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Let’s leave UPS alone

You’re big kids, so we’re not going to tell you what to do, but I will say some members of Big Blue Nation should calm down with their complaints to UPS over the commercial. Yes, I know we said we’re #TeamFedEx yesterday, but it’s one thing to joke around about the commercial and another thing to flood the company with e-mails. For example, go read the comments on this UPS blog; they’re very embarrassing to UK’s fanbase.

Like this one:

Very poor planning in your marketing. I read your comments, others comments, and story all the way through, but if you knew anything about KY Basketball you would not have run this ad even with running it by the University. I see a decline in your KY business in the next 4 weeks at least. Hope it was worth it. KY FANS NEVER FORGET!!!!

Or this one:

I cannot imagine why UPS would think this commercial in anyway speaks to logistics! “Logic” would dictate that you have just alienated millions of Big Blue Nation fans! Your analysis, albeit from a so called UK fan point of view does not make this horrible commercial palatable! I shipped a package from Lexington today and specifically used FedEx because of this commercial ….logistics….I think not!! GO BIG BLUE!

I understand the game from 1992 still stings a lot of UK fans, but those fans should also understand it’s just a commercial and that game is the best NCAA tournament game ever. UPS isn’t “anti-Kentucky” and it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that.

Some commenters even suggest using other buzzer-beaters like Tyus Edney or Bryce Drew. What good would that do? For one, the commercial isn’t about the shot, it’s about the pass. And, why would it be ok to show another team losing but it’s a crime to show UK losing?

Yeah, the shot sucked. I get it. If you choose to boycott UPS and use FedEx, fire on it, it’s your shipment. But why don’t we just enjoy what’s on the floor today and quit barking up UPS’s tree.

We have a banner to worry about.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

268 responses to “Let’s leave UPS alone”

  1. Curtis Sloan

    Go Big Blue!

  2. Patriot

    Oh dear god, the 5% crazies are killing us 95% normals.

  3. bung

    dang…i thought those were spot on comments…they didnt even cuss…

  4. BBN

    I will never use UPS again.

  5. KJ

    Thank you Drew for a sain point of view of this 20 year old shot. Some of you people should get a life.

  6. Kentucky Gentleman

    If you are willing to pay more to use FedEx because of this commercial, you need to rethink some things.

  7. Smiley Pete

    We’re not going to tell you what to do but….you need to do x.

  8. dave

    3- you’re kidding???

  9. knightynight

    I literally hate those Kentucky fans.

  10. HOO HOO

    Confirms what everyone already knew: Kentucky is full of inbred hillbillies. Hoosier fans have class. UK fans lack it.


  11. F-R-E-E-D-O-M

    Drew, It’s America. UPS can run the ad. UK fans can choose not to use UPS. Big deal. For those that enjoy the commercial or aren’t bothered by it, good for you. For those that are and want to boycott UPS, good for them. I don’t care either way, I hate watching the commercial, but I hate more people telling me what to do or not to do.

    You’re NOT DIGGER for God’s sake!

  12. Duke blows

    Our fans do get tore up over the smallest things.I’d say UPS doesn’t care if you respond just means you noticed it and that’s the point of any commercial

  13. Brent Coltharp

    How infantile. Why do a few bad eggs have to make us all look like idiots.

  14. Burnsj

    I thought they were very well written. I agree to the marketing point of view. Maybe they are not seeing a Louisville based business that is aiming at its possible clients. I was taught to see who your audience is. It would have been smarter, maybe, to went another (safer) avenue? How about the Padgett 3 against duke in ’96?

  15. KJ

    10… Typical bug eater.

  16. Laker Cat 18

    UPS must have threatened KSR with a lawsuit of some sort.

  17. Listen, Listen to me, LISTEN TO ME



    Bad experiences with UPS: 0

    Bad Experiences with FedEx: a hand full

    Impact of commercials on my consumer choices: 0

  19. Tomcat

    Hey Drew…just as I recall the moment I heard about the assasination of JFK, I vividly recall the Laettner shot. I have no idea how old you are, but if you were watching that game, you would know just how gut wrenching that shot was. So…count me as one of the 5%’ers #2…I STILL HATE LAETTNER!

  20. HeadBussa

    Mind you own business on this one Drew. You are too young to understand.

  21. Duke blows

    #11 You are right the commercial didn’t bother me at all.These people telling everyone else what to does everyone needs to MTOFB

  22. Azubuike's Bicep

    10-Your post is very ironic. Think about what your doing right now, compared to what this post is about…..The epitome of irony.

  23. shimsky

    I’m not saying that BBN should mess with their business, but F_ck UPS!!!!! Hello…if that damn commercial doesn’t piss you off, you are not a real UK basketball fan. Period. I realize it’s just a commercial DREW, but yes it still stings. I, for one, will not be using UPS again (it’s not exactly going to affect their bottom line). Defending the company that makes a commercial like that is like siding with the banks/big business when they all got bailed out and we got sold out. Or is that too harsh?

  24. JoeMoney333

    Kentucky Fans! The most passionate and whiney fans in America baby!!!!

  25. JoeMoney333

    23. “Defending the company that makes a commercial like that is like siding with the banks/big business when they all got bailed out and we got sold out”
    – Its nothing like that, your just an idiot.

  26. Hard Hittin' CAT

    If you don’t mind, Drew, then fine. i\If others do mind then that’s their business.

    I say suck it UPS for making me unnecessarily rewind and fast forward on my DVR.

  27. markymark

    Amazing the way some of our fanbase can’t get over that one damn shot — it was 20 years ago. I’m sure some girl dumped me that year too, but I’m over it. It sucked, move on — or get a therapist.

  28. Dude

    LOL @ UK

  29. good guy

    stick it in ur ass drew! NEVER use UPS again!

  30. bung

    if u pee ess moves to greenbay i bet they dont use a packer loss in their commercial…

  31. JoeMoney333

    You’re* (Damn it)

  32. BPsycho

    17 Lol

    I can’t believe any of you wasted your time to write an email to UPS about a commercial.. The threatening of them losing business because of it is hilarious. For 4 weeks, at least! Lol

    This is a commercial people… Are gay guys demanding Hardees remove the Kate Upton commercial? ” I’ll ******* kill you if you’re by the way “

  33. HydenCat

    Another of KSR’s ‘none yah’ moments. Stick to sports, guys, until you’ve mastered it. As for UPS, it’s their choice to air commercials to increase/maintain business. It’s the consumer’s choice whether these ads influence their thoughts toward UPS. Duke sucks regardless…..

  34. Boof

    How old where you in 92, Drew? Just wondering. I’d say you where young enough to not have had your heart ripped out over this game, so this commercial doesn’t get you riled up as it does others.

  35. Ciggy

    eff ups, they should have known better.

  36. Mack

    Maybe ups wants to run the commercial on the KSR website.

  37. minton

    That’s why the world thinks we are just a bunch of dumb hillbillies. Embarassing. #19, a guy put an orange ball in a hoop on TV. IT”S A FREAKING GAME. DON”T ACT LIKE A BABY AND EMBARRASS THE REST OF US!!!!!!!!!!

  38. UKBlue

    This was a stupid ad with horrible timing, and someone or a bunch of people at UPS corporate in Atlanta are going to get fired when they see their sales numbers. Since Louisville is UPS main hup, you would think someone in corporate would’ve asked the question: maybe this isn’t a good idea.

  39. ktmiln2

    Oh waahhh!! My heart was ripped out by a game!!!! Grow up people, geez, it’s a game, nothing more. Just be glad you’re team was in a game that famous.

  40. Fear&LoathingInLex

    you started this and it got outta control

  41. Dude

    This site appeals to the very UK fans that are angered by that commercial. This won’t go over well.

  42. Blasphemy

    This is coming from a guy who called out Mike Tomlin and told him to never return. The first message was not bad at all. The second one, only slightly sad. Drew, I love you (non-homo), but really?

  43. shimsky

    JoeMoney333….it’s “you’re”…not “your”. Who’s the idiot? My comparison was meant to be over the top. Get a grip, and recognize a true fan’s passion…or just STFU.

  44. ktmiln2

    Yes, have Drew mind his own business, while you guys (who probably learned how to work a computer in the last two years) tell him how to run his website and tell UPS how to advertise.

  45. Smiley Pete

    #22, that was not the epitome of ironic or even, really, ironic at all

  46. tyson

    I find it highly ironic that KSR, and Drew Franklin in particular, are chastising fans over this. The same KSR and Drew that have railed endlessly over man perceived slights.

    The two examples were very well written and thought out. I expected examples with terrible grammar. Oh wait, KSR would not be able to recognize that.

  47. CosmicWrangler

    If you emailed UPS you’re ……weird!

  48. Boof

    #39 who’s your team? Tt’s obviously not UK.

  49. minton

    Oh my God! Maybe we are a bunch of inbred rednecks. I’m a huge fan but very embarrased by all the people over reacting over a commercial. It’a a crazy world we live in these days.

  50. Bob Loblaw

    I was there when that shot went down and it still stings, BUT I will not boycott UPS for the commercial. I could care less if they use it in their commercial. It was a great pass and shot, Pelphrey should have been in the right position. That game helped more than hurt the Kentucky program. I won’t ever get over it, but I accept it.

  51. ColonelCatFan

    23. Not a real UK basketball fan??? You sir must be joking!!! That commercial does not offend me to the point of boycotting UPS. Yes, that shot hurt. The final outcome of that game hurt. But UPS didn’t do it. And I am as big a UK basketball fan as walks the face of the earth. I just do not allow emotional perceptions of things ‘anti-UK’ to cloud reality

  52. ktmiln2

    48. Of course not, the fact that I am able to prioritize where things rank in my life clearly make me not a UK fan. BBN is better without people like you.

  53. random idiot

    good lord… i don’t think UK is going to lose millions of customers, but apparently they will lose the business of about 20 wack jobs.

  54. random idiot


  55. Smiley Pete

    On the other hand, its pretty hysterical when ul fans get really upset when they see a Papa Johns commercial with Cal…I always love to see posts about never buying papa johns b/c he did a UK commercial

  56. ktmiln2

    50. Exactly. Plus, you have the best username on here, hands down.

  57. JoeMoney333

    Wow… “We lost a game! I hate you for reminding me” Wah Wah Wah…

  58. TittySprinkles

    As a student at UK I call myself a fan and try to carry a sense of pride with it but this is just embarrassing. Its people like this who give Kentucky fans the bad name

  59. Gary

    Why hate UPS for this commercial when it’s far easier to hate them for the ridiculousness that their unions have caused to the business over the years?

  60. shimsky

    51…congratulations on your mental health, sir.

  61. Blue Jeezy

    Hey Drew, you do realize that the UPS main hub is stationed in Louisville, KY, so I’m sure alotta people are wondering where is the company’s loyalty to the state their own hub headquarters is based!!! Do you think this wouldn’t aggravate any loyal KY fan, no matter who the company is that’s done it? Just as you say UPS is not ANTI-KY, well us fans are not ANTI-UPS…its a matter of what exactly were the brains of UPS thinking? The fans would be upset with ANY COMPANY who would’ve done this, but its one of the world’s largest companies with their main hub stationed IN THE STATE OF KY, and anybody who is from here, whether they’re a UK fan or not, knows how that game makes UK fans feel, so I say again, can u blame people for at least questioning UPS’s brains behind this one? Are u really that surprised? You know the American public will put their money where their mouth is if its something they are really passionate about, and u know UK fans are one of the most passionate groups of people out there, so you nor UPS should be surprised there are talks of boycotts or protests against them…they kind of set themselves up for this one. And it might be different if UPS was headquartered in Portland, OR….and it might be different if the shot hadn’t already played enough on our TV screens for 20 yrs, but they just go and rub more salt in the wound. Again, FROM THE COMPANY STATIONED IN KY!!! I mean, aren’t u tired of seeing it? You people are so hypocritical, u call U of L fans ghetto and UT fans low-down dirty snitches, then u turn around and call out your own fan base for protesting against a company showing a commercial that is sensitive to 99% of the fan-base; UPS might not be the only entity losing patrons, if u get my drift, KSR and KSTV!

  62. Boof

    #51, you may have anger issues.

  63. BlueVooDoo

    Drew is allowed to publicly call out people/companies and use twitter as a sounding board. Us “wittle guys” on the message boards arent allowed to act a fool. Double standard drew.

  64. Mr. President, dis DeMarcus Cousins

    Hey, Drew — What can brown do for you???

  65. ktmiln2

    61. No, they’re calling out our fans for being ridiculous, which they are. It is a famous shot, get over it.

  66. SexnNursinHomes

    The CEO of UPS just twittered a statement saying how awful KY coal is for America. “Ky and their coal problem are causing most of America’s problems”

  67. Boof

    Anyone know if UPS has bought ads on KSTV in the past?

  68. Ciggy

    I hate all the “logistics” ads, this one just stands out. And i find it rather ironic that you guys made a post about it yesterday, and said you were gonna switch to fedex, but today you back track and fall back to the sell out line “we were just kidding”

    Pick a side, and stick to it.

  69. TheBurghCat

    Sorry Drew, but the comments you posted seem totally on the mark and completely justified. Your criticism of the comments seems extraordinarily strange, do you have stock in UPS or something?

    I won’t being doing business with UPS anymore that’s for sure.

  70. catfan269

    I don’t like the commercial either, but good luck trying to hurt UPS by using FedEx. UPS ships tons of FedEx packages for them. My daughter works there, so I know this for a fact.

  71. Read this #61 and all

    By Mark Dickens of UPS Public Relations

    Recently UPS launched some new television ads in conjunction with the start of NCAA March Madness. One of these commercials features footage from the 1992 East Regional Finals in which the Duke Blue Devils beat the University of Kentucky Wildcats in overtime with just 2.6 seconds left on the clock.

    I remember that game very well. UK was still feeling the sting from being on NCAA probation that kept them out of post-season play for two years and the team’s four seniors — Richie Farmer, Sean Woods, John Pelphrey, and Deron Feldhaus along with sophomore Jamal Mashburn — gave everyone in the Big Blue Nation a much needed shot of hope. Had there been a little more time on the clock that night in Philadelphia, fate might have been kinder to the Wildcats — but it just didn’t happen.

    As a Kentucky native and UK fan, I was crushed by the outcome of that game. And by crushed, I mean I literally had tears running down my cheeks after the initial shock wore off. But almost immediately after the final buzzer, I also felt I had just witnessed one of the finest displays of skill, determination and teamwork in the history of college basketball.

    The logistics of competing and delivering
    And apparently I wasn’t alone in my assessment. In subsequent years, the ’92 Duke-UK match-up has been declared by countless sports writers as one of the greatest games ever played, which ultimately is why it was selected to become part of UPS’s new “game changers” advertising program.

    Conspiracy theorists might speculate that a Duke graduate is in charge of UPS’s advertising (she’s actually a Tar Heel, but I still like her) but the reality is, that incredible final shot of that incredible game couldn’t have happened without an incredible pass.

    And that’s what UPS is trying to convey in our advertising. Logistics is all about getting something precisely where it needs to be at precisely the right time and whether it’s in business or basketball, you need a teammate who can give you that critical last-second assist to win.

    The campaign isn’t about the players or the teams involved. It’s about what it takes to be in a position to win — the logistics of competing and delivering.
    I know our new ads will anger some UK fans, but if you truly look at that game with an objective eye, it’s hard to think of a better example of what determined people working together toward a common goal can accomplish — and that’s what UPS is all about.

    UPS ♥ Kentucky
    No one should think that UPS has some kind of anti-UK bias. On the contrary, UPS loves Kentucky. We love it so much we established our primary air hub in the commonwealth, which has driven the creation of 33,000 jobs with $300 million in annual payroll.

    We also established a unique program with the state called Metro College that has given thousands of deserving young people throughout Kentucky the ability to attend college at virtually no personal expense.

    We also donate millions of dollars to Kentucky charities each year and our employees volunteer hundreds of hours to worthy causes. Most recently, UPS contributed more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind support to assist in tornado relief efforts in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

    I wish the Duke-UK game had turned out differently but even so, I’m still glad I was witness to one of the most inspirational moments in sports. Of course, it also helps that as I write this, the Wildcats may be destined to show the world once again that Kentucky is rightfully famous for more than just fast horses and fine bourbon.

    Go Big Blue!

  72. shimsky

    I already hated UPS for their “whiteboard” commercials and their HORRIBLE “logistics” jingle. In lieu of this new ad, I officially loathe them.

  73. bung

    if they had used when russia beat us in the olympics on that same play they could have ticked off the whole country….

  74. Boof

    66, link?

  75. buzzard

    well said #23…FUPS.

  76. ktmiln2

    If you take everything they say (Like #teamfedex) to heart and follow it and act out every whim, you are neither mature nor mentally competent enough to read this site or watch basketball with a rooting interest.

  77. Hey #61

    UPS is headquarters is in Atlanta, GA not Louisville, KY for both it’s Package and Logistics divisions.

  78. I'm just sayin'

    That shot hurt at the time, and if we had turned into a pitiful basketball program afterwards, I could maybe understand the resentment after 20 years. You do realize we went to the Final Four the very next year right? Since that shot, we’ve been to five Final Fours, gotten our revenge on Duke in ’98, and won 2 titles.

    Man up, get over the hurt, and quit whining about something that happened twenty years ago! you’re making Kentucky fans look like the biggest bunch of pusses in the world. It’s not UPS’s fault that Pitino didn’t guard the inbounds pass, and Pelphrey and Feldhaus went soft on defense.

  79. shimsky

    71-blow me.

  80. Jim

    this issue is that UPS is the largest employer in the state of “kentucky”…I sent tickets out the past couple of days….fedex baby.

  81. Ridge Runner

    I’m shocked Drew. The comments aren’t that bad as compared to what some real nut jobs would do. No one should expect BBN in some way or some fashion not to be heard from. I’m shocked that you would even mention anything about it as compared to being in the promotional field of saying we need to be heard from. So, why the change of heart my man?

  82. Dude

    There is another version on this commercial currently playing during games today. lol

  83. Catsincebirth

    Hey Drew !!… We’ll boycott UPS if we want
    to….this is America you snot nosed

  84. BigBluDrew

    I have time to do both…

    Enjoy the ride to #8 and Complain about anything that puts down my CATS.

    I am not playing, so I have time. There are hundreds of famous shots, you want me to forget and move on then stop re-running the stupid shot. As a fan I am tired of seeing it.

  85. Wildcatsteeler

    Hey #61, their main shipping hub is in Louisville Ky. Corporate headquarters only matter to the 1%.

  86. Ciggy

    good show on ups’s part with that press release. But still a bit twisted up the way you flipped what seemed like 180 on fedex vs ups. Weird. The comments posted there really weren’t all that bad (they could have been MUCH worse, and let’s be honest, we have some REALLY hardcore/crazy fans)

  87. Ridge Runner

    UPS next year… How about logistically describing our NCAA comeback win over Duke in 1998?

  88. BigBluDrew

    71 sound like someone is scared to lose some business to me..

  89. Hey #66

    That is total hogwash!

  90. bung

    ok drew…u got us…u were just wantin 100 comments…right?

  91. Wildcatsteeler

    How either of those comments are “very embarassing” is beyond me. Both are very well written, polite and to the point.

  92. anthonyeppsdrivingschool

    Did UPS give money KSR?

  93. Catsincebirth

    Do what I do…just turn the channel when the commercial
    comes on…that and every other UPS commercial.

  94. Participant

    Didn’t Eddie Sutton use (or not use as he claimed) FedEx

  95. buzzard

    #71 so what! FUPS That commercial came on as I was reading your post. I turned the channel ASAP. I will never watch that spot. It’s stupid anyway. It seems to me that there would be many ways to get your point across without using that game. Not a good idea to anger BBN. Duke Sucks! FUPS!

  96. SexnNursinHomes

    89- No, it’s absolutely true. I’m a good decent person. I don’t tell fibs. You should have seen what he twittered before he tweeted that one. All I can say is that this guy hates KY.

  97. Wildcatsteeler

    UPS has been very, very good for the state of KY and I don’t think anybody thinks they have a bias against us. It’s 20 years later and I still hate seeing that shot as do most of the fans who witnessed it live. I’m irked by the commercial but I’m not gonna boycot or write UPS about it.

  98. shimsky

    What bugs me the most about that loss is that it was DUKE. DUKE is the most privilaged, lily-white program in all of college basketball. People who like them know nothing about college basketball…similar to being a yankees fan. If you weren’t born into their fan base, you are a trendy fool with no true grit. Call me a fool all you want, but you pencil-necked geeks with “maturity” are a pack of passion-less pussies. I’m whining? Eat me.

  99. blitzedanddazed

    Drew, you were probably 6 years old when “the” game was played.
    You would be better served to leave the subject alone.
    UPS does not care about you, UK or the state of Ky.
    The only reason UPS has a corporate presence in KY is because it benefits UPS and no one else.

  100. Honest Jim Greene

    Tony Cropper, Ben Lancaster, Steve Shupert, Steve Tomes, Gary Sherman, Randy Farthing, Steve Jackson, and all of the idiot part-time supervisors are a great reason not to leave UPS alone. I know I put up with it for 12 years as there slave until I saw the light! Corporate is even worse than those Lexington Flunkies.

  101. Ridge Runner

    Drew prolly thinking..

    “damn, why do I type out everything I’m thinking?”

  102. Dayton Cats

    70-UPS doesn’t carry Fedex packages for them, or vice versa. UPS moves contents that are shipped in Fedex boxes and vice versa. That is why your daughter still works for UPS, she doesn’t know the difference. Listen to me.

  103. Blue Jeezy

    #77-the primary air hub is stationed in Louisville, KY. And they are one of the state’s largest employers….I never said that I think UPS is ANTI-UK, I do not think that, my point was to Drew that u can’t be surprised some people are at least a little caught off-guard by it and wouldn’t have expected it, considering the connection between the company and the state, that’s all. Just the same way u might be surprised if a company with strong ties to Raleigh-Durham aired a commercial about a painful Duke loss, like their upset loss to IU back in the ’02 tournament.

  104. Reality

    Like I am to believe that 95% of the losers who make comments on here hold positions within ogranziations that could make a decision impacting what shipping service or logistics company your company uses each day. I love UK Sports but there is allot of irrational people in our fan base and these post demonstrate the point. Go Big Blue!

  105. Bumfuzzled

    I bet all State Farm Insurance agents are in Ky are happy with the Bobby Knight spot.

  106. Ridge Runner

    poor offensive play by Alabama there at the end.

  107. tomcat

    Even if the “shot” doesn’t bother you, it is the same as people getting tired of Brett Farve talk, or Tebow talk. Everything, if thrown in your face for 20 years, gets stale.

  108. Blueballn

    You wanna know what brown can do for me,they ban kiss my a$$!!! Go Big Blue!!!

  109. Blueballn


  110. nuffsaid

    If the pass is the most important aspect of the commercial then why did they not chose a football pass that could have proven the same point and aired it during the bowl season. Their commercial is disrespectful to Big Blue Fans old enough to have lived through the feeling of having their hearts ripped from their chest on the evening of March 28, 1992.

  111. TNMomma

    Several things about this stick out to me

    #1 – while I wouldn’t send a message to UPS – these aren’t that inflammatory. There are no threats of harming anyone or foul language. I was expecting both after reading the opening paragraph.

    #2 – Who on earth would read the UPS blog? Of what interest could it possibly be to anyone?

    #3 – Why do you (KSR) care about this unless you’ve been pressured from someone at UK- or threatened with a lawsuit? You’re the same people who tell us to blow up online polls, organize against Kroger, etc. What did you think would happen when you posted the original story?

    All in all – folks are free to do what they want to do. I think you’ve simply added fuel to the fire by posting this request to stop.

  112. saki7

    Eternal facepalm over this, as with so many other things.

  113. CatsCats

    The 5% are killing the normal folk. Jesus Christ, UPS is a GLOBAL company, not a Kentucky company. How dare they launch a commerical that would appeal to the masses considering that game has gone down as one as the best every played. LET’S ALL BOYCOTT A COMPANY PROVIDES OUR STATE WITH THOUSANDS OF JOBS. Idiots.

  114. shimsky

    111’s got a point….3 points actually

  115. fred

    Drew == Digger

  116. #110GetALife

    #110, classic example. I to hated that loss more then anything and it stuck with me for some time but IT WAS A F’N BASKETBALL GAME! Get a life!

  117. DH

    Wow. Get a life people. The commercial was not an anti-Kentucky commercial. If THIS is what you have to complain about then I’d say your life is going pretty good. I’ve been a UK fan my whole life and was devastated when Laettner hit that shot… 20 years ago. THIS is a perfect example of why the rest of the country thinks we’re idiots.

  118. Katzilla

    @ 2 Patriot….I agree with you 100%, the 5% crazies are killing the other 95% normal.

  119. shimsky

    CatsCats, 5% spokesperson here…STFU!

  120. secretagent0014

    I didn’t care about the commercial (at first it was ironic faux anger, hence #teamFedEX) but the more people tell me not be upset and after seeing about 100x times in the last two days the more annoyed I get.

  121. Chris Mills

    Not sure but wasn’t it fed ex that sent my dad the video tape that supposedly had a thousand dollars in it. And I believe it was one of their employee’s that accidently found it, {he was also a big ucla fan} so if it was me I would use pony express. Just sayin’

  122. snap

    A) I’m getting a little tired of this silly ass site working the fans into a frenzy – then crapping on us for speaking our peace.

    B) If UK fans want to write to any company with their displeasure – they have that right.

    C) I plan to use FedEx for my furute shipping needs.

    D) If the braintrust at UPS didn’t see this might cause a backlash, shame on them, that’s their problem.

    E) Matt, quit trying to tell us what to do! ‘Get mad at UPS.” “Don’t get mad at UPS.” Did they offer you money to ‘talk to the BBN?’

    F) Obama and his policies suck!

  123. KYTurtle

    Whats the weather like up there on your high horse?

  124. Blue Jeezy

    #111-Great call on KSR & that Kroger deal!! Had forgotten that one….that’s my point, it all goes back to the hypocrisy of this site’s writers…honestly the commercial itself didn’t annoy me this much until KSR posted this blog about it.

  125. shimsky

    122…what does point F) prove? I’ll include point G) Gas costs too much!!!


    Off topic, but I need this. Anyone know how many people attended UNC’s shootaround in Greensboro? I’m arguing with a UNC fool about which fanbase is more passionate. I’m sure they can’t hold a candle to the 10K we had at our shootaround. Anyone?

  127. Ridge Runner

    Glad I ain’t normal. Nothing would matter.

  128. shimsky

    Don’t tell me what to do!! I do what I want!!!! We don’t need no education!!!!

  129. BigBluDrew

    116 must not be a UK fan. We all have lives but we are posting on a UK WEBSITE, what do you think we are going to talk and complain about. Come on man…

    111 you are right maybe Drew did this on purpose to add fuel to the fire. If so ingenious. If not then you my friend need to worry more about #8 and writing about it.

  130. Blue Jeezy

    People are people and we’re all gonna have our different opinions on these things. KSR is the first to go on a crusade about something they believe in or are passionate about, which is fine, but don’t turn around and call out the sector of fans who are displeased with this commercial.

  131. Ridge Runner

    Drew….ok time to say…………………………………………………………………………………..psyche.

  132. shimsky

    *KSR’s getting nervous*

  133. Tang

    I don’t like the ad but UPS > Fedex. I don’t have a problem with those people’s comments to UPS if that’s how they feel.

  134. Catskills

    127) ridge, LMAO

  135. shorthop69

    Drew I think you have a lot to learn about #bbn

  136. nuffsaid

    #116 Quite obvious you did not understand the point.

  137. schwing

    bob loblaw lobs law bomb.

  138. tangledupinblue

    Just what I need , another rightous ass hole telling me how I should act .

  139. Rickey

    When it suits you guys to go after someone or thing it’s okay but when the readers don’t like UPS you try and stop it. Sounds like a double standard.

  140. Keightley 4ever

    These comments make KY people look almost as inbred & ridiculous as the redneck political commentary that frequents KSR’s comments section. Guess what? The president didn’t take your lunch money, and UPS didn’t insult Kentucky with a stupid sports commercial. So nut up and get the f*** over it already. You’re embarassments.

  141. TurnAbout

    Maybe when the Cats beat Duke next week,UPS will use an Anthony Davis Dunk as their next “Logestics” commercial.

  142. bluefan

    Well, this is an embarrassing situation.
    Still say it’s just Brown Inspiration.

  143. Kaz

    I love how people have to get into a p!ssing contest over how they were more butt-hurt than other people about that game. “Look, you must not be as big a Kentucky fan as me cause I cried more than you did after that game.” Never saw so many people take so much pride in being cry-baby wimps.

    It was a great game. We lost. Get over it. Just because you can’t? Doesn’t make you a bigger UK than me.

  144. snap

    #125 – it doesn’t prove anything. I don’t like Obama’s policies and I don’t like Matt’s love of everything Obama. I too don’t like high gas prices, should we talk to Obama or Bush about that? If I recall, candidate Obama gave then President Bush all kinds of hell for high gas prices.

  145. TheBurghCat

    Note to UPS:

    You rub salt in that old wound every time that commercial runs. I was at that game and it still hurts when I think about it.

    Do the right thing. Take the HORRIBLY misguided commercial down.

  146. Kaz

    BurghCat, how about you let that wound scab over? Damn.

  147. Aaron Craft's Rosacea

    At least it isn’t long-haired dude rocking out to “Such Great Heights” over and over and over again.

  148. snap

    I’m starting to think this site has jumped the shark.

  149. strange brew

    It was a great game. I’m a UK fan and that’s still one of the best games I’ve ever seen. UK beat Duke in 1998 in the tournament. They also beat them in 1978 and 1966. You don’t see Duke fans living in the past. Why should we?

  150. Mack

    73) You hit the nail on the head.

  151. Dude

    Have you people looked into getting lives? Twenty years has passed.

  152. Fan1

    I see nothing embarrassing about the comments listed by the OP. For me, I will do what I can to put UPS out of business.

  153. hip hop 4 life

    Hell, between ksr and obama – we wont have to worry about thinking for ourselves, they will tell us how to act and feel. Thanks ksr and obama, I was getting tired of thinking for myself.

  154. shimsky

    “Get over it”= pussies
    “F_ck UPS”= real men

  155. hip hop 4 life

    #151 – I had sex with your wife 20 years ago (back when she actually use to look good). But it was 20 years ago – so, its all good, right?

  156. BigBluDrew

    149) you are right I see that 78, 68, and 98 games aired all the time. They should be upset

  157. Katzilla

    @ 144…DITTO! It can’t be O’BAMA the “Spider Monkeys” fault.

  158. dez'nuts

    154 – Short and sweat, and exactly correct! Well done.

  159. shimsky

    155- you have met the requirements to be considered a real man. Your chest hair is beguiling.

  160. Mack

    Where is BTI?

  161. Blue Jeezy

    I think for alotta folks, 20 years can start clouding the memory. Some of these folks seem to forget the reason why the pain is so deep from that game and why some people will never get over it is because it was one of the most beloved UK teams of all-time. Plus the fact that Laettner is not hated because of the shot, he’s hated because he should’ve never been in the game to make the shot from a flagrant foul that would get any player in any game today tossed and probably suspended. The shot was great and he was a great player, but the foul was inexcusable and everybody knows it. That would rank as UK’s greatest win of all-time forever if they pull that game out, more than any championship, based on how that team started, where they came from, and what they accomplished. THOSE are the reasons the pain is so deep and why some fans will never get over it. Some games and pain u just don’t get over, sorry if some of u don’t like it. I’m still not over the ’97 title loss to Arizona cuz it was my once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the Cats win a title in person… I a bad fan for feeling that way?

  162. ktmiln2

    148. The site is the same as it ever was. It’s the people on these boards that make it suck. People who want to tell the guys how to run the site, when they themselves have only been coming to the site less than two years.

  163. BlueNotes

    I WILL NEVER USE UPS AGAIN! I HATE DUKE! GO FEDEX! I am not embarrassed to tell a company they screwed up and have lost my business!

  164. mores

    #s 11 and 83 use IT’S AMERICA.

    It’s not very effective.

  165. Spike Lee

    HIT me up Dog…. we get dis chit lined out! cell #…..FOFEEFO-FOFOFEE-FEEFOFEEFEE….I will AXE QUERSIONS LATAH!

  166. John W

    The commercial didn’t bother me at first but I’ve seen it at least 25 times today. And it’s only going to get worsevoverbthe next three weeks. Enough already. If anything make the commercial about being at the wrong place at the wrong time(not putting a man on the ball) so we can at least get a chuckle out of Rick Pitino.

  167. Brad Stith

    I’m plenty old enough to remember, and if this commercial really bothers you, you have a pretty good life with not too many other problems, so that’s good I guess. It’s a good commercial showing the greatest game ever, how could it possibly offend you. Geez, get a life.

  168. Darius Miller

    What does Helmet Guy think about the commercial?

  169. UPS CEO

    I heart boobs.

  170. Keightley 4ever

    You’re all hypocrites. Unless you have given up watching ESPN altogether, then you’re all hypocrites. Remember the ESPN commercial that plays every 5 minutes, with Indiana beating UK this season?

  171. Beatle Bum

    For those who don’t own a decoder ring: “Please, UPS, advertise on Kentucky Sports Radio!!!!”

  172. istillhateduke

    What is it you don’t get — it’s not the “shot” — it’s what went before it. The “shot” should never have been made — the game was over, and that player should have been ejected. That is the problem. Stupid marketing decision. Stupid.

  173. DH

    #155 – You put losing that game on the same level as someone sleeping with your wife?! Yes, losing that game is all good now. I’m sure I’ll hear about how I’m not a REAL UK fan now. We’ve won two national titles since then. We’ve been to four final fours. If someone slept with my wife 20 years ago and I had 4 girlfriends since then and married 2 of them, then yes, it would be all good. Because that would mean I had a life.

  174. shimsky

    Brad Stith…and all other bitches…I am entitled to my own opinion and will scream it from the mountaintops. All you are saying is that we pissed off REAL FANS shut up because it’s what we SHOULD DO. Well I say, F_CK YOU, I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!!

  175. Jared

    The funniest part about this whole commercial is that the guy who produced it is actually FROM Kentucky and claims to be a UK fan. You talked just the other day about the fact that the ESPN3 Commercial with the Watford shot motivated the UK players to play better…why can’t this be the same thing? Although the only player on the team that even remotely has a possibility of actually remembering the shot is Darius Miller and he would have been 2 years old when it happened. It’s always a good time when UK fans get riled up, but seriously…let this one go haha. Although the #TeamFedEx hashtag is hilarious, let’s just stick with that. No need to flood the inbox of UPS officials just because of a commercial.

  176. TheFrequency

    of the commercial is the only thing that really upsets me. I also get pissed when I see the same Coca-Cola polar bear commercial repeatedly. #TEAMPEPSI bitches.

  177. Blue Jeezy


  178. hmmm

    Hmmm must want UPS ads in the site. Turned corporate.

  179. Bobby Perry's golf swing

    Writing on UPS blogs makes us all look bad. Sometimes we need to keep our Laettner hate within the fan base. I was in high school when it happened I still don’t watch. However we got revenge in 98. It is an iconic shot. If Butler hit that half court shot that would be the the commercial.

  180. Ryan M.

    172–exactly. I think people here have forgotten that. True, it was a great pass, but Laettner shouldn’t have been on the court at that point in time.

  181. RUPPS_rhetoric

    Call me petty and contrite, but if I have a choice of UPS vs. FedEx and its a negligible difference in price, I will use FedEx. Simple as that. I’m an irrational fan. Same reason why after Papa John gave Lil’ Brother $10 million to expand the Pizza Pit; I haven’t spent a dime at Papa Johns since. Pizza Hut does fine by me. Again, I’m a fan, I’m irrational, and I really don’t give F_CK.

  182. RUPPS_rhetoric

    That being said, I certainly didn’t post on a UPS blog. I do have better things to do.

  183. Bubba Hotep

    I don’t get it. Why tell people to flood Mike and Mike over one mans opinion, but hate on fans that didn’t like the UPS commercial? This is a super childish website taking a shot at fans for no reason. I mean why be kids about what Andre Drummonds hat says, or what UL fans look like and act like, and then you’re going to suddenly find a soapbox about fans hating on UPS? That dog won’t hunt. Until this site grows up and becomes more professional, don’t tell the fans what they should care about.

  184. RUPPS_rhetoric

    183) Well put Bubba…

  185. Never Forget

    You all disgust me. You’re mad at UPS over a commercial. But has anyone stopped to remember that FEDEX just left Tom Hanks on that island to die.

  186. Conference Call

    Haha. Isn’t the point of living in a country with a “free” market being able to pick and choose where a person buys a service or product? You really have hung around Matt too long, Drew. See if a company does something you don’t like you have the right to not purchase anything from them. Irregardless of how petty you may find it, it’s how a free market works. Maybe you, Jones and Obama can put a stop to it eventually , but as of now if BBN chooses not to use UPS then that’s exactly what it is, a choice.

  187. Coach Cal

    Note to self: Cancel the Orange-Leaf commercial featuring the Laettner shot.

  188. Bobby Perry's golf swing

    #186 irregardless is not a word. The word is regardless. However this is America and you have the right to remain stupid. #nerdfight

  189. your daddy

    A – like someone else said, KSR has jumped the shark.

    B – if, as someone said – this site has been this way all along, then it has truly sucked for longer than most of us have been visiting.

  190. Another Perspective

    TNMomma pretty much said what needed to be said. She was at #111 when I read her comment.

    Drew playin’ like Digger Phelps? Don’t be worrying about what worries fans. We don’t have to listen to you!

  191. Spike Lee

    Drew dresses like a sloppy White Cracka! Needs to learn some personal hygeine too, always looks Dirty. Matt probably tells him how to appear in public.

  192. Consider this

    The “you can’t tell me what to do” mentality that pisses off so many people on this board is likely what makes many of you unemployable.

  193. NYCWildcat

    I disagree, Drew. I’m tired of seeing that shot. And that 1992 Duke team is not one that should be praised or emulated in any way. I’m for boycotting UPS. I’m on team FedEx from here on out.

  194. joe

    bubba you’re the man, this site officially sucks! bunch of smug pricks that care more about how cool they are than UK basketball

  195. Consider this

    I shipped a box full of bricks to Kazahkstan this afternoon via UPS just to counteract some of the people allegedly boycotting big brown.

  196. Conference Call

    188- your a jackass. Irregardless, is a colloquialism, and is perfectly accepted form of regardless by Apple and Wikipedia. But hey what do they know? Maybe they should check with you and Drew if its ok to use it or FedEx?

  197. Johnny Red

    Pass the popcorn..this is great entertainment. For the first time (I think), I actually agree with a Drew Franklin blog post.

    I find it amazing that: (1) UK fans could be so thinskinned about that play; (2) you actually think that the emotional feelings of the whacked fans of one specific college basketball team are a consideration for a multi-billion dollar corporation’s advertising campaign; and (3) there is no appreciation for the fact that a portion of the taxes paid by both UPS and its Kentucky employees benefit the University of Kentucky and the state as a whole.

  198. shimsky

    unemployable…you self-righteous, holier-than-thou BITCH. Consider this… rationality does not always beat out passion. That’s why deep down, u are a little bitch. Just do what you are told…who is John Gault?

  199. mine is bigger than your'ances

    #192 – No, what makes people unemployable is the fact that there are not enough jobs vs the number of folks looking for jobs. You may want to talk to your president about why there are 2 million fewer jobs available now than when he took ofice.

  200. Stevie Ray

    Forget the pass. Hey Pelphrey. How about guarding the man who hasn’t missed a shot!?

  201. Katzilla

    Matt Jones, I have told you for a long time that everybody in BBN doesn’t buy into your way of thinking & that surrounding yourself with the likes of Drew will be your down fall. I think the reason you keep him around is the fact that you can tell him to do whatever & he jumps @ your beckon call. Well looks like the Train is getting closer, You can’t tell everybody what to do for as you say… the BBN. Then turn around & act as if you have done nothing. I have also told you to grow up….You have choosen to keep on being the dumb ass that you are. Good Luck!

  202. No, really

    Can we talk basketball? You know, we are still in the tournament. We can get back to talking about how lame this site and its writers after we cut the nets down. Deal?

  203. joe

    haven’t seen the commercial, like a normal person i switch to another game when commercials come on. I should’ve stuck to my guns and never came back to this POS site. #teamanythingnotmattjonesorksr. Newsflash KSR gang. YOU ARE NOT BIGGER THAN UK BASKETBALL

  204. hahahahaha

    Drew, are you sure you aren’t a uofl fan? Cause your recent post #201 was VERY doucheY. And nothing says doucheY like being a card fan.

  205. HackRichards

    You guys are IDGITS. FED EX is UPS wannabe’s.

  206. The Pony Express

    What now I can’t use UPS?!?! I already had to boycott Emery because their shoddy care of UK Atlethic packages and FedEX because they lured the Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis over Louisville.

  207. Johnny Red

    Wow…you KSR readers have really turned against this website, Matt Jones and Drew. The inmates have taken over the asylum…

  208. Katzilla

    @ Matt Jones, My point to a tee, check out 201. Yeah, its your Brain child again Drew himself. You better pull the reins back on this IMMATURE FOOL before he ruins KSR COMPLETELY! More good advice here for the taking! YOUR CHOICE!

  209. Keightley 4ever

    Katzilla, pretty sure Matt & Drew don’t give a damn what you think. And apparently, no matter how much they insult you, you still come here, read the blogs, and post comments. Way to show them, son!!! lol

  210. ukjonny8

    You all want to know why you all sound like fools. Because its a GAME. A game that happend TWENTY YEARS ago. I dont like the commercial, but I dont let it bother me. Its just a ad.

    The guy that compares it to having an affair with some one 20 years ago illustrates the problem you all have with seperating a game that is entertainment and real life. One really matters, the other is for fun and bragging rights.

    Get a life. It was 20 years ago. It sucked then, but we’ve more than avenged that loss (1998) and moved on to better things (2 championships).

    Showing the shot or burning the tape does not change what happend that night. Its the signature play of the signature game of the NCAA tourney. That will never change in our life time and we will have to see every tournament as long as we live. When people talk about the greatest game in the tourney’s history, they think Kentucky vs Duke, 1992. That will be the video that the NCAA and CBS use to advertise the commercial until time ends. I wish it was different, but its not. Its never going to be.

    No one is saying to like the ad, or that they dont understand why it bothers you. They’re saying, a shot that happend 20 years ago is not worth going to UPS to bitch and moan.

  211. ukjonny8

    “to advertise the commercial until time ends.”

    Should be “to ADVERTISE the tourney until time ends.”

  212. bigbluesigep

    you guys are idiots. I hope UPS makes a commercial about LSU throwing the game winning hail mary to beat UK several years ago in football.

    it was a damn commercial – no motive under it other than to make money…if you’re offended you should leave the internet

  213. Conference Call

    I love the site. If your going to chastise fans for emailing a company or do a couple posts for Obama, be prepared to have people who disagree post on it. No hard feelings. Agree to disagree. If your a douchebag who wants to correct people on spelling or grammar …. Go to a Writing blog not a sports one.

  214. Lou

    CBS has shown that shot for years in their opening for tourney games. Have all the people boycotting UPS been listening to the tournament on the radio all these years to protest CBS?

    It does appear that the UPS guy who wrote the explanation might be a little confused about how that game actually played out since he said “Had there been a little more time on the clock that night in Philadelphia . . .” As I remember it, the problem was there was a second or two too much left on the clock.

  215. bigbluesigep


    atta boy


    you’re dumb

  216. Hellzyes

    Isn’t the game ball delivered by ups to the home games?

  217. ukjonny1-7

    Hey, ukjonny8, get off my jizock!

    #100 – WOW!!! That dude just put mass people on blast and no one even pointed it out. Seriously, WOW! That shit is hilarious!!! I wouldn’t use the word “slave” like that anymore either.

  218. Drew

    LISTEN TO ME! LISTEN TO ME! This is UPS’ commercial. Don’t ruin it for them!

  219. Bledsoe's Biceps

    shimsky – Oh boy another internet tough guy. Take your meds child, before you hurt yourself.

  220. Catsincebirth

    Dont forget….Pitino did not put a defender on the passer
    …what a complete idiot!!!!….if a defender is on the man
    the pass would probzbly not have been made.

  221. Catfan

    Drew – you started this with your idiotic post – man up and take responsibility. You knew the nuts would inundate UPS with emails.

    You should have known better. Think about this situation before you post something moronic again…..

  222. Louisville

    Lmao so pathetic. That’s why no program like this fans base…smh…I LOVE UPS…that logistics

  223. Listen to me!!

    Thanks Digger Franklin!

  224. Kim

    Drew, then quit joking around and tell us to go to Fed Ex. It is funny when it happens, but then KSR backs down when threatened by lawsuit. But you were okay with us pounding Kroger when they tried to renege on giving the UK student the money for a half court shot. Quit inciting the crowd, and then expecting us to not react.

  225. PABlue

    I’m a director at a Fortune 500 company and I will be directing my staff to use FedEx.

  226. Big Blue Mike

    Why the F is a duke fan writing for Kentucky Sports Radio? Only a duke fan would say, “that game is the best NCAA tournament game ever”. What about the seven NCAA championship games Kentucky won? Any Kentucky win ever is better than any loss. You’re an idiot…

  227. Digger

    God our fans are sad.

    227. No you’re not. Unless by director you mean you direct the vending machine guy where to go.

  228. bung

    ky fans are the best…they dont take no stuff…

  229. Drew sucks

    Hey Drew, don’t publish one point of view then admonish it the following day because you made a bad decision to publish it in the first place. It was poor taste by UPS and now they bear the consequences. F*ck UPS

  230. FedEx4Real

    In the real world, the FedEx defender is covering that inbounds pass and shoving that ball back down the sperm stained throat of the Duke/UPS player! Drew, hope you’re happy with all the support of the i.u. and u of L fans. KSR is really losing its charm! Go Cats!

  231. KDPearson

    Just a commercial…based on one groups’ pain and another groups’ joy. Is that good marketing? What about 9/11, american unhappy, terrorists happy. How about the Bush Gore election? Republicans happy, Democrats unhappy. It is just poor marketing to piss off a group of customers and anyone with half a brain had to see this coming. I don’t think they hate KY. I just don’t think they have half a brain. They thought because the shot was so celebrated that everyone including KY fans loved it. You know if I saw the shot once every few years it might not be a big deal, but try watching a college basketball season without seeing it. I hate the memory, I hate the reminders and I loath UPS now. Remember to flip off any UPS drivers you see.

  232. Wolfcreekbrian

    Hope we get to play Puke, and Jones dunks a super slam on them. Then UPS will have new film to show next 20 years. Go BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Doubledynasty2012

    I haven’t seen the comercial since about 2:00. I have watched basketball all day and seen another ups logistics comercial. Did they pull it?

  234. hahahahaha

    Drew, I just looked up your IP Address, it shows you are posting from the peek and poke room at Theater X – so, what’s yer point?

    I could post 1, 10, or 100 times in this thread – it doesn’t change the fact that you suck and you can’t tell the BBN what to / what not to do. And your handling of this ‘situation’ proves that you are an amateur.

    PS, i’m sure ksr would never stoup to posting under ‘different names.”

  235. Blueneck

    Did any of you whiners complain when CBS used this as part of their main montage for the past 20 years? What about the ad for the ESPN app that shows the same shot? Are we boycotting them too? Or are we still boycotting them from when they used Chris Farely in a commercial about the greatest game ever?

    Why do some UK fans make BBN look more like lunatics than fans? Even Cal made a comment recently about UK fans “spending their rent money” to go to the SEC tournament. Ouch.

  236. Kentuckians not attacking Kentuckians

    Like the UPS ad or hate it, it displays a conscious decision on the part of UPS to disregard the feelings of Kentucky basketball fans. Anyone who understands Kentuckians knows that repetitive viewing of the 1992 final play rubs salt in our wounds and brings our blood to a boil. It’s not just about the shot or the shooter–if you need an explanation you were either born after 1992 or you don’t really know UK basketball. Don’t belittle fans for whom this is a serious matter lest you reveal your own lack of passion for the greatest tradition in college basketball. If UPS chooses to ignore the inappropriate nature of this advertisement in a state where they claim such a significant economic impact, that’s their business. Choosing where I will take my shipping expenditures is mine. I harbor no illusion that UPS cares where I take my small piece of their business–they have already shown as much by their marketing decision and their unapologetic and condescending explanation of the decision. Those of you that say “get over it, it’s just a game”, well, give up your seats in Rupp to people who believe Kentucky basketball is more than just entertainment.

  237. snarkster

    What can Brown do for me? SUCK IT!!!

    If it’s Brown Flush it Down!

  238. Ed from Marketing

    How about a UPS ad that shows a plane hitting the World Trade Center and talks about bin Laden’s logistics system that capably delivered destruction? Talk about an ad with some dramatic impact! Don’t worry about the whining of 9-11 victims’ families or first responders or the armed forces. Just make sure you run it by the State Department first.

  239. macon_volfan

    #223/240-did you REALLY compare the 9/11 attack to a freaking basketball game??? Wow!

  240. Blueneck

    Thanks for giving us another example of an irrational fan. If innocent people dying are the same to you as UK losing a game they weren’t supposed to win then I feel sorry for your family if you have any.

    So for the record commercials are to only be made from meaningless games (exhibition?) that no one would remember as to not bring up any bad memories for the ultra-sensitive?

  241. Blue Jeezy

    #216 & #237-we expect to see the shot on a SPORTS PROGRAMMING NETWORK’s commercial, it’s sports….the point people are trying to make is u don’t expect to see it on an ad for a company that has NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS

  242. Blue Jeezy

    #226-yea don’t u love how Drew has not once addressed the whole Kroger campaign after being asked about it repeatedly today? Yet he’s out there looking up people’s IP addresses to see if they’re using different screen names.

  243. Blue Jeezy

    Oh well, we can all laugh at the commercial now because the Duke GayDevils have now suffered one of their most embarrassing losses in tournament history! Get some, Coach Gay!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  244. strings656

    Duke went down, thats what I call Logistics. Did I say Duke went down? HAhhahahahahaha

  245. former shamrock

    How much did UPS pay you for this article, KSR?

  246. Hellzyes

    Jones crying cause his dookies lost!

  247. strings656

    Now listen to me . Listen to me I said , Lets not hate on UPS .EPIC Fail ….

  248. strings656

    hey 222 Pitino did’nt know logistics, thats why he soiled his pant leg . How ever he was fast .