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KSR Pick Em Game


Its time once again to pick games for the love of college football and for big prizes unlike any other…..or something of that sort. Yes it is time once again for the Kentucky Sports Radio College Football Pick Em Game. The link at the bottom takes you to the site on ESPN that will be hosting our festivities. Basically, you register at ESPN and every week you will pick ten winners, assign them a “confidence level” 1-10 and gain points to last through the year. Give the most confidence points to the games you are sure of, the least to the games you dont know. ESPN keeps the tally and at the end of the year, the winner wins Two UK basketball lower arena tickets to an SEC game, and second and third win other prizes. Its fun, its free and its easy.

The link is below and the first set of games are this weekend. You must sign up very soon to get in and have a chance at some serious bragging rights and a good UK experience.

The group name is: KENTUCKY SPORTS RADIO

The password is: Stevie Got Loose

Have fun!

Kentucky Sports Radio College Pick Em Game

Article written by Matt Jones

19 responses to “KSR Pick Em Game”

  1. nepalibabu

    do caps matter?

  2. nepalibabu


  3. -H A Z E L S M A C K-

    Once everyone gets in, this should be pretty big…

    that’s what she said

  4. BillyClyde4President

    I can’t get in. Help I’m stupid. Do you have to put spaces?

  5. Robshairgel

    doesn’t work

  6. fuzzyzeller

    Yahoo is better.

  7. BillyClyde4President

    This doesn’t work. I’m going to yahoo too.

  8. tergill

    nice copyright infringment on that image, legal begal. You liberals are all the same. “Just W-O-R-D-S….Just S-P-E-E-C-H-E-S!” Just kiddin, Matt…we love ya’

  9. meeksistheman

    I can’t find the rules at all.

    are we picking against a spread, like last year or are we just picking who we think will win?

  10. Robshairgel

    Our good friends from LaGrange,Ga. are trying to get the game televised this week on t.v.,since they have ran a pipeline to UK I’m hoping fellow Cat fans can take a minute and put them over the top.Afterall everyone knows when it comes to polls,UK kicks butt!! thanks!!

  11. TheSportsAnimal

    How do you pick the winner? I see how to assign the confidence points!

  12. TheSportsAnimal

    Figured it out!

  13. nybrasky

    Nice team name, Beisner

  14. tnuteacher16

    I was second place last year and won nothing…..

  15. The King

    When in the world are they going to put up a new poll on the tickets website? I don’t think the Lakers will take it to game 7.

  16. CatFan4444

    All i can do is check the winners. Is that all I need to do?

  17. MIDDAY

    Can’t wait to get my lower arena tickets. Thanks Matt!

  18. Team KY

    If anyone is interested in the NFL, I have started a Yahoo Pro Football Pick’em league with a max of 50 ppl (ie-plenty of room). Email me ([email protected]) and I can send you the details. Thx.