WHAS report: Lee Todd leaving UK

WHAS is reporting that UK President Lee Todd will announce this afternoon that he is leaving the position.  He had hinted earlier in the summer that he might be nearing retirement and the Board of Trustees was set to meet tomorrow to put goals in place for him.  Todd, a former engineering professor, took office in 2001.  Also, my freshmen roommate started a rumor that his daughter had one eye and wore an eye patch, but I’m pretty sure that’s not true.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

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  1. Typical Louisville Fan


  2. Thin Line Mustaches

    Lee Todd was giving reach arounds to the UK Lacrosse team and the Rugby team got jealous so they called him out on being a pool shark. Per CNN.

  3. Stay Thirsty My Friend

    Oh my god! Is the plane about to crash?

  4. Old South

    This just made my day.

  5. HoboKat

    Please stop with the news and continue with the cheerleading.

  6. Stay Thirsty My Friend

    Don’t do it Lee! Don’t do it! You must go down with the ship!

  7. Wildcater

    Better not be a sign of bad things to come. I have held true that Cal’s program would be clean because if not both Todd and Barnhart would be bounced. Please let Lee simply want to be walking away!

  8. RidgeRunner

    Wish him well. This decision has been on his plate for awhile from what I have seen.

  9. Ridge Wilson

    Katherine I think is his daughter’s name and she is hot… or was anyway

  10. Kige Ramsey HOF

    Click the link. Kige is being inducted into the Deadspin H.O.F.

  11. KSR Writer

    I get my stories from the comment section.

  12. Mater The Greater

    Word is Cal and him have butted heads since the beginning over money from his “brand”. Is this why he left? Matt, do you know anything?

  13. CA

    He is around 64 years – maybe he is ready to enjoy life. Don’t make something out of nothing (unless we hear otherwise)

  14. Indycatfan

    LMAO 12….and why not? the LHL does

  15. El Matador

    Todd is sick of the fact that Cal keeps getting brought up in these witch hunts. He knows Cal is clean, but hates that UK has to defend him all the time. He was promised that this regime would be spotless and there seems to be some perceived spots. Good luck Mr. Todd!

  16. CA

    14. I have a hard time believing that.

  17. RidgeRunner

    damn, this place could start a rumor over the threat of thunderstorms.

  18. John Tipton Jr.

    11) the LHL live blog will be held at 6:00 PM today to honor Kige.

  19. CA

    17. Do you really believe what you are writing?

  20. blitzmr2

    So, Kanter is likely ineligible, U of L recruiting is rivaling UK’s, and UK’s president is stepping down right out of the blue (no pun intended)? Let the rollercoaster ride continue.

  21. John Tipton Jr.

    17) BCG = spotless. I think not.

  22. Dom Padre

    No pic of his daughter? She’s hot!

  23. RidgeRunner

    22…go away.

  24. gameday

    #5 That made me laugh.

  25. UofLeftovers

    #22 “rivaling UK’s”?

    U R A dumbass.

  26. PriceCycleCoOnWarnock

    Good luck Dr. Todd. Thanks for getting rid of BCG.

  27. Champ

    Regardless of why hes resigning, he still looks like th emperor in star wars

  28. RidgeRunner

    24…give examples on why he isn’t? Thought so.

  29. CATS

    10) I can vouch for Kathryn Todd. She was a friend of mine at UK and was very cute and talented. She sang in the UK choir.

  30. RidgeRunner

    30…LOL – yeah, I can see that.

  31. macon_volfan

    Has he accomplished his goal of making UK “America’s Next Great University?”

    That should be a reality show, actually….honestly, is any SEC school outside Vandy EVER going to be considered a ‘great university?’

  32. Hoping

    this has nothing to do with pending release of bledsoe investigation

  33. RidgeRunner

    35…its the paranoia pill again. Quick, go gag in the bathroom…It will be fine.

  34. MIDDAY

    13 – yr so gonna get fired for looking at this site.

  35. RidgeRunner

    I read (seriously) back in May he was contemplating retiring before the fsll semester. More time with family and enjoy retirement. Geeze….. Can we all take a deep breath. Trolls excluded of course.

  36. CA

    36. Job Performance? Do they think he is not doing a good job.

  37. RidgeRunner

    **fall**…spell error again…sorry, I am bad.

  38. Big Bad Boogie Daddy

    It’s performance.

    Trust me.

  39. Fran Curci

    Bring back Otis Singletary! What’s that? Oh. Never mind.

  40. Wiki

    According to his wikipedia page, Mr. Todd will be joining the World Snooker Trickshot Championship Leage (WSTCL) in October. Best of luck, Mr. President.


  41. John Tipton Jr.

    42) The less than 15 second performance?

  42. RidgeRunner

    42….thx Karen….oops I mean

  43. RidgeRunner

    44…dang, he’s now busted!

  44. IndyCat644

    I had the pleasure of meeting President Todd when I was a freshman at UK, he amd his wife hosted a group in their home for a few hours. He was a very down to earth guy and it was really cool that he would do something like that.

  45. SeoulCat

    Dr. Todd is a super nice guy. Sad to see him go.

  46. blitzmr2

    26–Eat my a**.

    28–Check the rankings for 2011.

  47. Sammydog

    Calm down. This has nothing to do with basketball. There are a bunch of new board members that are not supportive of Todd’s goal to become a top 20 RESEARCH University. They believe UK’s goal should be to educate Kentucky students not go after research grants. He has been at UK a long time and considering this move all summer. I know for a fact there is no connection between this and athletics in any form. It has nothing to do with Coach Cal..period.

  48. Charley Reasor

    I agree with 52). The timing of the job evaluation is important. Lee was a classmate of mine at UK so he of retirement age. He was wealthy from investments when he took the job. Why should he have to answer to a bunch of political appointees on the Board of Trust?

  49. MissinBoogie

    51 – I just checked the rankings and I’m gonna have to agree with 28!

  50. At Uk

    Maybe now that hes gone, UK will stop trying to be “Americas Next Great University” and become more of a Greek school like every other SEC school. UKs greek system has gone downhill the last few years because Todd supposedly doesnt want them around. Hopefully his leaving will rejuvenate UK greeks and they can go back to normal

  51. Wildcobb Salad

    56. Yuck, eff the greeks, they we were almost all a bunch of toolbags when I was there and they had the worst parties.

  52. TonyDelk00

    UK will still pay him $100k a year until he dies. That’s what UK does with all of their former presidents. Top 20 by 2020? I think we’ve actually gone down in the academic rankings…the only thing that’s gone up is tuition and those damn parking passes. How much are they now?

  53. UKRookie

    58. You are right….however UK does not pay former President Wethington…it is BCTC…..go look up his salary….it is more than $200,000 a year….I bet Lee T. will probably stay on as faculty…..I’ve known Lee for years and all of the stress related to current and future BOT members was one reason he left. The other reason is because he and Patsy’s health is not what it used to be and he doesn’t want to depart this earth like his parents did. I think they both died before he was out of college. Lee and Patsy have plenty of money and do not have to answer to anyone but themselves.

  54. Curly Bill


  55. bluetexan

    “Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone…”. How ’bout Barnfart next?

  56. Old South

    58) Those rankings are for overall undergraduate education and individual schools (e.g., college of medicine, college of law, etc.). You can (and we probably did) fall in the rankings I mentioned but we also moved toward Big 10-esque levels of grant funding.

  57. Old South

    58) Those rankings are for overall undergraduate education and individual schools (e.g., college of medicine, college of law, etc.). You can (and we probably did) fall in the rankings I mentioned but we also moved toward Big 10-esque levels of grant funding.

    To everyone else–there’s a lot more to being a university president than basketball. Like, 98% of the job. This has nothing to do with that.

  58. mateotemprano

    Unnamed sources tell me that Todd is getting big bucks from a Turkish Technical College.

    Read in the NYT and saw it the next day in the LHL.

    Gotta be true…

  59. The insider

    59. Is right, Lee took the job with the idea of enjoying the position at his alma mater. He wanted his job to be “fun”. Let’s face it the BOT members have not made it easy on him. Politically speaking the BOT are a “Fletcher/Bashear” based set, where as Lee was ushered in under the Patton era of BOT. This has been tough on Lee and Patsy to leave but like they say you know it’s time to retire when you aren’t having fun any more. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SPORTS…EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ON KSR THIS DOESN’T MEAN ALL THINGS ARE RELATED TO SPORTS AND THIS STORY IS ONE THAT OBVIOUSLY IS IMPORTANT TO BBN WITH OR WITHOUT THE INVOLVEMENT OF OUR ATHLETIC PROGRAMS.

  60. UK_Yitbos12

    57. Mad you didn’t get a bid?

  61. john

    he is leavig before cal get him in trouble…this man knows what is coming so he is running,,,,

  62. 430 West Vine

    Billy Joe Miles, Chair Pro Tem of UK Board of Trustees, announced that John Calipari will assume duties as president of the university in addition to retaining his title of head men’s basketball coach. Said Calipari on his new position “The unprecedented merging of academic and athletic responsibilities will take the University of Kentucky to new heights. Our vision is to be ranked number 1 as both a research university and as a basketball team.”

  63. MachoCat

    Well at least we can now buy ourselves another title or two..finally >:)

  64. birdie

    Any timetable on a replacement?

  65. jiant Kanter

    ya ya ya

  66. LadyCatFan

    Dr. Todd is a fine Kentuckian himself and led the University with passion and faith in the ability of KY students. My first year as a student was his first year as president. The first time I met him was when a fellow student passed away by the dorms and he and Mrs. Todd stayed up all night talking to students who were in grief and/or shock. His commitment to Top 20 and “research” wasn’t in a quest for meaningless grants. It was in hope of giving students from our state the opportunity to get the best possible education (which means you bring in the best professors – who happen to do research as well) and to boost KY – in everything from health to business. That man cares very deeply for the Big Blue Nation and for our state. Sorry for the really long comment, but I think some of you need to be reminded that 1) he is a Kentuckians and 2) he deserves a big pat on the back and nothing less. Have a great night:).