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I must admit that while we do use Kentucky Sports Radio girls to promote our website, I never thought of using the girls to promote Jones and Bruce. But Eric Conn apparently did….quite a bold move my young attorney friend. In other news, we have a LIVE BLOG coming tonight at 7:30 PM. We will discuss the UK basketball recruits, the UL game fallout, some stuff on Florida and a good story from the media room on Saturday. Come check it out….

Article written by Matt Jones

22 responses to “LIVE BLOG TONIGHT at 7:30 PM”

  1. Jax Teller

    “He’ll get the job done… he’s Eric C. Conn.” Lamest commercials of all time.

  2. drewky

    more makeup than a michael jackson funeral.

  3. BlueDeuce

    #1…he got you to sing the tune…lame? …IDK!

  4. CliffHawkins

    The guy in the middle is hot.

  5. Jack Bauer

    Eric C. Conn’s law complex is a bunch of double wide’s connected together. I have to travel to Pikeville for one of our audit clients sometimes.

  6. bluemadness

    i didnt realize brooks still had a losing record at UK.

  7. Red Rooster

    I’d like to thank Eric C. Conn for doing his part in helping eradicate any and all negative stereotypes about Kentucky and its citizen’s housing situation.

  8. dkplayer

    Young? Hardly.

    I used to do work at his complex. I could tell you some stories….

    And #5 is correct. He has a circle of doublewides with a fountain or statue in the middle. I refer to it as “Connalot.”

    He has his “girls” attend Hillbilly, sorry, Appalachian American Days and hand out advertising material (tshirts, hats, etc).

    You could learn a lot about ambulance chasing from Mr. Conn. What an apppropriate name btw.

  9. dkplayer

    Also, search youtube for his name. You’ll find a video from his, uhm, “actress” friend.

  10. KY Chip

    I don’t know Eric Conn, but he certainly sounds like he should join the law office of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.

  11. ukcatfan88

    Saw these chicks last week at the Journey/Night Ranger show in Pikeville. Started to get a photo of me with them…but it would be hard to explain these hoochies to the wife.

  12. Kernel Sanders

    Journey and Night Ranger in Pikeville? LOL … I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

  13. 3 fan

    hell at least Conn is doing what he has to do. The job market for lawyers is so bad right now it’s pathetic

  14. Jax Teller

    #3 – Undoubtedly lame. Memorable also, unfortunately, but that doesn’t decrease their lameness.

  15. turkeyblue

    Let’s talk some football. Someone answer this question: Is Phillips and Sanders holding Hartline back and telling him to throw short to his first option, or is Hartline nervous in the pocket and throwing too quick? He hasn’t been sacked one time all year and one reason is he seldom, if ever, is looking at the 2nd or 3rd option. I saw Mathews get upset on Saturday because of this. What’s going on?

  16. Jax Teller

    #15 – I think he’s still in “game management” mode. We’ve seen him toss a couple of deep balls with decent success, but I think it’s a combination of probably Phillips/Sanders telling him he should check down really early to try to minimize mistakes and/or he’s still thinking in the back of his mind that if he goes for a tough pass and it gets picked/swatted, he’ll get booed/ridiculed/tongue-lashed by the fans again. Just my opinion.

  17. Yesterdays

    What about when someone stole the lifesize statue of himself off the top of one of his billboards. He offered some big reqrd and then told the person who handed it in they violated the terms of the agreement. Dude must be a weird cat

  18. HackRichards

    Eric C Conn has made a fortune off SSI and Social Security gaining benefits for the people on MudCreek in Floyd County. You all remember Mud Creek..It is where JFK and later Robert visited. Has not changed a bit because everybody is on SSI instead of working. The Local School is on of the lowest performing in the state.

    I am not criticising..just stating the facts. I live in the same county.

  19. Jax Teller

    #20 – The school system drove me to go to school (or drove my parents to put me in school) in Johnson County. I lived in Floyd County my whole life and was only in the Floyd Co. school system for one year. But that’s another story for another time I suppose.

  20. philmckracken


  21. BPsycho


  22. sethicus59

    seriously that girl on the left….man.