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Let’s talk it out on the Postgame Show

The Kentucky Sports Radio postgame show starts in five minutes over at or on your radio devices on 630 WLAP in Lexington or 84 WHAS in Louisville. Listen as Matt recaps Kentucky’s 83-71 loss to Texas A&M win and share your voices and opinions by calling 1-800-444-8484 or 502-571-8484. I know you’ve got them.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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25 responses to “Let’s talk it out on the Postgame Show”

  1. Just Sayin

    Maybe Cal is over coaching. It’s hard to get chemistry when you play musical lineups all the time.

  2. classof68

    Just get this season over with.

  3. kybigblue

    Except for Noel inside it doesn’t look like they have a stopper on defense. Defense was a strength last year but not this year. Don’t think Randle or Gordon has to worry about playing time nexr year if either one comes to UK at PF because they aren’t getting much from that position this year.

  4. MemphisCat

    I agree, if I’m a recruit, I wouldn’t be afraid of anyone on this team.

  5. Buckets

    We suck. What else is there to talk about? We are not nearly as good as we should be considering the talent we have. We have no heart and we suck. Depressing.

  6. From 10,000 Feet Up

    So if Rob Parker of ESPN calls RG3 a “cornball brother” for dating a white girl…

    What do you call Poythress, who in the picture above is getting worked on the glass by a “white rec league” walk on?

  7. j. Dinkle

    I mostly blame Coach Cyprien and Peter Warden, everytime they have been in Rupp we lose…..Gillispie Effect!

  8. From 10,000 Feet Up

    At least we’ll have a backups next season that the 1st team can practice against.

    Sorry Brian Long.

  9. L

    Matt, are you sure this team is talented?

  10. classof68

    Matt just said UK is going to win it all next year. What a naive thing to say when this year we started out No. 3 in the preseason polls.

  11. Real talk

    Poythress might be a walk on next year

  12. road_warri0r

    To me the most disturbing stat is Kyle W ( 0 points)

  13. Jesus

    These commercials are worse than the game. Btw haters gonna hate, get used to it.

  14. Stigalls

    Harrow and Goodwin. Combined 4 assists and 9 turnovers.

    Wiltjer 19 minutes, 2 shots, 2 rebounds, one turnover. That’s it. Pathetic

  15. L

    Sean Woods spoke the truth

  16. Da truth, people

    Have some good news and bad news for you people.

    Bad: this team has no experieced leadership.

    Good: Next year we will have 5 out of the top 7 back, lose one to graduation and Nerlens goes high in draft. The rest need a lot help, and will be able to watch from the bench next yar. If Wiggins watched this, he will not be in Lexinbgton next year.

  17. From 10,000 Feet Up

    Harrow took a bunch of bad shots. When analyzing the game, we can quote Harrow for saying he gave it his all, yet his 1 assist as a PG and a ton of bad shots isn’t going to work.

  18. Ryan Lemond = Mayans

    Ryan Lemond, you really need to stop predicting these games to be blowouts. Everytime you do the game goes close and in the case of this game… the pot boiled over. From now on just repeat the spread that Vegas has.

  19. catfan013

    Don’t know why they call this a call in show because if don’t agree with know it all Jones you get shot down and cut off. Matt you are an idiot!!!!

  20. cats1068

    The main problem I see is Goodwin’s selfishness and Poythress’ laid back persona. They are the best 2 players on the team. If they are not performing to their abilities, then this team has no chance. Kyle is the least of their problems.

  21. Real blotto

    Anyone else notice the free throw shooter switch again tonight? Check out first half switch Noel for WCS.

  22. cats1068

    The truth is that we are not a good team. And all we can ask for is that they get better.

  23. BigBlue

    @catfan013, what exactly is he wrong about?

  24. Deacon

    21 – foul was called on the guy over Noel’s back on a rebound. It was actually loud in there at the time and players didn’t hear whistle. Noel put it back up and missed and WCS grabbed rebound and was hacked putting it back up, but the foul had already been called earlier.

  25. Tampa Satchel

    We suck. It was bound to happen. Getting all new players every year is tough way to go and Cal has been able to find the right mix and develop them quickly until this year.

    I’m OK with that. I’d say we are on the bottom side of the bubble and give us less than a 50% chance of making it to the dance, but if we don’t I can look forward to football season and arguably the best basketball recruiting class next year. That and not making the dance may keep a few of these guys around for more than 1 year. Next year’s going to be fun.