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LOL, Frank Martin

That’s cute. See you in January.

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42 responses to “LOL, Frank Martin”

  1. Laker Cat 18

    These kinds of things right here makes a coach want to beat a team by 40 points when they’re already up by 20.

  2. I Believe Blue

    I can’t wait to make all different kinds of fun of Mr. Martin when we absolutely demolish USC next yr!

  3. Eric K

    Yeah right, he won’t be around any future NBA player til he has to play THE CATS!! What a joke! GO CATS!!

  4. JDH

    Martin wants to talk to the future NBA players that will be wearing UK blue.

  5. L2C8

    Mrank Fartin, your wasting your time!!!!

  6. lilWildcat

    Doesn’t Frank Martin know you shouldn’t poke a WILDCAT with a stick! Cal will take care of it both in recruiting and on the court.


    cal: “you had me at ‘u r the best’ “

  8. Tebkats

    And Martin says to the future NBA players, “Well, I guess I will see you again when we play UK.”

  9. GrumpyOldDude

    Game ON! Welcome Frank!

  10. Tim

    He is just trying to look relevant. He has basically zero national exposure.

  11. chicago

    i really wouldn’t do that frank, lol.

  12. Not-so-Big O Tires

    So Martin is talking to current UK players? I don’t get it.

  13. Swanson

    He just thought someone needed to call Cal out for his douchey, arrogant comments yesterday.

  14. Todd Swabodo's NKU practice shorts

    I Love This!! For too long the SEC has been full of vanilla, no-personality coaches (exception Bruce Pearl). Most on here are too young to remember, but I loved hating the other coaches around the SEC (ie Dale Brown, Wimp Sanderson, High Durham, Nolan Richardson,Sonny Smith, Norm Sloan). A little animosity is good for college sports (I think we all enjoy hating Bobby Knight). Every hero needs a villain, thanks to Frank “angry mafia face” Martin for stepping up.

  15. BP in Tennessee

    Well played Frank. Come on y’all – lighten up a little. Frank’s just mixing it up with his buddy on the interweb – we do it all the time. I’m sure his tounge was as firmly planted in his cheek as Cal’s when he sent his tweet. I’m glad to have him in the league and will take this as a sign that he’s not afraid to trade jabs. We could all use a few laughs…..

  16. thenamerobdigity

    Frank Martin, thank you for pointing out how well Calapari develops players and helping with UK recruiting. It is nice for recruits to see how often Calapari can put guys in the NBA. Frank, you talk to them and Calapari will sign them.

  17. Dear IU and UL, We are National Champs; you are not. The end.

    “LOL” is the best way to describe this. Never change Frank, you are so cute.

  18. Big Blue Coming at You

    You see Franky, Cal can get away with sending a message to recruits that he’ll get back with them after six Wildcats get drafted. You on the other hand have to beg recruits to come to your school and all you can show them is your trophy case with 2 NCAA Baseball championships in it.

  19. frank martin

    By talking to future NBA players, I mean annoying them with texts and calls, further cementing you as the best recruiter of all time. Uh…ever heard of the tard slayer Renaldo Balkman? USC=1st round picks

  20. Jax Teller

    I wonder how many SC fans read that and wondered why the K-State head coach was blasting Coach Cal?

  21. Rockfield, KY

    10. Exactly right. This is the kind of thing that will get him mentioned on PTI this afternoon. He needs any national mention that he can get with his players’ track records and the school he is at.

  22. Smyrna_Cat

    I like Martin!

    Now lets kick his butt.

  23. Some Guy

    20) Haha… Sad that it is probably true.

  24. Coach Cal

    @FrankMartin_SC Go ahead. If you want their autograph you can come to Big Blue Madness. I’ll set up a time just for you.

  25. wampuscat

    @15 – You’ve got it right. Looking forward to his temper tantrums as much as Dale Brown’s.

  26. Head Bussa

    Frank Martin is a fantastic basketball coach who will certainly make South Carolina relevant nationally, as well as become one of the biggest rivals we have in the conference. He is just doing this to kind of say, “hello, I’m here!”

  27. ZombieLibrarian

    Frank who?

  28. NCAA

    Yo Frankie baby, there was a round loud mouth down in your neck of the woods not too long ago… he was infatuated with UK as well. He wanted to beat UK so bad that he ate, drank, slept, and everything else was just ate up with UK. We encourage you to find another bear to poke and another hobby. Spending your life trying to be relevant compared to UK will only drive you to heart burn and / or a life of cheating. Frankie, just worry about finishing in the top half of the SEC east and recruiting better than Clemson.

  29. Charley Butcher

    If Cal had of said this is would be praised, but because he said it to Cal some take offense? It was a great line by him. Doesn’t mean he thinks they will beat us, doesn’t mean he is taking a real shot at Cal. He was simply trying to get usc into the equation. Good for him! Not that it will help him against the MACHINE that is Cal but at least he wants to be a player!

  30. tennessee wildcat

    I think that we will see whether Frank Martin can recruit or not real soon at South Carolina. It seems to me like he coached a lot of buggy bears talent while he was at KState didn’t he?

  31. bluebloodtoo

    Something tells me that Frank Martin is going to replace the spot in our hearts that Bruce Pearl once held – the SEC coach that we love to hate.

  32. UHUH

    Martin will be great in the SEC. But if he honestly believes that it’s more important to focus on recruiting the week of the draft, when you have 6 players getting drafted…he is crazy. Not only does Cal take care of his players while they’re with him, but he is always there for their best interest. This is a bigger recruiting move then taking 10 in home visits. Kids want to know they are in good hands. Martin just looks like once a kid leaves him, he doesn’t care what happens. Bad move on his part.

  33. Common Sense

    I have the up most respect for Frank Martin, and what he said was quite comical.

  34. PW

    #33 You also love Royce White don’t you? *Utmost

  35. kybigblue

    I am sure that the recruits can clearly see that Calipari supports his players even after they leave UK so that should be a huge plus to future recruits who have UK on their list.

  36. Common Sense

    Royce White has as much talent as MKG, you would of noticed that if you watched the game he played against us. He said some statements that were taken out of context and BBN went crazy about it. I respect the guy because of his talent and I think it is total ignorance to rip this guy about his anxiety problem. If you disagree with anything then you are a complete fool.

  37. Used Car Salesman

    Martin is kinda right. Cal still has to sell his kids to the NBA after the workouts? Unless there were problems needing to be addressed, he’s cheerleading for them because of poor showings and poor interviews at the combine.

  38. Chicago Chris

    This is just playful. Come on.

  39. UK22

    If I was a recruit and saw that Calipari was currently assisting with his former players to get ready for the draft I would love to hear that. That just shows that he is willing to do everything he can to get them in the best position for them at the next level. I absolutely loved how he talked up MKG last night on PTI. When they get drafted attention will shift back to new guys/recruits. Cal knows what hes doing.

  40. Tuxedo Park

    well duh, Frank Martin has no players going to the NBA, because he abandoned his players when he left K State for USC. And I expect him to have lots of free time for recruiting this time of year, EVERY year, because he’ll never have to worry about those pesky calls from NBA officials. Maybe calls from Slovenia or Kazahkstan though, maybe…

  41. Good Grief

    36 your name is ironic considering you have the grammar of a 4 year old.


    Maybe having a confident coach is more important that players busy trademarking their unibrow.