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Louisville gets in on the Harlem Shake craze

The “Harlem Shake” dance craze has hit the nation. Practically every sports team, flash mob crew and group of people with access to a camera is doing it. Earlier today on Twitter, Patrick Towles said the UK football team is planning on doing it. (The surefire sign that a trend has reached the end of its lifespan? The Today Show crew does it.)

Just when you thought you couldn’t laugh at any more videos, here comes the Louisville Cardinals basketball team with their rendition. Enjoy Russ Smith being russdiculous by “interrupting” Rick Pitino’s postgame locker room chat.

“What are you doing? What the hell are you doing??”

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46 responses to “Louisville gets in on the Harlem Shake craze”

  1. ltylerj

    I’m with Rick, what in the hell are they doing?

  2. Derek

    As much as I dislike Louisville, I laughed.

  3. Cat Fan in Georgia

    Thought this was a UK fan site?

  4. The Bandersnatch

    The worst one yet.

    I only wish Michael Scott was here to lead one. America misses his leadership.

  5. Coach Cal Here

    Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen b4

  6. Coach Cal Here

    And I hope our players don’t do this

  7. Roland

    This kinda stuff is funny and fun to watch.
    It does paint a “lemmings” tag on people who actually do it.

  8. Biglaw Dawgin'

    Actually pretty funny that ole Ricky got in on that. Otherwise would’ve just been another mediocre HS.

  9. Roland

    Not into labeling things, but that vid screams “an alternative life style”

  10. Bob Loblaw

    I’m disappointed that Rick and the priest don’t get in on it. One of them should have worn the horse head, at the very least.

  11. I Say

    I could give 2 Shi#$ and f@*k what louisvilles basketball team is doing.

  12. Elton John

    Now, that’s gay!

    Oh, and, Rick’s acting is BAD, only comparable to his stint in the witness chair for the Sypher trial.

  13. lightin up

    These are pretty funny.. Even if it is UofL.. And hell yeah i hope are team does one!

  14. lightin up


  15. Lena

    I saw a three goggle at the :30 mark. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery Cards.

  16. El Pollo Loco

    At least he starts it with something resembling the real Harlem Shake.

  17. ChicagoCat

    All-in-all it’s a weak effort. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that the locker room is too small to make it better than that, cool that Slick Rick got in on it, but there is a serious lack of creativity here.

  18. Ricky Martin

    Russ looks a little light in his loafers.



  20. Johnny

    Not a Louisville fan but this s good-Rick plays the setup well but I wish he would’ve broken it down when the beat dropped! Good work cards-hurts to say!

  21. BA

    Pitino went missing. Karen must have showed up.

  22. ukbradstith

    College kids having fun. Nothing wrong with it. They did it right after the game and Pitino did do a little Pitbull shake from what I heard on the radio.

  23. funny?

    is it just me or would it be super funny if when the music kicked in, Nerlens dancing in a wheelchair while Coach Cal spun him around and getting down himself LOL

  24. justssaying

    Rick’s little shake was an amazing 15 seconds

  25. Sam

    Did you see that monster dark skinned player in the middle? I guess that is Dieng. He’s a giant compared to the other players.

  26. Cal

    What was that I said about men having to love men in this sport? Cards got that down. Point blank. Period.

  27. ksr fan

    They needed some kind of props. Not bad though. I’m not sure why I enjoy these Harlem Shake videos so much.

  28. henry earl

    I like this one because some of them were doing the actual harlem shake.

  29. Russ at the buzzer

    Is it just me or does Pitino say that to Russ alot?

  30. CRP

    “You kids sit down and shut up or I will have you aborted!”

  31. Ben M

    Rick was not featured in the 2nd half of the video because his harlem shake can’t make it 30 seconds.

  32. John Ellis

    Russ – you’re no Tubby Smith.

  33. blueaville

    #30 no class. you don’t know the personal issues some here may be dealing with. that remark was way over the line and uncalled for. just sad

  34. kevin l

    Just like everything else in RPs life… this is staged. Loved RPs acting.

  35. Scott

    Not gonna lie, This was very well done and still funny.

  36. old school

    How gay….

  37. UKBlue

    Kid needs to be spending his time learning foreign languages for when he ends up playing in Europe. UL Basketball: we’ll make your European basketball dreams come true.

  38. JoePaterno

    I am going to pretend I don’t notice a priest in a room full of naked and showering young men.

  39. blueaville

    #36 no class, you don’t know the personal, sexual, issues some of these kids may be dealing with. that remark was way over the line and uncalled for. just sad.

  40. FatBlueKid

    I am so damn tired of seeing City Skoo threads on here. THe last thing I care about and hate more than anything on this planet is City Skoo. I mean seriously!! Can we please talk about UK Athletics. Thank you!

  41. Catlogic15

    This was stupid but worth it ONLY because it led me to the Sports Illustrated 2013 swimsuit issue teaser.

    My goodness.

  42. Drudgedrugetrudge

    That’s the face I make when I’m taking a sh*t. And coincidentally, also when I’m watching Russ Smith do this dance.

  43. retired jimmy

    A caller on Matt’s shoe today went into an angry tirade following a call from “kevin slapnuts” about uofl. He said their team “sucks” and made referance to a pre-season rating of number one. Yes their team has underachieved but as I recall we were ranked preseason number 3. I wish Matt would screenhis callers a little more. That guys makes us all sound like a bunch of morons.

  44. blueaville

    I am so gay

  45. Beavis

    You want to see Rick break it down ? Get the film of him and Karen. Well,,, you could see him break down in about 15 seconds.

  46. Kathryn

    I really like the harlem shake by the Louisville basketball team. I laugh because everyone is having a great time! You are only young once. I did not see any harlem shake done by the cats! Take a look at the gators harlem shake. I think cats played there when the harlem shake was done. Funny! Kansas harlem shake is also funny. The Georgia swim team is by far the best.