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Listen to the Matt on the Post Game Show

Check out the post game show.  Call in.  Try not to cry and say anything you may regret.  The post game show starts one hour after the game ended, or about 3 beers from now.  Get your phones ready and your emotions in check.

Seriously, looks like it will be around 11:25 when the show gets going.  Flood the lines so those crazy Card fans can’t call in and run their mouth.


Article written by Chris Thomas

82 responses to “Listen to the Matt on the Post Game Show”

  1. Cowboy

    How you like that loss!?

  2. ZZbottom


  3. Truth

    Joker has got to go. Tubby all over again… Oh yeah, and Newton sucks and he ain’t that smart either.

  4. Whistle Guy

    Can I get my whistle back?

  5. Coach Cal

    Can we please concentrate on basketball now?

  6. ZZbottom

    Louisville beat you football team Joker…..


    Dude, you should quit. Be a Man and Quit..

  7. Let's Get Real

    WTF was that? Offense sucks. 3rd down defense sucks. Joker sucks. No excuse, even without Locke a d Cobb. This team is worse than probation.

  8. Truth

    Strong may not be able to speak English, but he can coach better than Tubby – errrrrr, I mean Joker.

  9. Truth

    If not for all those questionable PF calls on uofl, we would have been shoutout.

  10. Ben

    I just want a team that tries hard and cares about winning! Why can we not find receivers that can catch, or offensive lines that can block, or defensive players that can tackle (not you Danny)or players that have pride, desire and a work ethic! I just do not understand why it has to be this way each and every year!

  11. CatsfaninFL

    #10 – cause we’re too busy focusing on SEC speed? Speed is great…but so is blocking, catching, defending, throwing, etc…

  12. post the link

    cant listen to the radio show if you dont post a link tard.

  13. Hoss

    I just can’t do this anymore. We lost to a BAD team tonight… at home. If UK doesn’t care, I don’t care, either.

  14. Calipari'sInYourEar

    #8 – Truth – Why don’t you just say you don’t like black people as coaching your team?

    Nothing worse than a coward.

  15. MattGotFisted

    How bout that 5 in a row. It would be 9 in a row for uofl if not for Kragthorpe. You get every call and still lost. Cayuts should have been held scoreless.

  16. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Haha #12… the links in the image tard (just click it tard)

  17. MattGotFisted

    How did that idiotic hate day work out for you slack jaws?

  18. MattGotFisted

    Matt is going to gain another 20 pounds after this loss.

  19. kaboom!

    larry kudlow doing the show tonight?

  20. JVice

    Post game ever gonna start?

  21. Hoss

    18- worst UK team in 6 years… congrats, window licker.

  22. secretagent0014

    Jesus you are losing me. Start the call in show.

  23. UKGoBigBlue

    UK clearly needs to hire a real full time offense coordinator, not Joker calling the plays. Joker is a horrible boring offensive play caller. Barnhart needs to step in and take play calling away from Joker !! We shouldn’t be surprised, we knew the boring play calling we were getting when Joker was the offense coordinator. If Joker turns this year into a disaster, Barnhart is going to have a hard time justifying keeping Joker. The fans aren’t going to put up with Joker much longer.

  24. mashburnfan1

    As long as they will not open up the offense UK will be bad, very bad….is this curry ball again. Only time the O looked good was in desperation when we were actually throwing the ball down the field. Take some chances, if we just barely beat 2 bad teams and lose to another it is obvious this style does not work. If coaches will not try to change THEN CHANGE THE COACHES. Now on to basketball sad to say.

  25. Bowel Movement

    Spread your butt cheeks real wide, Matt Jones!

  26. BigBrother

    Joker is a joke and any UK football fan with half a brain knew this going into this game. A UL team of Fresh/Soph just whipped UK, a UK team with much more experience, on it’s home field. WOW! We will not win a single SEC game. But I”m sure the same group of, feel sorry for coach fans, the same fans that said the same crap about Drunk Clyde, will support Joker and Mitch for his second Blunder of a Hire in Joker Phillips. And Minter lol, wow dude his defense just got punked by a fresh QB and a lousy O line on UK’s home field with a D that returned 10 starters!!! It doesnt get any worse UK fans…

  27. Claude Holiday III

    -To Joker: PLEASE quit. You suck!!!!

    -To Morgan Newton: See above.

    -To Charlie Strong: Congrats. You had a gameplan and it worked.

    -To Loserville fans: You got us tonight, but you still suck. As a matter of fact, both teams suck BADLY!!!

    -To Gene Macaskill: Dude, you won’t have to worry about catching the flu this year, cause you sure as heck can’t catch anything else.

    -To Joker again: PLEASE quit. You suck. Man up and bail out.

    -To Trevathan: Why do you guys waste all that talent by coming to UK? You should have been playing at a better SEC school.

    -To Whistle Guy: You seriously should be banned from all UK games (basketball and football) indefinitely. That was stupid.

  28. Truth

    UofL has better players. We were dominated, regardless of score. Refs tried to help us win. Then non safety call was a joke. We got every single break.

  29. Doug

    26. You took the words right out of my mouth! Better Coaching and better Scheme.. This is teh beginning of the end for the Joker era. we will keep him for next year, but this team will be 4-8 at best.. I have been watching uk football since Sonny Cillins ran for us, and I am sooo sick of this..

  30. Fig Newton

    This was all by Brooks design. Recommend an unexperienced loser to coach the team. Fail miserably, back to the days of Curry and Brooks looks like a great coach. Only problem, Brooks never had a winning record in the SEC, despite some years when the East was miserable with YewT and UGA down most of the time. Blame Brooks he convinced Barnhart to put this mess in place. What better way to measure your successes (or few successes) than to measure yourself against the bottom scrub. I have followed UK football since 1981…nothing surprises me! That don’t want to succeed in football at UK. What a crappy way to run a business, yet socialites continue to grace the stadium and be status quo. It amazes me how competitiveness has been crushed and disregarded. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, just give it try, want to succeed and invest in successful strategies.

  31. TT

    3rd and 12…..what do u do???? run the draw up the gut

  32. Gator Chomp

    Wow!!! We are going to destroy you hayseeds next week. You may as well rest your starters. Players are going to be carried off on stretchers.

  33. buck nasty

    what 27 said

  34. BabyFatMatt

    Way to get your uofl digs in Bangs. You are a freaking joke and a coward. I bet you got your [email protected] kicked on a daily basis in HS.

  35. WhistleGuy

    I prevented a TD.

  36. Eloy ur boy

    Whew, 1st caller as ruff as our playcalling tonite.

  37. Matt Jones

    My anus is blood red.

  38. Section 133

    Well, that just sucked. Not without its moments, mind you. I swear to gawd, on Nicholasville Road, about an hour before game time, I saw them.
    A crew of six with red wife beaters on, line beards on four of them, all with flat billed “L” hats. But wait, it gets better. The coup de grace: They had one of those flimsy luggage tote things with a cooler strapped to it, and strapped to the top of the cooler was a BOTTLE OF CROWN ROYAL, stored in its plush purple velvet bag. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!!!

  39. UK'64

    worst team Ive seen since the Bear went to [email protected] Newton is not an SEC Q back. Joker is a joke

  40. Drew Franklin

    I’m an idiot drunk. If Matt didn’t allow me to polish his sack, I would be working in the bra department at KMart.

  41. Truth

    38) and they are still more educated and have more teeth than all you inbreds.

  42. UKGoBigBlue

    We have more than enough evidence now that Joker has no clue what he is doing as a coach ! Joker is like Obama, he has absolutely no idea what he is doing, and people act surprised by this fact ! Are people really surprised; Joker ran the exact same clueless boring offense under Rick Brooks.

    Joker has lost the fans, and the fans aren’t coming back !

  43. Matt Jones

    I’m not [email protected] off to my Joker poster tonight.

  44. Go Cards

    You hired Kragthorpe. Good luck getting rid of him for at least two years.

  45. mike

    We need a coach like Vandy’s that can inspire his guys and get them playing at a higher level than their talent. He even broke down on a postgame show because of their big victory. The only thing Joker can deliver is milk toast and slogan spinnning. He certainly does not inspire his players or fan base.

  46. Drew Franklin

    I look like I’m special.

  47. catfan68

    I would not be too excited if I were UozL fans…except the last time were able to beat UK Bush was still president. Uozl winning tonight would be like if you took the two ugliest women in the world and held a beauty contest. Yeah one of them would win but is that really anything to get too excited about. It would be different if we both were great and Uozl won. Or if we were ranked top ten and Uozl upset us(as we did UozL in 2007). But as I said earlier, Uozl won tonight but they still stink also. I think both programs have cause for concern. Joker is a joke and when the NCAA busts UozL for Clintt Hurtt their a$$ will be on probation. How sad.

  48. Debbie and Hank

    I have told you morons time and time again………… STOP GOING TO THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    70,000 people in those stands equals BIG, BIG, BIG bucks for UK, so they don’t care if they win or lose as long as they’re making bank.

    STOP GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. DRob

    What is the number to text in a question?

  50. Calipari'sInYourEar

    Was the last caller Rex Chapman? The one talking about Brooks.

  51. Joe

    The only person that can get open is Matt Roark and he cant catch

  52. Calipari'sInYourEar

    It was Oklahoma (Bob Stoops) that sought out Joker.

  53. Matt Jones

    Is rectal bleeding normal?

  54. Truth

    If the refs would have handed us 3 or 4 more calls, maybe we would have won.

  55. Truth

    If the refs would have handed us 3 or 4 more calls, maybe we would have won.

  56. Ukphillyfan

    Nuclear minter!!!! Bah ha ha ha bah ha ha… I can’t breathe ah ha ha

  57. RealTalk

    Is there any chance that EJ fields becomes a #2 or #3 reciever??? Thoughts??

  58. STEVE!

    52 – I’ll bet Stoops is glad he missed on him now.

  59. CousinsLineBeard

    Why do all you hicks badmouth line beards. You never said anything about mine or my boi Jorts. SMH!

  60. Ukphillyfan

    Nuclear minter!!! What was I so scared of in the 80’s. With soviet union and all that.

  61. STEVE!

    56 – It’s apparent now why he was working at Indiana State.

  62. Newton

    I can’t walk. They beat my [email protected]!!!

  63. Arkansas Blue

    R.I.P. Big East East football. According to USA Today, Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC. announcement tomorrow morning. UConn and Rutgers will be the next 2 to leave the Big East for the ACC.

    enjoy the win tonight cards because at this time next year you’re gonna be back in Conference USA

  64. Blueblood98

    What will be funny is counting how many times announcers, many of whom are clueless, will talk about uk giving joker time to get his system and players in place… uh, i think he has been here long enough

  65. OwensboroDavid

    The first caller’s point (i think) about Vandy was that even lowley Vandy can outrecruit us. I say win at all costs. Everyone else is obvoiusly doing it. Vandy hired a cheater, and they’re starting to turn the corner. UofL got a cheater and they got Bridgewater and some more to come i’m sure. I don’t think UK’s staff has what it takes to get us to that next level wheather it be coaching or recruiting. The offense is vanilla, the defense gives away their scheme every play. I think it’d be great if 25,000 show up for the Florida game next week. UK football is going backward. The difference between Tubby and Joker is, that Tubby had supporters and Joker really has none at this point. So I disagree Matt. I think the fire Joker discussions should be considered by Barnhart. If the fans don’t show up, what do you really have? BTW Matt, you look just like Kellin Moore.

  66. Quicky Ricky

    @48… My wife and I gave up seats last season. We sat in 216 row 12 for 21 years, tonight we look like we are the smartest UK fans west of Lex. It feels good to save $350 every weekend

  67. Clint Hurtt

    I wonder if I can buy our way into the ACC?

  68. Truth

    Whiste guy should have gotten a 15 yard penalty.

  69. Defense

    was Tubby the coach tonight?

  70. MorganNewton

    I just threw another pass out of bounds.

  71. Matt'sGut

    That’s because Cal and Wes buy players like there is no tomorrow.

  72. UKfanFelicia

    My Question is can the players call their own plays at all or do they have to do what the coaches are telling them to do??

  73. Section 133

    Whistle guy got turned in by his section. The cops came after him and everyone turned on him. He denied it, and they all yelled “look in his left pats pocket.” He was hauled off. We need this for every beach ball and wave suggestion.

  74. NCAA

    this win won’t exist on the books next year. #citywideclint

  75. Old Faithful Geyser

    Even I’m not as predictable as Joker’s play calling

  76. N. Shapiro

    67- Those yankee grease balls on Jersey Shore love them some hookers.

  77. Calipari'sInYourEar

    KSR- Why don’t you guys piece together a script (a la Hal Mumme) that attempts to guess the play calling in the next game.

    1st set of downs
    2nd set of downs
    3rd set of downs, etc, etc

    We know KY won’t be able to get more than 3 downs on average against Florida. So write the script, then have BTI compare the actual game plays the next day to the script.

    See how easy they are to guess to average Joe’s (and even Chip Cosby if you want).

  78. BigBlueSkyDog

    Dirty Birds will still have a losing season in football and basketball. Cats by 25 in Rupp over Lousyville.

  79. buck nasty

    Is it time to put the for sale signs in Jokers yard

  80. Bigbluecalizone

    Tonight was bad, but there are some really humiliating days to come in the weeks ahead against SEC caliber talent and teams. It’s going to get ugly,,,,real ugly.

  81. Joker

    I couldn’t inspire Tom Cruise.

  82. Buckets