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Louisville First…to Get Blown Out


Wow…Rick Pitino and the Cards absolutely took a beating at the hands of Providence, 90-59. That is as embarrassing a game as Rick Pitino has ever had as a head coach. I simply can’t get over the result or the oddity of watching a Rick Pitino team quit. The question now is only what jokes can make fun of the situation the best. A reader wrote on Twitter that these are the Louisville possums, “they play dead at home and get killed on the road.” Got any to add below?

Poor Rick…

Article written by Matt Jones

137 responses to “Louisville First…to Get Blown Out”

  1. First

    first comment! Wow louisville is bad!

  2. darryl isaac

    Here’s a joke, Pitino is still an elite coach….get it

  3. GoCats2

    I wish Matt was on here more.

  4. SeoulCat

    I’ve got a joke: Rick Pitino announced that he will retire in 2017.
    Does he really think he’ll last that long with performances like this one?

  5. SeoulCat

    A 31pt whippin’…if points were seconds, that would be enough for two full, Pitino “love making” sessions.

  6. Natedogg

    Karma-Its a bitch.

  7. Bigcat4453

    #4 I HOPE HE DOES!!

  8. spellcheck


  9. the situation

    The cards wanted off that court faster than Pitino got off on Sypher

  10. little brother

    so which assistant has to do the postgame?

  11. chief_broom

    i lol’d. right down my leg

  12. Steve Fitts

    The Courier-Journal’s Rick Bozich wrote a column Sunday morning after U of L’s loss to Notre Dame saying that now is not the time for Louisville fans to panic. I’m guessing that his column tomorrow will read: “NOW it’s time to panic!!!”

  13. darryl isaac

    If you bring back out the scheduling poll and are doing it for relevancy I think we have to keep IU and drop UL now right?

  14. Big J

    Let’s leave Louisville alone and concentrate on our team. Just saying.

  15. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    Where can we watch Pitino’s post game?

  16. Rollin'

    Does anyone know where you can watch the post game comments. I really want to see what Rick has to say.

  17. Echo 1

    That pic must have been taken during the Sypher mess. He looks like hell.

  18. Clay

    At Porcinis for post game. It will be brief.

  19. Cates Fan!

    FYI… Karen Sypher’s projected prison release date is in 2017! Coincidence Rick?

  20. Rob Jones

    Can I come on KSR tomorrow?

  21. wcat22

    They were ranked #15…that number haunts him…good lord rick..

  22. capt. price

    They have to be better than they are playing right now. UK only won by 7 (I think?) at Rupp. They are mentally in free fall mode.

  23. kybob

    Pitino got his award at halftime but then forgot to send his team back to play in the 2nd half.

  24. GambrellBBN

    Louisville was in the game for all of 15 seconds

  25. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    22..they tried to beat the crap out of our Freshman. Only way they could keep it close. Its a good strategy against a young team that will most likely work one year for Pitino. When that is, who knows.

  26. Dunkin' Donuts

    Louisville looked worse than Ed Cooley’s hair.

  27. scary uncle

    I think I just witnessed a rape at a big east basketball game!!! for a side note if you want to see good offense at the YUM Center for a change, the Harlem Globetrotter will be scoring all kinds of points this Sunday, get tickets now, in other news they are warming up the bus at Providence, so Rick can throw Russ Smith, Siva and everyone but him under it.

  28. DirtyD

    Dick pitino

  29. RickyPRetirementTour

    UL radio postgame is on whas 84 and RickyP is not going to do radio show, he sent LittleRickyP to do radio.

  30. bigbluecats

    14. How about no on the leaving UL alone. Its the greatest thing in the world to watch the demise of ur rival especially when 10 years ago they thought they stole everything from UK when they picked up Pitino. Now everything he and UL does just makes the arguments with UL fans even better. Especially when they defend stuff like this. L Yeah

  31. Go Cats

    Damn Dirty birds killing our RPI!!

  32. just north of lexington

    We’ll probably winn by 20 each game this week and still fall a couple spots. Loserville is KILLIN’ our RPI

  33. BlueMike

    Surprise, quicky Rick skipping the post game interview. He sent little Richard out to face the wolves. Listening live, said they have no answers, don’t know what went wrong. Priceless. We didn’t beat them this badly, but we definitely got into their heads, stole their dreams and crushed any aspirations they may have had. They’ve been on a downhill slide ever since.

  34. blessed

    This is the 1st UL game I have ever watched start to finish. How lucky am I? GO BIG BLUE!

  35. Catsincebirth

    Did you see the providence colors tie Pitino had on?

  36. Bmac

    Pitino wanted his team to lose by 31 to Providence so they will be ready for a potential final four rematch against UK.

  37. Hal

    -uofl’s chemistry is worse than a pitino household
    -the cards couldn’t even hit the broad side of a blonde
    -uofl laid down quicker than a blonde in an italian restaurant

  38. uktailg8er

    While at UK he lost by 55 to Kansas. That was pretty embarrassing. Of course we got revenge the next year.

  39. RickyPRetirementTour

    Lewisville is 1-4 since RickyP announced his retirement.

  40. Chane B.

    Point blank. Period.

  41. little brother

    Richard Pitino gets mop up duty this time…..

  42. friartuck

    line beard more fouls than Points, steals and assists combined.

  43. Rollin'

    Where can you listen to WHAS 84 online. I’m on there website and its like political talk.

  44. Bmac

    In terms of getting waxed, the cards all went home with brazilians.

  45. Kardinal Kevin Slapnutz

    It’s okay. Everybody stay calm. if Louisville had hit their FTs, they win.

  46. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    43..Go to 790 Louisville on Iheartradio

  47. JR

    The game wasnt even good for 15 seconds…

  48. RickyPRetirementTour

    The UL postgame show on whas 84 lasted 1 minute and LittleRickyP was gone.

  49. Rollin'


  50. opannon

    I LOL’D the whole time

  51. rick's bottle of valtrex

    What a game, come on NIT. That picture of Rick looks like he forgot to put in his dentures!!!!!

  52. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    Post Game was over quickly

  53. Pandrew

    Oh how the m(ediocre) have fallen…

  54. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!

    49…Ur Welcome. It was over quickly. I didn’t make it in time either.

  55. Walden Schmidt

    We did lose to Kansas by 55, but we never quit playing. They played hard to the very end.

  56. SeoulCat

    Pitino bears a striking resemblance to the Grinch in this photo.

  57. best1978

    The Dunkin Donut Center was not good for Louisville.

  58. the truth

    sounds like i’m on a uofl show just screaming about uofl. under the name: miles.

  59. Apathetic Andy

    I love this, their fans on Rivals are finally opening their eyes to what we have been telling them for years. Mr. Turd turns to shit. hahaha

  60. The Truth

    Now THAT was a game to lie about seeing live.

  61. Johnwaynelives

    WOW!!! “Ricky P. The Man The Myth The Legend.” Is that you or is that me?

  62. viichamps

    we’d rather have Siva than Wall cause Peyton is Louisville first. signed The Line Beard Allegiance

  63. Tom Selleck's Mustache

    So is everyone that’s in the audience at the Yum! Center morbidly obese?! Sure does seem like it.. they’re boys must like em “thick”

  64. bbw

    Check out my elephant knuckle. Pitino was all night and was to distracted to coach.

  65. oldblueblood

    Rick is pathetic, old and sick. Sad.
    Bluebys, he gave us 2 Championships.
    I will put a flower on his grave!

  66. NotJerryTipton

    Providence is a very good team, probably a final four team. The Big East is the best conference, it’s not surprising they lost on the road in conference. I would think this should make UK fans question how good UK really is, and have Cal’s players really bought in? Cards at least cut the deficit from being down 33, which proves that they didn’t quit on their coach.

  67. Rick

    I can’t believe we are talking about this on the 25th Anniversary of the Providence Final Four…

  68. ricky

    what can i say? i like a good spanking every now & then.

  69. Ed has Tickets

    “Y’all didn’t even know he was a virgin until he was 28 and now…Roll Tide”

  70. RickyPRetirementTour

    whas 84 sports talk show just started and will run until midnight.

  71. uktailg8er

    I watched most of the second half of this one. My wife noticed something I never have: Does he always wear his UK ’96 ring on the UofL sideline?

  72. spencercatfan

    Thanks or telling us about the show on 84whas. Can’t wait to listen to this! Should be intersting.


    he’s been washed up for 8 years. can he really make it to 2017? Can he make it to Little Richard’s first affair?!

  74. Dennis Weaver

    71) That’s not the UK ring. That’s his Providence Final Four ring. He’s worn that ever since he got it…even at Kentucky.

  75. Dennis Weaver

    Versace just called in to Lach’s show. He was beaming like a proud papa. Awesome!

  76. barn

    maybe we should lay off rikky. i think that guy is on the fringe

  77. QuickyRicky

    Does anyone remember “GOT PITINO” shirts ? L yes

  78. Laker Cat 18

    What the hell is that smurf looking thing behind Quick Rick?

  79. rixter

    Sports talk 84 is on…..

  80. Genoscats

    Maybe Rick should attend Coach Cal’s clinic next year! GO BIG BLUE!

  81. rixter

    Beisner gettin’ some love on Sports Talk.. tweeted ‘in 60 minutes time RP was celebrated for who he was, then exposed for who he is’

  82. pinto pity

    You guys forget what he did for Kentucky, you should show the man a little more respect. I’m a Uk fan but this is disappointing seeing uk fans bash Pinto. He might not be a great guy but, he’s STILL one of the top coaches in America. Cut the guy some slack, he did bring our program back from the depths. Stop holding grudges.

  83. bleedblue

    Oh yeah I took that pic of Pitino!

  84. ukmadadough

    cats #1seed at yum center and cards #1seed at brodbent arena for NIT cause the car show will be in freedom hall

  85. johnwaynelives

    Here’s one for ya… Why does the cardinal mascot have teeth? So he can chew the dingleberries after he picks them of my CATS A$$!!!

  86. blitzedanddazed

    Pitino stated after tonight’s game that he will institute a 15 second shot clock in all future Tard practices.
    Rick Pitino , the man that keeps on giving.

  87. jacocat

    porntino will throw so many under the bus they will have to be towed to get moving.

  88. RickyPRetirementTour

    #82 You should call into whas 84 and tell the UL fans how much they love RickyP, he needs some love on there tonight.

  89. Bald Guy

    Only thing better than the UofL implosion has to be Larry Vaught’s confusion of “The Game” on BET. Not a game with 4 quarters old timer….

  90. uofl radio show

    we’re saying “95% of the D1 coaches would come to louisville.” that’s basically 17 coaches. you believe that, jones? you should bring that up on the show tomorrow.

  91. L Yeah!

    the bad news is that the lost the first half by 18. The good news is that they only lost the second half by 13. Wait, what?

  92. Dave in Kabul
  93. BigBlueSkyDog

    82) We haven’t forgotten what Pitino did at UK. We also haven’t forgotten the snide remarks, the double talk, and the most famous 15 seconds in local sports history. Pitino was a great coach but never was a classy person. He did a good job at Kentucky but I’m glad to be rid of him. He was blessed to have a combination of good talent and good young men. Kentucky made Rick Pitino, not vice versa.

  94. blitzedanddazed

    #88 Larry Vaught is a joke.

  95. rixter

    ricky p postgame audio on 84 whas at 10:35

  96. jrod

    I watch a bit of the game tonight and honestly it looked like ul wasnt even trying i dont kno if you can blame that on pitino or not maybe something he has said or benched people or something idk but thats it id say. at least when they played us it seemed like they came ready to play and tried hard from what i saw but i watched this game and they were just standing around on offense it was like having 4 jones vs UI and silva lol

  97. Dave in Kabul

    If Pitino wanted….ACTUALLY cared about respect from Kentucky fans, he would not have taken that job at UL.

    Point blank. Period.

    F*ck Pitino, if he can’t take a joke. He deserves everything he gets (short of violence) from Kentucky fans and whomever else wishes to pile on.

    He left UK. He was paid well while he was there. He understood the instate dynamic when it came to College Basketball. He made his choice with the full knowledge of the implications and effects of his decision. He knew how it would be perceived.

    That and he makes digs at UK and Cal. So, he’s no babe in the woods.

    Again, f*ck Pitino, if he can’t take a joke. Point blank. Period.

  98. Jason Ricks

    Be careful. Bottom line is this man got us back to some form of respect in the basketball world. Yes, he made a mistake going to Boston and then ultimately Louisville, but lets not forget what he did for the program.

  99. Bald Guy

    93. So is getting blitzed and dazed. Larry is great… just out of touch with the BET tv show The Game. Get off Vaughts sack

  100. UKBOB

    I wouldn’t piss on Pitiino if he was on fire.

    Go sing that song to UL fans.

  101. LongLiveRickyP

    Did Louisville cover the spread?

  102. rixter

    Ricky is blaming the loss on bad calls

  103. Hal's for Cal

    Ryan Burr called the game, and he said Pitino was the only coach to take three schools to the final four. Is this guy just dumb, or is he taking a jab at Coach Cal?

  104. BigBlueSkyDog

    95) I saw what you saw and I think the answer is quite simple. You can’t keep throwing your best players under the bus night after night and expect them to stay inspired. Siva quit on Pitino tonight. He couldn’t wait to foul out. The players are tuning Pitino out, just like the UK players tuned out Billy Clyde.

  105. johnwaynelives

    The Truth Shall Set U Free… Lol Nice One Dave In Kabul.

  106. FUPA


  107. BigBlueSkyDog

    Hat tip to Not Jerry Tipton who tweeted, “Louisville First (if you hold the Big East standings upside down).”

  108. underKanter

    @ #4 We know that Rick isn’t know for how long he can last..

  109. blitzedanddazed

    #97 BANG BISCUIT !!!!!!!!!!

  110. The tards blow

    Guetto commuter school wannabes. UL is a complete joke. L yes

  111. luvnit

    The best thing about it …..replay available on ESPN3

  112. Dancat

    Somebody please close the 2nd st. Bridge

  113. rainman

    Welcome to, FANTASY ISLAND!!

  114. BigBrother

    Everybody remember those “Got Pitino” shirts the UL fans wore with such pride when they hired Pitino?

    I got a new Tshirt for them… How about “Keep Pitino”. I hope Jurich signs him for 20 more years.

    This is too entertaining lol.

  115. Blueblood Jim

    Remember around three weeks ago when, with his usual crazy hyperbole, Coach Pitino said that this team had more will to win than any team he had ever coached…You can’t make this stuff up…

  116. Stephen

    Since announcing retirement in 2017, Pitino is 1-4. He thought he could last 5 more years. Turns out it was only 15 seconds.

  117. Dave Ball

    looks like the president from Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”…or the ice-cream man…hmm…Providence played 6 players the entire game and handled the press with aplomb…of course, it helps when the team pressing you could care less…31 points??? hmm…some ‘Ville fan posited that Louisville was better than UK because of their strength of schedule…I had to remind him that Louisville’s SOS was better than advertised because they had in fact played UK (which is something UK cannot do)…this loss certainly will look poorer on UK’s scheudle strength…losing by that much to a team that got destroyed by St. John’s…wow…would have been interesting had UK shot better than 30% and not had 17 turnovers vs Louisville…yikes

  118. InternationalPhilosophy

    Truly pathetic performance by the Cards, but it’s always puzzling to me that UK fans take such joy in Louisville losses.
    It makes you look desperate for kicks and diminishes UK’s win over the Cards…as some have already noted, UK’s rpi takes a hit.
    And then there’s “Guetto commuter school wannabes.” (#110)
    Comments like this only serve to reinforce the image of the typical UK fan as a toothless, drooling moron whose first cousin isn’t a close enough relative to drill.
    I love UK basketball and this year’s team has the potential to accomplish much and make us all proud.
    Wish I could say the same for some of the fans.

  119. tyrus

    Not only did Ricky P blow off the post game radio interview, he also gave the finger to the half time event he was to participate in. That’s what 840AM stated at the end of half-time. They said he much to talk about to his team. Now during the second half, the ESPN female commentator mention Pitino’s time at Providence and stated that Joanne Pitino once called Providence…Camelot. I know Ricky P said that about UK in an interview a few years after he left. Wondering if the ESPN got mixed up but hey, who ever cared what Joanne had to say or do anyway.

  120. Catsfando

    #118 Maybe you just don’t have enough of yourself invested in the UK vs. UL rivalry to really care. I have shirts that say my two favorite teams are UK and whoever is playing UL. For as far as what you think I believe I speak for a bunch of Cat fans when I say I could care less. I live in Louisville and have to deal with their dumb asp snotty fans daily and I’ll be sticking it to them every time the dead birds lose. As far as Pitino goes, we owe him nothing. He got rich and famous while at UK for doing what he was hired to do. He was able to parlay that fame into even greater riches with the Celtics, where he failed miserably. Going to Louisville was the last straw, he knew what would happen, knew it was a blood feud. So I watch every UL football and basketball game I can and always cheer for the other team. Thats the way it is, was, and forever shall be.

  121. RondosDribblingHand

    120) Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  122. Hmm

    106) What’s stretched thinner, UofL fans patience with Ricky, or the fabric of Fupa’s pants?

  123. Tard heaven

    118 you ghetto tard fan- is the butthurt that bad little girl? Lol. You know why Fathers Day isn’t celebrated by tard fans? Because you tards either do not know who your father is or he is in prison. Hahahahaha

  124. Creighton Barrell

    Typical Pitino teaching his players to be humble. They will remember and recover. Each season operates on a bell curve. Better to experience the lows mid-season in order to reach the highs in March.

  125. UofLOL

    124. Lmao. Yeah those first round flameouts in March by the tards every year show the highs Ricky 3 Stacks takes the wannabes to. Hahahahaha

  126. Poppschmidty

    That FUPA is one of the best I’ve ever seen!

  127. Yep

    Anybody notice the FUPA behind Rick? The L’ville’s finest!!

  128. Space between John Hoods jersey and chest

    I hope rick is Louisville’s coach forever… 😉

  129. MattP

    I was comparing Pitino’s time at Louisville with Tubby’s time at UK but now I think I need to start comparing his time at UofL with Gilispie’s time at UK. It’s like watching a train wreck! I absolutely felt sorry for Russ Smith when Pitino was yelling at him with 5 minutes left. Helooked like he was a kid about to cry. It was a sad day to be a card fan. Good thing I am not one!

  130. Timmay!

    Is it just me or did Pitino look heart broken

  131. InternationalPhilosophy

    @120 You’re right about that, I have no emotional investment in the rivalry. I like to see UK win but the success of failure of UL is of little interest to me. Your response is reasonable and I appreciate it.

    @123 You’re more like the drooling moron I talked about earlier. I’ve always been a UK fan. Your clumsy attempt to insult me has the reverse effect, but you’re too dense to recognize the fact.
    Be careful or you’re going to do irreversible damage to your remaining neuron.
    If you have trouble understanding what I’ve just written, get an adult to help you.

  132. InternationalPhilosophy

    success *or* failure

  133. Thin patience

    As a Cards fan, I’m seeing the light. I still think UK practically being a feeding school to the NBA is suspect..But could just be a trend. However, For Louisville, I feel like Pitino has gone the opposite direction when it comes to recruiting. Pitino likes to get guys that’ll play for him..obvious injury risks and all. But even they get worn out (injured) and develop a very rigid and poor scoring mentality. That old saying “He breaks em down and builds them back up.” Pitino is breaking them down all right, but some would argue too much and not getting built back. This years team has no confidence, no one knows how to score or set up high percentage shots. Can’t even make lay ups, free throws, and dunks.

    Seriously makes me wonder if Pitino is pulling a “Gene Hackman” (Hoosiers movie) and the team is still practicing without a ball

  134. Jimi Garden of Eden

    Pitino has no balls to use?who would have thought that?

  135. Chane Behanan

    It would have been different if I hadn’t been in foul trouble….what?? I didn’t have any fouls? I meant…it would have been different if Siva hadn’t been in foul trouble…yeah..that’s the ticket.

  136. rixter

    Remember back when UK fan was complaining about Tubby not winning enough, and U of L fan was indignant that we would badmouth our coach, he was a good coach and a good man…if we ran him out of town we deserved whatever we got.
    Well, well… the tide has turned, hasn’t it? Listening to talk radio, it sounds like the majority of Cod fans are ready to run Ricky out of town on a rail. But..but… Cod Fan, Ricky is such a good man…strike that, but he’s a great coac….er… hmmmm.
    Looks like the shoe is squarely on the other foot now!

  137. hardyharhar

    Looks like Louisville is moving down the scale and might find itself on UK’s list of future opponents…..for first of the year “EXHIBITION” games.