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KSR News of the Night: Barack Obama Loves John Wall Too


Well while some stories of the night havent been the most upbeat (football staff changes), this one makes me happy. I was told by a source and it has since been confirmed by UK that President Obama is a fan of John Wall. President Lee Todd was in Washington DC this week for an education event and was pulled aside by the President to talk about his favorite sport. Obama said to Lee Todd that he liked watching John Wall and commented about how good he thought he was. I am sure at some point UK will give the exact quotes of the encounter, but the overall theme was that the President has noticed John Wall and he is a fan.

And some of you thought sending that jersey was a mistake? Proceed to argue incessantly about politics in the comments. I will instead be happy that the Leader of the Free World likes watching one of our players.

Article written by Matt Jones

379 responses to “KSR News of the Night: Barack Obama Loves John Wall Too”

  1. P.PattersonISwalkingthruthatdoor

    I bet Obama doesn’t like McCoy tho. What a p*ssie

  2. Conservative Outrage

    In 3…2….1

  3. Ezzy

    Greatest thing I’ve heard all day

  4. Venerable Bede

    That is pretty cool.

  5. Bobby Maze's Stash Jar

    Indeed, this is awesome.

  6. Joe Biden

    Best post made here in a long time.

  7. Nobel Peace Prize Committee

    John Wall is the winner for 2010. Boogie was neck and neck with him until the whole forearm shiver thing.

  8. Blueyouaway

    Well , lets see him do “The John Wall” when the Health Care Package gets rammed through like wants, then we will know if he truly is a Wall fan.

  9. Cal Purnell here

    I am told George Bush is still a fan of Landon Slone though.

  10. Big Dawg

    I heard he loved Mike Porter, too.

  11. mocha

    Yes we can!

  12. Carruth's Entourage

    I spoke with Ralph Nader and he confessed to being a Tinky fanatic

  13. WallCobb4life

    True fans do the dance….I agree, once I see the dance, then I believe it!

  14. Appalachian Wonder

    I hear Obama has already been given the Naismith Player of the Year award.

  15. adaircam4


  16. repsol-69

    14. hilarious!

  17. CatFanForLife

    Any john wall fan is a friend of mine…liked obama anyway though. This might make him the greatest president that ever lived though. What do you guys think?

  18. Twitter Tweets about Obama as of 8. januar 2010 « Obame and Copenhagen

    […] · View Juneeeee34: Barack Obama tells UK president that he too is a fan of John Wall: (via @KySportsRadio) 2010-01-08 03:51:42 · Reply · View mtm82: RT@jstedham: LOL, […]

  19. soaringeagle22

    In response to this, Sarah Palin has been quoted as saying “Ramon Harris is my homeboy.”

  20. Blueyouaway


  21. matthew hh

    i give this post a solid B+

  22. Hammer

    I just got a tingle all the way down my leg!

  23. swampbreath

    gwb liked bcg, i bet they are getting drunk together right now while watching bama kick the longhorns ass

  24. CatFanForLife

    18. Hahahaha

  25. Blueyouaway

    WinstonUK: 1st evidence John Wall isnt perfect. RT @KySportsRadio Obama tells UK prez that he is a fan of Wall:
    2010-01-08 03:51:17 · Reply · View

  26. HoustonWildcat

    Wow, whos the chick on the left of McCoys dad?

  27. BarakHusseinObama

    And you guys thought I was fake.

  28. Dr. UK

    20–She went on to say, “I can see John Wall from my house.”

  29. Thedepot

    I don’t like socialist no matter if they’re a fan of my team or not

  30. Michael Steele

    Damn liberal censorship. Haha

  31. Bourbon-n-Basketball

    I’m surprised Obama isn’t a fan of Pitino. He too, can’t seem to get anything done. All show, no go!!

  32. Red Mile Smile

    22) best comment ever. chris matthews is such a tool.

  33. Hammer

    Bama is gonna have to put away Kentucky-like offensive playcalling and PLAY FOOTBALL!

  34. Joey P.

    29. Thas write durr dem duggone socialists is takin er monies aways and gibbin em to damn mexicans whos been takin err jobs!!!!!!! Ulso ne fan of punkshooashun is a socialsts tew!

  35. GMo

    #9 from Texas SUCKS! 4 drops tonight.

    I’d crap my pants if Obama did the John Wall dance.

  36. Cawood2Cal

    Rut-ro, this could be bad for Wall. Teabaggers must hate everything our President is for, without exception. It’s a rule.

  37. cat_fan_4ever

    who gives a shit about what obama likes Jones? get off his nuts!!

  38. sunnycat

    Who gives a shit what obama thinks??????

  39. Anonymous

    14. That, my friend, is funny.

    I’m not an Obama fan, but there is no doubt that this is good for our program.

  40. Ron Burgandy

    Stay classy KSR posters.

  41. secretagent0014

    34) LOL

  42. Wildcater

    Come on BHO, you can’t ball with a shirt tucked into track pants. Any chance Lee Todd got him to do the Wall Dance?

  43. sunnycat

    42 its called a photo op

  44. HAha

    37. & 38. Most of the country – including high schoolers who are intrigued by attention like this. Glad you can think objectively – sounds like card fans to me.

  45. TulsaCat

    oh the hazards of dropping the logins, Mr. Jones.

  46. UK Fan

    Here comes a nerd fight, political style

  47. IndyCat

    Even as a Republican I think this is awesome. Go Cats.

  48. Pall Mall

    What is the big deal about that? Lots of people are a fan of Wall. Lots of fans/people watch UK basketball. Do we have a point in all of this? Obama? Next!

  49. fake sunnycat

    Yeah, W had this country moving in a GREAT direction and Obama came in a messed it up.

  50. secretagent0014

    Yeah Matt who cares what the president of U.S.A thinks. Get off his presidential testicles.
    Jesus, some people can’t get over themselves.

    This great for John Wall that the president is fan. How cool is it for him. And its good for UK and good for us as fans.

  51. UK Fan

    McElroy sucks tonight. Bama calling card has been their defense and ground n pound

  52. IndyCat

    Additionally, I think its gotta be a really cool feeling to know (as John Wall) that the President likes to watch you play basketball. Great job Cal at giving us POTUS attention. Not only is UK back, we’re going to be bigger than before. Great for Wall.

  53. sunnycat

    It seems like matt jone cant go more than a couple of months without putting up ANYTHING about obama on this site

  54. Bobby Knight

    Why wasn’t anybody boxing him out! I don’t care if he is the President, box his ass out! I’m gonna throw a chair.

  55. Joey P.

    49. If we make it to the Final Four and the legend grows (which both should happen) even the Pres. will come watch us play. THAT would be cool.

  56. UK Fan

    56. Ha ha, you almost put me to tears

  57. john wall

    Well, I Don’t like him.

  58. tyson

    forget obama and wall, a KIGE RAMSEY sighting…

  59. Glen Beck

    Sunnycat you need to live a little. Thank you for religiously watching my show BUT I never give my veiwers truthful info so you have become ignorant of true facts. I’m sorry 🙂

  60. Appalachian Wonder

    President Obama may be a disaster, but he’s still the elected leader of our country. Heck, if Hugo Chavez said he was a John Wall fan, it’d still be kinda cool. !Viva el Muro!

  61. Syrin23
  62. uksocal

    Damn you people wouldn’t know socialism if it slapped you in the face with its Palin 2012 sign.

  63. UK Fan

    Oh my gosh another Texas TD

  64. george soros

    Matt, you’re not a socialist for mentioning it, just a drinker of the kool-aid. And you’re wrong. I am the most powerful person in the world, because I’m the one pulling the strings!!

  65. Glenn Beck

    I will soon have you all converted to the true religion, Mormonism,

  66. dto UKBLUE


  67. Joey P.

    This just in, Kim Jong Il has just beaten John Wall in a game of 32 tip, 1 hand put backs off the rim only. The score was 32-0 of course.

  68. GMo

    Geez, enough w/ the political bull-crap….move to Canada.

    Mcelroy (spelled incorrect I’m sure) just picked a sweet booger!

  69. Appalachian Wonder

    Al-Jazeera has just released videotape of Osama Bin Laden doing the John Wall dance.

  70. Kige Is the Oracle@Delphi

    Matt, how dare YOU talk about Obama on YOUR site? Don’t you know that KSR is ONLY about Kentucky sports? I mean, c’mon…to think you can say what you want to on your own site. That’s some nerve!

  71. dgtuk

    63 you are a complete idiot….why don’t you move your sorry butt to Venezuela

    Meanwhile…alabama is collapsing before our very eyes….down to 3 with 6 minutes against a true freshman quarterback…come on sec

  72. secretagent0014

    Its not censorship unless the government does it. LEARN.

  73. John Wall's Balls

    Obama should prove his love for me by showing up at the game on Saturday with his UK jersey on.

  74. Tubby Smith

    I’m also a fan of Wall! Where is my press:(

  75. Cawood2Cal

    Clearly this is a plot to indoctrinate Lee Todd and the entire student body. My kid will be boycotting class until further notice.

  76. Appalachian Wonder

    I wish Obama would give Wall his “Stay in School” speech.

  77. 84Cat

    don’t you people deleting posts have something better to do?

  78. secretagent0014

    79) That would be sweet, but some may take that as an attack on the free market.

  79. Who Cares

    John Wall > Hussain O’Bama

  80. GMo

    Those Gameday signs are awesome. Where has Kige been? Jones, you better check on him. He’s been MIA.

  81. Joey P.

    Matt, don’t delete 82. That is awesome and ironically, should be what is posted in response of Syrin and Sunnycat.

  82. 84Cat

    86 (or what used to be 86), now that is funny!

  83. adaircam4

    don’t say Obama sucks, it will be deleted….in other news, saying Conservatives, Republicans, and Teabaggers suck is perfectly acceptable.

  84. Jack Cafferty

    John Wall is the best because Obama says he is. End of story. Stop talking Wolfe. Just look at the bags under my eyes and believe whatever garbage I spew.

  85. GMo

    The QB is about to be a household name if he can get this drive done…..

  86. GMo

    Geez, Herbie just jinxed um.

  87. Game Over


  88. Sarah Palin

    89 That sounds like the main stream media

  89. adaircam4

    Musberger just said “defender cam in unmolested”…good to know TX players do not molest other players

  90. champs or bust

    jeez some people are just rabidly stupid… it was a post about the president being a fan of a KENTUCKY player… we should be glad that wall is getting all this exposure

  91. Soap MacTavish

    Not that it matters and I didn’t look to see if someone else posted this, but we’re currently winning with 38% of the vote in’s “Which team is the best in the country?” college basketball poll. Kansas is 2nd with 20%. So, a) Big Blue Nation has found another poll to dominate, b) people think highly of our basketball team, or c) both.

  92. GMo

    WHAS keeps switching to teh closings and delays which TAKES AWAY MY F’IN HD! This sucks.

  93. barack obama

    84 Joe bores the shit out of me

  94. Ingrams Dad

    I voted for Obama.

  95. GMo

    Thanks for posting this Jones. All the crazies just came out of the woodwork.

  96. champs or bust

    103) thanks for proving my point. rabidly stupid.

  97. GMo

    Gilbert and Mike Hartline had a similar game against Bama.

  98. Blueyouaway

    Yeah. Musburger mentions Kentucky & Tebow getting “Wyndam’ed”

  99. Dead Man in Illinois

    I voted for O’bama 3 times.

  100. champs or bust

    they just smacked the sh*t out of saban with the gatorade container

  101. Bobby Petrino

    Running up the score??

  102. 84Cat

    98, that’s right, we don’t like the guy(his policies!). We say so, and you call us crazies… nice.

  103. Bobby Petrino


  104. Roll Wall

    Obama jinx!!!! I hope not but he has screwed everything else up!

  105. The Rock

    Who’s is less impressed with their respective, undefeated teams: Saban or Cal? Saban just won his 2nd championship and he couldn’t seem less excited.

  106. TayPrinceJr.

    Do we really care about this national championship game and not the one in April? just kidding, 4 in a row for the SEC, lets make it 5 with UK in basketball this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Matt Jones' Hair

    I wish Obama could bail me out.

  108. The Pez

    I’m not a big Obama fan, but this is pretty cool. I bet John thinks so too.

  109. Matt Tse Jones

    Jimmy Carter is so happy Barry was elected. Now he won’t be the worst President ever. BHO has that sewed up in less than a year with his mega turd government run health care and actual unemployment at around 20%.

  110. Kige Ramsey's Next Youtube Video

    GO SEC


  111. 84Cat

    108 – Saban must have felt tremendous pressure and is just relieved that it’s over and bama won.

  112. George W.

    Do you all miss me yet?

  113. Will Lentz

    Dey terk err JERBS!

  114. KuteKittie

    Can’t stand Prez. Barry! However after saying that (Whew, and boy did it feel good.), it is great PR and post worthy when the President of the USA makes it a point to throw some love UK/John Wall’s way. People who think otherwise are simpletons indeed. Nice find Matthew Jones.

  115. uksocal

    112- Don’t you get it, we wanted government run health care, this was the compromise to you all.

  116. Marcell Dareus

    What the Hell did I just say?

  117. GoCats2

    There is nothing quite like a KSR comments section after anything political is mentioned. Wonderful stuff! I can only imagine what got deleted.
    I will not be happy until Obama plays a pick-up game in the Craft Center next summer with Lebron and they both do the John Wall dance!
    And I agree mostly with the comment about this is what happens when you do not have to register to comment!

  118. 84Cat

    Has anyone else won NC’s at more than one school?

  119. WildcatRider

    I demand pics of Obama’s doing the John Wall dance within 7 days. Get on it.

  120. WildcatRider

    Stupid Droid adding ‘s for no reason

  121. Liberty or Death

    How much longer will the world be free to lead? Marxist token of the world elite.

  122. Ric Flair

    Always remember NERDS, To Be the Man, You gotta be the Man!!!!

    4 Horsemen 4 Life (P.Barker, M.Jones, W.Lentz, Dirty Drew Franklin & Valet Katie Something)

  123. Liberty or Death

    U guys should check out Jury nullification is a brilliant stalwart of liberty given to us by the Founders that allows one ordinary person the ability to veto Unconstitutional laws and thus overule Congress, the President, and corrupt judges who will not inform the juries of this knowledge. Their (color of law) phony legislation means nothing if We The People are informed!

  124. 84Cat

    124 = stupid grammar droid.

  125. Yearsendingin8

    I was just wondering the other day how long it would take before Obama said something about Wall. How cool. Two of my favorite people. I bet Wall likes Obama too. I have wondered in the past if Kentucky being one of the most conservative places on earth hurt our recruiting, but now that Cal is here, I don’t think it will be a problem. Who knows, Kentucky might even finally get in step with the other 99% of the world.

  126. barack obama

    Matt Jones is my homeboy

  127. Dave

    That will make it much more difficult and unlikely that the NCAA will go after him in the post-Season.

    I don’t think the NCAA wants to gain the notice of the POTUS due to their negligence and lunacy.

  128. Dave

    What happened to signing in to post. Now we can post fake names? lol

  129. Tim

    107 and 112, the world will be a better place when you leave it. Don’t procreate.

  130. The Butt Bomber

    I voted for Obama too!

  131. 84Cat

    134 – good for you, admitting it is the first step to a cure

  132. Obama

    My friends, I am a fan of John Wall. However, it has come to my attention that it is once again time for change – I am therefore putting the venerable Bob Knight in charge as Czar of Player Fairness.

    As his first act, Czar Knight will relocate points and assists from stellar players like John Wall to those in need, because we cannot have any one basketball team succeeding of its own volition more than another. It’s simply not fair unless we insert ourselves where we aren’t wanted and much things up with a multi-trillion dollar bill. Normally I’d leave the legislation to Teddy but, well, you know..

  133. Tim

    106, no, we don’t miss you. I hope to see you prosecuted for your war crimes and your criminal negligence of the economy.

  134. GOP

    Guys don’t hate. He now has something to write under acheivments on his nobel peace prize. This is all we have to remember him by thus far other than being black!

  135. Bob

    25. Best comment of the night.

  136. Obama

    136) Whoa, whoa whoa… don’t you mean me?

    Gitmo is still open, we’re surging into Afghanistan, the economy is in shambles, not helped by the multi-hundred-billion dollar legislation I’m putting into law, and you think Georgie was a bad leader?

    Hey, at least Bush had the internet bubble burst and 9/11 to lean on. I have got no excuse.

  137. cat_fan_4ever

    Jones, your boy Obama needs to worry about our shitty economy and letting terrorists with explosives on our planes whether than on our basketball team… man i wish George W.

  138. cat_fan_4ever

    correction miss* not wish

  139. Arms of Delk Legs of McCarty

    I really can’t believe this post is an issue with some people. Crazy.

  140. WallSt

    Obama like John Wall more than capitalism – but that’s not tough to do.

  141. Somebody is off their Meds

    Yeah You!

  142. Boogie

    Man.. What do you all care about the government so much? Get over it, you all sound like idoits.

  143. ibleedblue

    Obama does the “Dance” then he WILL be the SHIZZ…

  144. bignutz

    obama will win KY in his re-election campaign if he does the john wall dance

  145. UK_IceWaterSmooth

    This wasn’t a post about his policies!! Yall made it that way

  146. Steak

    I don’t like Obama, but c’mon you have to admit that this is cool. same with the jersey. don’t be too stubborn to find joy in a cool story like this (although i’ll believe it when he does the dance) Don’t hold back Lawdog

  147. CatFanForLife

    Mark it down right now. Prez picks uk to cut the nets when the brackets come out. P.s. I don’t see any of you haters trying to come up with a plan for healthcare.

  148. dan rules
  149. Liberty or Death

    A multitude of marxist Unconstitutional Czars, support for marxist in Hondurus, shakes hands and kisses up with Chavez, listens to a 50 minute anti-american diatribe by Ortega, lies about transparency and most everything including a vast variety of special interest groups in cabinet, participates in corparate and bank welfare unconstitutionally, takes over private companies, fires heads of private companies, bypasses normal bankrupcy proceedings and give unions control over private companies, sits as the head of the UN Security Council as the first President to do such because it violates the Titles of Nobility Clause, nominates Hillary as Sec. of State in violation of the Emoluments Clause, sets salaries of private companies, abuse of Executive Orders, advocates for a unconstitutional health care bill that will compell performance in purchasing health care or be fined and locked up thus totally violating liberty, advocates a cap and tax global warming bill that is unconstitutional and will in his words cause electricity bills to necessarily skyrocket. Further, any company who produces excess carbon will be forced to pay more in taxes and therefore the price of everything u purchase will go up tremendously. Also, the tremedously irresponsible spending and bailouts will most probably lead to heavy inflation which destroys purchasing power and is quite regressive, which means the poor and middle class will be impoverished greatly. The Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal and they dont have reserves. They r a independent banking cartel controlling the business cycle and can therefore create busts and booms. America no longer has real money. Even our money is unconstitutional as it is supposed to be controlled by Congress and be backed by gold or silver. In closing, we are in deep trouble as a nation. Read the 5000 year leap, a miracle that changed the world and the Creature from Jeckyll Island. The solution to our vast and mountanous problems is to return to the Constitution and it’s principles. The false promises of utopian socialism lead to bankrupcy, misery, poverty, and millions of dead innocent people. Wake up before it is to late! The number one rule of politics is do not believe what they say about change or anything else, believe what they have done or how they have voted, and when a lot of your associates are communists, socialists, marxists, and the like, that says something about his real philosophy.

  150. UK_IceWaterSmooth

    Obama is a beast!

  151. Catfan4everisamoron

    so if Obama let the terrorists on the plane with explosives does that mean W let the terrorists knock down the towers in 2001? Good logic.

  152. Liberty or Death

    I do not mean to just single out Obama but every politician who takes a sworn oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He has a lot of company in violating the Constitution which means undermining a republican type of government. This is treason and although you may think it is extreme, if you are undermining the Constitution what else would u call it. When I say republican I mean we are supposed to be a republic not a democracy. The Founders detested democracy or mob rule. A republic on the other hand, a minority is protected by the Constitution against the majority. A democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting over what to have for dinner. A republic is a well armed sheep contesting the vote. Folks, the Founders gave us a Bill of Rights, not privileges. These rights are unalienable meaning they r given by God and cannot be morally or lawfully taken away by beaurocrats. They keep making these laws which if not in persuance or agreement with the Constitution, r phony color of law only and should be null and void. These r my opinions. I am not a attorney and do not give legal advice. However, I am no sheep and we all need to wake up before we wake up one day and realize we have no rights left.

  153. Liberty or Death

    We must abandon this left-right paradigm and embrace the principles of the Consitution given to us miraculously by the Founders with divine interfereance. An example is prescription drugs entitlement program and also the so called patriot act. I typically agree with the right on most issues but I am appaled by both of these and therefore cannot support people who r for this. The patriot act allows the Feds to sneak and peak into ur home without ur knowledge and even implant listening devices if of course if u r a terrorist suspect. They can detain u without habeous corpus rights as a enemy combatant, listen to ur conversations with counsel, obtain library records, listen to phone calls, monitor internet usage, and even take property without due process. Now if u dont think this is ripe for abuse then I got some moon dust to sell you. Little by little they incrementally take away our rights. I dont care if it is a Republican or a Democrat doing it, I detest anyone who is not faithful to that solemn oath. Educate yourself and demand canidates who speak of, and have a record of faithfullness to our Consitution because as the saying goes freedom is only one generation away from extinction.

  154. wldctky

    If Obama is a John Wall fan… THEN GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has us closer to communism then we have ever been, and if you support him/that… then GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!!!!!

  155. Obama

    157) I love me some WAll

  156. Kentucky Sports Radio » Blog Archive » KSR News of the Night … » Barack Obama Latest News - Barack Obama News

    […] the rest here: Kentucky Sports Radio » Blog Archive » KSR News of the Night … Posted in barack obama news | Tagged been-confirmed, education-event, kentucky, […]

  157. Hammer

    Come on folks, I agree what Obama is doing to this country is an abomination (ObamaNation), but u have to agree that it must be exciting for John Wall to be noticed by the President. This young man is realizing his dreams right before our eyes and we should be proud of him.
    I just wish Obama would mix in a few Homeland Security briefings with his college basketball and Hawaii vacations.

  158. The Blue Guru

    This site is full of retards… The president of the USA said he is a fan of a UK player… Doesn’t matter who the President is and doesn’t matter who the player is… This is good for OUR TEAM the University of Kentucky… Some of you definitely abuse our freedom of speech, just spew straight ignorant hatred… BTW I’m not a Obama supporter, its just my honest opinion. Don’t fit the stereotype of being a dumb redneck…

  159. Anonymous

    160, even though I love UK basketball and John Wall is certainly awesome, my love for liberty and freedom is great and the fact that it is being dismantled before me is reason enough to rant. I want UK to be the best program or should I say maintain that status, but what good will that do me if the country I love, the one everybody wants to come to for a better life, is turned into a defacto marxist police state?

  160. secretagent0014

    u can’t argue with ratards

  161. Hammer

    Good find Jonesy

  162. Ben Moore

    It’s embarrassing how many far-right Republicans live in this state.

  163. michael moore

    left wing dbags are behind the AIDS virus.

  164. Cats

    Who is this Obama guy everyone keeps talking about?

  165. Bill Clinton

    #161 – You’re right. I was a big fan of that Judd girl when she was cheering for UK. Not Ashley. Winona.

  166. John McCain

    I am a fan of John Wall too!

  167. George Washington

    Who the hell is John Wall?

  168. secretagent0014

    The Commies are coming the commies are coming!!!

  169. JBR

    Good one 163…I mean Allen.

    162…how many UFO’s you been on? Or militias do you belong to? I have an idea, instead of spending all of our tax dollars on HEALTH CARE for our OWN CITIZENS, let’s go blow it all on another war on the wrong country…that seemed to appease all of you ‘ratards’

  170. michael moore

    170-your daddy

  171. George Washington

    173: My daddy isn’t John Wall. My daddy is your mommy.

  172. Adolph Rupp's Public Hair

    John Wall is really good and he would have made our Fiddlin’ Five even better.

  173. Chris

    Wasn’t there a rumor earlier on that he was actually going to play with some of the guys from the team? I read that in the Courier-Journal and haven’t seen anything come of it. But would love to see Obama and the boys play some pick-up.

  174. The Pope

    Let the wretched be saved:

  175. Ruggles

    –I wouldn’t say this is as much good for Wall/UK than it is beneficial for Obama. (since we’re being political) Just like it’s in a presidential candidate’s best interest to proclaim his devotion to his faith, it’s also in everyone’s best interest to proclaim their love and devotion to John Wall.
    –At first I was surprised by the amount of vitriol in responses to Matt’s post, but then I remembered “Oh yeah, I live in Kentucky–not exactly a bastion of progressive thinking.
    –I love when the comment-ers say “Liking Wall is a good decision by Obama, god knows he’s messed everything else up.” As if the state of the economy, health care, foreign affairs, or (insert anything that’s actually important to the US here) was in good, or even acceptable condition when Obama took office. You may try to defend yourself by saying, “Well, I didn’t approve of W. either,” but I GUARANTEE you complained approximately zero percent as much about GWB as you now do about Obama. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?
    –As for the “Liberty or Death” guy, I think I speak for many in saying TL;DR. I mean Jesus Christ man, do you just find every webpage on the internet that even mentions or is superficially related to Obama/politics, and then overload the comments section with extremely long, rambling, conservative political diatribes?
    Sorry my comment is also long, I just had to get this out.

  176. Blah Blah Blah

    I wish all the rednecks would move to texas when they succeed from the US.


    165: What’s EMBARASSING about how many far-right Republicans we have is that most of them can’t even tell you why they’re Republican aside from “Well my purrents were Ree-pubbleekans”, “I dont want no one takin my guns”, or the dreaded “If ya don’t like Amurricuh you can git out, Ree-pubbleekans are the party for Amurricuh”. I’m a Republican that hasn’t voted for a Republican in 10 years because they’re so unintelligent and out of touch with modern day America. They have lost touch with their party values (I want LESS federal government, but there aren’t any Republicans that actually run with the constitution and their party beliefs in mind), and I for one think it has hurt the view of Republicans for them to be so anti-intellectual thought. Sarah Palin? REALLY?! The Democrats are just smarter, and thankfully, the smart (and black) people turned out in waves for this past presidential election. Republican or not, John McCain and Sarah Palin were literally TOO DUMB to be POTUS and VPOTUS.

    Give us a smart Republican in congress that STICKS TO HIS GUNS (PUN INTENDED HUR HUR HUR) – vote Rand Paul (R) for Senator! That’s the type of intelligent politicians we need all across the country. Instead of bashing on Obama, figure out a way you can help your country by voting for non-career politicians in your Senate and House races.

  178. Dave

    Democrats are no better.

    And it’s SECEDE!!!

    not succeed


  179. ToeMater

    So Obama likes John Wall and thinks he’s a good player? WOW!!! I wonder if you like puppies, and kittens, and good weather too? Out of all the players in all of college basketball he picks our little Johnny to like. Amazing!!! I say let’s drop the coal company and build the new Wildcat Lodge with some of that crazy “Economic Recovery” money he’s throwin’ around!!!

  180. 84Cat

    For those of you can only think sports – all the time, let me throw out an analogy: it’s kind of like Obama plays on the other team… not just any team, but the hated rival (let’s say puke), who the year before decimated your team (not a perfect analogy because we’re not exactly happy with our team either – can you say BCG). Not only does he play, but he is the hated star of that team (let’s say Christian L.) Now, if we see Obama in that light (and, btw, we see him much as worse than this) then why would we give flip if he was a fan of our beloved John Wall? We would hate him and resent that his mug is on the great KSR site. We would hate him because he wants all points, rebounds, and assists to go through the all powerful and overreaching NCAA and be evenly distributed to all teams and players – after he kept some for himself and his friends.

  181. SexnNursinHomes

    I hate republicans that go around screaming socialism. What’s funny, the last moron we had in office committed 3 of the BIGGEST acts of socialism since FDR New Deal. But Obama’s a socialist. hahahahahahaha

  182. Anonymous


  183. 06Cat

    Please KSR don’t become an ignorant liberal spokesperson via your sports blog!!! I enjoy KSR and read every single day, but it’s no different than being at work, you don’t speak of religion or politics as they have no place in news or discussion of sports. Please keep it simple and fun without conversation of ignorant, socialistic, liberal agendas. Thanks!

  184. MtnCat

    This is the first thing Obama has gotten right. How is that Hoax and Chains working for everybody so far?

  185. 84Cat

    186 – I agree totally. Let KSR be the one place where we can go to focus on the thing that unites us – all things Big Blue! Having said that, I do agree that Matt just had to post this, and it is a shame that Obama (and Bush) are just so polarizing.

  186. SexnNursinHomes

    186, please no liberal spokesperson? hahaha but i’m sure you slurp on a george w hot dog though, wouldn’t you?

  187. swampbreath

    you people are ignorant, the man inherited the worst economic mess in 77 years, and you expect him to fix it in one? it took bush 8 years to get us in this mess, and its going to take longer then one year to get us out

  188. SexnNursinHomes

    191- people forget that

  189. kentuckyjoe

    YAY MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. rjr

    This is great news- and it can only help recruiting. I wish Obama would come to a game, but I’m afraid certain UK fans would actually boo the President for coming. I really like that our President is a fan of basketball and a fan of UK.

  191. Anonymous

    #180- you’re a dumbass. I bet you can’t wait to go stand in line at the health department for your great healthcare to treat your STD’s.


  192. BravoBigBlue

    Bill Clinton is a fan of Karen Sypher.

  193. SexnNursinHomes

    and for those pushing Palin for ’12- she has a community college education, and flunked geography. You go girl

  194. Noel Gallagher

    Dont you right-wingers have some defenseless animals to shoot or something?

  195. SexnNursinHomes

    195- your the dumbass, that standing line at the health dept is a republican scare tactic. look at how well Austrailia has done with their national healthcare, they are actually saving money, but no, let’s let the insurance companies charge us $300 a month for a goddamn x-ray exam. makes complete sense

  196. SexnNursinHomes

    All of you repubs, do me a favor. Go to your job, ask your company to quit paying your medical insurance, because techincally that’s ‘socialist”. Pay for it your damn self, you got a job

  197. 84Cat

    195 – Now, that is funny!

  198. tdr76

    Boy do I feel better now. He likes Nancy Polosi too.

  199. Yearsendingin8

    I hope the players don’t visit this site and read this stuff because it would give them too much insight into their fanbase. When you look in the stands at Kentucky you see nothing but pasty white people and when you look on the floor you see diversity. I bet some of the players wonder, do Kentucky fans include any blacks, hispanics, or other ethnic groups. As for the right-wing drivel on here, I find it utterly amazing some of the stuff you come up with. You should start your own right-wing nut University and support their team.

  200. ukjeremy

    John Wall would make a better president than Obama. As for me fan of Wall, not a fan of Obama.

  201. SexnNursinHomes

    203- i wonder how many UK fans would turn on John Wall for being a democrat?

  202. Julius Finkbine

    Ah, how cute, someone used the term “spew ignorant hatred”. Anything that the liberal left doesn’t want to hear, they call hate speech, The variations of the term “spewing hate” is used over and over and over again towards anyone who says anything the liberal left doesn’t want to hear or would like to keep the rest of America from hearing.

    I am actually thankful that Kentucky is as conservative as it is and it just boggles my mind how so many Americans are letting Obama, Pelosi and Harry Reid send this country into the toilet and seemingly, no one cares.

    I don’t care if Obama likes Wall. For Wall, it’s a neat thing that the president knows his name I guess. It’s cool for him. But to me, it doesn’t mean much for the university.

  203. SexnNursinHomes

    204- really? John Wall a better president than Obama? Not. But Wall would be better than Bush. “brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job”

  204. John Kerry

    I love John Wall! I served in Vietnam! Can I get me a huntin’ license here?

  205. SexnNursinHomes

    209- Atleast he served, while Bush was snortin blow off some rich girl’s toosh

  206. Bill Brasky

    202) Since being a conservative just automatically means you are a racist. Why is it that a liberal always resorts to race? In Bill Brasky’s honest opinion, when you resort to race, you automatically lose any debate/argument.

  207. Giggle Giggle

    ’bout every three months Jones pulls one of these out of his ass.

  208. SexnNursinHomes

    211- well, i agree with you totally, but if it wasn’t for the Warren Corts and the Civil rights act, the republicans would still be lynching people of minority

  209. Obama

    I lied……. about where I was born

  210. Artie Lange's Stab Wounds

    I love me some Obama.

  211. Delete Delete

    This will be cleaned up nicely before Noon.

  212. Luckysw

    I truly feel sorry for everyone that made this a political conversation. I think this was an awesome post and the extremists are the reason I stay away from politics. GO CATS!!

  213. 84Cat

    Yes it will be cleaned up. Suppressing open debate is going around these days:

  214. SexnNursinHomes

    217- repubs started it

  215. 84Cat

    Matt, made this a political discussion when he chose to paste an 8X10 of a polarizing political create (never had a real job) on the blog.

  216. Yearsendingin8

    I’m an idiot.

  217. SexnNursinHomes

    220- so anytime a person of politics has a picture posted it becomes political? No, it only becomes political when Matt puts a picture of Obama, because I know he enjoys seeing the repubs squirm. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. 84Cat

    It’s nice being manipulated by you moderator.

  219. Paint Can

    Boing! I wonder if John Wall has visited all 57 states?

  220. Shaggy


  221. Ted Kennedy's Sunken Car

    You guys leave Obamer alone! He’s just trying to grow government like I did. That John Waller characta’ is a great balla’ though. He belongs in my Sports Hall of Fame with Mike McGwire and Sammy Sooser!

  222. JWW

    206 – I think nearly anyone would be a better President than Obama. The ONLY thing he’s gotten right sense taking office is liking John Wall. He’s going to make Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln before he’s finished.

  223. andy katz isnt walking thru that door

    john wall will definitely not be a fan of obama once he gets nba money


    Heard Obama is also a fan of Tennessee. Giving him a better case for “gun control”.

  225. Twitter Tweets about Obama as of 8. januar 2010 « Obame and Copenhagen

    […] WILDC4TS: RT @KySportsRadio: Barack Obama tells UK president that he too is a fan of John Wall: 2010-01-08 13:21:17 · Reply · View alecardinale: "We had no domestic attacks […]

  226. JWW

    226 – Yeah…if Obama was as tough on terrorists and detainees as he is on the “wealthy”, we would be much, much safer.

  227. Jonah Hex

    Yeah I sorta dont think its a big deal OTHER than we now have good players again. You think if Obama saw Urban Meyer he might say “That Tebow is a good football player.” Thanks President Obvious. Bush or Obama- it doesnt get me all warm and fuzzy that he mentioned Wall like it does some on here.

    Captain Obvious statement of the year
    #1) Cancun Challenge: John Wall is a potential NBA draft pick

    #2) Dude in White House: I like Wall, he is good

  228. Nick Sanford

    Who is this Obama guy?

  229. BurpinTurpin

    Blue Jesus wept.

  230. Joey P

    Posts 190-200 were a triumph. I’m making a note here, huge success.

  231. Anonymous

    Jones knew that this would happen, which is beautiful IMO.

    Whether you agree with the President on his policies is not relevant to this post. The President of the United States is a fan of one of our players. This is great for our program and great for John Wall.

    The jerseys were also a great idea to boost our program’s exposure. Cal is a PR master.

  232. dave

    Thanks but no thanks Obama. You have created enough damage. Leave John Wall alone …we want him to be a success.

  233. Obama

    You like my policies or not, I am the President of the United States, and I just said I loved a UK player.

    I can totally understand the hate! I mean, me saying this means…

  234. Obama

    235 – don’t want to get in a politcal debate, but if Bush said this would you feel the same? Because on my scale, he is one of the reasons we are in this mess.

  235. SexnNursinHomes

    239- every repub is a hippocrit-

  236. Obama

    So pretty much, UK fans want to be seen and talked about on ESPN (only positives though) all day and night and UK fans spend hours upon hours tracking down UK stories, but when the most powerful person in the world says something positive, they get pissed. Yeah this totally makes sense.

    If Rush Limpnoodle said he loved John Wall on the radio, I would be happy, even though I dont care much for him.

  237. marcus

    As long as doesn’t bow to John Wall

  238. marcus


  239. Julius Finkbine

    I like how the liberals want to paint all conservatives as ignorant dicks. You can’t oppose Obama without being a racist, hate spewing redneck hilljack. Very cute.

    What has the Mr. Obama done that has made our country better? Cash for clunkers? Bailing out banks? Ramming legislation down our throats with unprecedented haste? It’s hard to choose.

    Just keep drinkig the kool aid kids.

  240. WildcatRider

    You people are ridiculous. On both sides of the argument. The President of the United States says something nice about UK’s star player and it leads to 250 comments on KSR arguing about politics.


  241. 06Cat

    I don’t see why the political debate is even continuing and I wish KSR would delete this post all together so it will stop. If you want to debate the ignorance that has gone on the previous 8 years as well as the ignorance that’s going on today and/or how the president finds time for basketball and golf in the midst of it the go to CNN or FOX respectively to complain. Can we not just get back to Basketball and our national domination or Football and give thanks that hopefully someone else will be calling the plays this coming season. This is in poor taste of KSR as they should keep this blog about KENTUCKY SPORTS and not state or national politics.

  242. Obama

    242 – bail out bill was signed by prior administration. He has pumped more cash into the Mae’s, but the bail out bill was before Obama took office. And just so you know, all major banks have paid their monies back, except the Maes, so TARP is over. And why is that, you ask. Because this current admin put restrictions on pay and bonus of TARP particpants, therefore all executives made it priority #1 to pay that back (even if it meant no lending to help progress this country) the TARP money.

  243. Kev Daly

    I don’t care what Obama thinks about John Wall. Matt Jones and the guys on here are way too liberal for me.

  244. dennisfeltonsmustache

    The Obama thing doesn’t do much for me…but an Eric C Conn endorsement would make my pants get tight

  245. marcus

    We should have this argument on cspan. no, wait..

  246. 84Cat

    You are right. It is sad that The President of the United States (no matter who he is) evokes this kind of polarization. Obama is not the first to do so… doesn’t look like “change” to me.

  247. Kev Daly

    245. Obama Says…You have no idea what your talking about. Do you want Obama to put restrictions on how much money you make? Keep your mouth shut, you are clueless.