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Let’s talk about our feelings


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It is hard to pinpoint a collective emotion of the Big Blue Nation right now. When a sport fan’s team is struggling, they commonly claim to be numb to the pain–they feel apathetic.  Maybe that is true for some, in fact, it is probably true to some extent for most.  Unfortunately for the health of the average Kentucky basketball fan, the words, “I don’t even care anymore”, are more of a coping mechanism than a truism.  

If we’re to be honest, Kentucky basketball fans aren’t capable of not feeling some type of strong emotion in regards to their team.  This year, “I don’t even care anymore”, reads to me, “Wow, this is so shocking and I truly have no idea how to feel.” After each loss, Kentucky fans seem to be punching in the dark, trying to decide exactly how to handle this surprisingly disappointing season.  They don’t know how to feel. Here are the most common emotions I’ve encountered while drudging through the muck of various UK messaging board communities and during conversations with fans. There is probably some logic in nearly all of the garbled emotions felt by Kentucky fans. I don’t intend to disparage how anyone feels–that’s the point I guess–confusion without uniformity is the common-thread.

1. The person who claims to be apathetic. I have been this person. Really (I say to myself)? You care so little, that in the middle of a beautiful Saturday, you are alone at your computer, pouting and scouring the internet. If you didn’t care, A. you wouldn’t be on an internet message board attempting to cope with the loss and B. you definitely wouldn’t take minutes of your valuable time to actually post how little you care before divulging all of the things that have upset you about this team. The guy who truly doesn’t care is the one you won’t hear from.  He is also the one not reading this post.  You are not him or her.

Accept it: You, like the rest of us, care very much.

2. The person who is still holding out hope.  This person is still lucky enough to be living in a much happier time.  He still believes that the Cats will turn the corner. Anyone who doesn’t think this is a bad fan.  He has many good qualities and it is sometimes very tempting to agree with him. However, it is usually more tempting to believe this person is delirious, depending on the extent of his ramblings.  He is usually found putting the loss in “perspective” for everyone, usually by pointing to similar losses by other teams (usually Kansas) and by drawing awkward comparisons between this Kentucky team and successful teams from the past. No one is exactly sure what this person’s expectations are.  Does he still think we can win a national championship? Or is his hope more attainable–say, he believes that Kentucky will make it to the second weekend of the tournament.

3. The person who thinks this is the worst team he has ever watched play and he can’t wait for all of the players to leave. He is the only person of this bunch that I truly can’t relate to at all.  You know this guy.  He blathers on and on about how we will be much better next year when James Young, Julius Randle, and hopefully (in his delusional mind), the Harrison twins leave.  He claims that the twins are cancers to team chemistry and that James Young has no basketball skills.  In his mind, the team would be better off without them all.  

The Harrison twins catch the brunt of this guy’s anger.  I understand that times have changed and that the freshmen excuse is old to most–but sorry, it is fact. THEY ARE FRESHMEN. And for freshmen, each of them have had good years.  The Harrison twins would go a long way to making next year’s team very good. I for one, really, really hope and think that they will stay. 

4. The level-headed guy.  This is where most Kentucky fans fall, despite what rivals may say and despite this person’s relative rarity in the online community following a loss.  They discuss this teams woes in a matter-of-fact and intelligent way.  They are rightfully disappointed and surprised by this season. They are frustrated by the past two teams but believe the necessary program adjustments will be made in the future and that Calipari has learned from the experience.  They also understand the difficulties faced by this young team. Their expectations have evolved with the season. They are hopeful that the Cats can make a positive showing in the SEC tournament followed with a respectable performance in the NCAA tournament.

The level-headed guy has some concerns for the program but still wholeheartedly believes that John Calipari is far and away the best coach for the University of Kentucky and would be very hard to replace. They remember the outstanding 22-year-career John Calipari has had and his unbelievable run thus far at Kentucky.  These more expansive factors, not this season, are better indicators of what is to come at Kentucky.

The spectrum of emotions and beliefs obviously don’t end with this list.  It seems that no two people feel the same way.  The wild expectations that didn’t seem so far-fetched at the beginning of this year have led to an unprecedented situation for Kentucky fans.

Article written by Matt Wheatley

99 responses to “Let’s talk about our feelings”

  1. Mark Liptak

    Sorry Matt, the “kids” (LOL) have played 30 games this season. That excuse ended two months ago.

    Hopefully these basketball-stupid players learn something over the summer and when most return will be better mentally and emotionally next year. THAT’s the issue right now, not their physical ability.

    1. Troof

      How quickly some forget what it is to be a freshman. We start five of them.

    2. Brian in Franklin

      So you are #3? Yep, I think so.

  2. Jimmy

    Feelings are very important. Box scores and stats not so much. The only thing more important than feelings might be body language. Jmo.

  3. Obvious

    WCS is cancer.

    We have no point guard.

    Billy Donovan went to a zone and we fall apart (exposing our guards as 2 dimensional – unable to be ‘play makers’ to set up others for easy shots off an assist).

    They shoot or force the drive into traffic turning the ball over.

    It’s AAU ball.

    1. What???

      You are an Idiot. On all counts.

    2. Real UK fan

      Stop posting here Oblivious, you’re the cancer.

    3. The Truth

      I agree that we do not have a true point guard.
      Andrew is a 2-guard posing as a PG.
      We have three guys who are the same position (Young and Harrisons).

      However, your comment about WCS is absurd. He is a “project” who was touted as such until draft “gurus” started placing him in mock drafts. Let him be what he is…a VERY solid 3-4 year player who will never be all that great offensively, but a really good rim protector. Nothing more nothing less. But a “cancer”…come on dude…overreact much?

    4. Kenster

      The failure against the zone is more about the failure to get bigs in the middle of the zone. The couple of times that Randle flashed to the line we broke it. This is on Cal. I don’t understand how he can’t force the adjustments that need to be made.

    5. Brian in Franklin

      Ahh, Obvious, and The Truth are both truthfully, obviously, #3 people.

  4. ukfan

    Say what you want, but a majority of the KSR commenters fall into the third category, or they are all just trolls.. one of the two

    1. True


  5. JW4cats

    Nice post. There are people in all of the categories but most understand that things are never as good…or as bad as they seem to be.

  6. southfork

    Here is what most fans I talk to are saying. We love Cal but his experiment using our beloved UK Men’s Basketball Program as a developmental program for the kids to get straight to the NBA is failing. It’s not good for the kids and it’s not good for the program.

    1. UKBlue

      Cal can either recruit the best kids possible that we all want that will more than likely go to the NBA to make millions after 1 year or recruit lesser quality players that aren’t going to be good enough to go pro anytime soon that still may or more than likely not be able to hang a banner. This old way of thinking we can recruit the best in the country & they will delay their dream of going pro & making millions for us is a pipe dream. We have too many fans that want it both ways, and reality doesn’t work that way anymore.

    2. Entitled uk fan

      Cal won a national championship less than two years ago – remind me where “the program” was headed before that…

    3. Skeps

      We went to the NIT last year. Remind me where we were before that.

    4. Bledsoe's Biceps

      I agree. Most people I talk to don’t really want Cal gone. He has many positive qualities, but unfortunately game time coaching isn’t one of them. They would like him to show he will be more flexible and do more than roll out the ball and scream “PLAY”. UKBlue – Why do you think it has to be all or nothing? The great coaches have shown it is absolutely possible to have a blend of one-and-done as well as experienced players. It’s what made Cal successful his first 3 years at UK. Those are the teams that are a consistent a threat to win it all. Cal has convinced himself he can do it with all freshman. He needs to drop the ego and admit he’s not that good.

  7. JLP

    The sky-is-falling people are beyond absurd. I think an off-season to let some lessons sink in and more games next year will make a big difference to these young kids. They are young & adjusting. For those of you who went to college away from home: didn’t you come into your second year with more confidence and comfortable with college life? I think that holds doubly true for college basketball players. I just hope the young ‘uns keep listening to Cal and not what others may whisper into their ears. I would be delighted to keep the Harrison twins. Then if they leave, we will have two experienced point guards that can replace them barring a OND phenomenon: Dom and Tyler. Sounds good to me. Point guard play is just so critical to Cal’s offense.

    1. Bluebarn

      The sky isn’t falling, but something is wrong. Let’s look at the “Players First” philosophy. Just the name makes the players feel that they are more important than the team, and sounds great to recruits, but lets try a “Team First” philosophy.

    2. Entitled uk fan

      “Something” is wrong because we won a national championship less than two years ago under cal yet you don’t appreciate how he turned this program around and kept it from catastrophe ( see: bcg)

  8. UKBlue

    The saying : You’re head will stop hurting once you stop banging it against the wall comes to mind.

    1. catsrus

      Wouldn’t be surprised if we learned that Cal knew these players’ limitations all along? & this was his way to get experienced players for next year.

  9. Hammer

    It has widely stated that Cal is a great recruiter but a poor bench coach. I beg to differ with the “great recruiter” description when applied to this year’s group. (1)how could Cal not recognize the absolute total lack of fundamentals by the entire bunch? (2) how can we be so slow that we can’t even press when down? PLEASE CLUE ME IN

    1. UKBlue

      The same way every recruiter, recruiting service, and media person didn’t recognize it. Every major program recruited these kids; why did they recruit them?

    2. The Truth

      I’ll “clue you in”.

      You either don’t know much about basketball…or you simply don’t watch many, if any, other teams.

      Across the country, very few freshman play…let alone “carry” their team. Five of our top 6 guys are freshmen.

      This does NOT bode well for success.

      Guys….Anthony Davis and Jon Wall are the EXCEPTION….not the rule.

      And for the people that say 30+ games no longer makes them freshmen…they are not taking into consideration the MOST important factor…..STRENGTH and MATURITY. That only comes with time and hard work.

    3. I support the truth

      “The Truth” + 1

      Strength and maturity takes time. I can’t wait to see Poythress in 2 years.

  10. UKfaninVA

    why was my post deleted?


      Censorship: KSR practices this daily. All of us have to sit in the middle and suck on it. If you’re opinion/choice of words don’t align with those who are employed by KSR then you’re opinion will be silenced.

    2. Blue

      Wow! Maybe this should be KGB instead of KSR.

  11. JLP

    So you say you are clueless. Hammer? Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  12. sprtphan

    This is what u get when you have a coronation at the beginning of the season called Big Blue Madness with the players treated like they’ve accomplished something for just showing up. Then we complain because they r over hyped. We do it to ourselves. It gives players the idea all they have to do is show up. I hate it. Save the celebrations until you win something.

  13. Barry Soetoro

    I fall into one of those categories (forget which). All will be forgotten if they make a run in the tourney. Talent is there, heart is not!

    1. The Truth

      Mr. President….you assumption is incorrect. The talent is not actually there…yet.

      That’s because true talent is more than just being able to play basketball.

      It involves physical strength and mental maturity…things these freshmen lack, but will gain over time. Perfect example….Eric Bledsoe.

      He was terrible for most of the year at UK….but once he got stronger and matured a bit….he’s now a potential all-star in the NBA.

      Therein lies the problem….by recruiting “the best” we may end up with numerous players like this….including Randle….that we will only see less than 50% of their true potential in one year at UK.

  14. Who made us all idiots?

    Oh yeah…we’re uk fans. Duh…of course we are idiots.

  15. K2da

    85% of the fanbase could cope with this season if we could say we are young team who took their lumps and we’ll get’em next year. But to think that Atleast 6 players are weighing a pro career is just annoying to the 10 th power. Except to Cal!

  16. Obvious

    Kentucky fans need to stop looking at 5 star as the same each year (or top 10) when analyzing recruits.

    Some years the ability of kids coming out of high school is better than others. Also, some years we just miss by focusing on the wrong guys. It’s clear the point guard that Cal needs must be of a Rose/Wall and possibly Knight calibur to make the Dribble Drive Offense successful.

    When we miss and get an Andrew Harrison or have to fill a gap with a Ryan Harrow the offense (and the other players in it) suffer as a consequence. The PG position is CRITICAL for it to flourish.

    The level of ability (per position) while at UK in comparison should be made clear (rank 0-10):

    10 – Anthony Davis
    9 – Demarcus Cousins, Enes Kanter, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, John Wall
    8 – Patrick Patterson, Julius Randle, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Nerlens Noel
    7 – Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, James Young
    6 – Darius Miller, Marquis Teague, DeAndre Liggins, Josh Harrellson, Alex Poythress, Archie Goodwin, Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison
    5 – Darnell Dodson, Kyle Wiltjer, Julius Mays, Jarrod Polson, Dakari Johnson, Dominique Hawkins
    4 – Marcus Lee, Jon Hood, Derek Willis, Ryan Harrow
    3 – Willie Cauley Stein
    2 – Daniel Orton
    1 – Eloy Vargas
    0 –

    1. Hammer

      If a great ball handler like Wall or Knight is so critical to cal’s vaunted dribble drive, why didn’t we get one instead of plodders who can’t even press when we need it because they have no speed or lateral quickness?

    2. What?!?!?

      Please do not ever make a list where you out Enes Kanter above Terrence Jones. That is just stupid. Obviously you don’t watch the NBA because if you did you wouldn’t have done that.

  17. JLP

    How can you compare Darius as a senior to freshmen who haven’t even played yet?

    1. Obvious

      This is a best showing of their time here ranking. It’s “how good they ever were” in what they have showed us while a wildcat… in comparison to the others.

      That’s how you can compare Darius as a senior to freshmen. We have had the opportunity to see all the current wildcats play this season (through BBM, Blue/White, games).

  18. JLP

    Obvious, obviously your ranking is ridiculous. What happens if you put Randle with a team having a John Wall on it? How a player performs is partly due to how his team mates play. If UK had better outside shootersand couldn’t pack in on Randle… That’s just one example…

    1. Obvious

      JLP – This isn’t meant to be ‘fair’ to the player. It’s their ‘showing’ while on the court while wearing a UK uniform.

      Randle would have likely been a 9 with a John Wall. Just like Jordan was a 10 with Scotty Pipen. Take Pipen away and Jordan isn’t winning as many titles (though still would be a 10, but that’s just Jordan).

      In my rankings, a 10 makes all his teammates better (bringing the entire team up).

  19. UKRN

    I hate to hear that the team is finding their time here at UK to be difficult . After all , I love seeing teams that enjoy themselves sadly this team does not. I would like everyone to love my alma mater as I. But a few thoughts come to mind. While I can understand the talent load this class seemed to be, I wonder how the lack of skill set was overlooked and how the talent did not compliment each other.They signed with UK . I don’t think they expected such a dysfunctional team. How did the coaches not realize that? Second, I think while they will benefit from leaving for the NBA financially, the one and done system has failed them in college . What I mean is since 2010, we have been depleted of talent yearly so there is no quality upper classroom to mentor them on the floor and take some of this pressure off in a way a yelling coach cannot do. Therefore their weaknesses are exposed, their win loss record shows this and probably cost them money . It’s not what they expected so they are not happy with their situation.

  20. Jpat14

    These kids are a product of the system we have built here at UK. A “player’s first” program is exactly that. It’s about the success of these players as individuals with the hope that they improve as a team. Unfortunately these last few years the team has been woeful at best, but many of the players are still reaching their dreams. Cal is a great coach, but he also measures success by money. These kids need to learn how to be men before they go into the “real” world. Cal attempts to rush the process each year & it seems to do more harm than good. The kids look miserable. The fans are miserable. The coaches are miserable. Recruit the best talent, and if they are READY to go pro let them go. However, don’t push guys like Teague, Lamb, Goodwin, etc, out the door when it’s not time to go. Obviously, the players ultimately decide, but Cal could probably be a little more persistent In keeping them in school to better themselves. Year after year they will still go pro, because that is the system we have built here. I believed in it the first few years because we had instant success. Now that our teams are playing bad bball & just look disinterested, I’m beginning to change my views. (Sorry for such long post)!

    1. southfork

      I agree 100%

    2. KB

      I also agree. When you preach “players first” why should we be surprised when they don’t play as a team? When you boast about making millionaires out of players, why would you be surprised when they leave school after a year and run for the money.?

    3. Bledsoe's Biceps

      In general, I agree. Cal does measure success by how much money his players can make in the NBA. That’s the heart and soul of his “player’s first” marketing campaign. When he arrived he preached how UK only hangs banners for national championships. He has thrown that in the gutter and feels it is his mission to focus on the player’s financial success. In a video clip CBA played yesterday, Cal said it again. ie. The players success is more important than his or the program’s success. That recipe is starting to play out the past two seasons. But I do disagree about Cal “pushing” Lamb, Teague & Goodwin to the NBA. Evidently Cal tried to convince all three to stay, but each decided to go.


    Is this some kind of therapy session. I’m not buying it. I don’t care anymore. I’m done with this team, this coach, the one & done. All I wanted was 40-0. Is that too much to ask for.

    1. JJ


  22. CatFan68

    Your post censors are a complete joke….

  23. Obvious

    When you take my previous post into consideration you can easily see why some ‘groups’ of top 10 players are clearly more capable of surviving a season together than others.

    2009-2010 Squad: Wall(9), Cousins(9), Patterson(8), Bledsoe(8), Miller(6), Liggins(6), Harrellson(6), Dodson(5)
    Result: 35-3 (14-2 SEC) Elite Eight (1 horrendous night from the perimeter vs WV prevented a National Title).
    Final Rank: Coaches #5, AP #2

    2010-2011 Squad: Knight(8), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Harrellson(6), Miller(6), Liggins(6)
    Result: 29—9 (10—6 SEC) Final Four
    Final Rank: Coaches #3, AP #11

    2011-2012 Squad: Davis(10), MKG(9), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Teague(6), Miller(6), Wiltjer(5)
    Result: 38-2 (16-0 SEC) – National Title
    Final Rank: Coaches #1, AP #1

    2012-2013 Squad: Noel(8), Goodwin(6), Poythress(6), Wiltjer(5), Mays(5) Harrow(4)
    Result: 21—12 (12—6 SEC) NIT
    Final Rank: Not Ranked (Coaches, AP)

    2013-2014 Squad: Randle(8), Young(7), Harrison(6), Harrison(6), Poythress(6), Johnson(5), Polson(5), Cauley Stein(3), Hawkins(5), Lee(4), Willis(4), Hood(4)
    Result: 22-9 (12-6 SEC) – Projected 22-11 (2nd Round Loss)
    Current Rank: Coaches #24, AP #25 (After this final end of season weekend they will drop out of both polls)

  24. CTermyK23

    I’m going to Catlanta to set Cal on fire out the old Bull(Cal) and in with the young Calf(Shun Miller)! Cal needs to recruit guys who want to play and graduate.

  25. Jim

    How would all of you coaching savants replaced the entire 2012 National Championship team?? Also, how would you have just plugged someone in to replace Nerlens at the end of last season? Cal already got us 1 National Championship and will get us more….

    1. southfork

      We shouldn’t have had to replace that team. MKG didn’t want to go, and even though he got paid after one year, he would have been better to have stayed. Same with Teague, Lamb and Jones. MKD leaving still bothers me more than even Duke beating us in ’92

    2. The Truth

      Southfork….Are you kidding???

      MKG went #2 in the draft!

      He is a marginal NBA player at best. Although he is still starting on an NBA team, he really isn’t that good. I wtched him the other night versus the Heat and they were making fun of his jump shot still. He will never live up to a #2 pick and is already being labeled a bust by many in Charlotte.

      Therefore, he HAD to go pro….otherwise he would have been exposed for what he is. A great role player that needs to be surrounded with scorers.

      Teague was the same way. He is WAY to small to really ever play much in the NBA. Lamb is a one trick pony and still out of shape. Neither will be nothing more than roster fillers (spots 11-15 on an NBA roster)until the day comes when they get sent to the D-League or head to Europe.

      Like MKG, THEY WERE SMART to go pro when they did. NBA scouts would have better been able to assess then for what they are had they stayed and let Cal recruit over them.

    3. okie dokie

      Only year that hurt me more then ’92 was ’89

  26. CutsCats

    Our only offense is hitting the offensive glass, which in turn makes us a terrible transitional defensive team. No communication on either side of the ball which leads to turnovers offensively, easy buckets and wide open shooters defensively. Feel like we’re actually too big w the twins an young on the floor. Play like selfish players tht care more about individual stat lines than the final outcome. Saw a 5 min spurt n the second half of the last regular season game that u would EXPECT seeing a team wearing blue/white to be playing all season long. To me I watch a team tht doesn’t want it enough, which I can’t think of anything worse…..

  27. CTermyK23+

    (25 Cal is overrated and should take the lakers head coaching job or the Knicks coaching job and then we need to hire a stud recruiter who recruits 5 stars who want to stay all four years.two names that fit. Are Shun Miller and Bruce Pearl.

    1. The Truth

      You know nothing about basketball.

      Sean Miler has had one and dones. And I like Pearl, but he is not in Cal’s league.

      Get a clue moron.

    2. okie dokie

      I like the coach we got!!

    3. stevieb

      wow. this is one of the dumbest posts I have ever seen. Must be a UL fan posing

  28. catinthehat

    The season has been difficult to say the least, I myself compared this group of Wildcats with Michigan’s Fab 5 at the beginning and hyped them up to my co-workers “Cats and Cards alike” as the Super 6 or 7, even half way through the season that no team in the country had more upside and once they learned to play together no team could match up to their length or talent, alas it seems the chemistry never came. Oh well with Coach Cal at the helm there’s always a chance to be the #1 TEAM next year!

  29. Obvious

    Alright I re-ranked WCS to be fair. I have to say that he really sucks (as inconsistent as a females mood) as a team chemistry guy.

  30. Obvious

    The level of “ability, consistency, heart, team chemistry potential with others” while at UK in comparison should be made clear (rank 0-10):

    10 — Anthony Davis
    9 — Demarcus Cousins, Enes Kanter, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, John Wall
    8 — Patrick Patterson, Julius Randle, Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, Nerlens Noel
    7 — Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, James Young
    6 — Darius Miller, Marquis Teague, DeAndre Liggins, Josh Harrellson, Alex Poythress, Archie Goodwin, Aaron Harrison, Andrew Harrison
    5 — Darnell Dodson, Kyle Wiltjer, Julius Mays, Jarrod Polson, Willie Cauley Stein, Dakari Johnson, Dominique Hawkins
    4 — Marcus Lee, Jon Hood, Derek Willis, Ryan Harrow
    3 — Willie Cauley Stein
    2 — Daniel Orton
    1 — Eloy Vargas

    When you take this comparison ranking into consideration you can easily see why some ‘groups’ of top 10 players are clearly more capable of surviving a season together than others.

    2009-2010 Squad: Wall(9), Cousins(9), Patterson(8), Bledsoe(8), Miller(6), Liggins(6), Harrellson(6)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 7.42
    Result: 35-3 (14-2 SEC) Elite Eight (1 horrendous night from the perimeter vs WV prevented a National Title)
    Final Rank: Coaches #5, AP #2

    2010-2011 Squad: Knight(8), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Harrellson(6), Miller(6), Liggins(6)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 6 (By Playing Time): 6.66
    Result: 29—9 (10—6 SEC) Final Four
    Final Rank: Coaches #3, AP #11

    2011-2012 Squad: Davis(10), MKG(9), Lamb(7), Jones(7), Teague(6), Miller(6), Wiltjer(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 7.5
    Result: 38-2 (16-0 SEC) — National Title
    Final Rank: Coaches #1, AP #1

    2012-2013 Squad: Noel(8), Goodwin(6), Poythress(6), Wiltjer(5), Mays(5), Harrow(4), Polson(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 7 (By Playing Time): 5.5
    Result: 21—12 (12—6 SEC) NIT
    Final Rank: Not Ranked (Coaches, AP)

    2013-2014 Squad: Randle(8), Young(7), Harrison(6), Harrison(6), Poythress(6), Johnson(5), Polson(5), Cauley Stein(5)
    Avg Rank of Rotation – Top 8 (By Playing Time): 6
    Result: 22-9 (12-6 SEC) — Projected 22-11 (2nd Round Loss)
    Current Rank: Coaches #24, AP #25 (After this final end of season weekend they will drop out of both polls)

    1. Congratulations

      !!You have won the internet for the dumbest post of the day!!

    2. Bledsoe's Biceps

      You really think you are the only smart guy in the room, don’t you? Start your own blog.

  31. Gap Tooth Danny

    (sigh) it’s gonna be another long summer…

    1. UKfaninVA

      no it won’t. Matt J will start tweeting video clips of some 16 and 17 year old kids that will guarantee us another championship, just like last summer.

  32. Lance

    Maybe if we’re lucky we can get another writer to get on KSR and lament how perfect Cal is for Kentucky and how the fans who lost faith in him are delusional. I guess Matt made sure that all the writers knew not to write anything disparaging about Cal while he was away watching actual basketball TEAM and people who know how to coach. I keep looking on here for a writer to state the truth but once again a losing effort on that front. I can truly no longer bash for protecting Rick when all Matt has done since the Baylor loss is deflect any logical or illogical arguments questioning Calipari.

    1. ukbradstith

      Cal IS perfect for UK. If you can’t see that you have a very small understanding of this program.

  33. UKdavewazinski

    Cal just isn’t getting it done, time for us to part ways.

  34. Is this a hypothesis for your Psych 101 paper?

    Mr. Wheatley, based upon your complimentary description, I assume you fancy yourself a “level-headed guy” (it’s not rocket science: most people speak glowingly of qualities they think describe themselves and criticize other groups more harshly). I also assume you are young (perhaps a student?), because “UK messaging board communities” and your anecdotal “conversations with fans” are hardly representative of BBN as a whole. You are making assumptions about a large, diverse group of fans across the state and the world based upon the people who post on message boards and the people you have spoken with personally. That is a tiny minority of all UK fans. You don’t exactly need a Statistics degree to know why a (relatively) small pocket of outspoken individuals who post on KSR aren’t representative of the entire fan base.

    For time’s sake, I’m not going to dissect your entire article. I will only briefly address your first group: the apathetic crowd. Just because you haven’t come across apathetic folks on KSR or in your personal travels doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Of course people who post aren’t apathetic. The people who are apathetic are the people who aren’t watching games, or if they are, don’t care one way or another. 99% of these people never posted in the first place. It’s similar to unsatisfied customers at a restaurant: they don’t complain, they just never come back. You don’t hear from them because they don’t care to complain. That’s the very nature of being apathetic.

    I appreciate the time you took to write the post and all, but your categories and conclusions are fairly arbitrary, and are most likely way off the mark. Before you categorize the fan base, you need to account for all the people you haven’t personally spoken to and those who don’t post on message boards, aka 95% of the fan base. You can’t just blindly lump the silent majority into the “level-headed” category on a whim. Maybe they just are crazy on their own time.

    Anyway, good luck with your writing in the future, but if you are attempting to be accurate, you should probably avoid attempts to objectively classify people you’ve never met into groups based upon your limited, subjective understanding. Limit your discussion to the people you can speak intelligently about, for example, the commenters on KSR.

  35. Reality Check

    This team won’t get past LSU or Alabama. I guarantee it. Just like last season this team has collapsed. All any team has to do is play a zone and they can’t score. And they won’t get past the 2nd round in the NCAA. If they even win the first round. It’s another complete failure of a season. You delusional, I know squat about basketball, dumba**es will only get it when it’s over. But you will get it.
    The sad part is you think you are the real fans as you go down with the titanic. You’re the dumba** fair weather fans that show up to celebrate wins and ignore any losses. Like ignorant children. I have zero doubt you all stood by Joker as he sunk the football program. You don’t follow sports closely and you have no idea what’s really going on. You’re nothing more than cult followers that can’t face the truth.

    1. Dee W.

      You are not a fan, clearly, and have no credibility to be lecturing others. The team does not exist to serve you personally. That’s not what college sports is about. Now grow up and get with reality vs. your alternate, non-existent reality.

  36. Dee W.

    My feeling is simply that I like this group of guys, as I do normally every year with our teams, and like last year, wish they had had a better season. Of course, this season is not yet over and there is still a chance it could turn around in the 11th hour, but I’m not going to expect it.

  37. Smiling bob on the hill

    You’re not true fans if you give up on the team. Is it unlikely they turn the corner? Yes, but stranger things have happened! If you are a true blue fan you don’t give up period!

    1. Bledsoe's Biceps

      There is a difference in being a fan vs a cheerleader.

  38. Jeff Scrembs

    Feelings? Let’s talk FACTS.

    If you count the success of the players that Cal, and Cal alone, have recruited (while at UK) the lack of production is startling.

    Since when did UK fans start hanging their hats, or ignoring these facts, that what is happening (including on this board) is SLEIGHT OF HAND. Sleight of hand is a magicians trick whereby they want you to look one place while ignoring what is really going on. Specifically, everyone seems to think that UK played good for 6-8 minutes? So the REAL point is that they played terrible for 34-32 minutes. WHO DOESN”T GET THIS?

    Coach made up his mind, due to “practice” and if they are doing so well in practice then they are not working hard or smart enough and I’m tired of this other attempt at sleight of hand, that Lee and Willis would not play other than token minutes.

    Is there ANYONE who thinks that Willis, given time in games, couldn’t outshoot Young? Couldn’t outrebound Young? Couldn’t defend better than Young? Couldn’t hit free throws better than Young?
    Is there ANYONE who thinks that Lee shouldn’t be given a chance? He has length and he hustles and he could be a match up nightmare.

    Randle started off this year a BEAST. What’s changed. The reality that the other team doesn’t have to defend the other 4 players on the team. Simple fact which confirms my desire, which I have posted for months, to give Lee and Willis a chance.
    DEMAND that, and count it every game, each player screens and head fakes. Guess who is the worst top 25 team in this….UK.

    Quit using the crutch that “these are only 18 – 19 years old” because there are other 18 – 19 year olds that are getting better every game and DOMINATING (Parker comes to mind and then Ennis from Syracuse – if I misspelled his last name I won’t sweat it). They are leaders. They play defense.
    WCS needs to start and given chances from the beginning. If not he disappears. So how about playing Randle, WCS (as forwards), Johnson (center), one of the Harrisons and either Hood or Polson. If they fail then bring in Hawkins (who is scrappy and has been sitting on the bench so long it resembles a porcupine attack).

    Fans keep talking about the NCAA championship team but don’t forget that; Davis was the nation’s consensus No. 1 overall player Kidd-Gilchrist was the nation’s consensus No. 1 small forward and
    Teague was the nation’s consensus No. 1 point guard and UK also had; Lamb, Vargas (7 footer), Terrence Jones (who scored 35 points in one game and is STARTING in the NBA), and Darious Miller. Without the returning players this team never could have made it to the Championship.
    Assistant Coaches – I have stated earlier that they, on the bench, are the equivalent of mimes. I have, and I will put it on YouTube if anyone doubts it, OVER 31 camera shots (which are not always on the coaches) whereby Strickland is looking at the floor and on this cell phone. WHAT MESSAGE DOES THAT SEND?

    These players are supposed to be in the PRIME health of their lives and they can’t play hard for over 5-8 minutes?

    This team resembles, in attitude and excuses and terrible performances, last years team in a barrage of ways.

    The only other similarity is that Cal recruited them. Digest that.

    I believe that Cal is the right coach for UK but (again) the clinical definition of INSANITY is “to do the same thing, over and again, thinking you will get another outcome”. And yet, game after game, he allows this to happen. He needs to change how he rewards players and his stubbornness of keeping Hawkins, Lee and Willis strapped down to the bench.

    NO other team in the top 25 is scared of UK. They know what we know and that is that we don’t have a formidable team and nothing will change, That last years team was preseason # 1 as was this team and they are getting WORSE going into February and March.

    To make comments about “other teams losing” who among us thinks that UK would win against Kansas or Syracuse?

    Last point is that if UK had of lost to UL it would be Deja vu. Think about that when someone tries sleight of hand.

    1. Way too long


  39. catheaven

    There is nothing wrong with our program or our coach. Those that say otherwise are those crazy people who give KY fans a bad name. My only hope is that Cal is honest (and I believe he will be) with these kids. There’s no way ANY of them are NBA ready. Even Randle. There are no “cupcake” teams in NBA to go all “double double” on. They are all grown men. Randle can’t hold his own against a true talented player. He gets the ball taken from him or walks or baubles it or forces a bad shot. He is not ready. One or more years at college level might make him the #1 pick one year. Jabari Parker is showing true maturity knowing he’s not ready. The system is broke. NBA taking kids. These kids are thrown into a man’s world that they are not physically, mentally, or emotionally ready to handle. A lot end up indefinitely in the D league. Had they stayed in school to develop that wouldn’t happen. A lot of them end up broke because they’re too immature to handle big bucks. A lot of them end up on drugs because they are too young dumb and stupid to know they are young dumb and stupid. It’s almost like the NBA is a prostitution ring for young guys. It makes me sick. Stay in school guys! Grow up there, enjoy your youth while you can, mature a lot before you enter a world that kids aren’t prepared to handle.

  40. EyewearMan

    This team is SELFISH! One on three drives all game long! I’m tired of watching it and would much rather watch Our Bench play than to watch Any of our Starters! This Season is Over & it has been Lousy!

  41. Wiz10

    I HATE when “fans” say personal things here that make our kids feel less of themselves. I hate it WORSE when the writers on KSR do it. That should NEVER be allowed to happen. The writers say things about these ball players like they are objects with no feelings. I wish it would stop.

    I agree, and have said before, that Cal should give our kids on the bench time enough in a game to show us what they got. Can’t be any worse than what we’re seeing out there. I totally don’t get why Dominique all of a sudden disappeared. The first part of the season we relied on him to provide a defensive spark or energy, then all of a sudden….nothing. No explanation…..just nothing. I’m not a basketball coach, but even I can see that we have poor on the ball defenders out there game in and game out. Doesn’t mean that they won’t get better with time, but they’re freshmen. Even Hood and Polson were the reasons behind one of our wins this season, then….nothing. Without them in that one game, we lose. I don’t get it.

    I really think a couple of top ranked recruits each year to go along with some not so highly ranked players might be a better recipe to success. I like to watch kids play who think they have something to prove instead of those who feel like they don’t.

    GO CATS!!!

  42. msg

    For all you know it all UK fans, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Fab Five Team at Michigan went 25-9 as freshmen in 1991 and made a run to the championship game. They had their struggles just like UK. I do see a change in how hard they are playing. There shot selection needs to improve and so does their Free Throws shooting. The season is just getting started!!! GO CATS!

  43. whodat

    KSR is wrong! The decline in the number of posts clearly shows people do NOT care as much anymore.

  44. Cletus and Cooter

    40 and 0…greatest recruiting class ever…keep calm the twins are coming…revenge tour…Hah!

    BBN the most delusional fan base ever!

    1. CatsfanMike

      National writers had this team rated number 1 in preseason.The fans were oversold on this team by the media. Cal played a role. You live and learn.

  45. CatsfunMike

    Well written Matt. I am a category 4 guy. I am disappointed as my expectations of this team were way too high. We got lucky with Wall/ Cousins & Davis/ Kidd- Gilchrist . I will temper my expectations for freshmen in the future. I am hopeful this team can get to SEC tourney finals and week 2 of the NCAA.
    I have faith in Cal. He has to to be getting tired of relying totally on freshman. The twins actually had a good freshman year if you compare to 95 percent of the freshman class. Hopefully they come back and continue to develop.
    . Cal brought us back to national relevance and he will keep us there. He needs to tweak his approach and be a bit less bold in how good we can be. He played a role in my expectations being too high.

  46. Mac

    Maybe people feel the old adage “If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  47. t-terry

    this team is done, the one and done is done, if not coach is done.

  48. The MadCatter

    Here is the issue folks. Cal is still a good coach and a great recruiter, and UK is lucky to have him. The issue is he has been the victim of his own success on two levels which has translated into marginal results the past couple of years. First, he pretty much has had his way on the recruiting front and let’s face it, we are surprised when he doesn’t get who he wants (i.e. Wiggins). Who among us would not be tempted to sign the top rated player in their position each and every year, let alone all in the same year? Would you have turned down the twins after Young verbaled? Or not taken Randle with Lee onboard? The abundance of riches is hard to turn down, and that leads us to the other issue. Second, he had such remarkable success melding the 5* studs in 2010 to 2012, that he understandably came to think that he can change anybody. He thought that last year was the exception and not the rule, and that is apparently not the case.

    What the last two years have taught us is that (1) recruiting ranking are not foolproof and (2) managing the egos and getting them to not be selfish is very difficult. Should we change things? Maybe, but I still would rather have us in the running for top shelf talent then the Tubby and BCG years anyway.

    I suspect if Cal doesn’t leave cause he is tired of this crap, he will adjust things a little and blend the 5* guys with multi year players. I also suspect that most of the haters here who are not posers and trolls will be loving on Cal, the twins, and whoever else comes back “because they suck” next year when they start winning big.

    We are spoiled and a big part of the problem.

    1. SC KY fan

      Cal plays the five stars no matter what. Our jr and sr players will always be like Hood and Polson. They get so little playing time that they never develop to there potential. They will not become the leaders required for the young five stars.

  49. clam

    Good article. I am one of the people who tells himself that I “don’t care anymore.” It’s not true, of course, but it numbs the pain a bit. I really have stopped reading as much about the team, stopped paying attention to most cbb. I’m just trying to tune things out until we have a team that is not so infuriating. Losses hurt too much when I get really invested in the team.

  50. JeffInGtown

    Cal, Inc. Runs a 5-month pre-NBA camp. When he gets the right mix of child soldiers, things are great, when he doesn’t doesn’t he makes excuses instead of a plan B. It works best when there are good hold-over players from prior seasons, and when there aren’t any I find it hard to drink the koolaid.

  51. JVice

    All these comments, and no one points out that he used “truism” incorrectly? It doesn’t mean “truth”.

  52. Blaze

    I usually come here to troll, but it’s not even fun anymore. I hope you all get your sh*t together as a team and a fan base because you’re embarrassing yourselves.

  53. Huh

    I thought this was the 5 stages of grief, but you are one shy.

  54. j raff

    This is the most immature team Cal has put on the floor. Before we write them off though, this team shares a remarkable resemblance to another best recruiting class ever. Michigan Fab Five 9 losses in there regular season, lost in conference 7 times and 4 of those teams they were better than. When the tournament started they flipped a switch, found a gear no one else(with the exception of Duke) had. This team is loaded with talent. It might be immature talent, but for the first part of that second half they didn’t think, they just played. This season is far from over.

  55. Don

    I have wondered if Cal’s yelling at the players might be having a negative effect on them. Maybe just more controlled instruction. I have also wondered if putting Johnson, WCS,Randle,Young, and one Harrison as a group. Bring Randle out from the basket, make him the 3. I have not seen that combination. That combination in a zone should be able to stop anyone, not to mention the rebounding.