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KSTV Semifinalist: Hays Cannon

Hays Cannon survived the Lexington Casting Call to advance to the official KSTV set for the semifinals. Watch as he sits in the world’s most intimidating chair across from Mark Krebs and Matt Jones.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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30 responses to “KSTV Semifinalist: Hays Cannon”

  1. tdogg4033011

    nahhhhh, I’ll pass on this dude !!!

  2. Weak

    I wouldn’t say cal failed…but I get his point. With that team the final result was a disappointment. I’ll pass on this dude too though. He was trying too hard.

  3. Go Big Blue

    eh… Ill pass to. He did ok i guess tho. No dissapointment, he put us on the map.

    Does anyone else like the idea of all our freshman saying were getting #8. It just makes me happy, and I can not wait till bball season

  4. SexnNursinHomes

    Hays Cannon. adult video name. back when i use to do movies my name was Tommy Sphyllicious. Career ending STD got me. i’m rooting for ya Cannon

  5. wilberjude

    Didn’t really agree with his point of view, but he was smooth and spoke with confidence. Think there could be some potential for good debate between him and Matt – especially since neither are willing to back down. Probably one of my favorites so far

  6. citycat


  7. CATFAN8

    Pretty good candidate, he is right about the ncaa. If you get in trouble in school, you dont mess with the principal.

  8. silvereagle

    liked his comments – has my vote!

  9. BIG Q

    He’s the best so far!

  10. War Eagle

    I like this guy.

  11. da_cat77

    i thought he was pretty good

  12. blitzedanddazed

    This guy is horrible. Matt had to drag him through the entire discussion.

  13. DCCat15

    I think this guy has got some good thoughts. He has my vote.

  14. catstang

    I like this kid agree with him or not be stuck to his idea. I say sign him up.

  15. b franklin

    hays stood his ground and did a great job! you pick a side of the arguement and hold your ground. the john wall team did fail…2 much talent for us not to have a banner up that year!!

  16. b franklin

    the john wall team did fail…2 much talent for us not to have a banner up that year!! great job hays

  17. bobbybonilla

    This guy did a pretty good job holding his own against Matt who seemed to be coming at him really hard compared to the other entries. Looks more like a TV personality than the other ones I’ve seen as well.

  18. silkscreenuk

    #17 – apparently you haven’t see the audition Matt had with the Louisville fan Ryan Dugan. I know he is a Louisville fan, but i think the grilling should be even and fair for all contestants. Hays Cannon got off easy.

  19. Doc

    I found this “Matt Jones” who appears in the video to be barely intelligible. KSR, cut this guy so we can focus on the contestants with a realistic chance. (Love ya, MJ)

  20. ScottCountyAlum

    I went to high school with this guy at Scott County, he was the president of his class. He has an unreal ability to make people listen, there’s just a certain swagger to him. Matt was going at him pretty hard and he held his own and I definitely agree with the point he made. With everything that Calipari has going for him, an Elite 8 every year should be expected. Hays Cannon has my vote, no doubt.

  21. I liked him

    I like how he didn’t back down. He held strong no matter how much you and Mark kept pushing

  22. Jimmy Buffett


  23. Nope

    I’m not big on this kid. I don’t think he believes anything that he said. C’mon Elite Eight every year? Get realistic man, anything can happen to a team during the regular season to prevent a team from reaching their full potential that the head coach has no control over. I think this kid was more worried about not backing down from his initial statement. Matt did a good job of making him look stupid.

    Props to the kid though, he remained confident, besides the constant nervous lip licking.

  24. full of betrayals

    i get so disappointed when i get on my favorite website to find matt jones doing some casting call crap..its boring….

  25. Boston Brad

    I thought he did well. Not sure I agree that Cal has to go to an Elite 8 every year. He spoke well and looked fairly professional. Not bad for a random dude in Kentucky.

  26. John Brooks

    I like this kid. He’s a little tough on his expectations of Coach Cal, but those are HIS expectations and he might be onto something. It is going to be tough for Cal to win an NCAA championship when the core players bail after one year. It’s nice having the best of the best recruits every year but over the past 40 years it is usually taken seniors and team maturity to win the Big One. And unless the NCAA steps in and changes the rule about the ‘one and done’, Kentucky basketball may never see a top recruit that stays long enough to be a senior. So, maybe Hays is right? The elite 8 every year may be as good as we should expect. Personally, I want a National Title!

  27. John Brooks

    And one last thought. I thought Hays held his ground, stood up to Matt, and frankly, I think Matt looked more like the amateur. Matt was obviously more abusive with this guy than anyone else so far and frankly, for the reasons I stated above, I think Hays may be right! Good job Hays.

  28. Jeff

    Thought hays did a great job

  29. Wow


  30. responder

    I think he did pretty well. He could use some practice in front of a camera, and i didnt agree 100% with him, but i think he handled things pretty well. Get him on TV.