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LISTEN TO ME… Digger released a statement

The fine people at ESPN passed along a short message from Digger Phelps, in regard to his lecture to Kentucky fans before College Gameday on Saturday. Digger kept it short and sweet, so I added a few “listen-to-me’s” to spice it up a bit.

From Digger:

[Listen to me] Prior to each show, I [listen to me] address the crowd. [Listen, listen] I respect Kentucky’s program and its passionate fan base, and [LISTEN TO ME] look forward to following the [listen] team’s NCAA [LISTEN-TO-MEEEEEE!] Championship run.”

I don’t doubt that Digger addresses the crowd before each show, but that doesn’t help us understand why he scolded Kentucky fans like one of the neighborhood kids who just lit a heaping pile of dog crap on his front porch. If he’s trying to make it right, he should release a statement saying, “My bad, I didn’t get much sleep and I acted like a grumpy old man. Sorry about that.”

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

111 responses to “LISTEN TO ME… Digger released a statement”

  1. Gavin S.

    You will not get an apology out of that old curmudgeon, that’s for sure. He and Bob Knight are cut from the same old cheesecloth.

  2. Roland

    A non-apology apology.

  3. Cousins Fake Tooth

    F Digger.

  4. Jiminy Cricket

    Digger = Douche

  5. Tobias Funke

    He’s sorry you were so offended and he hopes in the future you are less whiny and more quiet. LISTEN TO HIM.

  6. Doubting Thomas

    Digger Phelps = Bobby Knight, there is not difference. Never could beat the Cats and never will forget it. I’m looking forward to his next visit to that little gyn called Rupp Arena. I believe the Ky fans will give him a welcoming he will never forget. Little turd.

  7. Jiminy Cricket

    It’s over for Digger, KY fans have a LONG memory. He has now ensured his status as a UK “Most Hated” with the likes of Bob Knight, Duke, Billy Packer etc…

  8. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    I would love to sit in a room with Digger and Bob Knight and watch the national championship game as the Cats run away with it. The butthurt would be hysterical.

  9. James K

    That statement LITERALLY means NOTHING. Not only did he apologize, he DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING. My God, that screams of arrogance.

  10. On point

    #6 is pinpoint accurate

  11. Andrew

    Screw you Digger. See you in Lexington next year. Can’t wait.

  12. jj

    Eerily similar to the non-apology apology ESPN forced Bob Knight into about saying our players didn’t go to class. Way to strong arm them, ESPN…

  13. Bleed Blue in Nashville

    What the hell was that?? It didnt even say anything about his tone, “the tone was all wrong” (Joe Dirt) Whatever that was trying to be, it was Weak Sauce.

  14. Pattin Sqeezya

    Lets toilet paper is house.

  15. L1C4

    Go to hell Digger!

  16. Dwight

    Does anyone actually care what Digger has to say?

  17. MarkHamilton


  18. snl1960

    DIGGER dosen’t matter…….NEVER DID……NEVER WILL….NOW on to #8

  19. _Blackhawk_

    #7 – agreed – UK fans haven’t gotten over his behavoir in the 70′s and 80′s…all he is doing is continuing the tradition of dislike for him for the next few generations. He said absolutley nothing in this statement. I’d love to see where he called out another teams crowd and warned them not to ruin things for the home school and GameDay. Heck GameDay already has a weak link with him on it…the only thing that can ruin it is when they have Bobby Knight on there.

  20. Chad

    He is lying I was at the gameday at Rupp a couple years ago and I don’t remember hearing him run donw the UT fans before the broadcast.

  21. CalifCatFan

    Can’t wait until Digger sets foot in Rupp again.

  22. UKChillfan

    #20 I think that’s because it was MSU we were playing, I bet he ran them down.

  23. fan1

    Maybe he could just keep it simple and say I am sorry?

  24. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?

    13…..Excellent Joe Dirt reference. Keep fighting the good fight.

  25. SteveM

    #7–Kentucky fans do NOT have a long memory or else they wouldn’t be dangling off Duke Vitale’s sack every time he says soemthing good about UK.

  26. Kidnut

    This is a great apology…let’s come up with other ones throughout history.

    John Wilkes Booth…I always target practice with my revolver before taking in a show. I respect the government of the United States and look forward to their next president.

  27. Juanita Broaderick

    Does he lecture each game day crowd like that? Did he tell the Vandy folks to respect the Kentucky fans, if he did I I didn’t see it.

  28. Wad

    Digger may come back to Rupp, but Bob Knight will not, I wish so badly that man would dare come to Rupp, oh what I (along with everyone else in Lexington) would say to that man. He is scared, flat out scared, to come back to Lexington. He talks crap to his old crummy fan bases and on radio shows but can’t come to Rupp to back it up. I wish I saw him out in public to shared some words with him. Go Cats. Boo Digger. Eff Knight.

  29. ListenToMe

    He was just trying to suck up to Vandy so they would get hyped and be excited for Game Day. That and he didn’t have his prune juice that morning.

  30. UKChillfan

    #20, my bad, that was anothter year with MSU

  31. KoppdieseL

    We should never be scolded for having passionate fans. If groups of students choose to take a road trip down to support their team a state away, getting up just as early, and putting forth more effort than the typical Vandy fan had to in order to attend College Gameday and the game itself, then we should be allowed to be as boisterous as we please. What, all because this isn’t Rupp Arena I’m not allowed to cheer on my CATS like the mad fanatic I am? Please. All because the opposing school doesn’t have the fan base to pack the place and can’t drown out the away team does not permit us as a fan base to be scolded, if anything it should be appreciated by all who consider themselves a sports fan. As I try to take the higher road I can’t help but say, “Digger, you honestly suck.” Short and sweet, just like his bogus statement.

  32. Ms. Tyler Thompson

    All that’s missing is a “Relax, Wildcat” at the end.

  33. Alan

    He does address the crowd before every gameday. He gets the fans motivated to cheer during the entire broadcast.

  34. incalwetrust

    Digger Please!!

  35. Cat Fan in Hoosier Land's Dad

    1st – video gone
    2nd – (non)apology
    ESPN works wonders…they are trying to run the planet!

  36. DiggerAbsolutelySucks

    ESPN boss: “Hey Digger. Can you say something to make those stupid hillbillies hush?”

    Digger: “Sure, I’ll put something together right now.”

    ESPN boss: “How about we have dinner with the ladies next time you are in town.”

    Digger: “We’d love to!”

    ESPN boss: “Keep up the great work and insightful analysis. Don’t let those idiots in Kentucky get you down. But, I know you and I know this whole thing won’t effect you.”

    Digger: “Nah. Like water off a duck. Thanks for the accolades. I am good and I know it. Ha! Ha! Seriously, I am good.”

  37. Ms. Tyler Thompson

    35 – Video lives on…

  38. Bleed Blue in Nashville

    #32 and the man off your tape saying “go to hell Digger” on the midday 180 here in nashville they couldnt stop laughin about that and one caller wanted to buy the guy a beer

  39. EricDieselsTrucks

    Digger is a giant ball of butt cheese.

  40. Upper Section Student

    Ah, the kinda statement that says sorry like cheap whine and a box of rubbers says Happy Valentines Day.

  41. BillDozer

    This whole Digger thing is a bit overblown.

  42. DavenderCatTheSequel

    I went to Gameday when they were here for UK Football a few years ago. Lee Corso didn’t act like that.

  43. here ya go

    i think next time he is here on game day the crowd should bring back the past.. “sit down digger” until his ass sits down..

  44. St. Paul Raiders

    34- That’s excellent. Bravo.

  45. jacocat

    Go to hill Degger!!!!

  46. DavenderCatTheSequel

    41) I disagree. I think it’s underblown. ESPN does a week’s worth of TMZ stories on Gisele Bunchen’s private comments to friends but Digger acts like an ass in official capacity for ESPN & we get a stale apology to our “passionate” fanbase.

  47. Kwildcat

    Douche-ey Dean Wermer

  48. minton

    I’ll accept an apology only if he dances with Ashley Judd mid court as the “Y” wearing a foam “3 google” finger and a unibrow.

  49. Sid Bream's Leg

    Digger went to the Bobby Knight school of apologies.

  50. Ms. Tyler Thompson

    38 – How did I miss that?! I wonder what Paul Kuharsky said…

  51. Beatle Bum

    Fans cheering for their teams before a game is a bad thing. Kentucky fans supporting their team at Vandy’s gym is dangerous! Game Day does not need any stinking fans!

    If Game Day comes back to UK, I say we just boycott the whole mess.

  52. JIm

    Diggers video just made it up on they hate him too

  53. catsfan54


  54. Beatle Bum

    At the football version, there are schools that send fans from their school REGARDLESS of where the event is held. Does Digger know this????? The Horror!!!!

  55. Beatle Bum

    Can you make this site more like Facebook?

  56. Bunzz

    On Football College Gameday, they have fans from both teams cheering for their team. Almost in a competition. Hell, there is a Washington State fan at every single College Gameday, right in the middle of the crowd, waving a huge WSU flag (They get touted for being dedicated). Why would it be different for basketball?… Don’t protect a school’s fans because they are lousy…just pick better schools to host. Simple.

  57. RichCat

    QUESTION? What where the UK fans doing? Anything vulgar or was Digger just being a dick?

  58. UKblue

    Problem is, Digger, you only addressed the UK crowd. I’m thinking Vandy fans could have instigated “an incident” just as easily as the UK fans in attendance. Sorry, Digger, your explanation doesn’t fly.

  59. DavenderCatTheSequel

    According to Jay Bilas, the warning was unwarranted.

  60. Digger Phelps' Highlighter

    Listen to me Digger. Tell your tie to get its own color

  61. CatGrad7072

    57: Digger a dick? Digger a douche? Digger a dork?
    All of the above

  62. DavenderCatTheSequel

    BTW, I’m surprised he didn’t link a story about a service dog who lost its hind legs rescuing blind orphans from a fire @ the end of his apology.

  63. bigbluedude

    F U digger, that is all

  64. Han

    Kentucky Sports Radio fans, listen to me, this is Digger’s Apology. I’m going to let you keep commenting, but comments on the ESPN pages are the real truth. And how dare you make fun of Digger’s Apology on the day after Rick Pitino wore the white suit, Valentine’s Day, a day Rick Pitino holds dearly in his heart. LISTEN TO ME, this is Digger’s Apology, so don’t cause an internet incident.

  65. DisneysProblemWithDigger

    I wonder how Disney, the parent company of ESPN, feels about Digger’s hospitality and how it might reflect upon them as this spreads?

  66. Jubrho

    The question is, does his address always denigrate visiting fans, or was it unique to UK? If it was unique, why were we singled out? If he always denigrates visiting fans, WTF is wrong with him? We need to keep pushing him and ESPN for his mistreatment – we aren’t a bunch of Lville thugs – the dude was bashing college basketballs’ most elite fanbase.

  67. UKALAN


  68. Bleed Blue in Nashville

    #50 Paul Kuharsky on the friday was on the side of uk…Kinda he said if vandy fans didnt want their gameday over ran with blue then it was easy, more vandy fans need to show up. He didnt say much about digger that i can remember but did laugh about it.

  69. Not a wise move

    It’s great to try to be the cool guy in front of the home crowd. But in doing so, it’s not smart to do it at the expense of the other team’s crowd. Especially when that other crowd happens to be much more relevant in the overall scheme of things.

    I bet when Digger was in school he was the guy who would say “quiet down class” when the teachers were around, then would get his a$$ kicked when class let out. I’m going to start calling Digger “Captain Save-a-(less than reputable woman).”

  70. Eric K

    GO TO HELL Digger!! Just wait til gameday in RUPP next year!! Listen to me then and see what happens, BBN going to run your ass out of town!! GO F YOURSELF Digger!! GO CATS!!

  71. Weekend at Bernice

    If I ever see him out .. Im gonna do something worth getting a little misdemeanor or something…. I’m thinking a good kick to his nutsack area would get me bout a month in lockdown….Probably assault 4…. I’m good with that..Maybe us wildcat fans can start living up to this so called “crazy” behavior we are known for..

  72. Suzie

    My daughter and I attended both basketball and football game days. Alan is right Digger did address the crowd before they went on the air. He thinks he has to get everyone “fired up” and ready to make noise. He didn’t do a very good job with Vandy fans. They still didn’t know what to do. No one addressed the crowd at the football game day. Also, remember all the “Free Enes” signs that appeared at game days all around the country?

  73. Blue blood in Tennessee

    Listen to me. Listen to me.
    Digger is not an idiot. He just plays one on TV.

  74. thewaitfor8

    Digger just gave UK a shit bow.

  75. Tom Blevins

    I think we should all put a heaping pile of dog crap on Digger’s front porch and light it on fire. That’s the best suggestion I’ve read on here all day.

  76. Ball Eater

    Hey Digger…eat it!

  77. Wes

    He addressed the UK crowd at their Gameday, but there was only 6 Tenn fans there so he didn’t have to be a stupid dick

  78. A Black Guy

    Can he at least apologize for the awful attendance Vandy had for College GameDay?

  79. bung

    let’s see.. dickie attempted to embarrass tj…digger felts tried it on our fans…bobby on our athletic dept….wow that e s pee in must have some great standards of conduct for their announcers…

  80. Real Cats Fan

    You know, as ridiculous as it is, I am over the Digger thing. He is just a sad old man, and he likely only has another year or two left broadcasting before ESPN puts his career in mothballs. Then he can retire to Ft Lauderdale and yell at the neighborhood kids to “Get off my lawn!”

    I am actually much more pizzed off now at the Steve “GangBang” dirty play against Teague, that was conveniently missed by the refs. If that was a UK player doing the same thing to a Vandy player, Stallings would be whining to the SEC for a solid month. If I was Cal, I would bring this up with the SEC, and warn them that the same type of thing better not happen when Vandy comes to Rupp in a couple of weeks. Stalling should also be forced to watch this tape, and he should force “GangBang” to make a public apology. To make it even more ridiculous, the video also shows this idiot reaching out and grabbing MKG by the shoulder and pulling him to the ground mere seconds after the Teague incident. What a thug!

  81. 1daysoon

    Any Cat Fans in Ann Arbor???

    Gameday coming to your city this Saturday. Go see Digger and let him hear about it.

  82. zatch

    Do u feel Digger would have told Irish fans the same thing if they showed up at someone elses gameday?i I doubt it

  83. kfund

    eSPiN, the world wide leader in image spin.

  84. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    I’m surprised he didn’t add a comment about Marquis TIG at the end of that. In no way shape or form was that an acceptable apology.

  85. BigBlueBrian

    Digger doesn’t exist.

  86. BLY 4EVA

    I blame ESPN for hiring shitheads like this in the first place!!!!!!!!!!! LISTEN TO ME….SCREW YOU DIGGER AND SCREW YOU ESPN!!!! GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!

  87. Tom

    Listen to me: Thank you Digger for giving us the most fun we’ve had in quite a while!

  88. obama

    He is an idiot

  89. Laker Cat 18

    I didn’t have a problem with his statements at all. He should have said it..period! Uk fans can be super stupid sometimes and I know UK fans and websites and everything sucks.

  90. Score The Ball


  91. BigBlueSkyDog

    He had a perfect opportunity to explain himself yesterday on KSR. Why didn’t he do it? Dude has no rings and no nads.

  92. Andrewnky

    I think by releasing this statement Digger might of just made it worse. He either just doesn’t get it or thinks we are idiots

  93. s.motley

    lets make sure to give him hell any and every time we get the chance. GAME ON!!!!

  94. Wild Turkey 101

    He apologized, let’s move on. Keep the focus on the championship!

  95. Somebody else

    I agree to move on, but he is still a Bob Knight wannabe!! I wonder if Bobby was proud of Digger for being a grumpy old fart..

  96. Middle East Dude

    If I wanted my rights taken away from me Digger, I’d move back to the Middle East.

  97. BTI

    I wrote that for Digger today….

  98. me

    Seriously all, move on. Getting a bit fanatical and coming off as a whiny fanbase. Enjoy this great season!!!

  99. GoCatGo

    Kentucky fans play the victim better than anyone.

  100. 49 Chevy

    Digger…….retire and marry Booby Knight. Move to Mexico where you both can live happy for the rest of your days…..without UK.

  101. Some Guy in Kentucky

    If Digger was a man I would punch it in the face!

  102. Vandy was never going to win

    Digger wasnt adressing the crowd. he simply singled out a section that was being louder than the home fans since the home fans already knew they would lose and had nothing to cheer for.

  103. TomCat9698

    57..I posted this the other day but is worth repeating.As the crew was putting on the final touches for college gameday,we started chanting go big blue,then the vandy fans all turned around looking upwards at us and started yelling uk sucks.All we did was laugh at them and then dikhead digger and bilas came out to the set and azzhole started his little tirade.He had me so pissed,i was ready to go punch his sorry ass out.By the way,would uk fans pay to bail me out of jail and help with my fines IF he ever steps foot in lexington? GBB

  104. Kelly J

    That was a pretty sorry excuse/explanation on Digger’s part… But who cares…he and his buddy Knight are both UK haters, what ya expect from them??? LOL

  105. BluegrassKid

    Is there a legitimate concern for the larger context of Digger’s statements?
    Digger followed his public defication on the Big Blue Nation by wrapping himself in the U.S. National flag. Does a Veteran that has risked his life defending our freedoms deserve better than to be used as a stage prop in Digger’s vendetta? Does that bother anybody else?
    The combined sequences of Digger’s statements gave me the impression that he was saying that the BigBlueNation are a bunch of ‘trouble makers’, and he as self proclaimed defender of all thats right and good commands the BigBlueNation to shut-up, so that Vandy can attain a righteous victory over UK. He is also painting a picture in the mind of the referees that UK is the ‘underserving/trouble-maker’ team and Vandy is the ‘deserving/well-behaved’ team. That picture of the UK villain has the potential to stay etched in the minds of referees, tournament selection committees, and NCAA leadership. Digger is blatantly using his bully pulpit as an ESPN announcer to denigrate the UK Basketball Program and its fans. He is actively trying to bias public opinion and the outcome of NCAA sporting events against Kentucky. Bobby Knight has exhibited similar behavior. Is ESPN complicit in biasing the outcome of NCAA sporting events?

  106. Bledsoe's Biceps

    105) – We all agree that Digger’s a dick, but you are way off base. His little hissy fit was not intended to be public and influence anyone. It got attention because a UK fan posted the video they had made.

  107. bigbluelife

    Apparently same person who authored knight’s APOLOGY(no UK players went to class second semester) must have handled phelp’s as well- can’t some ingenious person come up with an email address for this ass?

  108. Bluetiful

    He acted like there wasn’t a single TN fan at our last game day. Just because we do things bigger and better don’t mean we need to “listen to him” and get yelled at. We do the yelling Digger…not you!

  109. KYWOMAN

    Pigger is irrelevant – a blowhard, “never was” old gasbag with an empty head and a big mouth. His idea of “coaching” in the pre-shot clock era was going to a four corner stall to bore opponents to death and he still couldn’t win. What a loser, what a moron!! Who cares what he has to say? It’s all sound and fury – the noise of a fool.

  110. mike

    You wonder why he would say something like that? Really? It’s because we owned him when he coached (he was 4-12 against UK). Same reason Bobby Knight badmouths us. We owned his sorry butt too (15-18 against UK). Not hard to understand at all.

  111. James K

    Wait, wait, wait. Let’s be clear on something: he did NOT apologize.