website (my log-in name is UofLFAIL) we see Teague Egan is an NFLPA-certified agent


Now, before all the Louisville fans show up and argue that maybe Jordan Campbell and Teague Egan are childhood friends from Los Angeles, allow me to point out Egan’s biography from 1st Round’s website.  It says Egan is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  It also says Egan befriended many athletes of the USC football team.

About Teague Egan

…Teague attended the University of Southern California, where he started 1st Round Enterprises becoming the founder and chairman. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but now living in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, Teague befriended many athletes on the USC football team, as well as filmmakers around the city…

Hold up.  Why the hell would an aspiring sports agent boast about befriending college athletes?

Better yet, why the hell would an aspiring sports agent list Jordan Campbell, a college athlete, as a partner of the company?!

About Jordan Campbell

Jordan Campbell is a partner of 1st Round Enterprises. He was rated # 2 linebacker in the nation coming out of high school, and was one of the founding fathers of the 1st Round family. He received a full scholarship to play football at the University of Southern California, where he studied business administration. Later he transferred to the University of Louisville to finish his collegiate career…

… Jordan is also a entrepreneur starting Circle of Success, a California-based clothing line, with his brother, and bringing that into the 1st Round family.

Jordan Campbell’s bio magically disappeared from 1st Round’s website over the weekend (weird, huh?) but, thanks to Google cache, nothing every completely disappears from the internet.  Also, thanks to my experience in Facebook stalking, I found a few pictures of the Louisville linebacker and his NFL agent friend.

These pictures are from Jordan Campbell’s Facebook page, right there in the open for the public to see..


(Campbell and Egan, his “RIGHT HAND MAN,” living the good life on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts this summer.)


(Campbell and Egan sharing an unsmooth moment with “Keith Stone”)

There are plenty more photos of the two 1st Round partners all over Facebook.  Jordan Campbell even shared photos of himself and other USC footballers at 1st Round parties on the company’s Facebook page.  Not a smart move.

Agents, parties, boat trips, clothing lines, partnerships… If Campbell played basketball at Kentucky, he’d receive the death penalty.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything comes out of this.  It could be the case that he’s done nothing wrong in the NCAA’s eyes.  I don’t know the NCAA rulebook or the specifics of the Campbell/Egan/1st Round relationship.  But if Dillon Baxter is suspended for riding on a golf cart with Teague Egan, it’s hard to believe Jordan Campbell and his boat rides and parties won’t be investigated.


SportsByBrooks broke the USC Players/1st Round Enterprises story here. I just snooped around Jordan Campbell’s Facebook page because picking on Louisville gets me through the day.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. David

    First….and OUCH!

  2. Yup

    Nothing will come of it….He doesnt play for UK

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  4. nick

    First…This guy looks like Bruno Mars…

  5. Jrod

    If its not in the New York Times it’s not credible news.

  6. Wildcobb Salad

    keystone light….whadda douche.

  7. Wildcobb Salad

    oh and jorts!

  8. Pee Wee

    Damn come on man! This snitching reporting is crap. Cam Newton ,Bledsoe, Davis all of this stuff needs to stop. Let the NCAA do there job and quit trying to make it easier for them. I Bleed Blue, I despise the Cards but this is crap reporting. i cringe when i read these articles trying to suggest things players are doing wrong w/o saying it. the ncaa is div 1 athletes pimp. they make billons of dollars off these kids and they dont get any cash. What the hell would you do if you had the opp. presented in your life they have. Keep this type of writing up and you may have yourself a future at NY TImes!

  9. Don

    Call TMZ

  10. The Truth

    8. Nice try troll. Take your whining to the UofLOL site.

  11. nassau65

    Jordan’s thinkin “well damn, that was fun while it lasted”.

  12. Blue-Tinted Reality

    8. I completely disagree. This is very good investigative reporting. Unlike, the Bledsoe and Kanter stories, where Thamel made up his own proof. This was reported from public information.

  13. Pee Wee

    10. whatever dude im a UK fan, im tired of the snitching shit. i guess it all depends on how you were raised you know.

  14. Dale S.

    A more important question is why that guy is wearing denim capri pants. Japris? Not that there’s anythign wrogn with that..but..umm…a football player? In capri pants?

  15. Trevor

    Unsmooth moment #7

  16. blair

    he has some serious man boobs

  17. He Capris says

    14– How dare you call the cutoff jorts he is wearing capris. if he actually pulled those up to cover his asscrack then this is not even a discussion. capris 101

  18. minton

    That tight jersey shows off his little titties.

  19. TheTruth

    10. Get a new name. Don’t sully mine.

  20. Cigar Guy

    So THAT’S who the black guy was on Nantucket this summer…

  21. nick

    10: It is not “Snitching” to investigate someone that is BREAKING THE RULES AND/OR LAWS.

    You SHOULD be caught if you are doing something ILLEGAL!

  22. Epps2Shep

    only a matter of time before Clint Hurtt, former recruiting coordinator at Miami gets lil brother in hot water too. and jordan, leave the jorts look to us. JAPRIS!?!?

  23. Epps2Shep

    RT @Campbell_Jordan at the game in the stands with the recruits holla if you see me

  24. Pee Wee

    21..Thats exactly what snitching is, telling on someone for doing wrong. Let the NCAA do there job, lets quit trying to do it for them.

  25. Tmac

    Hey bro, pass me another Keystone Light.

  26. ChicagoCat

    8 – “Snitching”? Really?!? He’s possibly breaking major NCAA rules in the same way that half the UNC football team did this past offseason.

    And as far as your point about the NCAA being these kids’ pimp, I offer you to points of rebuttal:

    (1) Scholarship players receive a lot more than “nothing” as you claim. Not only do they receive full tuition, they receive full housing stipends (even if they want to live off campus up to a certain amount, which is usually more than the cost of dorms), they also receiving money for food (at UK when I was there it was double the standard meal plan), AND they are treated like Gods on campus by students and (some) professors. To claim that players don’t get anything is disingenuous.

    (2) Your beef about the amount of money received versus what the NCAA/schools get is well taken, but that is the system and there are rules in that system. If you want to be a part of it, you have to play by them. Don’t like the rules? Get them changed. Don’t violate them and complain about “snitching” and how unfair it is when you get caught.

  27. Don Beebe

    Remember when all the UK fans were killing Tubby for turning in Pastner for violating rules? Now they don’t have a problem with it. Redneck nation!

  28. ShagOnSports

    Don’t stoop to their level.. Worry about our laundry not theirs…

  29. ShagOnSports

    27… Show me a fan base that does not have rednecks…

  30. forde+pitino=smithers+burns

    Great find Drew. I’m sure the CJ will get right on this. Look for a 1″ by 1″ article buried in the clssifieds section.

  31. Eric

    Drew obviously has no life. Maybe this is why he NEVER played for UofL this season. Not one snap.

    What a tattle tale

  32. Bleedblue

    No way he should ever play for UL. I think UL should lose 15 scholarships for this.

  33. KSR1080Fan

    I once new a girl from Nantucket…

  34. duhville cat

    Good post Drew. Thx…. “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” …. Isnt that right Tsrds?

  35. The Truth

    19. By now you should know that this place has prison rules which means the name is mine now and you also better sit down when you pee.

  36. Dude's Gay

    Dude is gay. Obviouisly. Take a second look at the photos. You don’t get kick a guy off a team as talented as that for no reason. Obviously shower time got a little too awkward. They’re not hanging out because he’s an agent. They’re hanging out because he IS his right hand man…and for a guy that size I’d say he’s probably his left hand man too. Rolled up sleeves, flip flops, chains, sail boats…come on man. I’m not hateing on gay guys, just saying dude is obviously gay. It has nothing to do with him being an agent.

  37. A&W Rootbeer
  38. evan howard harlan ky


  39. 36isGay

    36 – he might be gay, but $100 says he has better grammar and can spell better than you. I’m not “hateing” on you, but unless you’re Eric Bledsoe, learn to put together a coherent thought before bashing kids. And you wonder why people make fun of the fanbase.

  40. Eddie C

    this kid is deep in drews head for some reason. he might need an epo on drew for such intensive stalking. vols suck but, not as much as wildcats!

  41. MissinBoogie

    39 – I’m not taking up for 36 bc I thought his post was dumb, but I think it’s funny how you seem to be against ‘bashing kids’ but yet had to get a jab in at Bledsoe…who is a kid. While I’m at it, I’m going to go ahead and disagree that this guy has better grammar and spelling than 36…he doesn’t sound like a real genius if you read his tweets.

    40 – the Wildcats don’t suck as bad as your grammar. Nice comma after ‘but’.

  42. KSR1080Fan

    ooops) I once KNEW a girl a from Nantucket…

  43. KSR1080Fan


  44. KY defense for Heisman

    complete bullshit..Who gives a $#%# if the kid is riding on a boat. WTF does it matter? NCAA rules are bullshit

  45. Sawyer

    8 i completely agree. i’m a fan of sports because of the games and that’s it. i’m sick of all this petty drama shit that has engulfed sports lately. it’s lame as shit. the whole industry takes itself way too seriously. its just f*cking sports. i like watching these athletes play ball, i don’t give a damn about their day to day. espn has turned the sports industry into a bunch of f*cking pansies. it’s like little girls obsessing over celebrities and shit. how much more lame can this get?

  46. Eddie C

    41 ah yes the dreaded grammer come back. dude you are on fire. too bad the cats suck as much as you do. lol,,,,,,,,

  47. KYStout

    Louisville is ruining college athletics.

  48. PT-Roy

    I’m on a BOAT!

  49. Demar Dorsey

    For Cambell Louisville is a No Fly Zone

  50. Quit Talking Cards

    I used to like to come to this site for the news about my fav team’s biggest rival, and because I thought you guys were funny and entertaining, but hear over the last 4 months or so, I can’t come here without reading a negative story about UofL. Really? You all like to say that UofL is the little brother and can’t stop talking about UK, well if you look at Card and compare its UK stories to KSR’s, KSR has at least 3x as many stories. Stick to UK, Why do you care so much about each and everything UofL does that you have to comment on everything.

  51. Quit Talking Cards

    Chronicle’s UK stories compared to KSR’s UofL stories, sorry….still, point is the same

  52. Tony Woods

    The University has been good for me. It got me to give up spine cracking.

  53. Cj snitch

    ” thanks to Google cache, nothing every completely disappears from the internet.”

    I’m sure no one knows the above quote more than your beloved founder Matt Jones and his hate fest with John Calipari just two yeas ago. Matt talked more crap about Calipari than U of L fans but now he’s so far up Calipari’s ass he can’t even see straight. It’s funny how quick things change.


    Hey Drew, why don’t you go talk to Mr. Campbell personally and see what he tells you.

  56. The Truth

    snitching is the honest thing to do, if you don’t want to be caught cheating, don’t cheat.

  57. MikeInLex

    It matters because its the dirtiest city in the world, Louisville or as I like to call it, “the first 48 capital”. They deserve nothing but sorrow for living in such a s*** hole and I’m from there. Do them a favor, give them the death penalty…. Go CATS

  58. SeoulCat

    #8, I agree. We’re above this.
    #36, funny (and probably true).


    I’m an idiot. Me and Jordan Campbell gonna beat you up!! Yeah! Talk to “Mr. Campbell” personally, he’ll beat you up for it!

  60. lpool003

    #8, #26 & #45
    Now don’t quote me as this being absolutely true (as I don’t know the inner-workings of the NCAA) but the NCAA and its’ conferences are non-profit organizations. So to say they are not paying the kids and making “billions” off their talents is ridiculous. The real institutions making all the money are the school’s athletic departments. Their figures are self reported but, on average, a school like UK will make around $15 million in profits a year from athletics. Although, I have to say I find it hard to believe it can be classified as non-profit when they are reporting a operations budget of $672 million a year. Just a little FYI, not trying to call you guys out.

  61. UofL is GDI

    U of L = NF